Flag of Washwan Princely State

WADHWAN (Princely State) (9 gun salute)

State Monogram
LOCATION: Saurashtra AREA: 611.24 kmē VILLAGES: 31 plus 1 town POPULATION: 34,851 (1901) RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 3.75 lakhs DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Jhala SEAT: xx ACCESSION: 15th February 1948
AGENCY: Kathiawar Agency 1822/1924 then Western India States Agency 1924/1944 PRIVY PURSE: Rs 142,000

PRESENT RULER: HH Thakore Sahib Shri CHAITANYADEVSINHJI SURENDRASINHJI, Thakore Sahib of Wadhwan since 1985.
born 1945, married 20th November 1971, Kunveri Baiji Shri Kalpana Devi Sahib of Dharampur [HH Thakorani Saheb Kalpana Devi Sahib of Wadhwan], daughter of Yuvraj Saheb Narhar Devji Rana of Dharampur, and his wife, Rajkumari Indira Devi of Gondal. and has issue, one son and one daughter. PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: A Second Class state founded about 1630 as an offshoot of the state of Dhrangadhra. Rulers were .... OTHER MEMBERS:
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