SITAMAU (Princely State)

(11 gun salute)

AREA: 523.18 kmē PRIVY PURSE: Rs480,000
ACCESSION: 15th June 1948
STATE: Madhya Pradesh DYNASTY: Rathore RELIGION: Hindu
AGENCY: Malwa Agency REVENUE: Rs2,71,000 POPULATION: 28,422 (1931)
PRESENT RULER: HH Raja PURANJAY SINH, 10th and present Raja Saheb of Sitamau since May 2008.
General Manager of the Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi; married February 2004 at New Delhi, HH Rani Arunima Kumari, born 26th March 1980 at The Lady Reading Hospital in Simla, daughter of Rana Arun Chand of Kuthar, and his wife, Rani Sahiba Nirmala Devi, and has issue.
  • Yuvaraj Parakram Sinh Rathore, born 24th May 2010.
  • Rajkumar Rannvikram Sinh Rathore, born 1st June 2012.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The origins of the State dates from 1701 when the revenues of Titrode pargana were granted by Padshah Aurangzeb to Rao Kesho Das, a grandson of Raja Ratan Singh of Ratlam, and who also received sanads from the Mughal Emperors conferring upon him the parganas of Nahargarh and Alot, which were later lost to Gwalior and Dewas respectively, when the Marathas established their supremacy over this part of Malwa.
 The princely state was founded in 1701 when Raja Kesho Das of Ratlam lost his state but was compensated by the jagir of Sailana. Rulers were.......
  • Raja KESHO DAS, 1st Raja of Sitamau 1701/1748, during his reign in Ratlam prior to 1701, an important Mughal officer was killed in Ratlam by the state employees, as a result, the Mughal Emperor confiscated Ratlam and Maharaja Keshav Das went to Sitamau, which was given in jagir to him when he was forgiven by Padshah Aurangzeb, and he thus became the 1st Raja of Sitamau in 1701, he married and had issue. He died 1748.
    • Raja Gaj Singh (qv)
  • Raja GAJ SINGH, 2nd Raja of Sitamau 1748/1752, married and had issue. He died 1752.
    • Raja Fateh Singh (qv)
  • Raja FATEH SINGH, 3rd Raja of Sitamau 1752/1802, married and had issue. He died 1802.
    • Raja Raj Ram Singh I (qv)
  • Raja RAJ RAM SINGH I, 4th Raja of Sitamau 1802/1867, an able ruler, he entered into an agreement with the Gwalior Darbar in 1820, agreeing to pay Rs60,000 (Salim Shahi) in tribute in return for greater autonomy in his states internal affairs; he remained faithful to the British Government during the mutiny of 1857, and received a khilat valued at Rupees 2,000; in 1865 the Chief agreed (No. CLXIV) to cede any land that might be required for railway purposes on the same terms as those mentioned in the cases of Ratlam and Sailana; married and had issue. He died 1867.
    • Rajkumar (name unknown) Singh, married and had issue. He died 1864.
      • Raja Bhawani Singh (qv)
  • Raja BHAWANI SINGH, 5th Raja of Sitamau 1867/1885, born 1836, married and had adoptive issue. He died 28th May 1885.
    • (A) HH Raja Bahadur Singh (qv)
  • HH Raja BAHADUR SINGH, 6th Raja of Sitamau 1885/1899, born 1833 (or 1854), elder son of Thakur Takht Singh of Chiklia, second cousin of Raja Bhawani Singh, he succeeded to the gaddi by adoption on 8th December 1885 (#1), married and had adoptive issue.
    • (A) HH Raja Shardul Singh (qv) 
  • HH Raja SHARDUL SINGH, 7th Raja of Sitamau 1899/1900, succeeded to the gaddi by adoption in 1899. He died of cholera in 1900.
  • HH Raja Sir RAM SINH II Bahadur K.C.I.E., 8th Raja of Sitamau 1900/1967, born 2nd January 1880 as the younger son of Thakur Dalel Sinh of Kachhi-Baroda, educated at Daly College, Indore; he was made a K.C.I.E. in 1911 on the occasion of the Delhi Darbar, married 1stly, 1902, HH Chauhaniji Sahiba, she died 1903, daughter of Maharawal Shri Motisinhji Jitsinhji of Chhota-Udaipur, married 2ndly, 1903, HH Rajawatiji Sahiba, she died 1915, daughter of the Thakur of Baleri in Bikaner, married 3rdly, 1915, HH Batianiji Sahib, grand-daughter of the Thakur of Marauli in Udaipur, and had issue, three sons and two daughters. He died 25th May 1967.
