TRIPURA (Princely State)

(13 gun salute)

AREA: 10,660 km2 PRIVY PURSE: 330,000R ACCESSION DATE: 10th October 1949
CAPITAL: Agartala POPULATION: 1732,325
PRESENT RULER:HH Bisam-Samar-Bijayi Mahamahodya Pancha-Srijukta Maharaja PRADYOT DEB BURMAN Manikya Bahadur, Maharaja of Tripura since 27th November 2006. (Ujjayanta Palace, Agartala, Tripura)
born 4th July 1977, succeeded to the gaddi of Tripura on 27th November 2006; educated at St. Edmund's School and St. Anthony's College (Hist. Hons.), Chairman of the Royal Heritage Hotel, Member of the All India Congress, Chairman and Managing Editor of the Northeast Today newspaper, Advisor to the North East Students Committee in Delhi, Advisor to the North East Regional Development Association (NERDA), Publisher - Manikya prints and works, Director of Meghalaya Road Runners, a state junior representative in cricket and football (soccer), is a keen sports lover and is currently a member of and advisor to many social and cultural organisations in north eastern India.

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Founded about 100AD. The state was called Independent Hill Tippera and later was named Tripura until the time of the Merger with India, with two Headquarters, one at Agartala and the other at Comilla (now Bangladesh). Rulers are.....
  • Raja RATNA Manikya, 99th Raja of Tripura 1279/1323, received the title of Manikya about 1352 Vikram?.
  • .....
  • Raja KALYAN Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1625/1659, he defied the Mughals for many years, but in the end he had to submit to their authority; he built the great tank at Kasba, and called it Kalyan Sagar; married and had issue. He died 1659.
    • Raja Govinda Manikya, eldest son and Juvaraj (qv)
    • Thakur Nakshatra Rai, he defeated his brother and succeeded to the gaddi as Raja Chattra Manikya (qv)
    • Thakur Rajballah (fourth son), married and had issue.
      • generation
        • generation
          • generation
            • Thakur Rudramani, he succeeded as Raja Jai Manikya (qv)
            • Thakur Haridhan, he succeeded as Raja Bijaya Manikya (qv)
  • Raja GOVINDA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1659/1660 (first time)
  • Raja CHATTRA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1660/1666, married and had issue. He died 1666.
    • generation
      • generation
        • Kunwar Jagat Ram, he succeeded as Raja Jagat Manikya (qv)
    • generations
      • Shri Mriganka Roy, married Shrimati Priti Roy, and had issue.
        • Shri Dr. Jayanta Roy, born 13th March 1962 in Agartala, University educated, graduating with a degree in Medecine; married 5th May 1992 in Agartala, Shrimati Manidipa Debbarma, and has issue, one daughter.
          • Ms. Sagarika Roy, born 16th September 1996.
  • Raja GOVINDA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1666/1669 (second time), married Rani Gunavati Mahadevi, and had issue.
    • Raja Ram Manikya (qv)
    • Raja Narendra Manikya (qv)
  • Raja RAM Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1669/1682, he excavated the great tank at Maijkhara and called it Ram Sagar; married and had issue.
    • Raja Ratna Manikya II, eldest son and Jubaraj (qv)
    • Ghanshyam Thakur, he killed his brother and succeeded him as Raja Mahendra Manikya (qv)
    • Yuvaraj Dhurjaya Dev Thakur, he succeeded as Raja Dharma Manikya (qv)
    • Yuvaraj Chandramani Thakur, he succeeded as Raja Makunda Manikya (qv)
  • Raja RATNA Manikya II, Raja of Tripura in 1682 (first time), the throne was seized by his uncle.
  • Raja NARENDRA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1682/1684, he was replaced by his nephew with the help of the Nawab Nazim of Bengal.
  • Raja RATNA Manikya II, Raja of Tripura 1681/1712 (second time), he had the great temple of Jaggernath, called Sattra Ratna, built in the neighbourhood of Comitilla; during his reign he managed to to throw of the Mughal yoke in the late 1690's. He was killed by his brother in 1712.
