LOCATION: Madhya Pradesh

PRESENT RULER: Raja PANCHAM SINGH, Raja Saheb of Pahargarh from 1910.
M.L.A from Murena in Madhya Pradesh for 25 years; educated at Sardar School, Fort Gwalior (now Scindia School) and at Mayo College, Ajmer, graduating in Administration, Law and State affairs; he succeeded as a minor in 1910, during his rule, the state was converted into a Class I Jagir of Gwalior in 1921; President of the Gwalior Municipality for over 9 years and also a Mayor of the Corporation 1959/1960; the corporation has named a new road in Gwalior in his honour on the occassion of his 100th birthday; he served as President, chairman and executive member of many organizations like Gwalior Mela, Gwalior Development Authority (Vikas Samiti), Theosophical society, Wild Life Board, Madhya Pradesh Olympic Association etc.; in 1952 he merged Pahargarh with the state of Madhya Bharat in the Republic of India; Agra Vidya Peeth University honoured him by conferring the degree of Sathya Ratna for his work in Hindi and Sanskrit; married and has issue.
  • Rajkumar Nihal Singh, born 1926, married Rajkumari Jyotishna of Korea State (Chattishgarh) and had issue. He died 1987.
    • Kunwer Deependra Singh, born 1958, married Rajkumari Rashmi of Shoharatgarh (U.P)
    • Kunwar Shivendra Singhji, born 1960, married 6th March 1992, Raj Kumari Bandana Kumari, born 16th November 1964, daughter of Rao Sahib Bir Bikram Singhji of Patan, and his wife, Rani Sahiba Raghuraj Kumari.
  • Rajkumar Padam Singh, born 1930, married Rajkumari Padma Devi of Boorda (M.P.), and had issue. He died 2004.
    • Kunwer Ravindra Singh, born 1959, married Rajkumari Reena Singh of Jindora State (U.P); and has issue.
      • Kumari Aparna, married Maj. Rajkumar Janmaijay Singh of Kerote in Ajmer.
    • Kunwer Shailenra Singh, born 1961, married Rajkumari Kalpna Singh of Basti State (U.P.).
    • Kunwer Shatrudaman Singh, born 1969, married Rajkumari Jaya Singh of Paron (M.P.), and has issue.
      • Bhanwar Yashraj Singh, born 2002.
  • Rajkumar Hari Singh, born 1940, married Rajkumar Rani Uma Raje, born 1944, and has issue.
    • Kunwar Abhaidev Singh, born 1966, married Kunwarani Neeti Raje of Manana (Rajasthan), born 1970, and has issue, twin sons.
      • Bhanwar Abhiraj Singh Dev Pahargarh, born 1996.
      • Bhanwar Adhiraj Singh Dev Pahargarh, born 1996.
    • Kunwar Arjundev Singh, born 1968, married Kunwarani Arundhati Raje of Jhelum (now in Pakistan).
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Predecessor state was founded when Rao Akheypal conquered the fort of Sarsaini on the bank of the river Chambal in 1347; Pahargarh was established by the Sikri Rajputs after it fell to Padshah Babar's cannons in the battle of Khanwa, as an independent kingdom of Sikarwari on both sides of the river Chambal, now in Madhya Pradesh; it remained independent till the British brought it under their control, and during the minority rule of its last Ruler, Raja Pancham Singh it was settled as a 1st class jagir of Gwalior state after the end of World War One. Estate holders were...
  • Rao DALPAT SINGH [Dalkoo Baba], Rao of Sarsaini; married two Ranis and had issue, seven sons. He lived around 1390.
    • Rao Ratanpal Singh (by Senior Rani) (qv)
    • Kunwar Bheron Singh (by Senior Rani)
    • Kunwar Hewat Singh (by Senior Rani)
  • Rao RATANPAL SINGH, Rao of Sarsaini
  • Rao DAAN SINGH, 1st Rao of Pahargarh 1446/1503
  • Rao BHARAT CHAND SINGH, Rao of Pahargarh 1503/1504 (8 months)
  • Rao NARAYAN DAS, Rao of Pahargarh 1504/1540
  • Rao PATROKARNA SINGH, Rao of Pahargarh 1540/1584
  • Rao JAGAN SINGH, Rao of Pahargarh 1584/1613
  • Rao VEER SINGH, Rao of Pahargarh 1613/1646
  • Rao DALEL SINGH, Rao of Pahargarh 1646/1722, he was first in the Dynasty to be titled as the Maharaja; he lead a Sikarwar army of 17 thousand strong, to assist Maharaja Chattrasal Bundela against Padshah Aurangzeb in which they were successful.
  • Maharaja KUNWAR RAI, Rao of Pahargarh 1722/1725
  • Maharaja BASANT SINGH, Rao of Pahargarh 1725/1734
  • Maharaja PRITHVIPAL, Rao of Pahargarh 1734/1744
  • Maharaja VIKRAMADITYA, Rao of Pahargarh 1744/1803, in 1767 the Marathas of Gwalior annexed Mangarh and Hassenpur from Pahargarh; in 1792 Maharaja Vikramaditya entered into a treaty with the Peshwa’s Subedar, Daulat Rao Shinde, who later became the Maharaja of Gwalior (which consisted of Ujjain, Malwa, Tawarghar, Bhadawarghar, part of Sikarwari and Jandonwati)
  • Maharaja APARBAL SINGH, Rao of Pahargarh 1803/1841, he revolted against the Scindias but, in the end, he accepted a treaty in which he lost most of his possessions, and in return he was granted the title of Raisuddaulah Raja Bahadur.
  • Raja MANOHAR SINGH, Raja of Pahargarh in 1841 (6 months)
  • Raja GANPAT SINGH, Raja of Pahargarh 1841/1870, in 1857 the Raja with other Pahargarh Sikarwars, assembled their forces at Lohagarh and went to the assistance of the Rani of Jhansi at Gwalior, but all perished with her defeat, the Raja and the Rao of Devgarh gave shelter to Tatiya Tope from the British.
  • Raja AJMER SINGH, Raja of Pahargarh 1870/1910
  • Raja PANCHAM SINGH, Raja of Pahargarh (see above)