Flag of the Korean
                Kingdom 1893

KOREA (Kingdom)

TITLE:  HIM Emperor ANNEXATION:  29th August 1910
STATE:  Korea DYNASTY:  Chosun (Joseon)
PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE:  HIH Prince YI WON, 30th Head of the Imperial House of Korea since 2005. (Wondang, Goyang, Gyeonggi province, Korea)
born 1962, Hereditary Prince Imperial of Korea (Hwangsason), installed 16th July 2005 as the 30th Head of the Imperial Chosun Dynasty, educated at Sangmun High School 1979/1981, studied broadcasting at the New York Institute of Technology, general manager of Hyundai Home Shopping, married and has issue, two sons.
  • HIH Prince Yi (name unknown), born 1998.
  • HIH Prince Yi (name unknown), born 1999.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The dynasty was founded in 1393, the Empire was declared in 1897 and annexed by the Japanese 1910/1945. Republic declared in 1948. Rulers were...
  1. King TAEJO, 1st King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1393/1398, born 1335 as Prince Yi Songgye, married and had issue. He died 1408.
    • King Chongjong (Yi Panggwa) (qv)
    • King Taejong (Yi Pangwon) (qv)
    • Prince Yi Pangbon, died 1397/1398
    • Prince Yi Pangsok, died 1397/1398
    • Prince Yi Panggan

  2. King CHONGJONG, 2nd King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1398/1400, born 1357, died 1419.

  3. King TAEJONG, 3rd King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1400/1418, born 1367, married and had issue. He died 1423.
    • King Sejong (qv)

  4. King SEJONG, 4th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1418/1450, born 1397, married and had issue. He died 1450.
    • King Munjong (Yi Hang) (qv)
    • King Sejo (Yi Suyang) (qv)
    • Prince Yi Anpyong, born 1418, died 1453.
    • Prince Yi Kumsong, died 1457.

  5. King MUNJONG, 5th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1450/1452, born 1414, married and had issue. He died 1452.
    • King Tanjong (qv)

  6. King TANJONG, 6th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1452/1455, born 1440, died 1457.

  7. King SEJO, 7th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1455/1468, born 1417, married and had issue. He died 1468.
    • King Yejong (qv)
    • Prince Yi Tokchong, married and had issue.
      • King Songjong (qv)

  8. King YEJONG, 8th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1468/1469, born 1450, died 1469.

  9. King SONGJONG, 9th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1469/1494, born 1457, married and had issue. He died 1494.
    • King Yonsan (qv)
    • King Chungjong (qv)

  10. King YONSAN, 10th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1494/1506, died 1506.

  11. King CHUNGJONG, 11th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1506/1544, married and had issue. He died 1544.
    • King Injong (qv)
    • King Myongjong (qv)
    • Prince Yi Tokhung, married and had issue.
      • King Sonjo (qv)

  12. King INJONG, 12th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1544/1545, died 1545.

  13. King MYONGJONG, 13th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1545/1567, died 1567.

  14. King SONJO, 14th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1567/1608, born 1552, married and had issue. He died 1608.
    • King Kwanghae (qv)
    • Prince Yi Wonjong, married and had issue.
      • King Injo (qv)
    • Prince Yi Imhae
    • Prince Yi Yongchang (14th son), born 1606, died 1614.

  15. King KWANGHAE, 15th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1608/1623, died 1642.

  16. King INJO, 16th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1623/1649, married and had issue. He died 1649.
    • King Hyojong (qv)
    • Prince Yi Sohyon, born 1612, died 1645.
    • Prince Yi Inp'yong, married and had issue.
      • Six generations
        • Prince Yi Namyon'gun, adopted by Prince Yi Unsin'gun (see below).