  • Raja MAHENDRA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1712/1714
  • Raja DHARMA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1714/1732 (first time), he fled to the hills when attacked by the Mughal troops, brought by his nephew.
  • Raja JAGAT Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1732/1733, he usurped the gaddi with the help of Mughal troops, but was soon deposed on the orders of the Nawab Nazim; married and had issue,
    • Balaram Thakur, he proclaimed himself Raja Balaram Manikya, but 'ruled' only for about a year before losing his support in 1777.
  • Raja DHARMA Manikya, Raja of Tripura in 1733 (second time), he built the great tank at Kasba, and called it the Dharma Sagar; married and had issue.
    • Gadadhar Thakur, he succeeded briefy as Raja Udai Manikya (qv)
  • Raja MAKUNDA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1733/1737; married and had issue.
    • Panchkouri Thakur, he succeeded as Raja Indra Manikya (qv)
    • Haramani Thakur, Juvaraj of Tripura, married and had issue. He died about 1740.
      • Kanthamani Thakur, born lame and was therefore not eligible for succession; married and had issue.
        • Arjumani Thakur
      • Rajdharmani Thakur, he succeeded as Raja Rajadhara Manikya II (qv)
  • Raja JAI Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1737/1739 (first time), removed on the orders of the Nawab Nazim.
  • Raja INDRA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1739/17xx (first time)
  • Raja UDAI Manikya, Raja of Tripura 17xx/174x, married and had issue.
    • Banamali Thakur, he was installed as Raja Lakshan Manikya by Shamsher Gazi, a freebooter, but the new Raja was not accepted by the people; and Shamsher Gazi was eventually caught and blown from a cannon in Dacca; married Rana Mahadaya Devi, and had issue.
      • Durgamani Thakur, Juvaraj, he succeeded as Raja Durga Manikya (qv)
  • Raja JAI Manikya, Raja of Tripura 174x/174x (second time), deposed by the Nawab Nazim of Bengal.
  • Raja INDRA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 174x/174x (second time), married and had issue.
    • Krishnamani Thakur, he succeeded as Raja Krishna Manikya (qv)
  • Raja JAI Manikya, Raja of Tripura 174x/1743 (third time)
  • Raja BIJAYA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1743/1760, married and had issue.
    • generation
      • Sambhuchandra Thakur
  • Raja KRISHNA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1760/1783, married Rani Jahnavi Mahadevi. He died sp 1783.
  • Rani Jahnavi Mahadevi, Rani of Tripura 1783/1785. She became sati in 1785.
  • Raja RAJADHARA Manikya II, Raja of Tripura 1785/1804, he was falsely accused of harbouring dacoits, relieved of his lands and was deported to Chittagong; he was restored to his title and property in 1792; married and had issue. He died 1804.
    • Raja Ramaganga Manikya (qv)
    • Raja Kashichandra Manikya (qv)
  • Raja RAMAGANGA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1804/1809 and 1813/1826, he usurped the gaddi, and the Juvaraj managed to escape with his life, and later appealed to the Sardar Dewani Adalat (the then highest court in India), who granted the appeal on 24th March 1809, and Raja Ramaganga Manikya was deposed; married and had issue.
    • Rajkumar Krishna Kishore, he succeeded as Raja Krishna Kishore Manikya (qv)
  • Raja DURGA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1809/1813, he was a pious man, and made a pilgrimage to Benares but died of cholera on the way there, at Patna on the Ganges in 1813.
  • Raja KASHICHANDRA Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1826/1830, appointed Juvaraj in 1821; married and had issue. He died 5th January 1830.
    • Rajkumar Krishnachandra Deb Burman, he was appointed Bara Thakur in 1826, but died before his father.
  • Raja KRISHNA KISHORE Manikya, Raja of Tripura 1830/1849, he was appointed Bara Thakur in 1821 and Juvaraj in 1826?; married and had issue. He died 1849.
