PATAUDI (Princely State)

AREA: 134.68 kmē PRIVY PURSE: Rs48,000 ACCESSION: 7th April 1948
STATE: Haryana DYNASTY: Barench RELIGION: Muslim
POPULATION: 21,933 (1931) REVENUE: Rs1,16,677 (1931)

AGENCY: Commissioner for Delhi

PRESENT RULER: Nawab Saif Ali KhanNawab SAIF ALI KHAN, 10th Nawab of Pataudi since 22nd September 2011.
born 16th August 1970 in New Delhi, educated at the Lawrence School, Sanawar, at Lockers Park Prep School in Hertfordshire and at Winchester College, Winchester, England; a popular and successful Bollywood actor who made his acting debut in the 1992 film Parampara, has won many film awards, including the Filmfare Best Debut Award for Aashiq Awara in 1993, through to the National Film Award for Best Actor for Hum Tum in 2005; he is the founder-owner of his production company, Illuminati Films; recipient of the Padma Shri Award in 2010; married October 1991 (div'd. 2004), Amrita Singh, born 9th February 1958, daughter of Sardar Shivinder Singh Virk (see Hadali), and his wife, Rukhsana Sultana, a political activist during the Emergency Era; Amrita made her Bollywood debut in 1983 with Betaab, a highly successful film, followed up by a number of other successful roles, retiring in 1993 to concentrate on her family life; and has issue, one son and one daughter.
  • Nawabzadi Sarah Ali Khan, born 12th September 1994.
  • Nawabzada Ibrahim Ali Khan, born in October 2001.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Pataudi was ruled by the Barench clan which had control of territory between Kandahar and Pishin, about 1000 years ago. Salamat Khan came to India in 1480 and was responsible for subduing a Mewati uprising and ruled over Bala Hisar. General Lake, in 1806, granted Fa'iz Talab Khan, the Pataudi Ilaka in perpetual jagir, with full judicial and revenue powers. The state ranked 17th in the Panjab Darbar (1918). The rulers were...
  • Shaikh Daulat Khan, married and had issue.
    • Shaikh Badal Khan, married and had issue.
      • Nawab Fa'iz Talab Khan (qv)
      • Ghulam Rasul Khan
  1. Nawab FA'IZ TALAB KHAN, 1st Nawab of Pataudi 1806/1829, initially he was an ally of the Marathas and Maharaja Scindia made over the pargana of Rohtak for his useful services, though he probably never took possession of it; when the Marathas were crushed at Hindan in 1803, he transferred his allegiance to the Emperor of Delhi, who presented him to Lord Lake, by whom he was employed against Maharaja Holkar; he took part in expeditions against Jaipur and Tonk and kept the Rajputana border quiet, he also took part in the siege of Bharatpur in 1826; married a daughter of Murtaza Khan and sister of Najabat Ali Khan, 1st Nawab of Jhajjar, and had issue. He died 1829 or 1831.
    • Nawab Muhammed Akbar Ali Khan (qv)

  2. Nawab MUHAMMED AKBAR ALI KHAN, 2nd Nawab of Pataudi 1829/1862, he remained loyal during the Mutiny in 1857, married and had issue. He died 3rd March 1862.
    • Nawab Muhammed Taqi Ali Khan (qv)
    • Nawabzada Inayat Ali Khan, married and had issue. He died 1901.
      • Sahibzada Muhammed Hasan Khan
      • Sahibzada Ahmad Hasan Khan
    • Nawabzada Sadiq Khan, married and had issue. He died 1903.
      • Sahibzada Habib-ul-Rahman Khan, married and had issue.
    • Nawabzada Jafar Ali Khan, married and had issue. He died 1879.
      • Sahibzada Muazam Ali Khan
      • Sahibzada Wasiat Ali Khan, born 1870, married and had issue.
        • Sahibzada Muhammed Fayaz Ali Khan, born 1894.
        • Sahibzada Muhammed Hamid Ali Khan
        • Sahibzada Muhammed Tahir Ali Khan
      • Nawab Muhammed Muzaffar Ali Khan (qv)
    • Nawabzada Asghar Ali Khan, he died 1873.