  17. King HYOJONG, 17th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1649/1659, married and had issue. He died 1659.
    • King Hyongjong (qv)

  18. King HYONGJONG, 18th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1659/1674, married and had issue.
    • King Sukchong (Yi Sun) (qv)

  19. King SUKCHONG, 19th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1674/1720, born 1660, married 1stly, Queen Ingyong, married 2ndly, Queen Inhyon, married 3rdly, Queen Inwon, born 1687, died sp in 1757, married 4thly, Lady Chang, married 5thly, Lady Choe, and had issue. He died 12th July 1720.
    • King Kyongjong (Yi Kyon) (by Lady Chang)(qv)
    • King Yongjo (Prince Yonin) (Yi Eum) (by Lady Choe)(qv)

  20. King KYONGJONG, 20th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1720/1724, born 1688, married 1stly, Queen Soui, married 2ndly, Queen Oo. He died 11th October 1724.

  21. King YONG JO, 21st King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1724/1776, born 1694, married 1stly, Queen Chongsong, born 1692, died sp on 13th May 1757, married 2ndly, Lady So, Queen Chongsun, born 1745, died sp in 1805, Regent 1800/1804, married 3rdly, Lady Yi, married 4thly, Lady Sonhui, married 5thly, Lady Cho, married 6thly, Mun, and had issue, two sons and twelve daughters. He died 22nd April 1776. 
    • Crown Prince Hyojang (Yi Kyongui) (by Lady Yi), born 1719, married Queen Hyosun, born 1715, died 1751. He died sp in 1728. 
    • Princess Yi Hwasun (by Lady Yi), married Prince Wolsong. She died 1748.
    • Princess Yi Hwapyong (by Lady Sonhui), born 1733, married Prince Kumsong. She died in June 1748.
    • Crown Prince Sado (Yi Chongjo) (by Lady Sonhui), born 13th February 1735, married 1stly, 21st February 1744, Lady Hong Hyegyong-Gung, (posthumously created Queen Kyongui), born 6th August 1735 in Pangsongbang, died 1815, married 2ndly, Lady Yongyi, married 3rdly, Ping-ae, and had issue. He died 12th July 1762, buried 10th September 1762.
      • Prince Yi Uiso, born in September 1750, died in March 1752.
      • King Chongjong (Yi Sung) (qv)
      • Princess Yi Chongyon, born 31st August 1754.
      • Princess Yi Ch'ongson, born in September 1756.
      • Prince Yi Unon'gun (by Lady Hong), married and had issue.
        • Prince Chunggye, Taewongun, married and had issue.
          • King Chuljong (Yi Chung) (qv)
      • Prince Yi Unsin'gun, married and had issue.
        • Prince Yi Namyon'gun, adopted, sixth in descent from Prince Inp'yong, son of King Injo (see above), married and had issue.
          • Imperial Prince Yi Heungson, born 1820, Heungseon Heoneu Taewongun [cr.1908], Regent of Korea 1864/1873, exiled in 1882 until 1886, married and had issue. He died 1898.
            • HIH Prince Yi Hui [Lee Jaemyon], born 1845, Prince Wan Heung Gun [cr.1900], Prince Heung Chungwang [cr.1910], 2nd Head of Unhyun Palace [Unhyeongung], married and had issue. He died 1912.
              • HH Crown Prince Yi Jun Yong, Prince Yeongseon Gun [cr.1910], Prince Wan Syuk Gun, born 1870, 3rd Head of Unhyun Palace, died 1917.
            • The Lord Yi Myeong-bok (Jaehwang) (Yi Myeong-bok), later succeeded as HIM Emperor Kojong [Yi Hyong] (qv)
            • Prince Yi Chaeson
    • Princess Hwawan, born 1738.
    • Princess Hwahyop

  22. King CHONG JONG, 22nd King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1776/1800, born in October 1752, married 25th February 1762, Lady Kim (Queen Hyo-eui), born 1753, died sp in 1821, married 2ndly, Lady Pak, born 1770, died 1822, and had issue. He died 18th August 1800.
    • HRH Prince Yi Munhyo
    • King Sunjo (Yi Kwang) (qv)

