SITAMAU (Princely State)(11 gun salute)

LOCATION: Madhya Pradesh AREA: 523.18 kmē VILLAGES: 93 (1907)POPULATION: 28,422 (1931) RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 2,71,000 DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Rathore SEAT: xx ACCESSION: 15th June 1948
AGENCY: Western Malwa Agency 1854-1895 and Malwa Agency 1895-1924 and 1934-1947 PRIVY PURSE: Rs 480,000
STATE MOTTO: Devyāh Pattanam, Rāj Sadanam ("The shrine of the goddess, the home of a Chief") and Satyamev Jayati ("Truth only predominates")

PRESENT RULER: HH Raja PURANJAY SINH, 10th and present Raja Saheb of Sitamau since May 2008.
General Manager of the Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi; married February 2004 at New Delhi, HH Rani Arunima Kumari, born 26th March 1980 at The Lady Reading Hospital in Simla, daughter of Rana Arun Chand of Kuthar, and his wife, Rani Sahiba Nirmala Devi, and has issue. PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The origins of the State dates from 1701 when the revenues of Titrode pargana were granted by Padshah Aurangzeb to Rao Kesho Das, a grandson of Raja Ratan Singh of Ratlam, and who also received sanads from the Mughal Emperors conferring upon him the parganas of Nahargarh and Alot, which were later lost to Gwalior and Dewas respectively, when the Marathas established their supremacy over this part of Malwa. The princely state was founded in 1701 when Raja Kesho Das of Ratlam lost his state but was compensated by the jagir of Sailana. Rulers were....... OTHER MEMBERS:
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