SAYLA (Princely State)

AREA: 575 km2 PRIVY PURSE: 62,500Rs  ACCESSION: 15th February 1948
STATE: Saurashtra DYNASTY: Jhala RELIGION: Hindu
VILLAGES: 45 POPULATION: 13,351 (1921)  REVENUE: 250,000Rs
Thakore Saheb Prithvirajsinhji SurendrasinhjiPRESENT RULER: Thakore Saheb PRITHVIRAJSINHJI SURENDRASINHJI, present Thakore Shri of Sayla since 1970.
born 17th September 1934, married Maharajkumari Raj Shree Devi [Thakorani Raj Shree Sevi of Sayla] (PHOTO), elder daughter of HH Maharaja Sir Rajendra Narain Singh Deo of Patna, and his wife, HH Maharani Kailash Kumari Devi, and has issue, two children.
  • Yuvaraj Shri Somrajsinhji Prithvirajsinhji Jhala, married Yuvrani Priti Kumari Devi, younger daughter of Thakur Rattan Singh of Umaidnagar, and his wife Thakurani Kamleshwari Kumari.
  • Kumari Shri Meenakshi Singh, married to Capt. Chandan Singh Rawat of Nimgarh, Garhwal, a senior officer with the Department of Power, Government of India, and has issue.
    • Kumar Anirudh Ranvijay Singh Rawat
    • Kumari Nilambika Kumari
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: A Third Class state founded in 1751. The ruler's jurisdictional powers are as follows:- Civil - unlimited and Criminal - full powers with the exception that the state may not try persons other than its own subjects for capital offences and provided that sentences of death are confirmed by Hon'ble the Resident. Rulers were......
  • Thakore Saheb SHESHMALJI I RAISINHJI, Thakore Shri of Sayla 1751/1794, son of Raj Rana Raisinhji of Dhrangadhra, married and had issue. He died 1794.
    • Thakore Saheb Vakhatsinhji Sheshmalji [Vikmatji/Kakabhai] (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Vajabhai Sheshmalji
    • Kumar Shri Jijibhai Sheshmalji
    • Kumar Shri Dadabhai Sheshmalji
    • Kumar Shri Kalabhai Sheshmalji
  • Thakore Saheb VAKHATSINHJI I SHESHMALJI, Thakore Shri of Sayla 1794/1813, married and had issue. He died 1813.
    • Thakore Saheb Madarsinhji Vakhatsinhji (qv)
  • Thakore Saheb MADARSINHJI I VAKHATSINHJI, Thakore Shri of Sayla 1813/1837, married and had issue.
    • Kumar Shri Ataji Madarsinhji
    • Thakore Saheb Sheshmalji Madarsinhji II (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Chandoji Madarsinhji
    • Kumar Shri Bharoji Madarsinhji
    • Kumar Shri Raisinhji Madarsinhji
  • Thakore Saheb SHESHMALJI II MADARSINHJI, Thakore Shri of Sayla 1837/1839, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Shri Kesrisinhji Sheshmalji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Harisinhji Sheshmalji
  • Thakore Saheb Shri KESRISINHJI SHESHMALJI, Thakore Shri of Sayla 1839/1881, he was granted the title of Thakore Saheb in 1874 as a personal distinction; married and had issue. He died in 1881.
    • Thakore Saheb Shri Vakhatsinhji Kesrisinhji (qv)
  • Thakore Saheb Shri VAKHATSINHJI II KESRISINHJI K.C.I.E., Thakore Shri of Sayla 1881/1924, born 10th July 1845, he was conferred with the title of K.C.I.E. in June 1913; succeeded 4th October 1881 (#1), married and had issue. He died 25th January 1924.
    • Thakore Saheb Shri Madarsinhji II Vakhatsinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Kalyansinhji Vakhatsinhji
    • Kumar Shri Merubhai Vakhatsinhji
    • Kumar Shri Devubhai Vakhatsinhji
    • Kumar Shri Vajubhai Vakhatsinhji
    • Kumar Shri Bhavubhai Vakhatsinhji
  • Thakore Saheb Shri MADARSINHJI II VAKHATSINHJI C.S.I., Thakore Shri of Sayla 1924/1938, born 28th May 1868 (#2) he succeeded to the gadi on 25th January 1924, C.S.I. [cr.1913], married and had issue. He died 1938.
