SIKKIM (Kingdom)

(15 guns)

AREA: 7,298.6 km2 POPULATION: 109,651 (1931) ANNEXATION: 16th May 1975
STATE: India DYNASTY: Namgyal RELIGION: Buddhist
Title: Chogyal 1641/1863 and 1965/- : Maharaja 1863/1965
PRESENT RULER: HH Chogyal WANGCHUK NAMGYAL, 13th Chogyal of Sikkim since 29th January 1982. (Gangtok, Sikkim)
born 1st April 1953.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Kingdom founded in 1642. Annexed to India (retroactive to 26th April 1975), 16th May 1975 . Rulers were...
  1. Chogyal PHUNTSONG NAMGYAL I, 1st Chogyal of Sikkim 1642/1670, born 1604, married and had issue He died 1670.
    • Chogyal Tensung Namgyal (qv)

  2. Chogyal TENSUNG NAMGYAL, 2nd Chogyal of Sikkim 1670/1700, born 1644, married 2ndly, Debasem Serpa, and had issue. He died 1700.
    • Chogyal Chaggdor Namgyal (qv)
    • Shalngo Guru Namgyal

  3. Chogyal CHAGGDOR NAMGYAL, 3rd Chogyal of Sikkim 1700/1717, born 1686, married and had issue. He died 1717.
    • Chogyal Gyurmed Namgyal (qv)

  4. Chogyal GYURMED NAMGYAL, 4th Chogyal of Sikkim 1717/1734, born 1707, married and had issue. He died 1734 (#4).
    • Chogyal Phuntsong Namgyal II (qv)

  5. Chogyal PHUNTSONG NAMGYAL II, 5th Chogyal of Sikkim 1734/1780, born 1734, married and had issue. He died 1780.
    • Chogyal Tenzin Namgyal (qv)

  6. Chogyal TENZIN NAMGYAL, 6th Chogyal of Sikkim 1780/1793, born 1769, married Anyo Gyelyum, and had issue. He died 1793.
    • Chogyal Tsugphud Namgyal (qv)

  7. Chogyal TSUGPHUD NAMGYAL, 7th Chogyal of Sikkim 1793/1863, born 1785, married 1stly, Rani (name unknown), married 2ndly, Rani (name unknown), a sister of the Tashi Llama, married 3rdly, Rani (name unknown), she died sp, married 4thly, Rani Tanna Dinga, died sp, married 5thly, Rani Menchi, and had issue, as well as further issue. He died 1863.
    • Maharajkumari (name unknown) (by 1st wife), married Tarding of Tashe-lhunpu.
    • Maharajkumari (name unknown) (by 1st wife), died unmarried.
    • Maharajkumar (name unknown) (by 1st wife), Kupgzin of Labrong, died unmarried.
    • HH Maharaja Sidkeong Trulku Namgyal I (by 2nd wife) (qv)
    • Maharajkumar (name unknown), Kuzhu Lase (by 2nd wife), died unmarried.
    • Maharajkumar (name unknown) (by 2nd wife), Avatar of Namchi, died unmarried.
    • Maharajkumari (name unknown) (by 5th wife), married a Kazi in Tibet.
    • Maharajkumari Seringputti Namgyal (by 5th wife), married (as his second wife), Diwan Namgay.
    • HH Maharaja Sir Thotub Namgyal (by 5th wife) (qv)
    • Maharajkumari (name unknown) (by 5th wife), a Nun at Tumloug.
    • Rajkumari (name unknown) (by a serving maid), married (as his first wife), Diwan Namgay, Pagla Diwan.
    • Rajkumar Changzed Gelong Kar-po Namgyal (by a serving maid), married (his fathers fifth wife), Rani Menchi, and had issue.
      • Tinle Namgyal, Kuzhu Lase.

  8. HH Maharaja SIDKEONG TRULKU NAMGYAL I, 8th Chogyal of Sikkim 1863/1874, born 1819, married Rani Pending, died 1880, a lady of Tashe-lhunpu. He died sp in April 1874.

  9. HH Maharaja Sir THOTUB NAMGYAL K.C.I.E., 9th Chogyal of Sikkim 1874/1914, born 1860 (1851 #5), K.C.I.E., married 1stly, 1874, Rani Pending, died 1880, a lady of Tashe-lhunpu and widow of his step-brother, and had issue. He died 10th February 1914 (#1) .
    • Maharajkumari Namgyel Dumo (by Rani Pending), born 1876.
    • Maharajkumar Tshodag Namgyal (by Rani Pending), born 1877, died vpsp.
    • Raja Tshotra Namgyal, born 1879, he was granted the title of Raja as a personal distinction by the Government of India on 2nd January 1922 (#6 p.311).
    • Chogyal Sidkeong Trulku Namgyal II (by Rani Pending) (qv)
    • Chogyal Tashi Namgyal (qv)
    • Maharajkumari Chuni Wangmo Namgyal, born 1896 or 1897, married 5th April 1918 (#6 p.311), Deb Zimpon Raja Sonam Tobgye Dorji of Bhutan, died September 1953, Agent to HH the Maharaja of Bhutan at Kalimpong, and had issue.

