RAMPUR (Princely State)(15 gun salute)

LOCATION: Uttar Pradesh AREA: 2,312.87 km˛ VILLAGES: xx POPULATION: 477,042 (1941) RELIGION: Muslim (Shia)
REVENUE: Rs 12,20,000 DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Barecha Rohilla SEAT: xx ACCESSION: 1st December 1949
AGENCY: United Provinces Agency till 1936 then Gwalior Residency 1936/1949 PRIVY PURSE: Rs 7,00,000

HH Nawab Syed
                Mohammad Kazim Ali Khan SahibPRESENT RULER: HH Nawab Syed MOHAMMAD KAZIM ALI KHAN Sahib , 15th and present Nawab of Rampur since 5th April 1992. (1-5, Maharani Bagh, Ground Floor, New Delhi-110065, India)
born 16th October 1960 in Rampur, Bachelor of Architecture from Chandigarh college of Architecture, India; Masters degree in Architecture & Urban Design from Columbia University, New York, USA in May 1988; Elected to the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, India twice, in October 1996 and February 2002, Member of the Rampur Raza Library Board 1993/2002, Minister of Minority Welfare & Haj, Government of Uttar Pradesh from February to September 2003, Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Corporation since October 2003, married 28th December 1987 in Bangalore, Nawabzadi Yaseen Sultan Jehan Saheba (Firdaus Zamani Begum Saheba), born 27th March 1968 in Hyderabad, India, daughter of HH Nawab Abdul Rasheed Khan Bahadur of Savanur, and his wife, HH Anjum Sultana, and has issue. PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The state was founded in 1719. Rulers were...
  1. Nawab Syed ALI MUHAMMAD KHAN, 1st Nawab of Rampur 1719/1749, born 1705/1706, after the battle of Jansath, he was rewarded with a standard and kettledrums and the title of Nawab and the rank of Panj-Hazari and was confirmed in possession of all the lands he had earned or seized in 1737, an Imperial Sanad of 1740 recognized him as Ruler of Rohilkhand, married and had issue. He died 16th September 1749.

  2. Nawab Syed HAFIZ RAHMAT KHAN, 2nd Nawab of Rampur 1749/1774, born 1708/1709, received from the Emperor a Khilat, a drum, a standard, and the title of Mukarram ud-Daulah Hafiz ul-Mulk Bahadur Nasir Jang in 1749, died sp on 23rd April 1774.

  3. Nawab Syed FAIZULLAH KHAN, 3rd Nawab of Rampur 1774/1783, born 1733/1734, he formed the nucleus of the Rampur State Library through his personal collection of valuable manuscripts, historical documents, books and paintings kept in the State’s Toshakhana, married and had issue. He died 17th July 1794.

  4. Nawab Syed MUHAMMAD ALI KHAN, 4th Nawab of Rampur 1783/1794, born 1752/1753, married and had issue. He died 20th September 1794.

  5. Nawab Syed GHULAM MUHAMMAD KHAN, 5th Nawab of Rampur in 1794 (September to October), born 1762/1763, married and had issue. He died 27th October 1794.

  6. Nawab Syed AHMAD ALI KHAN, 6th Nawab of Rampur 1794/1840, born 1786/1787, had natural issue. He died spl on 5th July 1840.

  7. Nawab Syed MUHAMMAD SAID ALI KHAN, 7th Nawab of Rampur 1840/1855, born 19th May 1786, married and had issue. He died 1st April 1855.

  8. Nawab Syed MUHAMMAD YUSUF ALI KHAN, 8th Nawab of Rampur 1855/1865, born 5th March 1816, succeeded 1st April 1855, he was granted the hereditary title of Farzand Dilpazir on 25th November 1859, and a Sanad of Adoption on 11th March 1862, married and had issue. He died 20th April 1865.

  9. Nawab Syed MUHAMMAD KALBEY ALI KHAN, 9th Nawab of Rampur 1865/1887, born 1834, granted a permanent salute of 13 guns in 1867, and the hereditary title of Farzand-i-Dilpazir-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia on the 23rd January 1875, granted a personal salute of 15 guns in 1877, married and had issue. He died 23rd March 1887.

  10. Nawab Syed MUHAMMAD MUSHTAQ ALI KHAN, 10th Nawab of Rampur 1887/1889, born 1856, married and had issue. He died 25th February 1889.