    • Rajkumar Dr. Raghubir Sinh M.A., D.Litt., LL.B., born 23rd February 1908 (#2), educated privately, at Holkar College, Indore and at Agra College, Agra from where he graduated with a B.A. in 1928, LL.B. in 1930 and an M.A. in 1933; he was awarded a D.Litt. for his thesis, Malwa in Transition in 1936; involved with Administration of Sitamau State 1934-1938; High Court Judge, Sitamau State, 1932-1940; President of the Sitamau State Raiya Parishad (Legislature) 1939/1941 and 1945/1946, Member of the Rajya Sabha 1952/1960; declined succession to the gaddi in favour of his eldest son, author of a large number of books in Hindi and English; married Rajkumar Rani Mohan Kumari, daughter of Yuvraj Man Singh of Pratapgarh, and his second wife, Yuvrani Bhuvaneshwari Devi, and had issue, two sons and two daughters. He died 21st February 1991.
      • HH Raja Krishan Sinh (qv)
      • Kunwar Brijraj Singh, born 12th March 1939, married 6th May 1967, Kunwar Rani Shrimati Rama Devi, daughter of HH Raja Lakshman Sen of Suket, and his wife, HH Rani Kalawati. He died 20th May 1967.
      • Maharani (name unknown) Kumari, married Maharawal Digvirendra Singhji of Bansda
      • Rani Rama Kumari, married Raja Ramkrishnaju Deo of Jeypore (Orissa), and has issue.
    • Rajkumar Govind Sinh, born 10th August 1911,
    • H.E. Rajkumar Raghunath Sinh B.A., born 6th December 1912, with the Indian Foreign Service, serving as Ambassador to many countries around the world, married Raj Kumarani Indumati Sinh, and had issue.
      • Kunwar Sahib Jay Sinhji, worked with Air India and retired as the Deputy Commercial Director in 1997, married Kunwar Rani Sahiba Asha Kumari, daughter of the Rana Sahib Sri Jagdishwar Prasad Singhji of Chaugain in Bihar, and his wife, Rani Sushila Devi of Churhat, and has issue. 
        • Ajatshatru Sinhji, born 1969, educated in the U.K., married 22nd November 2002, Kunwarani Sahib Taruna Kumari, born 1972, daughter of Rajkumar Dalip Singh of Keonthal, and his wife, Rajkumar Rani Mankya Kumari, and has issue. 
          • Abhyudai Sinh, born 2003.
        • Ambika Kumari [Tikka Rani Sahiba Ambika Kumari of Mandi], born in Lusaka, Zambia, educated in Rome, Italy and the U.K. for five years, married 25th November 2001, Tikka Omeshwar Singh of Mandi, and has issue.
      • Kunwar Sahib Ajai Sinhji, married Kunwarani Sahiba Shashi Kumari of Palaitha in Kotah, and has issue, two children. 
        • Ratan Sinh Rathore, married Rohini Singh from Una in Himachal Pradesh. 
        • Anshuman Sinh Rathore
      • Kunwar Sahib Raj Sinhji, married Maharaj Kumari Sahiba Brijraj Kumari, daughter of HH Maharajadhiraj Mirzan Maharao Shri Madansinghji Vijayrajji Sawai Bahadur of Kutch, and his wife, HH Maharani Rajendra Kunverba, and has issue.
        • Dhananjay Sinh
        • Baijilal Aparajita Kumari
        • Baijilal Vijayeta Kumari
      • Baijilal Abhilasha Kumari
    • Maharani Krishna Kumari, married (as his second wife), Maharaja Ambikeshwar Saran Singh Deo of Surguja, and had issue.
  • HH Raja KRISHAN SINH, 9th Raja of Sitamau 1967/2008, he joined the Indian Police Service in 1959 and was a distinguished officer of the Madhya Pradesh cadre, he had an abiding interest in equitation and owned a number of horses; married HH Rani Yogeshwari Kumari, daughter of Colonel HH 108 Sri Maharaj Adhiraj Raj Rajeshwar Ravi Kula Bushana-Mahi Mahindra Yavadarya Kula Kamaldhivakara Chattis Rajkul Singar Maharana Shri Bhagwat Singh Bahadur Hindua Suraj Hindupati of Udaipur, and his wife, HH Maharani Sushila Kunwari, and had issue. He died in May 2008.
    • Rajkumari Vindhyeshwari Kumari, married (div.), 7th December 1989 in Indore, Kumar Madan Mohan Gangadeb of Bamra, and has issue, one son.
    • HH Raja Puranjay Sinh (qv)
    • Rajkumar Mritunjay Sinh
  • HH Raja PURANJAY SINH, 10th Raja of Sitamau (see above)
  • Princess of Sitamau, married Sawai Rao Kesri Singhji of Bijolian, and had issue.
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