Monogram of Vizianagram Zamindari
LOCATION: Andhra Pradesh AREA: 7,680 km² (1901) VILLAGES: 1,157 (1852) POPULATION: 900,000 (1901) RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 200,000 (1910) DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Gahilot - Pusapati lineage SEAT: Capital ACCESSION: 1949

PRESENT RULER: Maharaja Sahib (name unknown) Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur, 17th Zamindar of Vizianagram and Premier Hindu Nobleman of Madras, (No. 7, Bungalow, Cantonment, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India)

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Predecessor state was founded by Pusapati Rachiraju in the late 16th century, and a descendant obtained the title of 'Gajapathi', by right of conquest after the battle of Nandapur, in the Northern Circars later in the sixteenth century. They never paid chouth to the Maratha rulers or any money as tribute to the French. In 1907 the Capital, Viziagaram Town, had a population of 37,270. Under the Tenancy Act 1949, all Zamindari Estates in Andhra Pradesh were abolished in 1949. The title of Manea Sultan (Lord of the Hills) was granted by the Mughal Emperor early in the 18th century, and that of Mirza likewise held by virtue of a farman dated 1760. The zamindars are said to be the only Rajput rulers in South India. The Raja was entitled to a 13 gun local salute when visiting the Collector of Vizagapatam. Estate holders were.....
COURT OF WARDS 1937/1945
OTHER MEMBERS: The help of John Duncan McMeekin, November 2010, is gratefully acknowledged.
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