SIBA (Jagir)

LOCATION: Kangra DYNASTY: Katoch (Sibaia clan) RELIGION: Hindu
PRESENT RULER: Raja BRIJENDRA SINGH, 32nd and present Raja Saheb of Dada-Siba since 23rd May 2000.
born 17th June 1946, married 1969, Rani Devika Singh [née Dawn Jha] of New Delhi, adopted daughter of Mr. L. K. Jha, former Governor of The Reserve Bank of India, and has issue. 
  • Rajkumari Ambika Devi [HH Maharani Ambika Devi of Alwar], born February 1972 in New Delhi, married Bhanwar Jitendra Singh of Alwar, (now HH Shri Sawai Maharaja Jitendra Singhji Virendra Shiromani Dev Bharat Dharam Prabhakar of Alwar), born in June 1971, and has issue, two daughters and a son.
PREDECESSORS and SHORT HISTORY: Also known as Dada-Siba. Founded by Raja Sibarna Chand, a younger brother of the Raja of Guler about 1450. The state was seized by Guler in 1808, annexed by the Sikhs in 1813, and restored by the British in 1830, but finally dispossessed by them in 1849. Rulers were....
  1. Raja SIBARNA CHAND, 1st Raja of Siba, he made himself independent in some taluqas south of the Beas River in around 1450

  2. Raja HAMI CHAND, 2nd Raja of Siba

  3. Raja PAHLAD CHAND, 3rd Raja of Siba

  4. Raja JIT CHAND, 4th Raja of Siba

  5. Raja UDHAN CHAND, 5th Raja of Siba

  6. Raja AUTAR CHAND, 6th Raja of Siba

  7. Raja RUP CHAND, 7th Raja of Siba

  8. Raja MANAK CHAND [Nank Chandra[, 8th Raja of Siba, married and had issue.
    • Raja Nirmodh Chand [aka Raja Nakhod Chandra](qv)
    • Mian Ram Chand
    • Mian Lakhudah Chand aka Raja Makhod Chandra (see Datarpur)

  9. Raja NIRMODH CHAND, 9th Raja of Siba

  10. Raja JAP CHAND, 10th Raja of Siba

  11. Raja KILAS CHAND, 11th Raja of Siba

  12. Raja PRAG CHAND, 12th Raja of Siba

  13. Raja SANSAR CHAND, 13th Raja of Siba

  14. Raja NARAIN CHAND, 14th Raja of Siba

  15. Raja TILOK CHAND, 15th Raja of Siba

  16. Raja KISHAN CHAND, 16th Raja of Siba

  17. Raja JAI CHAND, 17th Raja of Siba

  18. Raja PRITHI CHAND, 18th Raja of Siba

  19. Raja AMAR CHAND, 19th Raja of Siba

  20. Raja JASWANT CHAND, 20th Raja of Siba

  21. Raja BHAG SINGH, 21st Raja of Siba, married and had issue.
    • Raja Lakel Singh (qv)
    • Raja Madho Singh (qv)
    • Mian Khushal Singh, married and had issue.
      • Mian Devi Singh, married and had issue (see below, alternate parentage).