  3. Nawab MUHAMMED TAQI ALI KHAN [Muhammed Naqi Ali Khan], 3rd Nawab of Pataudi 1862/1867, married and had issue. He died 1862 or 1867?
    • Nawab Muhammed Mukhtar Husain Ali Khan (qv)

  4. Nawab MUHAMMED MUKHTAR HUSAIN ALI KHAN, 4th Nawab of Pataudi 1867/1878, born 1856, married a granddaughter of Nawab Najabat Ali Khan of Jhajjar, and had issue, one son. He died 1878.
    • Nawab Muhammed Mumtaz Husain Ali Khan Bahadur (qv)

  5. Nawab MUHAMMED MUMTAZ HUSAIN ALI KHAN Bahadur, 5th Nawab of Pataudi 1878/1898, born 1874, educated at Aitchison College, Lahore; succeeded 30th March 1878 (#1). He died 1898.

  6. Nawab MUHAMMED MUZAFFAR ALI KHAN, 6th Nawab of Pataudi 1898/1913, married and had issue. He died 1913.
    • Nawab Muhammed Ibrahim Ali Khan (qv)

  7. Nawab MUHAMMED IBRAHIM ALI KHAN, 7th Nawab of Pataudi 1913/1917, born 1887, educated at Aitchison College, Lahore; he was installed by the Commissioner of Ambala Division on 16th November 1916 (#4 p.3); married Sahibzadi Shaher Bano, daughter of HH Al-Haj Nawab Mirza Sir Amiruddin Ahmed Khan Bahadur of Loharu, and his wife, Akhtaree Begum, and had issue. He died of pneumonia on 28th November 1917 at Delhi (#4 p.3).
    • Nawab Muhammed Iftikhar Ali Khan (see below)
    • Maj.-Gen. H.E. Nawabzada Muhammed Sher Ali Khan HJ, born 13th May 1913 in Pataudi (#2), educated at Aitchison Chief's College, Lahore; the Prince of Wale's Royal Indian Military College, Dehra Dun and Royal Military College, Sandhurst. He was commissioned into the 7th Light Cavalry in 1933, he subsequently commanded the First battalion of the First Punjab Regiment during the Second World War, following this he served as the Defence Attache of the Indian Armed Forces in Washington DC. He commanded the Parachute Brigade during the 1948-49 Kashmir War in which action he was awarded the Hilal-i-Jurat. He was appointed Adjutant General of the Pakistan Army and later served as the Chief of the General Staff. In 1958 he was appointed Pakistan's High Commissioner to Malaysia and in 1963 as Pakistan's Ambassador to Yugoslavia with concurrent accreditation to Bulgaria. He served as Federal Minister for Information 1967/1969 and National Affairs 1969/1971. He was a member of Pakistan's Polo team for many years, Captain of the all Malaysia Polo team for six years and President of the Malayan Polo Association 1959/1963. He also established the Djakarta Riding/Saddle club and was its first elected President. He taught briefly at Aitchison Chiefs' college and was also Vice Chairman of its Board of Governors. He was the Co-founder and Chairman of the governing body of Vigar-un-Nisa Women's College at Rawalpindi. He was the Author of several books and the recipient of the highest civil awards from governments in Malaysia, Yugoslavia and Indonesia, and was a Dato of the State of Pahang in Malaysia; he married 1stly, 1935, Nawabzadi Jahanara Begum, born 1915, daughter of Nawab Abdus Samad Khan of Najibabad, and his wife, Sahibzadi Aliya Sultan Begum, married 2ndly, Begum Silvat Sher Ali Khan Pataudi, daughter of Mian Ghulam Mueenuddin of Loharu, and had issue, four sons and a daughter. He 29th May 2002 at Lahore, Pakistan. (Sher Manzil, 6, Lawrence Road, Lahore, Pakistan)
      • Major General Sahibzada Isfandiyar Ali Khan Pataudi, Commander of the 26th Mechanized Division of the Pakistan Army; Chairman of the Pakistan Polo Association.
    • Nawabzadi (name unknown) Begum Saheba, married Nawabzada Capt. Maqbul Hussain Khan Qureshi, born 1903, died 31st May 1935 in the Quetta earthquake, and had issue.