    • Raja Ishanachandra Manikya Dev Varman (qv)
    • HH Maharaja Birchandra Manikya Dev Varman (qv)
    • Rajkumar Nilkrishna Deb Burman
  • Raja ISHANACHANDRA Manikya Dev Varman, Raja of Tripura 1849/1862 , appointed Juvaraj, married and had issue.
    • Rajkumar Brajendrachandra Manikya, he was appointed Bara Thakur in July 1862.
    • Rajkumar Navadipchandra Deb Burman, born 1854, he was appointed Bara Karta in July 1862; sitarist, married Kumari Nirupama Devi, and had issue, nine children, five sons and four daughters. He died 1931.
      • Kumar Navin Chandra Deb Burman, married and had issue.
        • Kumar Pulin Behari Deb Burman, a sitarist, married Kumari Shreela Deb Burman, and had issue, one son and three daughters.
          • Kumar Deepak Deb Burman
          • Kumari Ashima Deb Burman, born 10th November 1956 in Mumbai, Lecturer in Education in Mumbai.
      • Lt. Col. Kumar Kiran Kumar Deb Burman (fourth son)
      • Kumar Sachindra Dev Burman (fifth son), born 1st October 1906 in Comilla, he was one of the most famous Bollywood music composers and an all-time great Bengali singer and composer; educated in Comilla (passing his Matriculation (1920) and Intermediate (1922) examinations), then at Comilla Victoria College (B.A., 1924) and at Calcutta University (M.A., English); he began his training in classical music under his father, who was a sitarist and Dhrupad singer, he later continued his training first under K. C. Dey, and then Bhismadev Chattopadhaya and Badal Khan; he also acknowledged Ustad Allauddin Khan as one of his gurus; he first sang for All India Radio Kolkata around 1926 and cut his first disc as a singer cum composer in 1932; he made his film debut singing in Yahudi ki Ladki (1933) but the songs were scrapped and re-sung by Pahari Sanyal, his first film as a singer was finally Sanjher Pidim (1935), he then became a music director initially in Calcutta with Rajgee (1937), he moved to Bombay in 1944 and eventually composed music for 100 movies; he received many nominations and awards for his music, including, Gold Medal, Bengal All India Music Conference, Kolkata 1934, Sangeet Natak Akademi Award - 1958, Asia Film Society Award, 1958, National Film Award for Best Music Direction: Zindagi Zindagi 1974, Padma Shri 1969, Filmfare Best Music Director Award: Taxi Driver (1954), Filmfare Best Music Director Award: Abhimaan (1973), BFJA Awards, Best Music (Hindi Section)-Teen Deviyan (1965), BFJA Awards, Best Music (Hindi Section)-Guide (1966), BFJA Awards, Best Male Playback Singer (Hindi Section)-Guide (1966), BFJA Awards, Best Music (Hindi Section)-Aradhana (1969), BFJA Awards, Best Music (Hindi Section)-Abhimaan (1973), he married 1938, Kumari Meera Devi, died 15th October 2007, an accomplished singer and dancer, and had issue. He died 31st October 1975 in Bombay.
        • Kumar Rahul Dev Burman, born 27th June 1939 in Calcutta then in the Bengal Presidency, singer and actor, he is regarded as one of the great music composers of Bollywood, being credited with revolutionizing the music in Hindi films, and his style and techniques continue to be followed by the composers of today; he started his career as an assistant to his father, having helped his father in Chalti ka Naam Gaadi (1958) and Kaagaz ke Phool (1959); his first film as a music director was Guru Dutt's Raaz (1959), though this movie was ultimately shelved; during his career his music output was prolific, having composed music for a total of 331 released movies; his discography included 1942: A Love Story (1994), Ijaazat (1987), Saagar (1985), Betaab (1983), Love Story (1981), Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin (1977), Khushboo (1975), Aap Ki Kasam (1974), Mere Jeevan Saathi (1972), Kati Patang (1970), Padosan (1968) and Teesri Manzil (1966); he received many Filmfare nominations and won three times as Best Musical Director, in 1982, 1983 and 1994; married 1stly, 1966 (div.1971), Rita, married 2ndly, 1980, Asha Bhonsla, born 1932, famous singer, daughter of Dinanath Mangeshkar (died 1942), and sister of Lata Mangeshkar, born 28th September 1929 at Lahore, well known singer. He died 4th January 1994.
