SUSANGA (Zamindari)

LOCATION: Bengal (Mymensingh Dist.)
DYNASTY: Varendra Brahmin
PREDECESSORS and SHORT HISTORY: Rulers and estate holders were....
  1. SOMESWAR, Chief of Susanga fl.1280

  2. GUNAKAR AKASHBASI [Budhimanta Khan], Chief of Susanga, title of Khan was granted by the Muslim Viceroy of Gour, married and had issue.
    • Kamai Hajra (qv)
    • Bikram Khan
    • Bhaskar khan
    • Vachaspati Khan
    • Narayan Khan

  3. KAMAI HAJRA, Chief of Susanga, married and had issue.
    • Vasudev (qv)
    • Gandharbha Khan
    • Bipaksha Khan

  4. VASUDEV [Bamun Khan], Chief of Susanga, married and had issue.
    • Jairam Khan, died vp.
    • Jagadananda Khan (qv)
    • Harish Chandra Khan, died vp or accepted Sanyas.

  5. JAGADANANDA KHAN, Chief of Susanga, married and had issue.
    • Malik Janakinath (qv)
    • Malik Jadunath

  6. MALIK JANAKINATH, Chief of Susanga, established himself as the leader of the Varendra Brahmans of Bengal, married Rani Kamala Rani, and had issue, three sons.
    • Raja Raghunath Singh (by Rani Kamala Rani)(qv)
    • Kongar Ramdas
    • Kongar Umadas

  7. Raja RAGHUNATH SINGH, Raja of Susanga, accepted the sovereignty of Mughal Emperor Jahangir as a feudal chief, married and had issue.
    • Raja Ramnath (qv)
    • Kumar Ramanath
    • Kumar Gopinath
    • Kumar Sripati, married and had issue.
      • Raja Ramjiban (qv)
    • Kumar Bhupati, married and had issue.
      • Raja Ramkrishna (qv)
    • Rupnarayan Thakur
    • Bhabadeb Thakur

  8. Raja RAMNATH, Raja of Susanga

  9. Raja RAMJIBAN, Raja of Susanga, married and had issue.
    • Raja Ram Singh (qv)
    • Kumar Srikrishna Singh [Bir Singh]

  10. Raja RAMKRISHNA, Raja of Susanga

  11. Raja RAM SINGH, Raja of Susanga -/1735 (abdicated), forcibly converted to Islam under the name of Abdul Rahim towards the end of his life, married and had issue.
    • Raja Ran Singh (qv)
    • Kumar Rahimiar
    • Kumari Tara Bibi

  12. Raja RAN SINGH, Raja of Susanga, married and had issue.
    • Raja Kishore Singh (qv)
    • Raja Raj Singh (qv)

  13. Raja KISHORE SINGH, Raja of Susanga, died spm 1784.

  14. Raja RAJ SINGH, Raja of Susanga, during his lifetime, Susanga was reduced in status to that of a zamindari, as a result of a permanent settlement with the East India Company, married and had issue.
    • Baidyanath Kongar, died vp.
    • Raja Vishwanath Singh (qv)
    • Gopinath Singh, died sp 1833.
    • Krishnanath Kongar, died vp.
    • Jagannath Singh, died 1829.

  15. Raja VISHWANATH SINGH, Raja of Susanga -/1853, born 1787, during his lifetime the British Government laid claims to some of the villages in Garo Hills, he married and had issue. He died 1853.

  16. Raja PRAN KRISHNA SINGH, Raja of Susanga 1853/1864, born 1808, married and had issue. He died 1864.
    • Maharaja Raj Krishna Singh (qv)
    • Kumar Kamal Krishna Sinha, author of several books. He died 1910 in Calcutta.
    • Kumar Jagat Krishna Sinha, sanskritic scholar. He died 1897.
    • Kumar Shiv Krishna Sinha, author of a number of articles on birds.

