RAJPARA (Taluka)

LOCATION: Saurashtra AREA: 39 kmē VILLAGES: 9 POPULATION: 2,268 (1921) RELIGION: Hindu

PRESENT RULER: Thakore Saheb Shri RAJVIJAYSINHJI SHIVBHADRASINHJI, 10th Thakore Saheb of Rajpara since the 2nd May 2002.
born 9th March 1966, married 1990, Thakoranisaheb Chandradevi Rajvijaysinhji Jadeja, daughter of Shri Ghanshayamsinhji Chudasama (Bhal), and has issue, one son. PREDECESSORS and SHORT HISTORY: The taluka, a Sixth Class State, is an offshoot of the Kotda-Sangani State. Togubhai, the second son of Sangoji of Kotda-Sangani, who received in appanage the villages of Rajpara, Rajpipla, Motamandava, Bhadhi, Sodiya, Manekwada, Piplana, Anadpar and Khandadhar, and was the founder of the house. The taluka was situated 44 kilometres east of Lodhika, 31 kilometres north-east of Gondal and 36 kilometres south-east of Rajkot. The Talukdar is a Bhayad of Kotda-Sangani, the parent house. The taluka follows the rule of Primogeniture for succession. The jurisdictional powers of the State are: Criminal - three months rigorous imprisonment and fines to the extent of Rs200, Civil - to the extent of Rs500.
  1. Thakore Shri TOGUJI SANGOJI [Togaji], 1st Thakore of Rajpara, married and had issue.

  2. Thakore Shri MERUJI TOGUJI, 2nd Thakore of Rajpara, married and had issue.

  3. Thakore Shri AASHAJI MERUJI, 3rd Thakore of Rajpara, married and had issue.

  4. Thakore Shri LADHAJI AASHAJI, 4th Thakore of Rajpara, married and had issue.

  5. Thakore Shri WAGHJI LADHAJI, 5th Thakore of Rajpara, died sp.

  6. Thakore Shri BHIMJI LADHAJI, 6th Thakore of Rajpara -/1884

  7. Thakore Saheb Shri AASHAJI BHIMJI, 7th Thakore of Rajpara 1884/-, born 1846, succeeded 25th April 1884 (#1), married and had issue.

  8. Thakore Saheb Shri LAKHAJI AASHAJI, 8th Thakore of Rajpara 1903/-, born 30th July 1869, he succeeded to the gadi on 27th December 1903, married 1stly, married 2ndly, and had issue, one son and two daughters.

  9. Thakore Saheb Shri NIRMALSINHJI PRITHVIRAJJI, 9th Thakore of Rajpara -/2002, born 18th April 1919 (#2 p.328), he succeeded to the gadi on 10th October 1935 (#2 p.328); educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot; married and had issue. He died 2nd May 2002.

  10. Thakore Saheb Shri RAJVIJAYSINHJI SHIVBHADRASINHJI, 10th Thakore of Rajpara (see above)
The help of Y.S. Jaideepsinh Jadeja, is gratefully acknowledged 2002.
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