  22. Raja LAKEL SINGH, 22nd Raja of Siba -/1750

  23. Raja MADHO SINGH, 23rd Raja of Siba 1750/1770, married and had issue.
    • Raja Sher Singh (qv)
    • Mian Shyam Singh, married and had issue.
      • Mian Devi Singh, he was granted the Tappa Kotila worth Rs5,000 in 1830, later he was confirmed in his jagir of 6 villages all worth Rs4,800; he forfeited his rights by taking part in the Katoch insurrection in 1848, though it was all returned to him in 1857 in consequence of the loyal behaviour of his brother in 1857; married a daughter of Raja Uchhal Pal of Bangahal, and had issue.
        • Raja Bijay Singh (see below)
        • Mian Gulab Singh, born 1816, married and had issue. He died 1896.
          • Mian Sohan Singh, died 1879.
        • Mian Zalam Singh, married and had issue. He died 1886.
          • Mian Karam Singh, born 1841, married and had issue. He died 1898.
            • Mian Dharam Singh, born 1870, married and had issue.
              • Kanwar Govardhan Singh
              • Kanwar Balbir Singh, married Kanwarani Chandra Kanta Devi, daughter of Kanwar Sunder Singh of Sirmur, and his wife, Kanwarani Pratap Devi of Kunihar, and had issue.
                • Kanwar Anant Singh, married Kanwarani Rama Kumari, daughter of Kanwar Inder Singh of Koti, and his wife, Kanwarani Sita Devi, and has issue, five children.
                  • Kumari Bhavana Singh, married Shri Devinder Rana, and has issue, one son and one daughter
                    • Karan Rana
                    • Kanika Rana
                  • Kumari Bhanu Singh, married Kunwar Pradeep Jaswal, and has issue, one son and one daughter. 
                    • Digvijay Jaswal 
                    • Diksha Jaswal
                  • Kumari Rajni Singh, married Kewal Krishan Thakur and has issue, two sons.
                    • Kanwar Pal Singh Thakur
                    • Kanwar Jai Aditya Singh Thakur
                  • Kumari Renu Singh, married Kunwar Ravinder Dadwal, and has issue.
                    • Kumari Shikha Dadwal
                    • Prathmesh Dadwal
                  • Kanwar Hemant Singh, married Kanwarani Anju Singh
                • Kanwar Beant Singh, married Kanwarani Suresh Rani, daughter of Shri Molar Chauhan from Bhiwani, and has issue.
                  • Kanwar Ajay Singh, married Kanwarani Suman Lata, daughter of Kanwar Swaran Singh Dhadwal from Datarpur, and has issue.
                    • Kumari Angelica Singh
                  • Kumari Ritu Singh, married Shri Rohit Parihar, son of Shri Shiv Singh Parihar from Nawashaher, and has issue.
                    • Ivan Singh Parihar
                  • Kanwar Abhay Singh, married Kanwarani Ragini Singh, daughter of Major Bhagwan Dass from Pune.
                • Kanwar Sukhwant Singh, married Kanwarani Savita,  daughter of Thakur Dhanichand Katoch from Uttrapur, and has issue.
                  • Kumari Shivani, married Shri Alok Sachdeva, son of Shri Nand Lal Sachdeva of Karnal, and has issue.
                    • Avi Sachdeva
                    • Suhani Sachdeva
                  • Kanwar Vikram Singh
            • Mian Suchet Singh, born 1872, married and had issue.
              • Mian Shyam Singh, married and had issue.
                • Kanwar Chatterdev Singhh
                • Kanwar Baldev Singh
          • Mian Ratan Singh, died 1873.

  24. Raja SHER SINGH, 24th Raja of Siba 1770/1800, married and had issue. He died 1800.
    • Raja Govind Singh (qv)

  25. Raja GOVIND SINGH, 25th Raja of Siba 1800/1845, in 1808, Raja Bhup Singh of Guler conquered this territory and held in till 1818 when Maharaja Ranjit Singh, overran the entire Kangra area, he later returned Guler to its rightful owner in 1830; married five wives, and had issue. He died 1845.
    • Raja Ram Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Sunder Singh, revolted against the British authorities, killing some of them as well as a member of his own family, and was exiled, later settling in Hoshiarpur District of the Punjab, building a village called Tantpalan, which still exists there; he married Thakurani Ladu Devi, and had issue. He died 1856.
      • Thakur Birbal Singh, married Thakurani Jhalli Devi, and had issue.
        • Thakur Tholu Ram, died sp in 1878.
        • Thakur Sohan Singh [Sohnu Singh]
        • Thakur Duni Chand, married Thakurani Mala Devi of Prithvipur, and had issue.
          • Thakur Bhag Singh, married Thakurani Paro Devi, and had issue.
            • Thakur Suram Singh
            • Thakur Jagat Ram
          • Thakur Nama Ram, married 1stly, Thakurani Lajwanti Devi, died 1939, daughter of Thakur Vakil Chand of Nari near Gagret in Himachal Pradesh, married 2ndly, Thakurani Jyanti Devi, died 1st August 1993, daughter of Thakur Hukam Singh Dadwal (see Datarpur), and had issue. He died 2nd February 1982.
            • Kunwar Mehar Chand (by 1st marriage), died young.
            • Kumari Somitra Devi (by 1st marriage)
            • Thakur Amar Chand (by 1st marriage) (United Kingdom)
            • Thakur Anup Singh (by 1st marriage), born 9th October 1935, married and had issue. He died 11th November 2011.
              • Dr. Ashok K. Thakur, married and has issue.
                • Digvijay Singh
                • Kumari Shikha Thakur
              • Pardeep Thakur
              • Sanjeev Thakur
              • Kumari Santosh Devi
            • Kunwar Onkar Chand (by 1st marriage), died young.
            • Kumari Sheela Devi (by 1st marriage)
            • Thakur Jagdish Chand (by 2nd marriage) (Chandigarh, India)
            • Thakur Kuldeep Chand (by 2nd marriage) (United Kingdom)
            • Kumari Leela Devi (by 2nd marriage)
          • Thakur Amin Chand, married Thakurani Manso Devi.
      • Thakur Dula Singh, married and had issue.
        • Thakur Chajju Ram
        • Thakur Kirpa Ram
      • Thakur Phalli Singh
      • Thakur Bahadur Singh
    • Kumari (name unknown), married Raja Dhian Singh of Poonch.
    • Kumari (name unknown), married Raja Dhian Singh of Poonch.