  • HH Maharaja Birchandra
                      Manikya Dev VarmanHH Maharaja BIRCHANDRA Manikya Dev Varman, Maharaja of Tripura 1862/1896, born 1837, he succeeded 31st July 1862 (#1), he was appointed Juvaraj in July 1862, and installed as Raja in 1870; he was an enthusiastic photographer and was among the first rulers of India to organize an annual photographic exhibition at his palace (he is respnsible for his photo and that of his wife at left, dated circa 1880); married (amongst others), HH Maharani Manmohini Devi, and had issue. He died 14th December 1896.
    • HH Maharaja Radha Kishore Dev VarmanManikya (qv)
    • Maharajkumar Samarendra Chandra Dev Varma (fourth son), he was appointed Bara Thakur in 187x. He died 19xx.
  • HH Maharaja RADHA KISHOR Dev Varman Manikya, Maharaja of Tripura 1896/1909, born 1857, he was appointed Juvaraj in 1870 and installed upon the gaddi on 5th March 1897; married and had issue. He died 12th March 1909.
    • HH Maharaja Birendra Kishore Manikya (see below)
    • Maharajkumar Ranabur Kishore Dev Varman, married Rani Yadvhendra Kaur, daughter of Raja Ranbir Singh of Patiala.
    • Maharajkumar Brajendra Kishore Dev Varman, married two Princesses from Dholpur, and had issue.
      • Maharajkumar Ramendra Kishore Dev Varman, married 1stly, Rani Ila Devi, daughter of HH Maharaja Jitendra Narayan Bhup Bahadur of Cooch Behar, and his wife, HH Maharani Indira Devi, married 2ndly, 1945, Rani Kamal Prabha Devi (see below), and had issue
        • Maharajkumar Manabendra Kishore Deb Burman [Prince Bhim] (by Rani Ila Devi), born 1937, married Rani Reeta Roy. He died 2002.
        • Rani Devika Devi (by Rani Ila Devi), born 1938, married 1961, Maharaj Prithviraj Singh, Raja Saheb of Jhalai in Jaipur.
        • Maharajkumar Bharat Kishore Deb Burman [Prince Habi] (by Rani Ila Devi), born 1941, married Rani Moon Moon Sen, born 28th March 1951, and has issue, two daughters.
          • Kumari Raima Dev Sen Verma, born 11th November 1979 in Mumbai; a Film actress, she first appeared in Godmother (1999), with her most recent role being in The Japanese Wife (2008).
          • Kumari Riya Dev Sen Verma, born 24th January 1981 in Kolkata; educated at Loreto House, Kolkata, Rani Birla College, Kolkata and the National Institute of Fashion Technology; a Fashion designer, model and Film actress, she first appeared in Vishkanya (1991), and since then has starred or appeared in many movies, the most recent being Heyy Baby (2007); she has worked as an activist, and has appeared in an AIDS awareness music video and has helped to raise funds for paediatric eye-care.
        • Maharajkumari Dhriti Devi (by Rani Kamal Prabha), married Bimal Baruah, educated at St. Edmund's School, Shillong, and has issue.
        • Maharajkumari Shriti Devi (by Rani Kamal Prabha)
        • Maharajkumari Hemantika Devi (by Rani Kamal Prabha)
        • HH Maharaja BIRENDRA KISHORE DEV
                          VARMAN MANIKYA Bahadur (1883-1923)Maharajkumar Jishnu Kishore Dev Varma (by Rani Kamal Prabha), married and has issue.
