RWANDA (KIngdom)

TITLE: HM Mwami AREA: 26,340 km² RELIGION: Roman Catholic
LOCATION: Africa POPULATION: 8,000,000 DYNASTY: Abasindi-Abanyiginya Clan
CAPITAL: Kigali    ABOLISHMENT: 28th January 1961
PRESENT RULER: HM Mwami YUHI VI, Head of the Royal Family of Rwanda since 9th January 2017.
born 1960 as HRH Prince Emmanuel Bushayija, son of the late Prince William Bushayija, a brother of HM the late Mwami Kigeli V,  proclaimed HM Mwami Yuhi VI on 9th January 2017, prestnly living in Cheshire, England since 2000.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: A kingdom based at Nyanza, in Butare Province. Rulers were...
  • Mwami NDAHIRO I Riyange, Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami NDOBA (son), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami SAMEMBE (son), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami NSORO Samirkondo (son), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami RUGANZU I Bwimba (son), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami CYILIMA I Rugwe (brother), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami KIGELI I Mukobanya (son), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami MIBAMBWE I (brother), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami YUHI I Gahima (son), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami NDAHIRO II Gaamatare (son), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami RUGANZU II Ndoori, Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami MUTARA I Seemagushi (son), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami KIGELI II Nyamukeshera (son), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami MIBAMBWE II Gisamura (son), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami YUHI II Mazimpaka (son), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami KAREMEERA I Rwaaka (son), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami CYILIMA II Rujugira (brother), Mwami of Rwanda
  • Mwami KIGELI III Ndabarasa, Mwami of Rwanda -/1792
  • Mwami MIBAMBWE III Seentaabyo (son), Mwami of Rwanda 1792/1797
  • Mwami YUHI III Gahindiro (son), Mwami of Rwanda 1797/1830
  • Mwami MUTARA II Rwoogera (son), Mwami of Rwanda 1830/1860, married and had issue.
    • Mwami Kigeli IV Rwabugiri (qv)
  • Mwami KIGELI IV Rwabugiri, 25th Mwami of Rwanda 1860/1895, married (amongst others) (a), Umugabezaki Kanjogera of the Abega clan (later regent, qv) married (b), Queen Kumukera, daughter of Chief Ruvusatshuma, married (c), Muhumusa, died 1945, and had issue. He died November 1895.
    • Mwami Mibambwe IV Rutarindwa (qv)
    • Mwami Yuhi IV Musinga (by Kanjogera) (qv)
    • Prince Bilegeya (by Muhumusa)
    • Prince Munana
    • Princess Beeraboose (by Queen Kumukera), 3rd Queen of Bufumbira (see Ankole predecessor states).
    • Prince Nyindo (by Queen Kumukera), 4th Mwami of Bufumbira
  • Mwami MIBAMBWE IV Rutalindwa, Mwami of Rwanda 1895/1896, he was killed in December 1896 at the instigation of Umugabezaki Kanjogera, who wanted to place her own son on the throne.
    Mwami KABARE, Regent of Rwanda 1896/1916, brother of Kanjogera and Mbanzabigwi.
    Umugabezaki Kanjogera [Nyirayuhi V], Regent of Rwanda 1896/1916
    Mwami RUHINANKIKO, Regent of Rwanda 1896/1916, brother of Mwami Kabare.
    Mwami NDUNGUTSE, Mwami of Rwanda (in rebellion) 1911/1912
  • Mwami YUHI IV Musinga, 26th Mwami of Rwanda [xx.12.1896] - [12.11.1931] (deposed), born 1883, Enthroned as the Mwami in January 1897; he was deposed by the Belgian administration because of his inability to work with subordinate chiefs and his refusal to be baptized a Roman Catholic; married 1stly, Umugabezaki Kankazi [Nyiaramavugo III], Regent in 1931, daughter of Mbanzabigyi, brother of Kanjogera, married 2ndly, Nyirakabuga, married 3rdly, Mukakarema, married 4thly, Mukabagorora, married 5thly, Mukamugema, married 6thly, Mujawingoma, married 7thly, Umugabezaki Mukashema Bernadette, married 8thly, Mukande, married 9thly, Murebwayire, married 10th, Kanyange, married 11th, Gikwanzi,  and had issue, 19 children. He died 25th December 1944 in Moba.
