THARAD (Princely State)

AREA: 3,263 km2 PRIVY PURSE: 35,000Rs ACCESSION: 10th June 1948
STATE: Bombay DYNASTY: Vaghela RELIGION: Hindu
VILLAGES: 51 REVENUE: 91,000Rs POPULATION: 52,839 (1921)

PRESENT RULER: Thakore Shri BHARATSINHJI JORAWARSINHJI, 9th and present Thakore Saheb of Tharad
educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot; married in August 2008, a Kumari of Thikana Akhawas in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and has issue.
  • Kumar Shri Mahaveersinhji Bharatsinhji Vaghela
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Tharad signed agreements in 1820 by which the state became tributary to the British. In 1826 fresh Engagements were concluded, binding the rulers to submission to the British government, but not to payment of tribute. All chiefs agreed to forbid the transport of contraband opium through their territories in 1822. Tharad, ranked as a 3rd Class state and was sometimes styled as Tharad and Mervada (or Morwara). Its rulers, having obtained possession of Mervada in 1508, and having received Tharad in 1759 from the Nawab of Radhanpur. The Thakore is authorised to try offences as stipulated in the appendix and to inflict sentences up to seven years imprisonment and fines up to 10,000 rupees. In civil matters he has powers up to 20,000 rupees. Succession is governed by the rule of primogeniture. Rulers were.....
  1. Thakore Shri KHANJI, 1st Thakore Saheb of Tharad 1759/1786, a descendant of the Vaghela Chief of Sardhar, founded Tharad in 1759, married and had issue. He died 1786.
    • Kumar Shri Anandsinhji Khanji
    • Thakore Shri Harbhamji Khanji (qv)
    • Thakore ShriKaransinhji Khanji (qv)

  2. Thakore Shri HARBHAMJI KHANJI, 2nd Thakore Saheb of Tharad 1786/1823, died 1823.

  3. Thakore Shri KARANSINHJI KHANJI, 3rd Thakore Saheb of Tharad 1823/1859, married and had issue. He died 1859.
    • Yuvraj Saheb Vanaji Karansinhji, married and had issue.
      • Thakore ShriKhengarji Vanaji (qv)
      • Kumar Shri Bhupatsinhji Vanaji
      • Kumar Shri Prathirajsinhji Vanaji
    • Kumar Shri Prabhatsinhji Karansinhji

  4. Thakore Shri KHENGARSINHJI VANAJI, 4th Thakore Saheb of Tharad 1859/1892, born 1836 (#1), married and had issue. He died 1892.
    • Thakore ShriAbhaisinhji Khengarji (qv)

  5. Thakore Shri ABHAISINHJI KHENGARJI, 5th Thakore Saheb of Tharad 1892/1910, born 9th March 1859, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot; in 1904, civil and criminal jurisdiction overin Jamaiya villages in Tharad, were restored to the Chief when Tharad Thana was abolished; married and had issue. He died 1910.
    • Thakore ShriDaulatsinhji Abhaisinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Raisinhji Abhaisinhji
    • Kumar Shri Sardarsinhji Abhaisinhji, married and had issue.
      • HH Rani Hari Kunwarba Sahiba, married (as his third wife), HH Raj Sahib Sir Ajitsinhji Jashwantsinhji of Dhrangadhra.

  6. Thakore Shri DAULATSINHJI ABHAISINHJI, 6th Thakore Saheb of Tharad 1910/1921, born 10th September 1881, succeeded 23rd January 1911, married and had issue, three sons. He died 9th February 1921 (#3 p.362).
    • Thakore Shri BhimsinhjiDaulatsinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Kesarsinhji Daulatsinhji
    • Kumar Shri Bhagwansinhji Daulatsinhji

  7. Thakore Shri BHIMSINHJI DAULATSINHJI, 7th Thakore Saheb of Tharad 1921/-, born 28th January 1900 (#2) and succeeded 19th February 1921, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot, married and had issue, five sons and one daughter.
    • Thakore Shri Jorawarsinhji Bhimsinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Vijaysinhji Bhimsinhji, married and had issue, two sons.
      • Kumar Shri Parveensinhji Vijaysinhji, married and had issue, two sons.
        • Kumar Shri Kishansinhji Parveensinhji
        • Kumar Shri Balwantsinhji Parveensinhji
      • Kumar Shri Midhusinhji Vijaysinhji, married and had issue, one son.
        • Kumar Shri Baldevsinhji Midhusinhji
    • Kumar Shri Madhavsinhji Bhimsinhji, married and had issue, four sons and two daughters.
      • Thakurani Chandra Kuwar Jadav, married Thakur Virendra Sinh Jadav, and has issue, two sons.
        • Thakur Divejendra Sinh Jadav, married in Bikaner.
        • Kuwar Bhupendra Sinh Jadav
      • Maharajmata Sahib Krishna Kumari Devi, married Maharaja Bharat Chandra Bhanj Deo of Bastar, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
        • Maharaja Sahib Kamal Chandra Bhanj Deo of Bastar (qv)
        • Maharajkumari Gayatri Devi Bhanj Deo
      • Kumar Shri Janaksinhji Madhavsinhji, married Kumarani Chandur, and has issue, two sons and two daughters.
        • Kumari Gayatri Kuwar Deora, married Kunwar Rajendra Singh Deora, and has issue, one son.
          • Kuwar Karamveer Singh Deora
        • Kumar Jaydeepsinh Janaksinhji, married a Kumari of Amarkot in Pakistan.
        • Kumari Shila Kuwar Rathore, married Shri Rishiraj Singh Rathore of Bhukharkha, and has issue, one son.
          • Bhawar Shalivan Singh Rathore
        • Kumar Arjunsinh Janaksinhji
      • Kumar Shri Harishchandrasinhji Madhavsinhji
      • Kumari Man Kuwar Singh Karnot, married Shri Chandra Karan Singh, and has issue.
        • Kuwar Manvendra Karan Karnot, married in Village Deora (Jaisalmer)
        • Kuwar Virendra Karan Karnot
      • Kumari Janak Kuwar Deora, married Rajshri Sahib Devi Singh of Mandar in Sirohi, and has issue. one son.
        • Kuwar Raviraj Singh Deora
    • Kumar Shri Radmalsinhji Bhimsinhji, married and had issue, one daughter.
      • Kumari Kailashkuwar
    • Kumar Shri Jagdishsinhji Bhimsinhji, married and had issue, one son.
      • Kumar Surandarsinh Jagdishsinhji
    • Kumari Nirmala Kumari, married Kumar Shri Divyarajsinhji Kishorsinhji Zala of Lakhtar, and has issue, one son.

  8. Thakore Shri JORAWARSINHJI BHIMSINHJI, 8th Thakore Saheb of Tharad, born 13th March 1923 (#3 p.362), married and had issue.
    • Thakore Shri Bharatsinhji Jorawarsinhji Vaghela (qv)

  9. Thakore Shri BHARATSINHJI JORAWARSINHJI, 9th Thakore Saheb of Tharad (see above)
  • Rani Karuna Kumari, married Maharaj Anu Vikram Singh of Karjali, and has issue, one son.
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