SAMTHAR (Princely State) (11 gun salute)

LOCATION: Uttar Pradesh AREA: 461.02 kmē VILLAGES: 91 (1901) POPULATION: 33,307 (1931) RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 3,40,000 (1934) DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Badgujjar or Bargujjar SEAT: xx ACCESSION: 1st January 1950
AGENCY: Bundelkhand Agency 1902 - 1948 PRIVY PURSE: Rs 51,800

PRESENT RULER: HH Maharaja RANJEET SINGH III Ju Deo, 11th and present Maharaja of Samthar since 1972
born 1945, married 1972, HH Maharani Ganga Rajya Lakshmi, daughter of Lt. Gen. Maharajkumar Vijay Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana of Nepal, and his wife, Shrimati Sarala Devi, and has issue.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Samthar was a Treaty state founded in 1760. Until the time of Raja Ranjit Singh I, the chiefs were only nig zamindars and jagirdars, nominally at least subordinate to the Raja of Datia. The state has no hereditary jagirs. All the servants, great and small, receive land instead of money in cash from the State. However Raja Ali Bahadur, has in his possession, mauza Sami, as his maash, but not in jagir, as it is his for his lifetime only. Rulers were......
The help of Deepak Aggarwal is gratefully acknowledged, July 2011.
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