  11. Major-General HH Alijah Farzand-i-Dilpizir-Daulat-i-Englishia Mukhlis-ud-Daula Nasir-ul-Mulk Amir-ul-Umra Nawab Sir Syed MUHAMMAD HAMID ALI KHAN Bahadur Mustaid Jang, 11th Nawab of Rampur 1889/1930, G.C.I.E. [cr.1908] , G.C.V.O. [cr.1911] , G.C.S.I. [cr.1921], born 31st August 1875, highly educated and a patron of arts and culture. He was responsible for the construction of impressive palaces, office buildings, markets and palaces in Rampur City and its neighbourhood. He constructed a magnificent palace of Indo-European style inside the fort. It was named ‘Hamid Manzil’ which has been housing the Rampur Raza Library since 1957, Hon. ADC to HM the King and Hon. Col. in the Indian Army, salute was increased to 15 guns in 1921, secured restoration of the hereditary titles of Alijah, Mukhlis-ud-Daula Nasir-ul-Mulk Amir-ul-Umra, Mustaid Jang, which had been granted by the Mughal Emperors, married (amongst others), Nawabzadi Sultanat Ara Begum Sahiba [HH Nawab Mulk-uz-zamani Begum Sahiba of Rampur], born 12th Sept 1886 in Jaora, died 29th July 1925, daughter of Major HH Ihtasham-ud-daula Nawab Mohammed Ismail Khan Bahadur Firoz Jung of Jaora, and his secondary wife, Karima Bai, and had issue. He died 20th June 1930 (#1).

  12. Major-General HH Farzand-i-Dilpizir-Daulat-i-Englishia Mukhlis-ud-Daula Nasir-ul-Mulk Amir-ul-Umra Nawab Dr. Sir Syed MUHAMMAD RAZA ALI KHAN Bahadur Mustaid Jang G.C.I.E., K.C.S.I., D.Litt., LL.D., 12th Nawab of Rampur 1930/1966, born 17th November 1906 (#2), he succeeded to the musnaid on 30th June 1930, and invested with full ruling powers on 25th August 1930; educated in India and abroad, built schools and colleges in the State; Pro-Chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University; Member of the Standing Committee of the Chamber of Princes; President of the Board of Trustees, Shia College, Lucknow; he was appointed a Major in the 2nd King George's Own Gurkha Rifles; promoted to the rank of Honorary Colonel in the 9/11 the Jat Regiment; he was a lover of Indian music for which he purchased several rare manuscripts and books on Indian music, G.C.I.E, K.C.S.I., D.Litt., LL.D., married 1stly, 1921, HH Nawab Rafaat Zamani Begum Sahiba, born 1907, died 19th October 1987, daughter of Sahibzada Sir Abdussamad Khan Kt., C.I.E., married 2ndly, Qaisar Zamani Begum, married 3rdly, Talat Zamani Begum, daughter of Sahibzada Sir Abdussamad Khan, and had issue. He died 6th March 1966 (#3).

  13. HH Nawab Syed MUHAMMAD MURTAZA ALI KHAN Bahadur, 13th Nawab of Rampur 1966/1982, born 22nd November 1923, ADC to the Commander in Chief in India from July 1943 to April 1946, married 1943, HH Nawab Aftab Zamani Begum, born 11th September 1928, died 4th August 1993, daughter of the Raja of Pirpur, and had issue. He died 7th February 1982.

  14. HH Nawab Syed ZULFIQUAR ALI KHAN Sahib, 14th Nawab of Rampur 1982/1992, born 11th March 1933, worked as a tea planter in Assam, Member of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly 1962/1966, Member of Parliament 1967/1977 and 1980/1992, married 2nd June 1956, Nawabzadi Roshanara Noor Bano Begum (Mehtab Zamani Begum Saheba), born 11th November 1939 in Loharu, Bhiwani Distt., Haryana of Loharu, educated at M.G.D. Girls Public School, Jaipur (Rajasthan), member of the All India Congress Committee 1992/- , member of the 11th Lok Sabha 1996, member of the Consultative Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs 1996/99, member of the Committe on Commerce 1999/2000, member of the Consultative Committee, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers 2000/- . Patron of the Naine Dev Foundation (Music) and Rampur Gharana (Music). Interested in doing research on historical, cultural, Persian and Arabic books and documents. Leisure interests include reading, music, painting and gardening, tennis and swimming. Member of the Central Wakf Council, Ministry of Welfare, 1993; the National Integration Council, Uttar Pradesh, 1993; the Maulana Azad Foundation, 1995/1996; the Court of the Aligarh Muslim University 1996; the Informal Consultation Committee for Railway Zone (U.P) 1996/1997; the Nainital Telephone Advisory Committee 1996/1997; and the Rampur Raza Library Board 1997. Chairperson of the State Social Welfare Advisory Board 1993 and the U.P. Mahila Samaj Kalyan Board 1994/1995; Convenor, U.P. Members of Parliamentary Group of India Congress 1996. He died 5th April 1992 having issue. (Noor Mahal, Civil Lines, Rampur-244 901, Uttar Pradesh, India)

  15. HH Nawab Syed MOHAMMAD KAZIM ALI KHAN Sahib, 15th Nawab of Rampur (see above)


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