          • Kumar Pratik Kishore Dev Varma
    • Maharajkumar Narendra Kishore Dev Varman
  • HH Bisana Samara Mahamahodaya Pancha Srijukta Maharaja BIRENDRA KISHORE Dev Varman Manikya Bahadur, Maharaja of Tripura 1909/1923, born 1883, he was appointed the Yuvaraj on 8th February 1899; installed upon the gaddi on 25th November 1909; Maharaja [cr.1919], married 1stly, HH Maharani Prabhabati Devi, daughter of Commanding General Maharajkumar Padma Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal, married 2ndly, HH Maharani Arundhati Devi, married 3rdly, HH Maharani (name unknown), married 4thly, HH Maharani Jeevan Kumari Devi [Jibaneshwari Devi], daughter of Shri Ranendra Bikram Shah of Nepal, married 5thly, married 6thly, and had issue, 12 sons and 18 daughters. He died 13th August 1923.
    • Capt. HH Bisam-Samar-Bijayi Mahamahodya Pancha-Srijukta Maharaja Manikya Sir Bir Bikram Kishore Dev Varman Bahadur (by Maharani Arundhati Devi) (see below)
    • Maharajkumar Karna Kishore Dev Varman (by Maharani Jibaneshwari Devi)
    • Maharajkumar Durjay Kishore Dev Varman (by Maharani Jibaneshwari Devi) fl.1940
    • Maharajkumar Sukumar Kishore Dev Varman (by Maharani Jibaneshwari Devi)
    • Maharajkumari Biphas Prabha Devi [HH Maharani Vibhas Devi of Baria], married HH Maharawal Sabhagsinhji Ranjitsinhji of Baria, and had issue.
    • Maharajkumari Ujjala Devi, married (as his third wife), Raja Bodh Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal.
    • Rani Kamal Prabha Devi (by Maharani Jibaneshwari Devi), born 29th January 1915, an accomplished singer and composer, now she is a writer and painter and also composes poetry in Bengali and Hindi; married (her cousin), 1945, Maharaj Ramendra Kishore Dev Varman, and had issue (see above).
  • Capt. HH Maharaja Manikya Sir Bir Bikram
                    Kishore Deb Burman (1908-1947)Lt.-Col. HH Bisam-Samar-Bijayi Mahamahodya Pancha-Srijukta Maharaja Manikya Sir BIR BIKRAM KISHORE Deb Burman Bahadur, Maharaja of Tripura 1923/1947, born 19th August 1908, married 1stly, 16th January 1929, the 6th daughter of Maharaja Bahadur Sir Bhagwati Prasad Singh of Balrampur, married 2ndly, 28th May 1931, HH Maharani Kanchan Prabha Devi, Regent of Tripura 1947/1949, eldest daughter of Col. HH Maharaja Mahendra Sir Yadvendra Singh Ju Deo Bahadur of Panna, and his first wife, HH Maharani Shri Manhar Kunverba, and had issue. He died 17th May 1947
    • HH Bisam-Samar-Bijayi Mahamahodya Pancha-Srijukta Maharaja Kirit Bikram Kishore Dev Varman Manikya Bahadur (qv)
    • HH Maharani Jayati Devi, married HH Maharajadhiraj Sipahdar-ul-Mulk Jayendra Singh Ju Deo of Charkhari, and has issue.
    • HH Maharani Priti Devi, married 1956, Yuvaraj Prithviraj Singh [later HH Maharajadhiraj Mirzan Maharao Shri Pragmalji Madansinhji III Sawai Bahadur] of Kutch, and has issue.

