LOCATION: Madras (Vizagapatam Distt.) DYNASTY: Ankitham RELIGION: Hindu
PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: Sri Raja Ankitham Venkata ADEEP BHANOJI Rao Garu, 8th Zamindar of Shermuhammadpuram and Yembaram and present Head of Family since 1990.
born 1957, married Srimant Rani Deborah Bhanoji Rao, born 1958, daughter of Commodore (Retd.) Lancy Gomes, and his wife, Mrs. Lulu Lorraine Gomes; co-ordinator of the Integrated Education Centre for Special Children (I.E.C.S.C.)
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The Shermuhammadpuram Zamindari Estate in Chipurupalle Taluk, Vizagapatam District and Yembaram Zamindari Estate in Palconda Zamindari Tahsil are both now in Vizianagram District. Estate holders were....
  • Sri Raja Ankitham Venkata JUGGA Rao Bahadur Garu, 1st Zamindar of Shermuhammadpuram 18xx/1856, born 1816, he became a proficient Astronomer (PUBLICATIONS), starting a trend in his family; married and had issue, one daughter. He died 1856.
    • Srimant Rani Ankham Achayyamma Garu (qv)
  • Srimant Rani Ankham Achayyamma Garu, 2nd Zamindarani of Shermuhammadpuram and Yembaram 1856/ca.1864, married about 1864, Sri Rai Bahadur Raja Ankitham Venkata Narasingha Rao Garu, 3rd Zamindar of Shermuhammadpuram and Yembaram (qv) and had issue, three sons. She died 1894.
  • Sri Rai Bahadur Raja Ankitham VENKATA NARASINGHA Rao Garu, 3rd Zamindar of Shermuhammadpuram and Yembaram 1864/1892, born 1827, son of Sri Ankitham Sriramulu Garu, Dewan to the Nawabs of Masulipatam; he was an eminent Astronomer in later life (PUBLICATIONS); he was brought up by his maternal grandfather as his father passed away when he was an infant, educated privately by an English tutor, Rev. J. Hay; appointed Deputy Collector and Magistrate; F.R.A.S. [4.11.1870], F.R.G.S. [1872]; he was awarded the title of Rai Bahadur for his benevolence; he made a large endowment to the Hindu College (later renamed Mrs. AV.N. College); married Srimant Rani Ankham Achayyamma Garu, 2nd Zamindarani of Shermuhammadpuram and Yembaram (see above), and had issue, three sons. He died 18th June 1892.
    • Sri Raja Ankitham Venkata Prakash Rao Garu (qv)
    • Sri Raja Ankitham Venkata Jugga Rao Bahadur Garu (qv)
    • Sri Narayan Rao Garu
  • Sri Raja Ankitham Venkata PRAKASH Rao Garu, 4th Zamindar of Shermuhammadpuram and Yembaram 1892/1898, born about 1865. He died sp in October 1898.
  • Sri Raja Ankitham VENKATA JUGGA Rao Bahadur Garu, 5th Zamindar of Shermuhammadpuram and Yembaram 1898/1921, born 4th February 1866 at Vizagapatam, also an eminent Astronomer in later life, he was educated at the London Mission High School, he visited England in 1900, and whilst there he was elected F.R.A.S. [8.5.1900], F.R.M.S. [1900], F.R.C.I. [1900], elected Vice-President of the Astronomical Society of India from 1911 to 1912; he accumulated a library with more than 10,000 volumes, containing treatises on Science, English literature and various Indian subjects, as well as Encyclopedias and other books of reference, he constructed a hospital at his own cost, and also a rest house in Waltair; author of Juggarow, G.V. Observatory, Results of Meteorological Observations for the year 1894, Vizagapatam, 1896; he married Sri Rani Achayamma Garu, only child and heiress of Sri Goday Jugga Rao Garu, Zamindar of Anakapalli, and had issue. He died 1921
    • Shri Raja Ankitham Venkata Bhanoji Rao Garu (qv)
  • Sri Raja Ankitham VENKATA BHANOJI Rao Garu, 6th Zamindar of Shermuhammadpuram and Yembaram 1921/1978, born 1st October 1890, educated at C.B.M. High School, he won several awards in his favourite sport of football, he travelled extensively with his father, he donated much land in 1932, in order to bring Andhra University from Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam, as well as the land on which the present King George Hospital was built, he helped establish the Hindustan Shipyard in Visakhapatnam, he started the Shipping Agency 'A.V. Bhanoji Row and Garuda Pattabhirammayya' which is still controlled by the Ankitham family till date, he entered into active politics and joined the Justice Party, he was a member of the Andhra Pradesh State Assembly 1955/1972, Municipal Chairman of Visakhapatnam 1930/1938, 1951/1958 and 1960/1962, he was a Pro-tem speaker and Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Industries Development Department 1962/1965, he was a hereditary trustee to the Sri Sita Ramaswamy Temple; during his tenure, the Zamindari was abolished in 1954; married Srimant Rani Ankitham Venkata Roma Devi Bhanoji Rao Garu, and had issue. He died 1978.
    • Sri Raja Ankitham Venkata Narasingha Jagga Rao Garu (qv)
  • Sri Raja Ankitkam Venkata NARASINGHA JAGGA Rao Garu, 7th Zamindar of Shermuhammadpuram and Yembaram 1978/1990, born 1927, he graduated with an Honours Degree in Commerce, specialising in Economics of Transportation; Member of the Senate of Andhra University and also a Councillor in the Visakhapatnam Municipality in 1950; he served with the President's Commission of Indian Armed Services, 1952/1954, Artillery Regiment; a Trustee of the Visakhapatnam Port Trust, representing the Indian National Ship Owners Association; nominee of the A.P. State Finance Corporation for various Companies; Member of the Import-Export Advisory Committee Southern Zone; Member of Faculty, by invitation, of the Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad; Vice-Chairman and Correspondent of the Board of Management of Mrs. A.V.N. College, Visakhapatnam; a hereditary trustee to Sri Sita Ramaswamy Temple; Vice-President of the Natural History Society; Vice-President of Rotary International; President of Waltair Club for four terms and President of the Visakha Historical Society; married Srimant Rani A. V. N. Indrani Jagga Rao, born 27th September 1934, daughter of Sri Samerendra Gupta, formerly with the Indian Accounts Service and later Deputy Auditor General of India, she was educated at Tagore's Vishwa Bharati University, Santiniketan and at Delhi University, where she graduated with an Honour's degree in English Literature; in 1964 she started worked with the Indian Red Cross Society, and was actively involved with all its activities in the District; in 1966-67, she worked with the Adult Education Department of Andhra University, Waltair in programmes for the education of rural women; in 1969, she was elected as the Secretary of All India Women's Conference, Visakhapatnam branch and subsequently became the President, a post she still holds today; in 1975, she was elected as President, Mahila Mini Super Bazaar, the only non political President in the District; nominated as member of the Handloom Advisory Board of Government of Andhra Pradesh and also the Member, Advisory Board of King George Hospital, Visakhapatnam branch; she also plays an active role in the administration of the Mrs. A.V.N. College; and had issue, two sons. He died 1990.
    • Sri Raja Ankitham Venkata Adeep Bhanoji Rao Garu (qv)
    • Sri Ankitham Venkata Monish S. Rao, born 1959, Heir Presumptive from 1990; married Srimant Usha Rani Rao.
  • Sri Raja Ankitham Venkata ADEEP BHANOJI Rao Garu, 8th Zamindar of Shermuhammadpuram and Yembaram (see above)
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