  17. Maharaja RAJ KRISHNA SINGH, Maharaja of Susanga 1864/1890, granted the title of Maharaja as a hereditary distinction in 1884, Garo Hills was finally removed from the Susanga zamindari, he started a tea garden, an English High School, and brought in a Post and Telegraph Office, he established a charitable dispensary, became the first nominated member of the District Board and connected the town of Mymensingh with a road leading to the foot of the Garo Hills, he also took his sons and nephews to Calcutta around 1880 in order to provide the highest possible English education for them, whereupon his son and a nephew became graduates from the Presidency College under the Calcutta University; he married Maharani Sukhada Sundari and had issue, four sons. He died 1890 aged 59.
    • Maharaja Kumud Chandra Singh (qv)
    • Kumar Nirode Singh, married and had issue.
      • Kumar Kiron Singh, married and had issue.
        • Kumar Ranajit Singh, A.M.E.E., Joint Secretary, Department of SSI, Government of West Bengal.
      • Kumar Arun Singh, M.A.
      • Kumar Tarun Chandra Singha, D.Sc. (Calc.), Director of L.M.H.
      • Kumar Bejoy Chandra Singha, Officer in Rehabilitation Department, West Bengal.
      • Kumari Aloka Singha, married and had issue.
    • Kumar Nagendra Singh, married and had issue.
      • Kumar Ganendra Singh, married and had issue.
        • Kumar Jharna Singh, M.A.
        • Kumar Chandana Singh, B.A.
        • Kumar Arijit Singh, I.Sc.
    • Kumar Dwijendra Singh, B.A., married and had issue.
      • Kumar Samarendra Singh, married Kumari Nilima, B.A., and had issue.
        • Kumar Ranjana Singh, B.A.
      • Kumar Bimalendu Singh, I.Sc., Superintendent of Jadavpur University Press, married Kumari Jayanti, B.A., and had issue.
        • Mala Singh, B.A.
      • Kumari Maya Kumari

  18. Maharaja KUMUD CHANDRA SINGH, Maharaja of Susanga 1890/1916, born June 1866 (#1), President of the Bengal Landholders' Association, Member of the Female Education Committee and the Hindu Almanac Reformation Committee, President of Sahitya Sabha, Member of the Sanskrit Education Board of Bengal, elected leader of the All Bengal Brahman Conference at Kalighat in 1911, married 1stly, (name unknown), married 2ndly, about 1888 (name unknown) (aged 12) and had issue. He died 16th October 1916.
    • Maharaja Bhupendra Chandra Sinha (qv)
    • Kumari (name unknown) (fourth daughter), married 1906, the second son of the Raja Bahadur of Tahirpur of a Varendra Brahman Zamindari family of North Bengal.

  19. Maharaja BHUPENDRA CHANDRA SINHA, Maharaja of Susanga 1916/-, born 18th September 1898 at Susanga, married 1920, a daughter of Jogendra Nath Maitra, aged 11, and had issue.
    • Maharaja Dr. Surajit Chandra Sinha (qv)
    • Kumar Debabrata Singh, M.A., D.Phil., Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Presidency College, Calcutta, married Jayanti, M.A.
    • Kumar Pradosh Singh, B.C.E. (Jadavpur), General Foreman ISCO, Burnpur, married Ratna, M.A.
    • Kumar Parba Sangeet Visharad Singh, (Lucknow School of Music).
    • Kumar Dhurjati Singh, B.E. (Calc.).
    • Kumari Ruma, B.A.

  20. Maharaja Dr. SURAJIT CHANDRA SINHA, Maharaja of Susanga -/2002, M.Sc. (Calc.), Ph.D. (USA), born 1926 in Susanga, Bengal, educated at high school in Mymensingh, at Ballygunge Government High School, Calcutta, at Presidency College, Calcutta, and at Northwestern University, USA on a Fullbright Scholarship, completing his Ph.D. in anthropology; Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta; Director, Anthropological Survey of India, Calcutta, and Upacharya, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan; Director, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta; author of Science, Technology, and Culture: A Study of the Cultural Traditions and Institutions of India and Ceylon in Relation to Science and Technology and Tribes and Indian Civilization: Structures and Transformation (Varanasi, 1982); married Maharani Purnima (née Sengupta), M.Sc., D.Phil., daughter of Dr. Nares Chandra Sen-Gupta (born 1882 in Bogura, died 19th September 1964). He died 27th February 2002 in Santiniketan, West Bengal.

  21. Maharaja of Susanga (see above)

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