BURMA (Kingdom)

TITLE:  HM King RELIGION:  Buddhist
AREA:  DYNASTY: Konbaung
  1. HM King ALAUNGPAYA, 1st King of Burma 1752/1760, born in August 1714, Schweibo District, founder of the dynasty which bears his name, married 1stly, 1730, Me Yun San, born 1713, (mother of 6 sons and 3 daughters), married 2ndly, Shin Pyei, and had issue, 10 sons and 6 daughters (1s dy). He died 11th May 1760 in Martaban Province, Burma.
    • HM King Naungdawgyi (by Me Yun San) (qv)
    • HM King Hsinbyushin (by Me Yun San) (qv)
    • HRH Prince Maung Po [Amyin Min] (by Me Yun San), born 1743, the Amyin Prince, died 1st October 1777.
    • HM King Bodawpaya (by Me Yun San)  (qv)
    • HRH Pahkan Min (by Me Yun San)  born 1749, died 11th December 1802. 
    • HRH Pindale Min (by Me Yun San), born 1754, died 19th June 1785. 
    • HRH Prince Maung Hla [Sitha Min] (by Shin Pyei), born 1753, the Sitha Prince, died 23rd February 1782.

  2. HM King NAUNGDAWGYI, 2nd King of Burma 1760/1763, born 1734, married (amongst others), (a) Princess Min Shwei Gya, daughter of King Mahadhammaraza Dipadi, the last King of Ava, and mother of two daughters, married (b), Princess Shin Pyo U, and had issue, 5 sons and 2 daughters (3s 1d dy). He died 28th November 1763 and was buried the same day.
    • HM King Maung Maung (by Shin Pyo U) (qv) 
    • HRH Prince Maung Chit, died 1782/1819 in prison.
    • HRH Prince Maung Nu, died young.

  3. HM King HSINBYUSHIN, 3rd King of Burma 1763/1776, born 1736, the Myeidu Prince, married HM Queen Me Hla, (mother of 4 sons), and had issue, 18 sons and 23 daughters (6s 9d dy). He died 10th June 1776.
    • HM King Singusa (qv)
    • HRH Prince Maung Nga, died after 1785.
    • HRH Prince Maung Paung Chaung [Salin Min], born 1761, the Salin Prince, died 27th July 1776.

  4. HM King SINGUSA, 4th King of Burma 1776/1782, born 10th May 1756, married and had issue, 5 sons and 6 daughters (1s3d dy, the balance were murdered 1782). He died 12th February 1782.

  5. HM King MAUNG MAUNG, 5th King of Burma [12.2.1782] - [14.2.1782], born 12th September 1763, died 14th February 1782.

  6. HM King BODAWPAYA, 6th King of Burma 1782/1819, born 1745, the Badon Prince, married (amongst others) (a), 1767, Princess Nang Aung Hsung, daughter of Saopha Sao Myat San Te, Sawbwa of Hsipaw, and had issue, 62 sons and 58 daughters (22s25d dy). He died 5th June 1819.
    • HRH Prince Maha Upayaza, born 1761.
    • HRH Crown Prince Insae, born 9th June 1762, the Shweidaung Prince, married (a), 13th July 1783 (amongst 22 wives), Princess Taungdwingyi (his half sister) and had issue, 32 sons & 26 daughters (16s16d dy). He died 9th April 1808.
      • HM King Bagyidaw (by Taungdwingyi) (qv)
      • HM King Tharrawaddy (by Taungdwingyi) (qv)
      • HH Tonghu Min, died after 1830.
      • HH Thibaw Min, died after 1831.
      • HH Kowoun Min, died after 1831.
    • HRH Prome Min, born 1764, died 16th June 1819. 
    • HRH Prince Metkhaya [Malun Min], the Malun Prince, died after 1841.
    • HRH Prince Mekkara (full brother of Prince Insae)
    • HRH Prince Natmauk
    • HRH Prince Taung Ngu, born 1766, died 10th June 1819. 
    • HRH Pagan Min
    • HRH Bassein Min
    • HRH Princess Taungdwingyi, she married her half-brother, HRH Crown Prince Insae, and had issue (see above).

  7. HM King BAGYIDAW, 7th King of Burma 1819/1837, born 23rd July 1784, the Sagaing Prince, second son, but eldest son of the Chief wife, he had two full brothers and thirteen half brothers, the eldest of whom was born 1781, became insane and was deposed by his brother, married (amongst others) (a), Mai Nu and had issue. He died in October 1846.
    • HRH Prince Nyaung Yin Mintha [Setkya Min], died in April 1838.
    • HM Queen Alenandaw, married HM King Mindon, and had issue (see below). She died 1900.