  10. HH Maharaja SIDKEONG TRULKU NAMGYAL II, 10th Chogyal of Sikkim [10.2.1914] - [8.12.1914], born 1879, married (NOTE) a niece of the Raja of Stokh. He died sp on 8th December 1914 (#2) or 5th December 1914 (#3 p.311).

  11. HH Maharaja Sir TASHI NAMGYAL K.C.I.E., 11th Chogyal of Sikkim [5.12.1914] - [2.12.1963], born 26th October 1893, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer in 1909 and 1910 and at St. Paul's School, Darjeeling in 1911 and 1914; he attended the Coronation Durbar in Delhi in 1911; he succeeded to the throne on 5th December 1914 (#6 p.311) and his formal accession according to Sikkim custom took place on 15th May 1916 (#6 p.311); he was invested with full ruling powers on 5th April 1918 (#6 p.311); at the outbreak of the Great War, the Chogyal offered his personal services and all of the resources of his state at the disposal of the Government, and for these services and others rendered during WWI, the Maharaja was made a C.I.E. on 1st January 1919, and was promoted to K.C.I.E. on 1st January 1923, married 8th October 1918, HH Maharani Kunzang Dechen, born 1906, daughter of the Rakashar Depon, a General in the Tibetan army, and grand-daughter of the Late Sonchen Shokang, she was educated at Hampton Court College, Mussoorie in 1920, and had issue, three sons and three daughters. He died 2nd December 1963. 
    • Garwang Rinpoche
                      (1965-)Maharajkumar Kunzang Paljor Namgyal, born 20th November 1921 (#6 p.311), died 1941.
    • HH Maharaja Palden Thondup Namgyal (qv)
    • Maharajkumari Pema Chandon Namgyal, born 6th September 1924.
    • Maharajkumari Pema Choki Namgyal, born 25th December 1925.
    • Maharajkumari Sonam Paduam Namgyal, born 27th May 1927, [??married Kazi Sonam Gyatso =??Sonam Gyatso Rinpoche, born 1932, died 1988], and had issue.
      • Ven. Gharwang Rinpoche, born 30th June 1965, 12th Incarnation of Zurmang, installed 1976.
    • Maharjkumar Jigdal Tsewing Namgyal, born 23rd August 1928.

  12. HH Chogyal PALDEN THONDUP NAMGYAL, 12th Chogyal of Sikkim [2.12.1963] - [29.1.1982], born 22nd May 1923 in Gangtok, studied monk hood 1931/1934 under his uncle, Lhatsun Rimpoche, when he was recognised as the spiritual leader of Phodong and Rumtek monasteries in succession to Chogyal Sidkeong, continued his studies at St. Joseph’s College, Darjeeling 1935, and completed his studies at Bishop Cotton School, Simla in 1941, undertook the Indian Civil Service Training Course at Dehra Dun in 1942, was connected with a number of cultural and academic bodies in Sikkim, India and abroad, President of the Mahabodhi Society of India since 1953 and he led the Sikkim delegation to the Sixth Buddhist Council that was held in Burma in 1954, participated in the 2500 Buddha Jayanti Celebrations in India in 1956, and was the only member of the Working Committee from Sikkim, represented Sikkim at the Sixth World Fellowship of Buddhists conference in Cambodia in 1961, awarded O.B.E. [1947], Padma Vibushan, India [1954] and Commander De L’ordre de L’étoile Noire, France [1956], married 1stly, August 1950, HH Maharani Samyo Kushoe Sangay Deki, daughter of Yapshi Samdu Phodrang of Tibet, died 17th June 1957, married 2ndly, 20th March 1963 (div. 1980), Hope Cooke, born 24th June 1940 in San Francisco (#3), granddaughter and ward of Mr. and Mrs. Winchester Noyes (USA), and had issue. He died 29th January 1982 in New York.
    • Maharajkumar Tenzing Kunzang Jiqui Namgyal, Crown Prince of Sikkim 1963/1978, died sp 11th March 1978 aged 26 years, near Gangtok, Sikkim.
    • HH Chogyal Wangchuk Namgyal (qv)
    • Maharajkumari Yangchen Dolma Namgyal
    • Maharajkumar Palden Gyurmed Namgyal (by Hope Cooke), born 20th February 1964.
    • Maharajkumari Hope Leezum Namgyal (by Hope Cooke)

  13. HH Chogyal WANGCHUK NAMGYAL, 13th Chogyal of Sikkim (see above)
NOTE: A number of suitable Princesses were considered as brides, including three daughters of the Limbin Prince, as well as an eligible Japanese high born lady. see File S I Jan 1911 22 Intended visit of the Maharaj Kumar of Sikkim to Allahabad to see the two elder daughters of the Limbin Mintha with a view to his marriage IOR/R/1/1/424 1911
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