    • HM Mwami Mutara III Rudahigwa (by Kankazi)(qv)
    • Prince Étienne Rwigemera (by Nyirakabuga), married and had issue.
    • Prince Nkuranga (by Mukakarema), married and had issue.
      • Prince Rangira Nkuranga
    • Prince Subika (by Mukabagorora), married and had issue.
      • Prince Nkotanyi Subika
    • Prince Bangambiki (by Mukamugema)
    • Prince Ruzibiza (by Mujawingoma)
    • Prince Ruzindana (by Mukashema)
    • HRH Princess Spéciosa Mukabayojo Bideri (by Mukashema), born 1931.
    • HM Mwami Kigeli V Jean Baptiste Ndahindurwa (by Mukashema) (qv) 
    • Prince John Nkurayija (by Mukande)
    • Prince Badakengerwa (by Mukande)
    • Prince Rémy Rutayisire (by Mukande)
    • Prince William Bushayija (by Murebwayire), married and had issue.
      • HRH Prince Emmanuel Bushayija, he succeeded his uncle as HM Mwami Yuhi VI (qv)
    • Prince Rutaganira (by Kanyange)
    • Prince Rutaganira (by Gikwanzi)
    • Princess (kandi) Musheshambugu (by Mukashema) fl.1930
    • Prince Munonozi (by Nyirakabuga)
    • Prince Rudacyahwa (by Nyirakabuga)
    • Princess Emma Bakayaishonga (by Nyirakabuga)
  • HM Mwami MUTARA III Charles Léon Pierre Rudahigwa, 27th Mwami of Rwanda [12.11.1931] - [25.7.1959], born March 1913, he was enthroned as the Mwami on 16th November 1931; he devoted his reign to the modernisation of his kingdom, particularly with new agricultural techniques; with his personal persuasion the first free elections were held, which enabled the Hutus to take part; in 1949 he decreed that the terms Hutu, Tutsi and Twa was to no longer be used and that the new term was to be Rwandan; he abolished feudalism on 1st April 1954 and the following year the Belgian King paid an official visit to Rwanda; he was the first Mwami to convert to Catholicism, in 1941, spearheading a wave of baptisms in the protectorate, he was himself baptized in 1943 with the names Charles Léon Pierre; married 1stly. 15th October 1933 (div.1941) HM Queen Nyiramakomali of the Abgesera Clan, married 2ndly, 13th January 1942, HM Queen Rosalie Gicanda, born about 1914, murdered by rebels 21st April 1994 in Butare with six relatives, buried at the Rukali Royal Palace in Nyanza. He died sp on 25th July 1959 in Bujumbura after an injection of penicillin, and was buried at the Rukali Royal Palace in Nyanza.
  • HM Mwami KIGELI V Jean Baptiste Ndahindurwa, 28th Mwami of Rwanda [28.7.1959] - [28.1.1961] and Head of the Royal Family of Rwanda [28.1.1961] - [21.10.2016], born 29th June 1936 at Kamembe in south west  Rwanda, he was enthroned as the Mwami on 9th October 1959, educated at Groupe Scolaire d'Astrida in Rwanda, studied administration at the Government School in Nyangezi, Zaire, worked with the Belgian administration from 1956 to 1958 in the Astrida Territory, and then in 1959 in Bufundu in Gikongoro, exiled by the Belgian government in 1961, he was granted political asylum in the U.S. and he has lived in Washington since 1992, he established The King Kigeli V Foundation and is active in relief efforts in Rwanda, though he has not actively pushed for restoration of the monarchy. He died sp on 21st October 2016.
    INTERREGNUM [21.10.2016] - [9.1.2017]
  • HM Mwami YUHI VI Emmanuel Bushayija, 29th Mwami of Rwanda (see above)