baROLONG (Tribe)

STATE: Botswana DYNASTY: Morolong
PRESENT RULER: Kgosikgolo LOTLAAMORENG II [Lotlaamoreng Besele Montshioa], Paramount Chief of the baRolong since 2001.
born 30th November 1975, educated at the University of North West, graduating in Law; installed as Paramount Chief on 23rd February 2002 at Goodhope; sworn in as Member of the House of Chiefs on 28th February 2002.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The eponymous ancestor was Chief Morolong who may have lived  in the 15th century. He was possibly succeeded by Morare, Mabe, Mabudi, Moloto, Mabeo, Modiboa, Tshesebat Setlhare, Masspe, Mokgopha-a-Masepe, Thibels and Tau (see below). Split at various times, leaving 4 main sections. The baRolong booRatshidi are in Botswana, other branches in South Africa. Rulers were...
  • Kgosikgolo TAU, Paramount Chief of the baRolong, married (a), Kgamanae Morakile, married (b), Kabasana Mabule, married (c), Motshwabange Mabule, married (d), Moswaana, and had issue, at least ten sons. He died ca1760 at Taung.
    • Kgosikgolo Ratlou (by Kgamanae) (qv)
    • Kgosikgolo Tshidi (by Kabasana) (qv) (baRolong booRatshidi)
    • Kgosikgolo Makgetla (by Motshwabange or Kgamanae) (qv)
    • Kgosikgolo Seleka (by Moswaana) (baRolong baSeleka)
    • Kgosikgolo Rapulana (by Moswaana) (baRolong baRapulana)
    • Kgosi Modise (by Kgamanae)
    • Kgosi Maleme (by Motshwabange)
    • Kgosi Ganakgomo (by Motshwabange)
    • Kgosi Masetlha (by Motshwabange)
    • Kgosi Ramhitshana (by Moswaana)
  • Kgosi RATLOU, Paramount Chief of the baRolong ca1760/ca1775, married and had issue. A disagreement between Tau's sons resulted in Ratlou leaving home. Several of Ratlou's younger brothers planned to kill him for leaving. However, Tau's third son Makgetla persuaded them to abandon their plan out of respect for Ratlou as he was their senior brother Ratlou was therefore reluctantly allowed to leave with his followers. Soon afterwards Seleka also left home. Later, both Tshidi and Makgetla (now known as the peacemaker) left home but continued to live at the same place together with their respective followers - a situation regarded as unusual. 
    • Kgosikgolo Setshiro (baRolong baRatlou booSetshiro)
    • Kgosi Modirwagale
    • Kgosikgolo Mariba
    • Kgosikgolo Mokalala (baRolong baRatlou booMariba)
baRolong baRatlou booSetshiro (Senior branch)(at Khunwana):
baRolong baRatlou booMariba (Junior branch):

baRolong baSeleka (at Thaba Nchu): Incorporated into Orange Free State in July 1884.

baRolong baRapulana (at Rietfontein):
  • Kgosi SEATLHOLO -/2002, Kgosi of the baRolong baRapulana booSeatlholo, married Kgosigadi Anthea (Seatlholo). He died 2002.
  • Kgosigadi Anthea (Seatlholo) 2002/-
baRolong booRatshidi (at Mafikeng):
  • Kgosikgolo TSHIDI, Paramount Chief of the baRolong ca1760/ca1775, married (a), Maetswana, married (b), Khukhu, married (c), Khukhwana. He died in a battle with the Dihoja tribe near Mamusa about the year 1775 (#6).
    • Kgosikgolo Thutlwa (by Maetswana) (qv)
    • Kgosi Mojankuyana (by Maetswana)
    • Kgosi Mokgothu (by Maetswana)
    • Kgosi Leshomo (by Khukhu) (qv)
    • Kgosi Mabina (by Khukhu)
    • Kgosi Thatane (by Khukhwana)
    • Kgosi Mangwegape (by Khukhwana)
  • Kgosi THUTLWA, Paramount Chief of the baRolong ca1775/ca1785, married (a), Morwa Makgetla, married (b), Morwanyana Makgetla, married (c), Motshidisi Makgetla, married (d), Mmu Maetso, married (e), Serai, married (f), Kefalotse Motlhaku, married (g), Masukutswane Nthufa and had issue. He died ca1785.
    • Kgosi Tau (by Morwa), died sp young, so, a variation of a 'levirate' was arranged by the tribe between Tawana and his maternal cousin Sebodio, who was a daughter of Phetlhu Makgetla who was the brother of Tawana's mother Morwanyane. This was arranged for the sole purpose of providing a son for the deceased Tau in order, once again, to perpetuate the line of chieftainship. Therefore, although Sebodio was Tawana's third wife she was to be regarded as his principal wife and her children as Tau's children.