  8. HM King THARRAWADDY, 8th King of Burma 1837/1846, born 1786, President of the State Council, he also became insane, married (amongst others) a daughter of his cousin, Prince Bagyiwun, and had issue. He died in November 1846.
    • HRH Prome Min (by the Third Queen), born 1807, married and had issue, two sons killed in 1845. He died 1845.
    • HM King Pagan Min (qv)
    • HRH Pakhan Min (by the Third Queen), born 1812, married and had issue, three sons killed in 1850. He died 1843.
    • HM Queen Nammadaw, born 1813, Queen of the First Rank, married April 1853, HM King Mindon Min (see below). She died 1878.
    • HRH Mindatt Min, married and had issue.
      • HH Prince (name unknown), married and had issue.
        • Prince Thakin Hteik Tin Kadaw Gyi Naing, married 1922 (div. 1929), the fourth daughter of HM King Thibaw (see below), and had issue?.
          • Prince Hteik Tin Taw Hpaya, current Head of House (qv).
    • HRH Tarop Min, died 1850.
    • HRH Hlaing Min, died February 1853.
    • HM King Mindon Min (qv)
    • HRH Kanaung Min (by the Fourth Queen), born 1819, last Crown Prince of Burma, married [?Princess Lhuin Thip Khon Tan 1833-1875], and had issue. He died 2nd August 1866.
      • HH Padein Min, died 1866.
      • HH Kyunyo Min, died 1886.
      • HH Limbin Min, married and had issue. He died 1933, Rangoon, India.
        • Prince Htack Tin Lat, married and had issue.
          • Peter Limbin, born 10th October 1941, educated at Middle East High School to 1962, later worked as a clerk, a field auditor and an accountant at the Accounting Office in the Defense Ministry, he was sacked from his job at the Defense Ministry on 3rd March 1989 because he participated in the mass uprisings in August 1988; member of the Maymyo NLD and treasurer for Maymyo NLD Youth; he contested the 1990 election as an Independent candidate for Pyin Oo Lwin 2 constituency and won, but on 26th December 1990 he was dismissed as an MP by the junta backed Election Commission Tribunal. (U.S.A.)
          • Trixie Limbin
          • Augustine Limbin
          • Victor Limbin
          • Dr. Richard Limbin, married K. K. Gyi, and has issue.
            • Thura Limbin
          • Patricia Limbin
        • Princess Ma Lat, married Mr. Bellamy, and had issue. She died after 1965 (aged in 70's)
          • June Rose Bellamy, married (div.), as his fourth wife, General Ne Win (1910-2002)
        • Princess Ma Thwe, married Kunwar Anand Singh of Kashipur in India, and had issue, three sons. She died 1937.
      • Crown Prince Maung Lat also known as Prince John William Nawng Lat [Naung Lat / Maung Lat / Mowng Lat / Mannlet], born 1853, married Evalina Augusta (an Australian widow), and had issue. He died 1936 ( #3 ).
        • Rupert Alexander George Nawng Lat, born 2nd May 1886, baptised at Cannanore on 10th June 1886.
        • Egbert Alexander Grenville James Nawng Lat, born 13th August 1887, baptised at Cannanore on 18th August 1887.
        • Richard William Vernon Mannlet, married 2ndly, 1923 in India, Catherine Mcdougal Thomson, died 1926 in Rangoon. 
        • Rina Mannlet, married Leonard Bootman, and had issue.
          • Elaine Halton, born 1936, author of "Lord of the Celestial Elephant".
      • Princess Yanaung Myin, died 1866.
      • HM Queen Minbyin, born 1843, died 1st March 1926.
      • HH Sagu Min, died 1866.
      • HH Malun Min, died 1866.

  9. HM King PAGAN MIN, 9th King of Burma 1846/1853, born 1811, vicious and cruel like his father, he too became insane and was deposed by his brother who allowed him to live in confinement till his death, married 18 wives, but died sp in 1881.

