PAL LAHARA (Princely State)

AREA: 1,171 kmē PRIVY PURSE: Rs25,000 ACCESSION: 1st January 1948
STATE: Orissa DYNASTY: Suryavanshi
POPULATION: 14,887 (1892)

PRESENT RULER: Raja Shri R.C. MUNI PAL, Raja Saheb of Pal Lahara
Member of the Executive Committee of Rajkumar College at Raipur.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The rulers are descended from Raja Bhoj. According to popular tradition, the first king of the ruling family of Pallahara was Santosh Pal, a Rajput of Dharanagar. He is said to have come on pilgrimage to Puri and on his return visited this territory where a struggle was going on between two aboriginal parties for supremacy over that land. The Sabaras, one of the contesting tribes, selected Santosh Pal as their future ruler and concealed him under a heap of straw (locally known as Pala), which gave rise to the name of the state. The account of the rulers after Santosh Pal is vague. The Rajas of this territory are known to have assumed the title Ganeswar Pal and Munipal alternatively. Rulers were...
  • Raja BALBHADRA PAL, Raja of Pal Lahara
  • Raja KANDRUP PAL, Raja of Pal Lahara
  • Raja JAGANNATH PAL, Raja of Pal Lahara
  • Raja MANDHATA PAL, Raja of Pal Lahara
  • Raja MUNI PAL, Raja of Pal Lahara -/1778, married Rani Annapurna Debi, died 1815. He died spm in 1778 or 1789.
    • Rani Krishnapriya, married 1794, Raja Janardhan Bhanj, Raja of Keonjhar, and had issue. She died 1825.
  • Rani Annapurna Debi, Rani of Pal Lahara 1778/1815, died 1815.
  • Raja NANDA PAL, Raja of Pal Lahara 1815/1825, natural brother of Raja Muni Pal (above); the Raja of Keonjhar laid claim to the gaddi, as he was related by marriage to the late Rani, however the people opposed the rule of Keonjhar, and made a petition to Col. Gilbert, the then Political Agent of the South-West Frontier, protesting against the interference of Keonjhar. Their petition was successful, and Raja Nanda Pal, was removed in favour of a collateral relative.
  • Raja BADYANATH PAL, Raja of Pal Lahara 1825/1859
  • Raja CHAKRADHAR PAL Muni Pal, Raja of Pal Lahara 1859/1888, born 1831, he was a faithful ally of the British Government, and for the help he provided in suppressing the Bhuiyans of Keonjhar, when they revolted against their Chief in 1867-68, he was granted the title of Raja Bahadur (for personal use only) in 1871 and later was granted the title of Raja in 1874, which was made hereditary, married and had issue. He died 31st Azugust 1888.
    • Raja Dwiti Krishna Pal [Ganeshwar Pal] (qv)
  • Raja DWITI KRISHNA PAL Ganeshwar Pal, Raja of Pal Lahara 1888/1912, born 20th June 1884, he succeeded to the gadi on 30th August 1888 (#1), due to his young age, the state came under the Court of Wards till 1908, when he assumed ruling powers, mismanagement resulted in the state reverting to administration by the Court of Wards in 1911, married and had issue. He died spm 1912.
  • Raja SARAT CHANDRA PAL Muni Pal, Raja of Pal Lahara 1913/- , born 26th November 1903 and succeeded to the gadi on 18th April 1913 (#2), the state continued to be under the management of Court of Wards till 1925 when the new Raja assumed full administrative control; married Rani Manik Prava Devi, daughter of Raja Chandrachuda Mani Harishchandra Jagadev of Surangi, and had issue, three sons and one daughter.
    • Raja Sachinanda Pal (qv)
    • Rajkumari Ananda Manjari DebiRajkumari Ananda Manjari Debi, born 1st November 1924, entered politics in 1951, M.L.A. (Orissa) 1967/1971 and 1977/1980, married Sri Raja Pitambar Bhupati Harichandan Mahapatra Raj Saheb, Raja of Sukinda, and had issue, five sons and four daughters. She died 15th October 1999.
    • Rajkumar Mrutyunjaya Pal, died 3rd July 2011.
    • Rajkumar Narayan Chandra Pal.
  • Raja SACHINANDA PAL, Raja of Pal Lahara, born 1923, educated at Rajkumar College, Raipur, married Rani Kamal Kumari Devi, daughter of Raja Bir Chandra Jadumani Deo Janamuni of Rairakhol, and his wife, the daughter of Raja Pratap Rudra Singh of Sonepur, and had issue.
    • Rajkumari Padmini Kumari Devi
    • Rajkumari Parvati Kumari Devi
    • Raja Shri R.C. Muni Pal (qv)
    • Rajkumar K. C. Pal, married and has issue.
      • Pattaya Pradyumna Kumar Pal
  • Raja Shri R.C. MUNI PAL, Raja of Pal Lahara (see above)
  • Rajkumari Dolendra Manjari Devi (+), married Kumar Pradyut Chandra Deb (+) of Talcher, and had issue, two sons and five daughters.
  • Lal Narayan Prasad Pal, married, Rajkumari Sana Jema Labangalata Devi, daughter of Raja Purna Chandra Deo Harishchandra Jagadev of Surangi, and his wife, Rani Hira Kumari Devi, and had issue, two sons and three daughters.
  • Kumari (name unknown) [Rani Trupti Manjari Devi, Rani of Ranpur], married Raja Shri Dilip Chandra Singh Deo Bajradhar Narendra Mahapatra, 182nd Raja Saheb of Ranpur, and has issue, two daughters and one son.
  • Rajkumar Santosh Kumar Pal, married Kumari Annapurna Kumari Devi, daughter of Rajkumar Suresh Chandra Deo Jenamoni, Pattayat Sahib in Rairakhol, and his wife, Pattayat Rani Saroj Manjari Devi, and has issue.
    • Kumari Rameshwari Pal
    • Kumari Padmalaya Pal

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