    • Kgosikgolo Tawana (by Morwanyana)(qv)
    • Koto (f) (by Morwanyana), died 6th August 1832.
    • Kotonyana (f) (by Morwanyana), died 6th August 1832.
    • Kgosi Moshoela (by Motshidisi), had issue.
      • Kgosi Bodumelo
    • Kgosi Mmamorena (by Motshidisi)
    • Kgosi Mamlorolo (by Motshidisi)
    • Kgosi Masetlha (by Mmu Maetso)
    • Kgosi Lekgetho (by Serai)
    • Kgosi Legae (by Kefalotse)
    • Kgosi Lekone (by Kefalotse), had issue.
      • Kgosi Phatudi, died September 1852.
    • Kgosi Matsheka (by Masukutswane), living 1818.
  • Kgosi MAKGETLA, Acting Chief of the baRolong 1785/1790, married and had issue. He was killed ca1790 in a battle with the Bahurutshe booManyana.
    • Morwa (f), married Kgosi Thutlwa (qv).
    • Morwanyana (f), married Kgosi Thutlwa (qv).
    • Motshidisi (f), married Kgosi Thutlwa (qv).
    • Kgosi Phetlhu, married and had issue.
      • Sebodio (f), married Kgosi Tawana and had issue. She died 6th August 1832.
      • Kgosi Mokgweetsi, married and had issue. He died 11th June 1890.
        • Kgosi Ratlhagana Mokgwetsi, married and had issue.
          • Kgosi Marumo Mokgwetsi, married and had issue.
            • Kgosi Nakedi Nelson Mokgwetsi, married Kelebogile Matlapeng, born 9th May 1929, died 11th May 2009 in Lobatse, daughter of Herman Matlapeng, and his wife, Caroline Menoe, and had issue.
              • Neo Mokgwetsi [Mohumagadi Neo Gaseitsewe], married (as his second wife), His Excellency Kgosikgolo Seepapitso Bathoen Gaseitsiwe, Paramount Chief of the Bangwaketse, and had issue. She died 24th March 2010 at the Princess Marina Hospital,
              • Kgosi Phetlhu Mokgwetsi, born 5th June 1957 in Mafeking, married and had issue. He died 11th May 2002 in Lobatse.
  • Kgosi LESHOMO, Regent of the baRolong 1790/1815, by 1814, when Tawana was aged 30 and already had several wives, Leshomo refused to hand over the chieftainship to him. A serious dispute developed between the two which split the Ratshidi clan into two factions, the larger faction under Leshomo remained at Gatshebethwane near Disaneng while the smaller faction under Tawana fled further westwards - first to Loporung and Mmakgori beyond Phitsane Molopo, and then north across the Molopo to Tsoaneng and Moshaneng, south west of Kanye in Botswana, married and had issue. He died 1818.
    • Dikgang (f), married Kgosi Tawana, and had issue. She died 6th August 1832.
  • Kgosikgolo TAWANA, Paramount Chief of the baRolong 1815/1849, born ca1775, established his capital at Phitsane in 1815, with the help of Chief Makaba's Bangwaketse, now allies of the Ratshidi, he drove out Leshomo from Gatshebethwane eastwards into Bahurutshe territory where, in 1818, Leshomo was killed, in June 1823, Tawana's Ratshidi were forced to leave Phitsane in order to avoid attack by the Batlokwa and their allies who had just devastated Kaditshwene. The Ratshidi found refuge with the Ratlou clan at Khunwana until, on the 6th August 1832, the town was destroyed and many of its inhabitants killed by Mzilikazi's Ndebele warriors. The survivors under Tawana fled south eastwards to Thaba Nchu. He  married 1stly, Dikgang Leshomo, she died 6th August 1832, married 2ndly, Mosela-a-Molekane of the Rapulana clan, she died 6th August 1832, married 3rdly, Sebudio, daughter of Phetlhu (see above), she died 6th August 1832, married (a), Letshane, daughter of Dingoko, she died 6th August 1832, married (b), MmaSefera, daughter of Chief Makaba of the Bangwaketse, married (c), Senaanye Molekane, died 6th August 1832, married (d), Mojanku Marumulwa, married (e), Mojankunyana Marumulwa (married Kgosi Tshosa of the baNgwaketse and Nco Dingoko, by both of whom she had issue), and had issue. He died October 1849 and was buried in Dithakong.
    • Morwanyana (f) (by Dikgang)
    • Motshidisi (f) (by Dikgang)
    • MmaMorena (f) (by Dikgang)
    • Manca (f) (by Dikgang)
    • Kgosi Seetsela (by Mosela), died 1818.
    • Kgosi Tlala (by Mosela), married Nkhabele Palo (married 2ndly, Kgosikgolo Moroka II), and had issue. He died 1832
      • Moutlwatsi (f)
      • Kgosi Setlogelo, living 1878.