  10. HM King MINDON MIN, 10th King of Burma (by the Fourth Queen) 1853/1878, born 1814 in Amarapura, married (amongst others) (a), in April 1853 (his half-sister), HM Queen Nammadaw, Queen of the First Rank, born 1813, died sp in 1878, married (b), HM Queen Myauknandaw, Queen of the First Rank, she died sp, married (c), HM Queen Alenandaw, Queen of the First Rank (see above), died 1900, married (d), married HM Queen Anauknandaw, Queen of the First Rank, married (e), HM Queen Myauksaungdaw, Queen of the Second Rank, died 1879, married (f), HM Queen Myaukshweye, Queen of the Second Rank, born 1821, died 19th December 1891, married (g), HM Queen Taungshweye Mibaya, Queen of the Second Rank, born 1825, died 19th January 1909, married (h), HM Taungsaungdaw, Queen of the Second Rank, married (i), Lady Laungshe, married (j), Lady Linbin, married (k), Lady Legya, married (l), Lasy Sagazein Mibaya, born 1842, died 28th April 1925, and had issue. He had eight chief wives viz. those of the First and Second Ranks. In total he had 55 wives and 110 children, but at his death this had dropped to 37 wives and 50 children. His 53rd and 54th children were born in late 1859. One Queen, fourteen sons and four daughters and sixty one other relatives were massacred in 1879. Two grandsons were still living as at early 2001. He died 11th September 1878 (or 1st October).
    • HM Queen Supayagyi (by Alenandaw), married (her half-brother), HM King Thibaw. She died after 1890.
    • HM Queen Supayalat (by Alenandaw), born 1859, married (her half-brother), HM King Thibaw, and had issue. She died 1925.
    • HM Queen Supayagale (by Alenandaw), born 1862, married (her half-brother), HM King Thibaw. She died 1912.
    • HRH Prince Thongze (by Myauksaungdaw), born 1843, died 1879.
    • HRH Prince Mekhara (by Myauksaungdaw), born 1847, died 1879.
    • HRH Prince Nyaungyan (by Myaukshweye), born 1845, married and had issue. He died 26th June 1885.
      • HH Prince Htack Tin Uzun, born 1879.
    • HRH Prince Nyaungoke (by Myaukshweye), born 1849, died after 1885.
    • HRH Princess Kyauksauk (by Myaukshweye), died 1885.
    • HRH Prince Myingun (by Taungshweye Mibaya), born 1844, married and had issue. He died 15th November 1921 in Saigon, Vietnam.
      • HH Princess Ma Phyu, died after 1958, Saigon, Vietnam.
    • HRH Prince Myingondaing (by Taungshweye Mibaya), died after 1885.
    • HM King Thibaw (by Laungshe) (qv)
    • HM Queen Salinsupaya (by Linbin), married (her half-brother), HM King Thibaw.
    • HRH Prince Thibomengtha, died after 1878.
    • HRH Prince Hmethaya, had issue.
      • HRH Prince Saw Yan Naing, born about 1872, died after 1919. 
      • HRH Prince (name unknown), born about 1875.
    • HRH Prince Maingtun, died 1879.
    • HRH Prince (name unknown), married and had issue.
      • HH Prince Maung Maung U, married and had issue.
        • Prince Maung Maung Gyi, born 1902, he was to marru Sylvia Forde, daughter of Harry Forde of Wimbledon, but the marriage never occurred.
    • HRH  Prince Pyinmina, last surviving son of King Mindon. He died 1950's.
    • HRH Prince Myinzaing, died after 1886.  Relationship to Mindon is unclear.
    • HRH Prince Chaunggwa, died after 1887.  Relationship to Mindon is unclear.

  11. HM King THIBAW, 11th and last King of Burma 1878/1885 and Head of the Royal House of Burma 1885/1916, born 1858 in Mandalay, married (amongst others), (a) HM Queen Supayalat (see above), married (b), HM Queen HM Queen Supayagyi (see above), married (c), HM Queen Supayagale (see above), married (d), HM Queen Salinsupaya (see above), married (e), 1881, Mi Hkin Gyi, born 1864, daughter of Kanne Atwinwun, died April 1882, and had issue. He died 19th December 1916 in Ratnagiri Fort, India.
    • Prince (name unknown), (by Queen Supayalat), born 9th September 1879, died 26th March 1880.
    • Princess (name unknown), (by Queen Supayalat), born August 1880.
    • Princess (name unknown), (by Queen Supayalat), born July 1881.
    • Princess (name unknown), (by Queen Supayalat), born 1884, married 1916, Kin Maung Lat. She died 1956.
    • Princess (name unknown), (by Queen Supayalat), born 7th March 1886, married 1922 (div. 1929), Prince Thakin Hteik Tin Kadaw Gyi Naing, he was the grandson of HRH Mindat Min (see above). She died 1962.
    • Ashin (Lady) Hteit-Suu Myatphayarkalay [Princess Myatpayagalay], (by Queen Supayalat), born 1887, she was allowed to return to Burma by the British only in 1919; married 1921, U Naing, and had issue. She died 1935.
      • Tawphayarlay U Aung Zeya [alias Thant Zin (Tsin)] (fourth son), before 1968, he was an underground activist and he became the patron of Ma-Na-Ta, the National Political Front in 1988; he opposed successive military rulers and as a result, he was detained from 1968 to 1970 and again from 1989 to 1992; he was also involved in the Burmese nationalist and poet Sayargyi Thakhin Kodawmaing’s domestic peace movement, Afro-Asian unity movement and the fight against the Chinese nationalists who invaded Burma in 1950s; married Khin May, and had issue, one daughter. He died 18th June 2006 in the Japan General Hospital, Rangoon aged 80 years, cremated 20th June 2006 at Hteinpin Cemetery, Rangoon.
        • Devi Thant Zin, she married and has issue, four sons.
      • Taw Paya, born 1924, educated at the Mission School in Rangoon, living March 2008.
    • Prince (name unknown), (by Queen Supayagale), born November 1885, died young.
    • Princess Fayas (probably one of the above), married Gopal Sawant Shivrekar, and had issue. She died in the 1950's.
      • Tutu Shivrekar, married Shankar Pawar, and had issue.
        • Chandu Pawar

  12. ........

  13. HRH Prince HTEIK TIN TAW PAYA (see above)
  • Princess Lhuinthip Khon Tan 1833-1875

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