    • Thakore Saheb Karansinhji Madarsinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Kanaksinhji Madarsinhji
    • Kumar Shri Dipsinhji Madarsinhji
    • Thakurani Mahendra Kunvarba Sahiba, married Thakur Shri Ramsinghji Indrasinghji of Chhaliar.
  • Thakore Saheb KARANSINHJI MADARSINHJI, Thakore Shri of Sayla 1938/1962, born 11th May 1891, he succeeded to the gadi on 9th April 1938 (#3 p.344); married 1stly, Kumari (name unknown) Kumari, daughter of Thakore Saheb Hamirsinhji Suraji, 13th Thakore Saheb of Virpur, and had issue. He died 1962.
    • Thakore Saheb Surendrasinhji Karansinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Bhojrajji Karansinhji
  • Thakore Saheb SURENDRASINHJI KARANSINHJI, Thakore Shri of Sayla 1962/1970, born 4th June 1915 (#3 p.344), married Thakorani Manishwari Devi, daughter of Maharaja Ramanuj Saran Singh Deo of Surguja, and his first wife, and had issue. He died 1970.
    • Thakore Saheb Prithvirajsinhji Surendrasinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Shivrajsinhji Surendrasinhji, born 14th February 1949, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1971), married 14th December 1978 in Dholera Dist., Ahmedabad, Kumari Sajjan Kumari Jadeja, and has issue.
      • Kumar Shri Ajayraj Sinhji Jhala, married Kumari Mheshwari Kumari of Nana Itala, and has issue, one daughter.
        • Kumari Dhruvansi Ba
      • Kumari Dhaneshwari Devi, married Kanwar Harshwardhan Sinhji Ajaypal Sinhji Solanki of Bansda., and has issue, one son.
        • Kumar Chandraaditya Sinhji Harswardhan Sinhji Solanki
      • Kumar Shri Krishnaraj Sinhji Jhala
    • Kumar Shri Divyarajsinhji Surendrasinhji, married Kumari Krishna Kanwar, daughter of Rao Saheb Jagannath Singhji of Parsoli, and his wife, Rani Hem Kanwar, and has issue, two sons and three daughters.
      • Kumar Shri Amardeep Singh Jhala
      • Kumar Shri Rudraraj Singh Jhala
    • Kumar Shri Mahirajsinhji Surendrasinhji, married Kumari Manjushree Devi, daughter of Maharajadhiraj Bhanu Pratap Deo of Kanker, and has issue.
      • Kumari Anupamakumari, married Shri Anand Singh.
      • Kumar Shri Shaktirajsinh Mahirajsinh Jhala, born 31st July 1976 at Dhamtary, educated at Rajkumar College, Raipur; married Kumari Supriya Singh, eldest daughter of Lalji Indrajeet Pratap Singh Deo of Lakhanpur in Surguja, and his wife, Kumari Shova Manjari Devi.
    • Kumari Tripureshwari Devi [now the Rajmata Saheba of Kanker], married Maharajadhiraj Udai Pratap Deo of Kanker, and has issue, three sons and one daughter.
    • Maharani Hitendra Kumari, married Maharaja Vijay Chandra Bhanj Deo of Bastar, and had issue.
  • Thakore Saheb PRITHVIRAJSINHJI SURENDRASINHJI, Thakore Shri of Sayla (see above)
  • Daughter of the Thakore Saheb of Sayla, married Hon. Lt.Col. HH Maharaja Lokendra Sir Govind Singh Ju Deo Bahadur of Datia.
  • Daughter of the Thakore Saheb of Sayla, married 19th February 1884, HH Maharajadhiraj Mirzan Maharao Shri Sir Khengarji Pragmalji III Sawai Bahadur of Kutch.
  • Kumar Shri Mulrajsinhji of Kanpur, married and had issue.
    • Kumar Shri Narendrasinhji Mulrajsinhji Jhala of Sayla, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1966).
    • Kumar Shri Indravijaysinhji Mulrajsinhji Jhala of Sayla, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1968); died 23rd July 2001.
    • Kumar Shri Indrajitsinhji Mulrajsinhji Jhala of Sayla, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1969).
  • Kumar Shri Rajendrasinhji Balbhadrasinhji Jhala of Sayla, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1979)
  • Rani Prasan Kumari, married (as his second wife), Raja Hemendra Sen of Keonthal, and had issue.
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