  23. King SUNJO, 23rd King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1800/1834, born 1789, married (a), Lady Kin (Queen Sun-won), born 1789, died 1857, Regent of Korea 1834/1840 and 1849/1850, and had issue. He died 13th December 1834.
    • HRH Prince Yi Ikchong, married Lady Cho (Queen Sin Chong), Regent of Korea 1864/1866, and had issue. 
      • King Honjong (Yi Whan) (qv)

  24. King HON JONG, 24th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1834/1849, born 1825/1827, married 1stly, Lady Kim (Queen Hyo Hyun), married 2ndly, Lady Hong (Queen Chong Mok Ta Bi). He died sp on 25th July 1849.

  25. King CHUL JONG, 25th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1849/1864, born 1831, married Lady Kim (Queen Nyung Sun), and had issue. He died spm on 21st January 1864.
    • Daughter, married Prince Kumnung [Pak Yong Hyo], born 1861, died 1939.

  26. HIM Emperor KOJONG, 26th King of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) 1864/1907 (abdicated), born 8th September 1852, HM King (Chonha) of Korea 1864/1897, HIM Emperor Gwangmu (Daehanjeguk Gwangmu Daehwangje Pyeha) of Korea 1897/1907, he struggled to maintain control against firstly the Russians after 1894, and then the Japanese after 1905, he was responsible for the start of industrialization in Korea, forced to abdicate in favour of his son in 1907 by the Japanese; married 1stly, 1866, Lady Yi, married 2ndly, 1866, Lady Min Hung Yo (HM Queen Myeongseong), born 1851, died 8th October 1895, married 3rdly, Queen Sunheon, born 1854, died 1911, married 4thy 1896, Lady Om, died 1909, married 5thly, Lady ....., died 1929 and had issue. He died 21st January 1919.
    • HH Prince Wanhwa (by Lady Yi), born 1867, died young.
    • HH Prince Wonja (by Lady Min), born 1871, died 1871.
    • HIH Emperor Sunjong [Yi Ch'ok] (qv)
    • HIH Prince Yi Ko (Yi Kang) [Ui'chinwang] (fifth son, by Lady Yang, a lady-in-waiting), born 30th March 1877 in Seoul, special ambassador to the Meiji Emperor in 1894/1895, educated briefly in the United States; he received his given name of Yi Kang and was titled Prince Uihwa with the style of His Royal Highness in 1891, elevated in 1899 to the title and style of HIH The Prince Imperial Eui of Korea; served as the president of the Korean Red Cross 1906/1910; married 14 wives, (amongst others) 1898, Lady Kim Sudeok (Princess Deogin), born 22nd December 1880, died 14th January 1964, daughter of 1st Baron Kim Sajun, and had issue, thirteen sons and nine daughters. He died August 1955 at Seongrak Manor in Seoul, and was buried at Hongyu-reung in Namyang-ju near Seoul. He had a total of 13 sons and 9 daughters.
      • HIH Prince Yi Kin (eldest son, by Lady Sugwan), born 28th October 1909 in Seoul, acquired Japanese citizenship, thereby renouncing his Korean legacy; married 1931, HIH Princess Matsudaira Yoshiko, born 6th October 1911 in Tokyo, daughter of Capt. Matsudaira Yutaka, and his wife, a daughter of Marquis Nabeshima Naohiro, and had issue. He died 1991.
        • HIH Prince Yi Chu, born 14th August 1932 in Tokyo.
        • HIH Prince Yi Ki, born 4th March 1935 in Tokyo.
        • HIH Princess Yi Haruko, born 19th December 1938 in Tokyo.
      • HIH Prince Yi Wu (second son, by Lady Suin), born 15th November 1912 in Tokyo, educated at a military school in Tokyo, 4th Head of Unhyun Palace, adopted in 1917 by HH Crown Prince Yi Jun Yong, he was forced to serve in the Japanese Army stationed in China, married 2nd May 1935, Lady Sanshu (Park Chanju), born 11th December 1914 in Seoul, died 1995, a granddaughter of Marquis Park Yeonghyo (son-in-law of King Chuljong), and had issue. He died 6th August 1945 at Hiroshima and was buried in Hongneung Imperial tomb on 15th August, the day of Korean Liberation. 
        • HIH Prince Yi Sei [Yi Chung], born 23rd April 1936 in Seoul, 5th Head of Unhyun Palace 1945/-.
