SANJELI (Princely State)

AREA: 88 km2 PRIVY PURSE: 29,150Rs ACCESSION: 10th June 1948
STATE: Bombay  DYNASTY: Chauhan  RELIGION: Hindu
POPULATION: 3,751 (1892)    
PRESENT RULER:   (c/o Pushpa Nivas Palace, Sanjeli 389175, Gujarat, India)
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: A Fifth Class State (1921). Rulers were...
  • Thakore Shri SARDARSINGHJI, Thakore Shri of Sanjeli 1750/1789
  • Thakore Shri BAHADURSINGHJI, Thakore Shri of Sanjeli 1789/1814
  • Thakore Shri JAGITSINGHJI, Thakore Shri of Sanjeli 1814/1857
  • Thakore Shri PRATAPSINGHJI, Thakore Shri of Sanjeli 1857/1901, born 1847 (#1), died in December 1901.
  • Thakore Shri PUSHPASINGHJI PRATAPSINGHJI, Thakore Shri of Sanjeli 1902/-, born 11th December 1892, succeeded 1902, married and had issue. He died after 1948.
    • Raja Narendra Singh (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Mohan Singh, married Rajkumari Devi Shiv Kumari, daughter of Thakore Shivsinghji Gohil of Lakhanka in Bhavnagar, and had issue.
      • Kunwer Prithviraj Singh Chauhan, married Maharajkumari Laxmikumari, daughter of Maharajkunwer Himmatsinhji Solanki of Gorada in Lunawada State.
      • Kunwer Dharmaraj Singh Chauhan
      • Kunwer Digvijay Singh Chauhan
    • Kumar Shri Rajendra Singh Pusph Singh, married Kumarani Susila Kumari, a daughter of Thakor Saheb Pravin Singh Jadeja of Adesar in Kutch, and has issue, three sons and two daughters.
      • Kumar Shri Bhavin Pratap Singh, married Kumarani Girja Kumari, daughter of the Thakor Saheb of Ranpur.
      • Kumar Shri Ajay Pratap Singh, an advocate, married Kumarani Vandana Kumari, a grand daughter of the Late Thakur Amar Singh of Chomu.
      • Kumar Shri Chandraj Singh, married Kumarani Bhuvnashvari Kumari.
  • Thakore Shri NARENDRA SINGH, Thakore Shri of Sanjeli, born 1923, married Rani (later Rajmata) Laxmi Kunwar, daughter of Raj Rana Jaswant Singh of Delwara, and his wife, the sister of the Maharaj of Khatoli in Kotah, and had issue. He died after 1970.
    • Rajkumari Bhuwaneshwari, married Kunwar Dharmendra Singh Parihar of Nagod (C.I.), and has issue.
      • Kumari Dr. Bhawna Singh, a Cardiac Surgeon, married Kunwar Piyush Singh.
      • Kumari Namrata Singh, married Kumar Debjit Prasad Singh Deo of Panchkote Raj in West Bengal.
      • Capt. Kunwar Bharatendra Singh Parihar, born 31st August 1971 in Dahod, Gujrat; educated at the University of Delhi (B.Com. with Hons.) and at Bond University, Gold Coast, Q.L.D., Australia (M.B.A.), presently serving as a Captain in the Indian Territorial Army, married 29th February 2004 in Ranchi, Kunwarani Manideepa, daughter of Kumar Dinamani Nath Shah Deo of Chota Nagpur, and has issue.
        • Kumari Shivranjini Parihar, born 20th November 2004 at Kolkatta, India.
    • Yuvraj Manvendra Singh Chauhan, he succeeded as Thakore Shri Manvendra Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumari Maheshwari, married Rana Rajendra Singh of Barwah, and has issue.
      • Kumari Devija Rana
      • Kumari Ravija Rana
      • Kunwar Mrityunjay Rana
    • Rajkumar Kalika Kumar Chauhan, married to Maharajkumari Giriraj Kumari, daughter of the Raja Saheb of Verawar, younger brother of the Maharaja of Vijaynagar, and has issue, one son.
      • Kumar Kamakhya Chauhan
  • Thakore Shri MANVENDRA SINGH, Thakore Shri of Sanjeli -/2006, educated at Daly College, Indore; married to Maharajkumari Geeta Devi [Thakorani Geeta Devi of Sanjeli], daughter of HH Maharaja Pratap Kesari Deo of Kalahandi, and had issue, two daughters. He died 24th November 2006 at Indore after a prolonged illness.
    • Rajkumari Padmini Kumari, married 19th February 2000, Rajkumar Keshvendra Singh of Rampura in Uttar Pradesh, and has issue, one son.
    • Rajkumari Sarvani Kumari.
  • (see above)
  • Rani Chauhaniji Dariao Kanwar, married Maharaj Madho Singh of Bhindar, and had issue, one daughter.

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