TILOI (Taluqa)

LOCATION: U.P.A.O. (Rae Bareli Dist.) AREA: xx kmē VILLAGES: 175 plus 37 pattis POPULATION: xx RELIGION: Hindu

PRESENT RULER: Raja Bahadur RAMESHWAR SINGH, Raja Saheb of Tiloi and Head of the Kanhpuria Clan of Rajputs, since 6th March 1997.
born 22nd January 1954, married 1stly, 6th February 1984 (div. 1997) Rani Vineeta Kumari, daughter of Capt. R.N. Singh, married 2ndly, 7th March 2000, Rani Nandita Kumari, daughter of Kunwar Diwakar Vikram Singh of Athadama, and foster daughter of Shri Vijay Singh Mohite, and has issue (by first wife). PREDECESSORS and SHORT HISTORY: Rao Kanh, the founder of the estate was said to be the son of a Brahmin named Suchhmoni, by his wife, a daughter of Raja Manik Chand of Manikpur. He built the village of Kanhpur, between Salon and Pratapgarh, overthrew the Bhars, and laid the foundations of a large estate, which is presently (1929) the largest in the district after Khajurgaon and consists of 37 mahals and five portions in Mohanganj, 34 mahals and parts of two others in Rokha, twelve mahals in Parshadpur, ten mahals and two pattis in Rae Bareli, four mahals and six pattis in Inhauna, one village in Dalmau, and one village and part of another in Salon. In addition to this the Raja owns the Mustafabad estate of 28 villages in Ateha, as well as a large portion of the Patti Saifabad taluqa recently purchased, and the single village of Suratgarh in Sultanpur district. The property is now under tbe management of the Court of Wards, with the exception of fourteen villages and three pattis held by guzaradars in maintenance (#2). Estate holders were....
COURT OF WARDS 21st June 1900 to 30th March 1920
COURT OF WARDS 31st January 1942 till Abolition of the Estate
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