        • HIH Prince Yi Jong, born 9th November 1940.
        • HIH Prince Yi Chonam, born 1943, alleged son of Prince Wu by Yu Jung-soon, daughter of General Yu Dong-ryul.
      • HIH Prince Yi Bang (third son, by Cho Byungsuk), born 1914, died 1951.
      • HIH Prince Yi Chang (fourth son, by Cho Byungsuk), born 1915.
      • HIH Prince Yi Tak (fifth son, by Lady Suin), born 1918, died 1982.
      • HIH Prince Yi Kon (sixth son, by Lady Suin), born 1920.
      • HIH Prince Yi Kwang (seventh son), born 1921, died 1952.
      • HIH Prince Yi Hyun (eigth son, by Lady Sugyung), born 1922, died 1995.
      • HIH Prince Yi Gap [Lee Chong-gil] (tenth son), born 1938 in Seoul, married and has issue.
        • HIH Prince Yi Won (see above and below) 
      • HIH Prince Yi Seok (eleventh son), born 26th September 1941 in Sadong Palace in Seoul, educated at Hankook University of Foreign Studies in Seoul; singer ("Home of Doves", 1960) and entertainer, host of a popular television program in 1964, served during the Vietnam War in an elite Korean commando regiment, discharged from the army in 1969, curator and cultural instructor in Chonju, authored a book about the late Choson Kingdom royal court family and has led an organization dedicated to preserving the culture of the royal court, presently professor of history lecturing at Jeonju University; married 5 times, (including Princess Jeonghee), and has issue, 3 children. (Jeonju, South Korea)
        • HIH Princess Yi Hong, born 1974, married Han Yeong-gwang, a Korean actor and has issue, one daughter.
        • HIH Princess Yi Jin, born 1979, actively interested in women's rights, and the promotion of traditional Korean ceramic arts.
        • HIH Prince Yi Junghun, born 1980.
      • HIH Prince Yi Hwan (twelfth son, by Kim Hyesu), born 1944.
      • HIH Prince Yi Jung (thirteenth son, by Hong Jeongsun), born 1947.
      • HIH Princess Yi Haewan (eldest daughter, by Lady Sudeok), born 1915, died 1981.
      • HIH Princess Yi Haewon (second daughter, by Lady Sudeok), born 1919 in Sadong Palace and raised in Unhyeon Palace, graduated from Kyunggi Girl's High School in 1936; rival claimant for the Imperial Throne, she was selected by a dozen members of the Imperial family on 29th September 2006; married Lee Seunggyu, and had issue, three sons and one daughter.
      • HIH Princess Yi Haechun (third daughter, by Lady Sugwan), born 1920.
      • HIH Princess Yi Haesuk (fourth daughter, by Lady Sugil), born 1920.
      • HIH Princess Yi Haegyong [Ms. Amy Hai Kyung Lee] (fifth daughter, by Lady Kim Keumdeok), born 1930, educated in the USA, worked as a librarian of the C.V. Starr East Asian Library of the Columbia University in New York until retirement in 1997, author of "Na ui ahoji Ui ch'inwang: Choson Wangjo Majimak Wangnyo ui Haegorok" (My Father Prince Ui: Memoirs of the Past Princess of the Choson Dynasty)".
      • HIH Princess Yi Hoeja (sixth daughter, by Kim Hyesu), born 1940.
      • HIH Princess Yi Haeran (seventh daughter, by Hong Jeongsun), born 1944.
      • HIH Princess Yi Haeryeon (eighth daughter, by Hong Jeongsun), born 1950.
      • HIH Princess Yi Changhui (ninth daughter, by Kim Hyesu), born 1953.
    • HIH Prince Yi Shun, married Lady Kin, born 1878. He died 1917.
    • HIH Prince Yi Ki, married.
    • HIH Crown Prince Yi Un (by Princess Consort Sunheon) (qv)
    • HIH Princess Yi Tokhye [Deokhye] (by Lady Bongnyeong-dang), born 25th May 1912 at Changdeok Palace in Seoul, educated at the Gakushuin; lived in Japan until she returned to Korea in 1962; married May 1931, (div. 1951), Count So Takeyuki, born 1908, died 1985, and had issue, one daughter. She died 21st April 1989 at Sugang Hall, Changdeok Palace, and was buried at Hongryureung in Namyangju, near Seoul.
      • Lady So Masae [Jung Hye], born 14th August 1932, married Suzuki Noboru. She died 1955.

