AREA: 7,680 km2 (1901) REVENUE: 200,000Rs (1910) ACCESSION: 1949
STATE: Andhra Pradesh DYNASTY: Gahilot - Pusapati lineage
VILLAGES: 1,157 (1852) POPULATION: 900,000 (1901) CAPITAL: Vizianagram

PRESENT RULER: Maharaja Sahib (name unknown) Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur, 17th Zamindar of Vizianagram and Premier Hindu Nobleman of Madras, (No. 7, Bungalow, Cantonment, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India)
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Predecessor state was founded by Pusapati Rachiraju in the late 16th century, and a descendant obtained the title of 'Gajapathi', by right of conquest after the battle of Nandapur, in the Northern Circars later in the sixteenth century. They never paid chouth to the Maratha rulers or any money as tribute to the French. In 1907 the Capital, Viziagaram Town, had a population of 37,270. Under the Tenancy Act 1949, all Zamindari Estates in Andhra Pradesh were abolished in 1949. The title of Manea Sultan (Lord of the Hills) was granted by the Mughal Emperor early in the 18th century, and that of Mirza likewise held by virtue of a farman dated 1760. The zamindars are said to be the only Rajput rulers in South India. The Raja was entitled to a 13 gun local salute when visiting the Collector of Vizagapatam. Estate holders were.....
  • Pusapati Raja MADHAVA VARMA, 1st Zamindar of Viziagaram 1652/1685, originally of Bezwada, which was allegedly founded in 591AD; he was appointed to the office of Subedar of the Sarkars in 1652.

  • Pusapati Raja SITARAMACHANDRA, 2nd Zamindar of Viziagaram 1685/-; married and had issue.
    • Pusapati Raja Annama Raju (qv)
    • Pusapati Raja Tammi Raju (qv)

  • Pusapati Raja ANNAMA Raju, 3rd Zamindar of Viziagaram -/1696, he was killed in 1696.
  • Pusapati Raju TAMMI Raju, 4th Zamindar of Viziagaram 1696/1698 or 1699, married and had adoptive issue.
    • (A) Pusapati Raja Ananda I Raju (qv)

  • Pusapati ANANDA I Raju, 5th Zamindar of Viziagaram 1699/1731, married and had issue.
    • Pusapati Pedda Vijayarama I Gajapathi Raju (qv)
  • Pusapati SITARAMA I Raju, 6th Zamindar of Viziagaram 1731/1740
  • Pusapati Pedda VIJAYARAMA I GAJAPATHI Raju, 7th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1740/1757, he moved his capital from Potnur to Vizianagram, calling it after himself, later built a fort there and gradually extended his dominion, with the help of the French under Bussy, he seized Bobbili, killing its chief, married and had issue. He died January 1757, killed by followers of the slain chief of Bobbili.
    • Pusapati Ananda II Gajapathi Raju (qv)
  • Pusapati ANANDA II GAJAPATHI Raju, 8th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1757/1759, he captured the French held Vizagapatam, making it over to the English in 1758, deposed and exiled in 1759; he married and had issue, as well as adoptive issue. He died about 1760.
    • Pusapati Sita Rama Raju, attacked Parla Khimedi in 1761 near Chicacole, defeating its chief and his allies, thereby acquiring a sizeable territory, Rajahmundry likewise fell soon after. He fell out of favour, and was exiled to Madras in 1793.
    • (A) Pusapati Chinna Vijayarama Gajapathi Raju (qv)
  • Pusapati Chinna VIJAYARAMA II Raju, 9th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1759/1794, born about 1747, he was deemed incapable of ruling his estate, which was sequestered and he was forced to reside at Masulipatam on a fixed allowance, married and had issue. He died 10th July 1794 at Padmanabham, killed in a battle against English forces led by Captain Prendergast.
    • Raja Pusapati Narayana Babu Gajapathi Raju (qv)
  • Raja Pusapati NARAYANA BABU GAJAPATHI Raju, 10th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1794/1845, a minor at his accession, his affairs were controlled by the English for nearly a quarter of a century; he married and had issue. He died 1845 at Benares, heavily in debt.
    • Maharaja Mirza Pusapati Sir Vijayarama III Gajapathi Raju Bahadur (qv)