      • Kgosikgolo Samuel TshipinareE of the baRolong baSeleka.
    • Kgosi Motshegare (by Mosela), had issue.
      • Gaeshele Motshegare (f), married 1870, Kgosikgolo Montshiwa (qv), and had issue. She died after October 1896.
      • Kgosi Mokholokholo Motshegare, died August 1881.
    • Kgosi Molema (by Mosela), born 1817 in Phitsane, he was converted to Christianity in the 1820's by the Wesleyan missionaries based at Thaba Nchu; he scouted the area along the Molopo river in 1857 and afterwards settled at Mafikeng, though Montshiwa did not feel safe there and led his followers to Moshaneng in the territory of the Bangwaketse in present-day Botswana, only returning to Mefeking in 1876 after negotiations with his brother; married (amongst others), Baitlhoi Lekoma, and had issue. He died 21st January 1882.
      •  Kgosi Joshua Molema, fl.1917
      • Kgosi Israel Molema, died March 1896.
      • Kgosi Tawana Molema, died 31st July 1884.
      • Kgosi Silas Thelesho Molema (by Baitlhoi), born 1852, educated at Heraldtown Industrial Training Institute in the former Transkei; between 1882 and 1896, he was translator, secretary and chief advisor to Chief Montshiwa as well as a farmer and businessman; he established the first school for the baRolong and during the Boer War 1899-1902, he served the British by commanding a Rolong detachment under General Baden-Powell during the siege of Mafikeng, and engaged in a successful ambush of the Boers in May 1900; he gave financial backing to Solomon Plaatje’s newspaper, Koranta ea Becoana, and was also responsible for the editing and production; married Molalanyana Mamhula Motlhabani, and had issue. He died 1929 or in September 1927.
        • Kgosi Dr. Silas Modiri Molema, born in February 1891 in Mafikeng, educated at Lovedale Institution (Matriculation), worked as a teacher in Kimberly until 1914 when he moved to Europe, admitted into the Medical School of Glasgow University (graduating in 1919); President of the African Races Association of Glasgow; elected as National Secretary of the African National Congress in December 1940; served on the African Advisory Council, Joint Advisory Council, and the Constitutional Committee; served as a member of Legislative Council; author of "The Bantu Past and Present: An Ethnographical and Historical Study of the Native Races of South Africa" (1920); "Montshiwa 1815-1896: BaRolong Chief and Patriot" (1966), and "Chief Moroka: His Life, His Country and His People" (1987); he married 1stly, 1927, Anna Moshoela (sister of Ella Moshoela, wife of Kgosi Tshekedi Khama), and daughter of Rev. M. J. Moshoela, one-time secretary, councillor and friend of the late Chief Montshiwa, married 2ndly, Lucretia Hommel, a nurse from King Edward’s Hospital in Durban, and had issue (by 2nd wife). He died on 13th August 1965 in Mafikeng. (#3)
          • Rene Lesedi Molema
          • Warada Molema
    • Kgosi Phetogane (by Mosela)
    • Majang (f) (by Mosela), married 1839, Kgosikgolo Montshiwa, and had issue. She died January 1891.
    • Kgosikgolo Montshiwa (#7) (by Sebudio) (qv)
    • Kgosi Marumulwa (by Sebudio), had issue.
      • Kgosi Lekoko, living 1915, acting chief (see below).
    • Kgosi Selere (by Sebudio), married and had issue. He died November 1881.
      • Kgosi Tiego Tawana, Acting Chief (see below)
    • Kgosi Seru (by Sebudio), living 1896.
    • Kgosi Montshiwane (by Letshane)
    • Kgosi Rabodietso (by MmaSefera)
    • Kgosi Saane (by MmaSefera), married Mosadikwena, born 1837, died 1940. He died after 1896.
    • Keethufile (f) (by Senaanye)
  • Kgosikgolo MONTSHIWA, Paramount Chief of the baRolong 1849/1896, born August 1815 in Tswaneng, married (amongst others) (a) ca1837 at Thaba Nchu, Motshidisi Mokgwetsi, married (b), 1839 at Thaba Nchu, Majang Tawana (see above), married (c) at Thaba Nchu, Tshadinyana, daughter of Kgosikgolo Tshosa of the baNgwaketse and Mojankunyana Marumulwa (see above), married (d), Onyana Nco (married Kgosi Segotshane of the baNgwaketse), daughter of Nco Dingoko and Mojankunyana Marumulwa (see above), married (e), 1870, Gaeshele Motshegare, married (f), Gadibusanye, daughter of Kgosi Senthufe of the baNgwaketse, married (g), Mosidi Bopalamo, and had issue. He died 19th October 1896 in Mafikeng.(4)(5)
    • Kgosi Sekgoro, born ca1838, died 1853 in Moshaneng.
