Pawayan Raj Crest

PAWAYAN (Zamindari)

LOCATION: Uttar Pradesh (Shahjahanpur Dist.) AREA: 291 km² VILLAGES: 206 POPULATION: 130,000 RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 72,011 (1928) DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Gaur SEAT: xx ACCESSION: 1950

Wing Cmdr. (ret'd.) Raja ABHAY SINGH
Wing Cmdr. (ret'd.) Raja Abhay Singh
Raja of Pawayan

Raja Fateh Singh of Pawayan
Raja Fateh Singh
7th Raja of Pawayan 1889/1906

Raja Indra Vikram Singh of Pawayan
Raja Indra Vikram Singh,
8th Raja of Pawayan 1906/1928

            Surendra Singhji
Raja Surendra Singhji
9th Raja of Pawayan 1989/2010
PRESENT RULER AND HEAD OF HOUSE: Wing Cmdr. (ret'd.) Raja ABHAY SINGH, 10th and present Raja Saheb of Pawayan since 2010.
born 1941, married Rani Asha Singh, daughter of Shri S. N. Pandita (Central Secretary, Indian Administrative Service), and has issue.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The Rajas of Pawayan are related to the Gaur Rajputs, who originated from Gaur Desh (country), in West Bengal, and had dispersed to various parts of Northern and Central India after the onslaught of the Persian raider, Bhaktiar Khilji, around 1205 (#1). They were related to the Gaur Rajputs of Chandra, Maholi and Katesar in Sitapur district, Oudh. Around 1705, the Katehria Rao Gopal Singh of Nahil, who held sway over the whole of the pargana of Pawayan, was killed by the Pathans of Shajahanpur, leaving a young widow and two infant sons. She sought the aid of her Gaur relations, Bhupat Singh and Himmat Singh, who came to her aid and drove the Pathans out, placing the Rani in possession of her estate. Some time later, the Pathans again attacked Nahil, but were defeated in battle at Deokali, by Udai Singh, second son of Bhupat Singh. This time, however, he seized a large portion of the Nahil estate for himself and became Raja. By degrees he and his successors established themselves over the whole of the pargana, so that by 1802 they were in possession of the whole area except for a small number of villages left to the Rao of Nahil. The number of villages in 1818, belonging to the Raja was 284, and it was the largest estate in the erstwhile Rohilkhand Area and the present District Shahjahanpur in U.P. Estate holders were...

COURT OF WARDS 1880/1889

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