                    VARMAN MANIKYA (1933-2006)HH Bisam-Samar-Bijayi Mahamahodya Pancha-Srijukta Maharaja KIRIT BIKRAM KISHORE Deb Burman Manikya Bahadur, Maharaja of Tripura 1947/2006, born 13th December 1933, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; Member of the Lok Sabha in 1967, 1977 and 1989 elected from East Tripura constituency as a Congress candidate; whilst in college he represented Rajasthan in hockey and cricket;he was crowned table tennis champion of Meghalaya in 1979; married 1stly, 6th March 1960, HH Maharani Padma Raje, daughter of HH Maharaja Scindia Sir Jivajirao Scindia of Gwalior, and his wife, HH Maharani Vijaya Raje, born 23rd February 1942, died 26th April 1969; married 2ndly, HH Maharani Bibhu Kumari Devi, born 28th June 1944 in Mussorie, Uttar Pradesh, daughter of Raja Luv Shah of Khairigarh (UP), and his wife, Rani Meenakshi Devi, B.A.; educated at Loreto School, Lucknow and at Isabella Thorpe College, Lucknow, M.P. and Minister of State; and had issue. He died of a heart attack on 27th November 2006 at the Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Science Hospital in Kolkata, and was accorded a state funeral.
    • Maharaj Kumari Kanika Devi (by HH Maharani Padma Raje), born 29th January 1961, married 1stly, February 1980 in New Delhi (div.), Tikka Budheshwar Pal, born 6th July 1956 at New Delhi, son of Raja Saheb Shri Mahendra Palji Bahadur of Kutlehar, and his first wife, Rani Lalita Devi, married 2ndly, Yuvraj Chandra Vijay Singh, son of Maharaja Bahadur Kamal Singh of Dumraon, and his wife, Maharani Usha Rani, and has issue by second husband.
    • Rani Saheb Pratima Devi (by HH Maharani Padma Raje), born 12th June 1962 in Calcutta, married 26th June 1980 in Mussoorie, Shri Dhawal Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal, and has issue.
    • Maharaj Kumari Pragya Deb Burman (by HH Maharani Bibhu Kumari Devi), born 10th January 1969, Convener for the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage in Tripura, Chairperson of the North Eastern Regional Development Association in Shillong, awarded The International Poet of Merit Award in Washington D.C. for her poetry book, Immortal Verses; married 8th November 2008, Dr. Matteo Forani of Italy.
    • Maharaj Kumari Kriti Devi (by HH Maharani Bibhu Kumari Devi), born 3rd June 1971, engaged in rural development projects in Panna, married 19th February 2003, Yuvraj Yogeshwar Singh [now Raja Yogeshwar Singh, Raja Saheb] of Kawardha in Chhatisgarh, and has issue.
    • HH Bisam-Samar-Bijayi Mahamahodya Pancha-Srijukta Maharaja Pradyot Deb Burman Manikya Bahadur (by HH Maharani Bibhu Kumari Devi) (qv)
  • HH Bisam-Samar-Bijayi Mahamahodya Pancha-Srijukta Maharaja PRADYOT DEB BURMAN Manikya Bahadur, Maharaja of Tripura (see above)
  • Ranjan Deb Burman
  • Rajib Deb Burman, born 28th March 1967.
  • Jay Kishore Deb Burman, born 25th July 1972 at Agartala.
  • Debabrata Deb Burman, born 3rd February 1971 at Agartala.
  • Arup Deb Burman, born 6th January 1963 at Agartala.
  • Ankur Deb Burman, born 2nd April 1967 at Agartala.
  • Amitabha Deb Burman, born 11th February at Agartala.
  • Shri Birchandra Deb Burman, son of Shri Satish Chandra Deb Burman, M.A, LLB., C.P.I. (Tripura); born 1st March 1920, Member of the Tripura Legislative Assembly 1962/1967, Member of the Rajya Sabha [3.4.1974] - [2.4.1980], died unmarried 7th August 1995. (Harish Thakur Street, Agartala, Tripura, India).
  • Sanjib Debbarma Dip. Engg., born 18th April 1986, son of S. Debbarma, and his wife, R. Debbarma.
1. "The Golden Book of India"; LETHBRIDGE, Roper, MacMillan & Co., 1893 p. 541
2. He married six Maharanis (all from Nepal) and a number of 'secondary' wives.