  27. HIM Emperor SUNJONG, 2nd Emperor of Korea 1907/1910, 27th Head of the Imperial Chosun Dynasty of Korea 1910/1926, born 25th March 1874, married (amongst others), (a) HIM Empress Sunjeong, married (b), 1907, Lady Yun, born 1894, died 3rd February 1966. He died sp on 24th April 1926. 

  28. HIH Crown Prince YI UN, 28th Head of the Imperial Chosun Dynasty of Korea 1926/1970, born 21st October 1897 at Deoksu Palace in Seoul as Yeongchinwang (Prince Imperial Yeong), Crown Prince of Korea from 1907, HRH Crown Prince Lee of Korea 1910/1926, he served in the Japanese Army as Commanding Officer 59th Regiment, 4th Depot Division and 51st Division, also served in the Imperial Army Air Force as General Officer Commanding, 1st Air Army, served as Instructor at the Military Staff College, attached to Inspectorate-General of Military Training, and appointed to Membership of the Supreme War Council during WWII, married 28th April 1920 at Tokyo, HIH Princess Nashimoto-no-Miya Masako Nyo o (Yi Pang-ja), born 4th November 1901, died 30th April 1989, the eldest daughter of HIH Prince Nashimoto-no-miya Morimasa, and had issue. He died 1st May 1970 at Nakseon Hall, Changdeok Palace, Seoul and was buried at Hongyureung in Namyangju, near Seoul and is known posthumously as Crown Prince Uimin of Korea (Uimin Taeja).
    • HIH Prince Yi Chin, born 18th August 1921, died 11th May 1922, buried 17th May in Korea.
    • HIH Prince Yi Ku (qv)

  29. HIH Prince YI KU, 29th Head of the Imperial Chosun Dynasty of Korea [1.5.1970] - [16.7.2005], the Lee Family Council announced his posthumous title as Hoeun Hwangtaeson (Prince Imperial Hoeun of Korea), born 29th December 1931 in Kitashirakawa Palace in Tokyo, educated at Gakushuin Peers' School in Tokyo, Centre College, Danville, Kentucky and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studying architecture, he worked for a New York firm of Architects 1960/1964, he lectured on architecture at Seoul National University and Yonsei University, married 25th October 1959 (sep'd 1977, div. 1982) in St. George's Church, New York, Julia Mullock [HIH Princess Julia Lee of Korea], born 18th March 1928, in Pennsylvania, USA, and had adopted issue. He died 16th July 2005 in Tokyo, Japan, buried 24th July at Hongnung royal mausoleum in Namyangju, Korea.
    • HIH Prince Yi Won (adopted son, see above)
    • Eugenia Unsuk (adopted daughter).

  30. HIH Prince YI WON, 30th Head of the Imperial Chosun Dynasty of Korea (see above) 
  • HIH Prince Lee Hai Joon