RAJGARH (Princely State)

(11 gun salute)

AREA: 2,491.58 kmē PRIVY PURSE: Rs140,000 ACCESSION: 15th June 1948
STATE: Madhya Pradesh DYNASTY: Parmar - Umat clan
AGENCY: Bhopal Agency 1818 - POPULATION: 134,891 (1931) REVENUE: Rs9,32,000

PRESENT RULER: HH Raja Rawat VARUNADITYA SINGH Bahadur, present Raja Saheb of Rajgarh
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The family is said to have migrated from Mewar in about 1442. The predecessor state was Umatwara, whose chief received the title of Rawat in 1448. The state was divided between the two sons of the then Rawat in 1681, one receiving Narsinghgarh and the other Rajgarh. In the 16th century, Rawat Dudaji was ruling at Ratanpur as the Rawat, while his brother, Udaji, was the Diwan. The latter's family continued to supply Diwans till 1681, when differences arose within the family and a partition of territory was effected. Rajgarh became subject to the Maharaja of Gwalior until 1818, when an agreement was signed, mediated by the British. Rulers were...
  • Rawat Krishnaji [aka Kishan Singh], Rawat of Umatwara, he was 11th in descent from Rawat Sarangsen, who acquired land in the Doab and the title of Rawat around 1340; married and had issue. He died 1583.
    • Rawat Dungar Singh, Rawat of Umatwara, married and had issue.
      • Rawat Dudaji, he held the post of Diwan to his brother, married and had issue, the Dudawat clan, hereditary Diwans.
        • Rawat Hate Singh, Diwan of Umatwara, married and had issue.
          • Dewan Ajab Singh, married and had issue. He died 1668.
            • Raja Paras Ramji, he established Narsingarh State (qv)
          • Rawat Jait Singh, he was granted Bhatkhera in Jagir, married and had issue.
            • Rawat Anup Singh of Bhatkhera (qv)
            • Thakur Himmat Singh, he was granted Jharkia in Jagir.
      • Rawat Udaji, Rawat of Rajgarh, he established his capital at Ratanpur; married and had issue, the Udawat clan (see Rajgarh).

