SANGLI (Princely State)

(11 gun salute)

AREA: 2,942 km² PRIVY PURSE: 262,639Rs
ACCESSION: 8th March 1948
STATE: Bombay DYNASTY: Patwardhan RELIGION: Hindu
POPULATION: 221,321 (1931)
REVENUE: Rs 13,50,100
AGENCY: Southern Maratha Country States Agency

HH Shrimant Raja Saheb Vijaysinghrao Madhavrao
                PatwardhanPRESENT RULER: HH Shrimant Raja Saheb VIJAYSINGHRAO MADHAVRAO PATWARDHAN B.E.Mech., LM.E., M.I.E. (Chtd Engr.), LL.B.(Gen.Laws), F.B.I.M.(U.K.), 4th and present Rajasaheb of Sangli since February 1965.
born 1943, a double graduate of Engineering and Law, and a Management consultant who was awarded Fellowship of the British Institute of Management in 1977. Former Senior Vice President and legal advisor of Bajaj International Ltd., Vice-President of Deccan Education Society, an Industrial Consultant and Business Advisor in the United Arab Emirates from 1990. He is also a writer of several books on Law and Philosophy. He has written on Women's rights, and wrote books on philosophy which were released at the hands of illustrious persons like Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India, Y. V. Chandrachud and also another book released at the hands of Swami Chidanand, President of Vivekananda Vedanta Centre at Chicago. He is also a music composer, (he has scored music for several Hindi feature films as well as soap operas), he is also a poet, and is the writer and composer of the UNITY ANTHEM (Ekatmata Anthem) "Hum hai Sare Hindustani" (We all are Indians). After retirement, he now teaches German and Urdu in the family Temple as a public service, free of charge and is the creator of the UNITY MOVEMENT known as Ekatmata Movement in Sangli to bring Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jains, Sikhs and Budda faith followers together to really and truly celebrate Unity in Diversity. He is involved in many Social Causes such as Creation of the Vijaysinghrao-Lions Hospital Free Food center so that none should sleep hungry at least in Sangli, the free medical Consultation Center, (called Vighna Haraata Center), and the latest is an old-people’s home for which he has donated a huge tract of extremely valuable land in the heart of Sangli, he married HH Shrimant Rani Saheb Rajyalakshmi (Rohini) Patwardhan, and has issue.
  • Rajkumari Bhagyashree Raje Patwardhan (Photo), born circa 1969, Movie Actress whose film credits include "maine pyar kiya", married Himalay Dassani.
  • Rajkumari Madhuvanti Patwardhan, born circa 1972, Movie Actress whose film credits include "Do Ankhen Barah Haath", married 8th December 2003 in Swanand Bhuvan Palace in Sangli, Ashok Medhi.
  • Rajkumari Purnima Patwardhan (Photo), born circa 1974, Movie Actress, finalist in the Femina Miss India beauty pageant, won the Best Child Artist Award, for the musical television series "Kacchi Dhoop", movie credits include, "La Nuit Bengali" (an entrant in the Cannes Film Festival), the lead role in "Taj Mahal - A Monument Of Love", married December 2005, Robin Khosla.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The city of Sangli was founded in 1801. The rulers were.....
  1. Shrimant Rao CHINTAMANRAO I PANDURANGRAO APPA SAHEB PATWARDHAN, 1st Rao of Sangli 1801/1851, born 1775, initially ruler of Miraj under the guidance of his uncle who usurped the power, as a result the nephew was left with what eventually became Sangli. He established the well known Ganapati Panchayatan Sansthan Temple as per his vow to his family Deity, and the Ganesh Durg Palace in 1801, he was regarded even by his foes as an enlightened, valoursome and a compassionate Ruler, he encouraged the development of trade and commerce in Sangli and established trade districts known as Peths. He started a printing press in 1821/1822 in Sangli, the first of its kind in the state. He married and had issue, as well as an adopted son. He died 1851.
    • Shrimant Rao Dhundirajrao Chintamanrao Tatya Saheb Patwardhan (qv)
    • Adopted son, adopted but was set aside when his brother was born a few years later, married and had issue.
      • Son, married and had issue.
        • Son, married and had issue.
          • Son, married and had issue.
            • Vinayakrao Patwardhan, adopted by the widow of Shrimant Rao Dhundirajrao Chintamanrao Patwardhan, taking the name of HH Shrimant Raja Saheb Sir Chintamanrao II Dhundirao Appasaheb Patwardhan (see below).

  2. Shrimant Rao DHUNDIRAJRAO CHINTAMANRAO TATYA SAHEB PATWARDHAN, 2nd Rao of Sangli 1851/1901, born 12th July 1838, succeeded 15th July 1851 ( #1 ), constructed the Sangli Municipality, Sangli Library, English School and Sanskrit School, also promoted Primary and Secondary Education courses in Sangli, with free education, special grants and prizes for the education of impoverished Muslims and for girls. He died sp in 1901.

  3. Capt. HH Shrimant Raja Saheb Sir CHINTAMANRAO II DHUNDIRAJRAO APPASAHEB PATWARDHAN K.C.S.I., K.C.I.E., 3rd Rao of Sangli 1901/1932 then Raja of Sangli 1932/1965, Raja of Sangli [cr.1932], born 14th February 1890 (#2)(#4 p.20) and he succeeded to the gadi in 1903, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot; on attaining his  majority, he was invested with full ruling powers on 2nd June 1910, by Captain Birk (who was appointed by the Sangli Durbaar as the administrator during the Ruler's adolesence), he was conferred with the Honorary rank of Lieutenant on 14th October 1919 (#4 p.21) in recognition of his services rendered during WWI; he was granted a personal salute of 11 guns in 1927; he was raised to the Honorary rank of Captain in the Army in 1938; Member of the Chamber of Princes and was selected as Member of the Standing Committee; he established Engineering, Arts, Science and Medical Colleges, Legislative Assembly was formed in Sangli in 1935, Judiciary and executive wings also came into being, which functioned without interference of the Ruler; K.C.S.I. [cr.1946], K.C.I.E. [cr. 1st January 1923], married on 27th June 1910, HH Shrimant Rani Saheb Soubhagyawati Saraswatibai, Kaisar- I- Hind gold medal, First Class (awarded 3rd June 1929 (#4 p.21)), daughter of The Hon. Sir Moropant V. Joshi of Amravati K.C.I.E., and had issue, two sons and four daughters. He died in February 1965.
    • Shrimant Yuvaraj Madhavrao Chintamanrao alias Raosaheb Patwardhan, born 7th March 1915, educated at the Prince of Wales' Royal Indian Military College, Dehra Dun, he was overlooked in the succession, married 30th May 1940, Shrimant Padmini Raje (née Shrimant Vimalata Athavale), and had issue.
      • HH Shrimant Raja Saheb Vijaysinghrao Madhavrao Patwardhan (qv)
    • Shrimant Pandurangrao alias Balasaheb Patwardhan
    • Shrimant Rajkumari Saubhagyavati Indumati Raje Patwardhan (Rajwade)
    • Shrimant Rajkumari Saubhagyavati Chandravati Devi Raje Patwardhan
    • Shrimant Rajkumari Saubhagyavati Usha Devi Raje Patwardhan
    • Shrimant Rajkumari Saubhagyavati Shakuntala Raje Patwardhan

  4. HH Shrimant Raja Saheb VIJAYSINGHRAO MADHAVRAO PATWARDHAN, 4th Rajasaheb of Sangli (see above)


  • Shrimant Vinayakrao Bhausaheb, fl.1861 (#3)
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