    • Buku (f) (by Majang), born 1840, married Kgosi Tshipinare (qv).
    • Kgosi Kebalepile (by Tshadinyana), born 1850, married and had issue. He died May 1891.
      • Kgosikgolo Lotlaamoreng I (qv)
    • Kgosi Besele I (by Tshadinyana)(qv) 
    • Kgosi Tawana (by Tshadinyana)
    • Kgosi Makgetla (by Onyana)
    • Kgosi Badirile (by Gaeshele) (qv)
    • Moledi (f) (by Gaeshele)
    • Kgosi Ketshedile (by Gaeshele)
    • Kgosi Bakolopang (by Gaeshele)(qv)
    • Kgosi Mosarwa (by Gadibusanye)
    • Kgosi Taufele (by Gadibusanye)
    • Kgosi Sefularo (by Gadibusanye)
    • Kgosi Barolong (by Mosidi)
    • Kgosi Koto
    • Kgosi Koakae
    • Kgosi Morobela
  • Kgosi BESELE I, Acting Chief of the baRolong 1896/1903, married and had issue. He died 1903.
    • Kgosi Lewanika Montshiwa
  • Kgosi BADIRILE, Acting Chief of the baRolong 1903/1911, died 1911
  • Kgosi LEKOKO MARUMULWAActing Chief of the baRolong 1911/1915 and Chief of Lekoko Village
  • Kgosi JOSHUA MOLEMA, Acting Chief of the baRolong 1915/1917
  • Kgosi BAKOLOPANG, Acting Chief of the baRolong 1917/1919, died 1919
  • Kgosikgolo LOTLAAMORENG I, Paramount Chief of the baRolong 1919/1954, married and had issue.
    • Kgosikgolo Kebalepile [Kebalepile Montshioa] (qv)
    • Kgosikgolo Besele II [Besele Montshioa](qv)
  • Kgosi TIEGO TAWANA, Acting Chief of the baRolong 1954/1956
  • Kgosikgolo KEBALEPILE, Paramount Chief of the baRolong 1956/1970, born 1924, he supported the Governments Bantu Authorities Act, but his tribe felt that he was spending too little time attending to the needs of the Tshidi-Barolong themselves, in response, he created a number of internal committees to administer aspects of the chiefdom’s needs, in the areas of finances, health, education etc., a measure that failed and which made evident that the chiefdom was heavily in debt; a strong council administration was created that rectified the situation, in which he participated successfully towards the end of his life; married (amongst others) Kgosigadi Neonyana (see below), and had issue. He died in September 1970.
    • [Kgosi Setumo Stephen Montshiwa -/2000, Paramount Chief of the baRolong booRatshidi in South Africa, married and had issue. He died 2nd July 2000 in Victoria Hospital, Mafikeng, aged 45, buried 7th July 2000 in Mmabatho Cemetary.
      • Kgosi Ratshidi Montshioa, a claimant for the title in 2000.]
    • Kgosi Jeffrey Kgotleng Montshiwa 2000/-, installed as Paramount Chief of the baRolong booRatshidi in South Africa, on 25th April 2001, confirmed as rightful heir of the baRaolong booRatshidi by a Mafikeng High Court judgement on 6th February 2003.
  • Kgosigadi Neonyana Montshioa, Regent of the baRolong 1970/1974
  • Thshipikgano Motlhatledi, Administrator of of the baRolong Tribal Authority 1977/1982
  • Kgosikgolo BESELE II, Paramount Chief of the baRolong 1971/1977 and 1982/2001, married and had issue. He died 17th June 2001.
    • Kgosikgolo Lotlaamoreng II (qv)
  • Kgosikgolo LOTLAAMORENG II, Paramount Chief of the baRolong (see above)
  • Kealeboga Motshegare, Deputy Chief
  • Montshioa Dick Montshioa
  • Sydwell Molelekasilo Montshioa
  • Boikhutso Tawana
  • Gaongalelwe Motshegare
  • Peter Molema
  • Solomon Molema
  • Kgang Tawana
  • Thapelo Phetlhu
  • Mmilenyane Modise
  • Tlotio Seru
  • Mokopi Lekoko
  • Kgosi Othusitse Israel Motshegare, appointed Acting Chief of the baRolong in South Africa in 1999, by Kgosi Setumo, due to his illness.

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6. A different version of events "having died without any sonsto succeed him, in order to perpetuate this line of chieftainship, a 'levirate' (a compulsory marriage with a childless brother's widow) was arranged by the tribe, Tshidi's brother Makgetia fathered a son, Thutlwa, with Tshidi's widow Maetswane. This son was to be known as Tshidi's son. Likewise, also by Makgetia, Tshidi's third wife Khukhwane had a son Leshomo." Mafikeng Museum, 1997
7. The name is also often spelled 'Montshioa' i.e. one who is forced away from home - an exile.