  8. Nawab MUHAMMED IFTIKHAR ALI KHAN. 8th Nawab of Pataudi 1917/1952, born 17th March 1910 at Pataudi House in Delhi, succeeded 30th November 1917, Investiture was 10th December 1931 (#3), educated at Aitchison Chiefs' College, Lahore and Balliol College, Oxford winning "blues" for both cricket and hockey, a right hand batsman and Test cricketer with the unique distinction of playing in Tests for both England (debut in 1932) and India (debut in 1946), he eventually retired due to ill health with a Test high score of 102 and First Class high score of 238 not out; he was also a fine hockey and billiards player and an accomplished speaker; after independence, he was employed in the Indian Foreign Office till 1952; married in 1938, HH Nawab Begum Sajjida Sultaan, second daughter of Col. HH Nawab Hamidullah Khan of Bhopal, and his first wife, HH Maimuna Sultan Shah Banu Begum Sahiba, and had issue. He died 5th January 1952 in New Delhi.
    • Nawab Muhammed Mansur Ali Khan (qv)
    • Nawabzadi Saleha Sultaan Begum Saheba, born 15th January 1940, married Nawab Bashir Yar Jung of the Paigah family, and has issue.
      • Nawabzada Saad Bin Jung, born 26th October 1960 in Delhi.
    • Nawabzadi Qudsia Sultaan Begum Saheba
    • Nawabzadi Sabiha Sultaan Begum Saheba.

  9. Nawab MUHAMMED MANSUR ALI KHAN, 9th Nawab of Pataudi 1952/2011, born 5th January 1941 in Bhopal, succeeded his father on 5th January 1952, educated at Welham Boys' School in Dehradun, Lockers Park Prep School in Hertfordshire, Winchester College, and Balliol College, Oxford; former captain of the Indian cricket team 1962/1970, he played in 46 Test matches for India between 1961 and 1975 as a right-hand batsman with a high score of 203 not out and a Test batting average at 34.91; his father also was Captain of the Indian Cricket Team, a rare distinction in Test cricket; recipient of the Arjuna Award in 1964 and the Padma Shri in 1967; married 27th December 1968 at Calcutta, Sharmila Tagore, born 8th December 1944 in Hyderabad, she took the name of Ayesha Sultaan on her conversion; an actress who made her debut in the 1959 film Apur Sansar, she heads the Indian Film Censor Board from April 2005, she was chosen as an UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in December 2005, she has won the following awards, Filmfare Best Actress Award in 1969 (Aradhana), National Film Award for Best Actress in 1976 (Mausam), Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997, Star Screen Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003; and had issue, one son and two daughters. He died of respiratory failure on 22nd September 2011 at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi, and was buried in Pataudi.
    • Nawabzada Saif Ali Khan, he succeeded as Nawab Saif Ali Khan (qv)
    • Nawabzadi Saba Ali Khan (Photo), born 1976, Jewellry designer, educated at the British School in Delhi and studied advertising from the Delhi college of Arts, worked in the advertising agency, Lintas, for a couple of months, studied at the Gemological Institute of America from 1997.
    • Nawabzadi Soha Ali Khan (Photo), born 4th October 1978 in New Delhi; educated at The British School in New Delhi, then studied History at Balliol College, Oxford University and has a Masters in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences; she worked for the Ford Foundation and Citibank and served on the Advisory Board for a new project of the public entrepreneur group, Res Publica. She has also recently modeled for the spring-summer collection of Globus, an Indian chain of boutique. She made her acting debut with the Bollywood production Dil Maange More (2004); married 25th January 2015 in Mumbai, Kunal Khemu, born 25th May 1983 in Srinagar, an Actor, educated at Niranjanlal Dalmia High School, Mumbai and at Amity University, son of Mr. Ravi Kemmu, and his wife, Mrs. Jyoti Kemmu.

  10. Nawab SAIF ALI KHAN, 10th Nawab of Pataudi (see above)
  • Two Princesses of Pataudi, married Nawab Sir Shah Nawaz Khan of Mamdot 1883-1942.
  • One Princess of Pataudi, married Captain Sheikh Maqbul Hussain, born 1903, died 31st May 1935 in the Quetta earthquake, and had issue, four daughters.
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