Flag of Vijaynagar State

VIJAYNAGAR (Princely State)

LOCATION: Gujarat - Sabarkantha Dist. AREA: 349.65 kmē VILLAGES: 58 POPULATION: 5,858 (1931) RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 57,630 (1931) DYNASTY: Rathore SEAT: Pol 1718-1864, Ghodasar 1864-1934, Vijaynagar since 1934 ACCESSION: 10th June 1948
AGENCY: Mahi Kantha Agency (1931) PRIVY PURSE: Rs 50,000

Rao Sahib Shri HARSHWARDHAN SINGHJI, 7th and present Rao Shri of Vijaynagar since 20th June 2000.
born 16th October 1957, Installed on the gaddi on 3rd July 2000, married Rani Sahib Gargi Devi, daughter of HH Maharaja Lokendra Krishan Singh Ju Dev Bahadur, 12th Maharaja of Datia.

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: This state, also known as Polo, was located to the North-East of Idar Town, North of the Hathmati River, along the Udaipur-Mewar border. Raja Jaichand of Kannauj was father (or grandfather) of Rao Soningji, his second son, who established himself in Idar about 1257AD. His descendant was Rao Bhawani fl.1406, father of Rao Sujoji, living in the middle of the 15th century, he defeated Palli Bhil and became the 1st Chief of Pol. Pol as a State ceased to exist in 1898, and it merged into the State of Vijaynagar, and Rao Prahi Singh Hamir Singh reigned 1889-98 in Pol, took over the gadi in Vijaynagar and reigned until his death in 1905. The Chief of Pol, ranks first of the Second Class Mahi Kantha Chiefs and resides at Ghoradar (1880). The Raos of Pol pay no tribute and hold no deed of adoption but follow the rule of Primogeniture. The state enjoys plenary powers. Rulers were....
  1. Rao Shri CHANDRASINHJI KARANSINHJI, 1st Rao Shri of Pol 1718/1720, formerly 24th Rao of Idar, he lost Idar and retired to Polo, where, after killing members of his wife's family, he seated himself on the gaddi; married and had issue.

  2. Rao Shri KESARSINHJI CHANDRASINHJI, 2nd Rao Shri of Pol 1720/1728

  3. Rao Shri KASANSINHJI, 3rd Rao Shri of Pol 1728/-

  4. Rao Shri MAKANSINHJI, 4th Rao Shri of Pol

  5. Rao Shri HATHISINHJI, 5th Rao Shri of Pol

  6. Rao Shri MADHAVSINHJI, 6th Rao Shri of Pol

  7. Rao Shri AJABSINHJI, 7th Rao Shri of Pol

  8. Rao Shri BHUPATSINHJI I, 8th Rao Shri of Pol

  9. Rao Shri BHAVANSINHJI, 9th Rao Shri of Pol

  10. Rao Shri SURAJSINHJI, 10th Rao Shri of Pol

  11. Rao Shri VAJESINHJI, 11th Rao Shri of Pol

  12. Rao Shri RATANSINHJI, 12th Rao Shri of Pol -/1808, he was attacked by Maharaja Gambhirsinhji of Idar in 1808 and he was forced to pay tribute and flee to the hills, died 1808.

  13. Rao Shri ABHEYSINHJI, 13th Rao Shri of Pol 1808/-

  14. Rao Shri KIRATSINHJI, 14th Rao Shri of Pol

  15. Rao Shri LAXMANSINHJI, 15th Rao Shri of Pol

  16. Rao Shri BHARATSINHJI, 16th Rao Shri of Pol

  17. Rao Shri AMARSINHJI, 17th Rao Shri of Pol

  18. Rao Shri ANANDSINHJI, 18th Rao Shri of Pol -/1852, died 1852.

  19. Rao Shri PAHADSINHJI GULABSINHJI, 19th Rao Shri of Pol 1852/1859, he ruled under the auspices of an Agency Manager, born 1839, married and had issue. He died 1859.

  20. Rao Shri NAVALSINHJI PAHADSINHJI, 20th Rao Shri of Pol 1859/1864, he ruled under the auspices of an Agency Manager, born about 1857, died 23rd November 1864.

  21. Rao Shri HAMIRSINHJI I GULABSINHJI, 21st Rao Shri of Pol at Ghodasar [23.11.1864] - [24.10.1889], he ruled Pol under the auspices of an Agency Manager till 1873, born about 1858, married and had issue, three sons. He died 24th October 1889.

  22. AGENCY MANAGER [24.10.1889] - [26.1.1893]

  23. Rao Shri PRITHISINHJI HAMIRSINHJI, 22nd Rao Shri of Pol at Ghodasar [24.10.1889] - [5.11.1903], born 1872 or 1884, he succeeded to Vijaynagar on 24th October 1889; married and had issue?. He died 5th November 1903.

  24. AGENCY MANAGER [5.11.1903] - [22.3.1906]
  25. Rao Shri BHOPATSINHJI II HAMIRSINHJI, 23rd Rao Shri of Pol at Ghodasar [22.3.1906] - [17.11.1913], born 2nd November 1884, he succeeded to the gadi on 22nd March 1906, educated at Scott College, Sadra; married and had adoptive issue. He died 17th November 1913.

  26. Rao Shri MOHOBATSINHJI HAMIRSINHJI, 24th Rao Shri of Pol at Ghodasar [17.11.1913] - [27.11.1914], born 9th November 1879, he succeeded to the gadi on 17th November 1913; educated at Scott College, Sadra; he was granted the Jagir of Verabar in 1906, which he held together with Pol, married and had issue. He died 27th November 1914.

  27. REGENCY 1914/1924
  28. Maharao Shri HAMIRSINHJI II MOHOBATSINHJI, 25th Rao Shri of Pol at Ghodasar then at Vijaynagar [27.11.1914] - [1.4.1986], born 3rd January 1904 (#1)(#3 p.30), as Kumar Shri Hamirsinhji Hindupatsinhji, educated at Scott College, Sadra and at Mayo College, Ajmer; he was installed 27th January 1916 (#2 p.316), he was invested with ruling powers on 26th October 1924 (#2 p.325); he ruled Pol and Verabar under the auspices of an Agency Manager till 1924, he was granted the title of Maharao in 1916, he became Maharao of Vijaynagar from 1934; married 1stly, a grand-niece of HH Maharana Fateh Singhji, Maharana of Udaipur, married 2ndly, a daughter of Rajasaheb Shri Bhagwatr Raj Bahadur Singhji, Raja of Sohawal, and had issue. He died 1st April 1986.

  29. Maharao Sahib Shri PRATAP SINGHJI, 26th Rao Shri of Vijaynagar 1986/2000, born 24th September 1930 (#2 p.325), he was installed in April 1986, married 1954, Rani Sahib Sugankanwar Devi, daughter of HH Maharajadhiraj Maharawal Girdhar Singh Bahadur of Jaisalmer, and his first wife, HH Maharani Sahib Damayanti Devi, and had issue. He died 20th June 2000.

  30. Rao Sahib Shri HARSHWARDHAN SINGHJI, 27th Rao Shri of Vijaynagar (see above)
The help of John Duncan McMeekin is gratefully acknowledged, July 2014.
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