RAMNAGAR (Zamindari)

LOCATION: Bihar (Champaran Dist.)

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: This estate in Bettiah Sub-Division in the district of Champaran in Bihar belonged to Raja Shri Prahlad Sen, a grandson(?) of the last Raja of Tanahun in Nepal, who fled his Rajya after it was annexed to Greater Nepal in 1781, and went to India; after his death, the estate came into the possession of his maternal grandson, Shri Mohan Vikram Shah, better known as Mohan Raja. The Zamindari interest in the estate vested in the Government of Bihar under the Bihar Land Reforms Act in 1952. During the lifetime of Ram Raja there was a legal suit in the year 1942 for the partition of the properties of the Ramnagar estate among Ram Raja and his sons. Estate holders were......
  • Raja HARAKUMARADATTA SEN, last Raja of Tanahu in Nepal, and 1st Raja of Ramnagar; he lived at Ramnagar after being driven out of Tanahu in 1781; married and had issue.
    • Raja Tej Pratap Sen (qv)
  • Raja TEJ PRATAP SEN, 2nd Raja of Ramnagar.
  • .......
  • Raja PRAHLAD SEN, Raja of Ramnagar, married and had issue.
    • Rajkumari (name unknown), married Prince Birendra Bikram Shah of Nepal, and had issue.
      • Raja Sri Panch Mohan Bikram Shah I [Mohan Raja] (qv)
  • Raja Sri Panch MOHAN BIKRAM SHAH I [Mohan Raja], Raja of Ramnagar -/1912, born about 1852; married 1stly, Rani Rajkumari Devi, died 1901, married 2ndly,Rani Balkumari Devi, died 1888, married 3rdly, Rani Bishan Kumari Debi, died 1907, (aunt of Dambar Dwaja Khan, born 1878), married 4thly, before 1893, Rani Chattra Kumari Devi, Rani of Ramnagar (qv), daughter of Thakur Puran Chandra Khan of Garunkot, Nepal; and had issue, as well as adoptive issue. He died sp 18th April 1912.
    • Rajkumar (name unknown) (by Rani Chattra Kumari Devi), born 1897, died 1897.
    • (A) Raja Shri Panch Mohan Bikram Shah II, alias Rama Raja (qv)
  • Rani Chhatra Kumari Devi, Rani of Ramnagar 1912/1937, daughter of Thakur Puran Chandra Khan of Garunkot, Nepal; married (as his fourth wife), Raja Sri Panch Mohan Bikram Shah I [Mohan Raja] (see above), and had issue, one son (died in infancy). She died on the night of 30th/31st January 1937.
  • Raja Shri Panch MOHAN BIKRAM SHAH II [alias Rama Raja], Raja of Ramnagar 1937/1947, he was adopted on 31st May 1903, son of Prince Bhupendra Bikram Shah of Nepal; married Rani Sita Rajya Lakshmi Devi [Sita Maharani], daughter of HH Maharaja Shri Tin Juddha Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana, Maharaja of Kaski and Lamjung, and had issue. He died in 1947.
    • Shri Shiva Bikram Shah [Shiva Raja] (qv)
    • Shri Narayan Bikram Shah [Narayan Raja], born 10th October 1918 in Benares; he established a Sanskrit Vidyalaya in Ramnagar in the name of his mother, called Prem Janani Sanskrit Vidyalaya; Chairman of the Union Board in Ramnagar; married 1950 in Benares, a daughter of Shri Pearey Ram Singh of Darkoti in Himachal Pradesh, and had issue, one son and one daughter.
      • Kumari (name unknown), born in Benares.
      • Kunwar (name unknown), born in Bettiah.
    • Shri Hari Bikram Shah [Hari Raja]
    • Shri Manmohan Bikram Shah [Manmohan Raja], married Rajkumari Nanda Devi, daughter of Raja Harischchandraj Singh of Kashipur, and his wife, Rani Padma Devi, and had issue.
      • Kanwarani Sangita Devi Shah, married (her cousin), Kanwar Kameleshwar Singh of Chamba (see below), and had issue.
      • Shri Sanjay Bikram Shaha
      • Saranga Shah
    • Rajkunmari Ishwari Devi [HH Maharani Ishwari Devi of Manipur], married (as his second wife), HH Maharaja Bodhchandra Singh of Manipur.
    • Rajkumari Bijaya Kumari [Bijaya Maharani], born 27th June 1924, married 30th November 1953, Kanwar Sher Singh of Chamba, and has issue.
      • Kanwar Kameleshwar Singh, married (his cousin), Sangita Shah (see above), and has issue.
  • Raja Shri SHIVA BIKRAM SHAH [Shiva Raja], Raja of Ramnagar 1947/-, married and had issue, at least one son.