  • Maharaja Mirza Pusapati Sir VIJAYARAMA III GAJAPATHI Raju Bahadur, 11th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1845/1879, born 1826, the zamindari was under control of the English until 1852, Member of the Viceroy's Council, granted the title of Maharaja as a personal distinction on 11th March 1864, K.C.S.I., entitled to a personal salute of 13 guns; married Maharani Alaka Rajeswari Lalithakumari Devi, died 1901, and had issue. He died 1879.
    • Maharajkumar Narayana Gajapati, born 10th February 1850, died 29th September 1863.
    • Maharaja Sahib Pusapati Sir Ananda III Gajapathi Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur (qv)
    • HH Maharani Appala Kondyamba, born 16th February 1859, married a cousin and Heir Apparent of the Maharaja of Rewah. She died on 14th December 1912.
    • (A) Kumar Chittibabu Vijayarama Raju, adopted 18th December 1897, by Maharani Alaka Rajeswari Lalithakumari Devi, and succeeded as Maharaja Sahib Pusapati Chittibabu Vijayarama IV Gajapathi Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur (qv)
  • Maharaja Sahib Pusapati Sir ANANDA III GAJAPATHI Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur, 12th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1879/1897, born 31st December 1850, educated privately by tutors who taught him Sanskrit, English, Latin and French; under his patronage, the areas of education, literature and music as well as Telugu culture in general all made considerable progress with his encouragement; Fellow of the Madras University; Member of the Madras Legislative Council; Member of the Governor-General's Council; Maharaja [cr.1881] (personal), K.C.I.E. [cr.1887], G.C.I.E. [cr.1892] (#1). He died spm on 23rd May 1897 (#2).
    • Maharajkumari (name unknown), married Maharaj Shri Arjan Singhji Sahib of the Jodhpur family, and had issue.
  • Maharaja Sahib Pusapati Chittibabu VIJAYARAMA IV GAJAPATHI Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur, 13th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1897/1922, born 27th August 1883, adopted by Maharani Alaka Rajeswari on 18th December 1897; being a minor at his accession, the estate was placed in charge of a collector, and a guardian was appointed by the Government under the Guardian and Wards Act, the minority being terminated in August 1904; married Maharani Lalita Kumari Devi, daughter of Raja Bahadur Suraj Bakhsh Singh Sahib, Thakur of Baissaidth or Kasmanda, and had issue. He died 11th September 1922 (#3).
    • Maharaja Sahib Pusapati Sir Alaka Narayana Gajapathi Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur (qv)
    • Lt.-Col. Sir Maharajkumar Dr. Vijayananda Gajapathi Raju ["Vizzy"], born 28th December 1905 (#4) in Benares, educated at Princes' College, Ajmer and Haileybury Public School, England; entered politics and soon afterwards was returned unopposed to the Central Assembly from Uttar Pradesh in 1934 and also in 1945; Member of the Court of the Benares Hindu Universiy since 1935 and of the Executive Council since 1940; Knighted in 1936, Captain of the Indian Cricket Team which toured in 1936; Minister for Justice, Government of U.P. under the new act on 2nd April 1937; President of the Andhra Mahasanha 1941, 1942 and 1943; elected President at the 44th Session of the All-India Kshatriya Mahasabha in June 1944; awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws by the Benares Hindu University in November 1944; he renounced his Knighthood on 14th July 1947 as it was "not in keeping with the ideals of Republican India"; a big game Shikari, having attained the double century in tiger kills in April 1948; Member of the Marylebone Cricket Club; President of B.C.C.I. 1954/1957; his brother settled the estates in the United Provinces on him; married February 1923, Rani Bhagirath Devi, daughter of Raja Uday Raj Singh of Kashipur, and had issue, two sons and three daughters. He died 2nd December 1965 in Benares.
      • Rajkumari Vanalakshmikumari Devi, born 5th November 1924, married 25th January 1941.
      • Maharaj (name unknown) Gajapathi Raju, married and had issue.
        • Maharajkumar A. N. V. Singh, married Maharajkumar Rani Manimalini Devi, daughter of HH Maharaja Bhupendra Narayan Singh Deo of Korea, and his wife, HH Maharani Vasant Kumari.
          • Rajkumari Darshika Kumari, married Kumar Shri Om Upamanya Dev Sinhji Jhala of Wadhwan, and has issue, two daughters.
      • Rajkumari Vidhyavasinikumari Devi, born 14th December 1936.