  26. Raja RAM SINGH, 26th and last ruling Raja of Siba 1845/1875, he was confirmed in his jagir worth Rs14,200; married Rani Kulti Ganga Devi, died sp in 1880. He died sp in 1875. The state lapsed with the Raja's death, but a little later was regranted to the following.

  27. Raja BIJAY SINGH, 27th Raja of Siba 1875/1878, son of Mian Devi Singh, Taluqdar of Kotila and a cousin of Raja Govind Singh (see above), married a relation of the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, and had issue. He died 1878.
    • Raja Jai Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumari (name unknown), married (as his third wife), Rana Raghunath Chand of Mahilog. She died 1918.
    • Rajkumari (name unknown), married Maharaja Ranbir Singhji of Jammu and Kashmir, and had issue, three sons.

  28. Raja JAI SINGH, 28th Raja of Siba 1878/1920, born 1829, he exercised the powers of an Honorary Magistrate, 2nd Class and Munsif within the limits of his jagir; he was granted the title of Raja as a personal distinction on 7th August 1878, the title of Raja was conferred as a hereditary distinction on 15th March 1909 by the Viceroy, he ranked 3rd amongst the Provincial Darbaris of Kangra; married a daughter of HH Raja Hira Singh of Bilaspur, and had issue. He died 1920.
    • Raja Gajinder Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Trilochan Singh, born 1864, married and had issue. He died 1901.
      • Raja Shyam Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Upendra Singh, born 1875 (or 1866), married and had issue.
      • Kunwar Narotam Singh
      • Kunwar Raghunath Singh, married and had issue.
        • Kunwar Baldev Singh, married Kanwarani Sushila Devi, daughter of Thakur Pratap Singh of Ghund, and his wife, Thakurani Rama Wati, and has issue.
          • Kunwar Vijendra Singh
    • Kumari Champa Devi, born 1894, married 1914, Kanwar Sahib Kesari Singh, Wazir of Chamba, and had issue. She died 1969.

  29. Raja GAJINDER SINGH, 29th Raja of Siba 1920/1926, born 1853, he exercised Magisterial and Civil powers within the limits of his jagir; he died sp in 1926.

  30. Raja SHYAM SINGH, 30th Raja of Siba 1926/1932, born 1889, 3rd Viceregal Darbari in Kangra District; he exercised the powers of an Honorary Magistrate, 3rd Class; married and had issue. He died 1932.
    • Raja Harmahendra Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Rajbindra Singh, born 1927, educated at Queen Mary's College, Lahore.

  31. Raja HARMAHENDRA SINGH, 31st Raja of Siba 1932/2000, born 1922, educated at Aitchison College, Lahore; married 1stly, 24th April 1945, Rani Usha Devi, born 25th October 1919 in Kapurthala, died September 2004 at New Delhi, daughter of Maharajkumar Mahijit Singh of Kapurthala, and his wife, Maharajkumari Anar Devi, married 2ndly (his cousin), Rani Suraj Devi, born 1917, daughter of Kanwar Sahib Kesari Singh of Chamba, and his wife, Kanwarani Champa Devi, daughter of Raja Jai Singh of Dada-Siba (see above), (#2), and had issue. He died 23rd May 2000.
    • Raja Brijendra Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumar Vijay Shamsher Bahadur Singh, married Rajkumari Anita Devi, and has issue.
      • Kumari Mannika Singh
      • Kunwar Kashish Singh

  32. Raja BRIJENDRA SINGH, 32nd Raja of Siba (see above).
  • Kanwarani Krishna Kumari of Dada-Siba, married Kanwar Badri Singh of Sirmur, died 1945, and had issue, two sons and one daughter.
  • Kanwarani Urmila Devi of Dada-Siba, married Kanwar Nar Bir Singh of Sirmur, and had issue.
  • Kumari (name unknown), married (as his second wife), Kanwar Jagatjit Singh of Bashahr, and had issue.
1. "The Golden Book of India"; LETHBRIDGE, Roper, MacMillan & Co., 1893 p.201
2. The Raja Saheb undertook a marriage union called spinda, in contravention of Hindu traditional law, disbarring the children of this union any inheritance rights.