  • Rawat CHHATAR SINGH, Rawat of Umathwar 1621/1638, married and had issue. He died 1661.
    • Rawat Mohan Singh (qv)
    • Rawat Paras Ramji, disputed the succession of his brother, and founded the Princely State of Narsinghgarh in 1681.
    • Thakur Jagannath Singh, founder of the estate of Kila Amargarh, married and had issue.
  • Rawat MOHAN SINGH, Rawat of Umatwara 1638/1681 and Rawat of Rajgarh 1681/1697, married and had issue. He died 14th April 1714.
    • Rawat Amar Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Surat Singh, he was granted the jagir of Suthalia by his brother in 1697, married and had issue.
      • generations
        • Thakur Shambhu Singh, Thakur Saheb of Suthalia, married Thakurani Gulab Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Mangal Singh, Thakur Saheb of Chowkari, and had adoptive issue. He died sp in 1910.
          • (A) Thakur Prem Singh, Thakur Saheb of Suthalia, he succeeded by adoption in 1912, educated at Punjab University and at Holkar College, Indore.
  • Rawat AMAR SINGH, 4th Rawat of Rajgarh 1697/1740, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Narpat Singh (qv)
  • Rawat NARPAT SINGH, 5th Rawat of Rajgarh 1740/1747, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Jagat Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Ajit Singh
  • Rawat JAGAT SINGH, 6th Rawat of Rajgarh 1747/1775, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Hamir Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Zorawar Singh, married and had issue, the Thakur Sahebs of Bargia.
    • Thakur Budh Singh
    • Thakur Pahar Singh
    • Thakur Achal Singh
    • Thakur Bijai Singh
  • Rawat HAMIR SINGH, 7th Rawat of Rajgarh 1775/1790, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Pratap Singh (qv)
  • Rawat PRATAP SINGH, 8th Rawat of Rajgarh 1790/1803, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Prithvi Singh (qv)
  • Rawat PRITHVI SINGH, 9th Rawat of Rajgarh 1803/1815, married and had issue.
    • Rawat Newal Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Khok Singh, he was briefly in charge of the state from 1846 to November 1847.
  • Rawat NEWAL SINGH, 10th Rawat of Rajgarh 1815/1831, he adopted his nephew; married and had adoptive issue. He committed suicide in 1831.
    • (A) Rawat Moti Singh (qv)
  • Rawat MOTI SINGH, 11th Rawat of Rajgarh 1831/1871, due to his mismanagement, the state was placed in the care of his uncle and the Diwan until November 1847, when a British officer subordinate to the Political Agent in Bhopal was appointed, the Rawat took charge again in 1856 and in 1871 he converted to Islam, see next line.
  • Nawab MUHAMMAD ABD al-WASIH KHAN (aka Rawat Moti Singh), Rawat of Rajgarh 1871/1880, born 1814, he was granted the title of Nawab by the British government in 1872; he abolished all transit duties on salt in 1880; married and had issue. He died in October 1880.
    • Rawat Bakhtawar Singh (qv)
    • HH Raja Rawat Sir Bane Singh (qv)
    • Rani Daulat Kanwar, married (as his first wife), Raja Vikramajit Singh, 10th Raja of Raghogarh.
    • Rani Dip Kanwar, married (as his second wife), Raja Vikramajit Singh, 10th Raja of Raghogarh.
  • Rawat BAKHTAWAR SINGH, 12th Rawat of Rajgarh 1880/1882, married and had issue. He died in November 1882.
    • HH Raja Rawat Balbhadra Singh (qv)
  • HH Raja Rawat BALBHADRA SINGH, 13th Rawat of Rajgarh 1882/1902, born 1857, succeeded 6th July 1882 (#1), he was granted the title of Raja as a hereditary distinction on 1st January 1886, married Rani Uday Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Takhat Singhji of Namli in Ratlam, and had issue. He died spm in 1902.
    • Thakurani Jadhav Kunwar, married Thakur Jodh Singhji of Ghanerao, and had issue.
  • HH Raja Rawat Sir BANE SINGH K.C.I.E., 14th Rawat of Rajgarh 1902/1916, born 1857, K.C.I.E. [cr.1908] (#2), married and had issue, as well as illegitimate issue.
    • HH Raja Rawat Sir Birendra Singh Bahadur (qv)
    • Rajkumari Lakshmi Kumari, died after 1947.
    • Rani Man Kanwar Sahiba, married Maharaj Shri Bhim Singhji Sahib, son of Maharaj Arjun Singhji of Jodhpur [1876-1933]
    • Maharaj Bijayendra Singh, born 1905, he was granted an estate of Rs8,930p.a. in 1915, educated at Holkar College, Indore from 1924; he was deputed in 1930 to the Central Provinces for revenue and judicial training, and worked as Additional Tahsildar at Khandwa for about a year, afterwards he was appointed a Magistrate, 2nd Class at Biaora, then in October 1933, he was appointed as joint Diwan.
  • HH Raja Rawat Sir BIRENDRA SINGH Bahadur K.C.I.E., 15th Rawat of Rajgarh 1916/1936, born 17th Janaury 1892, he succeeded his father to the gadi on 10th January 1916; educated at Daly College, Indore; he was made a K.C.I.E. in 1918, married (amongst others) (a), HH Rani Songariji, married (b), a daughter of Cdg. Gen. Maharajkumar Padma Jung Bahadur Rana of Lambjung and Kaski (see Nepal), married (c), a sister of Bhati Thakur Dhul Singh of Phulkheri, and had issue, one son and a number of daughters. He died 26th October 1936 (#3).
    • Yuvaraj Brijraj Singh, born 18th December 1932.
    • HH Raja Rawat Bikramaditya Singh Bahadur (qv)
    • HH Rani Suraj Kunwar, married HH Raja Digvijaya Singhji Bahadur, Raja of Sailana, and had issue.
  • HH Raja Rawat BIKRAMADITYA SINGH Bahadur, Rawat of Rajgarh 1936/-, born posthumously on 18th December 1936 and succeeded at birth on 18th December 1936 (#4), married HH Rani Indra Kumari, daughter of HH Maharao Shri Bhim Singhji II Bahadur of Kotah, and his wife, HH Maharani Shiv Kumari.
  • HH Raja Rawat VARUNADITYA SINGH Bahadur (see above)
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