    • Maharajkumari Alaka Rajeshwari
  • Maharaja Sahib Pusapati Sir ALAKA NARAYANA GAJAPATI Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur, 14th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1922/1937, born 26th August 1902, he succeeded to the gadi on 11th September 1922 and was installed on 22nd September 1922; married, Maharani Vidya Wati Devi, a daughter of Raja Bijay Sen of Keonthal, and had issue. He died 25th October 1937.
    • Maharajkumari Appala Kondyamba
    • Maharaja Sahib Pusapati Vijayarama V Gajapathi Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur (qv)
    • Maharajkumari Jaya Devi
    • Maharajkumar Sri Pushapati Vishweshwara Gajapathi Raju, married and had issue.
      • Rajkumari Vidhya Gajapathy Raju [Ms. Vidhya Singh]
COURT OF WARDS 1937/1945
  • Maharaja Sahib Pusapati DR. VIJAYARAMA V GAJAPATHI Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur, 15th and last Zamindar of Vizianagram 1945/1995, born 1st May 1924 at Phool Baugh Palace, Vizianagram, initially educated privately by pandits attached to the royal court and by an English tutor, Bardswell, before joining the St. Aloysius Convent School in Visakhapatnam in 1933. He studied at the Central College, Bangalore, 1940/1942, and in 1942, he joined the Presidency College, Madras. He distinguished himself in sports, especially tennis and cricket and also served as the president of the Andhra Cricket Association for a number of years. He won all the four elections to the Lok Sabha and five to the AP Legislative Assembly in which he contested from 1952 onwards. He was the hereditary trustee of the Simhachalam temple and over 100 other temples in his former estate. He purchased the Korukonda Palace and the 1000 acres of land surrounding it, from his uncle for Rs.5.5 lakh and donated it to the Central Government for establishment of the Sainik School. He founded the "Maharaja Alak Narayan Society of Arts and Science" (MANSAS) in 1958, in memory of his father, for the promotion of education. He donated almost all his properties to the trust. He had also donated liberally to Andhra University of which he served as Pro-Chancellor for some years; married 1stly, Maharani Pusupati Kusuma Gajapathi Raju (née Kusum Madgaonkar), M.L.A. (Andhra Pradesh), married 2ndly, Maharani Dr. Pusapati Madhuri Gajapathi Raju (née Thakkar), and had issue, four sons and two daughters. He died 14th November 1995 at Vijakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.
    • Maharaja Sahib Pusapati Ananda Gajapathi Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur (by Maharani Pusupati Kusuma Gajapathi Raju) (qv)
    • Maharaj Pusapati
                      Ashok Gajapathi Raju (1951 - )Maharaj Pusapati Ashok Gajapathi Raju (by Maharani Pusupati Kusuma Gajapathi Raju), born 25th June 1951, M.L.A. (Andhra Pradesh); Minister for Revenue, Government of Andhra Pradesh -/2004.
    • Maharaj Alak Narayan Gajapathi Raju
    • Maharaj Monish Gajapati Raju
    • Maharajkumari Sunita Devi
    • Vyricherla Maharajkumari Sudani Devi (by Maharani Dr. Pusapati Madhuri Gajapathi Raju), married 17th February 1987, Vyricherla Pradeep Kumar Dev of Kurupam, and has issue, two sons.
  • Maharaja Sahib Pusapati ANANDA GAJAPATHI Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur, 16th Zamindar of Vizianagram [14.11.1995] - [26.3.2016], born 17th July in 1950 at Madras, M.A., succeeded his father as Head of House on 14th November 1995; educated at Scindia School, Gwalior, Loyola College, Madras, Andhra Pradesh University and Stetson University, Florida, USA; M.L.A. (Andhra Pradesh), Member of the 10th Lok Sabha; Chairman of the Maharaja Alak Narayan Society for Arts and Science (MANSAS); married 1stly, 18th August 1971 (div.), Maharani Uma (Gajapathi Raju) B.A. (English Hon.) (BIOGRAPHY), born 1953, married 2ndly, Maharani Sudha Gajapathi Raju, and had issue, two daughters. He died 26th March 2016 (#5).
    • Maharajkumari Sucharita Gajapathi Raju, born 1st October 1972, married Shri Dhruv Pashar. She died 18th July 2008. (Garden Estate, Gurgaon, nr New Delhi, India)
    • Maharajkumari Sanchaita Gajapathi Raju
  • (see above)
  • Kumari Yamuna Kumari [Rani Yamuna Kumari of Balsan], born 26th February 1972 at Benares, U.P., educated at Bangalore, married at Lucknow, Rana Trivikram Bhushan Singh Jandaive of Balsan, and has issue, one son.
The help of John Duncan McMeekin, November 2010, is gratefully acknowledged.

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