LAWKSAWK (Yatsauk) (Shan State)

TITLE: Saopha (personal name) Kambawsa Rahta Maha Thiriwuntha Thudama RELIGION: Buddhist
STATE: Burma (Southern Shan State)
AREA: 6,118 km2 REVENUE: £2,000

PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: Saopha HSO HKAM Kambawsa Yamta Maha Thiriwuntha Thudhamma Yaza,  19th and present Sawbwa of Lawksawk since 8th August 1994.
born 1967.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: A state in the central division of the southern Shan States of Burma, it was founded in 1630, and briefly occupied by Yawnghwe from 1881 to 1886. Lawksawk (classical name: Rathawadi) ranks tenth in order of precedence, at the time of the British annexation of the Shan States. Rulers were...
  • Saopha SONG HKEM, 1st Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1630/1660
  • Saopha THIBAWSA, 2nd Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1660/1680
  • Saopha PAI HKAM, 3rd Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1680/1707
  • Saopha SHWE GYAW, 4th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1707/1729
  • Saopha HKUN SHWE THA, 5th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1729/1753
  • Saopha THA PUN MINAUNG, 6th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1753/1760
  • Saopha MAUNG GYI, 7th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1760/1763
  • Saopha SHWE YI, 8th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1763/1780 (brother)
  • VACANT from July 1790 to 1791
  • Saopha MAUNG KYWET, 9th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1791/1792
  • Saopha HKUN SAM LIK, 10th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1792/1811
  • VACANT 1811 to May 1812
  • Saopha ON GAING, 11th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1812/1813 (deposed), died 1834.
  • Saopha HKUN SHWE EK, 12th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1813/1850, died 1850.
  • VACANT 1850/1854
  • Saopha LAI HKA, 13th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1854/1856, died 4th September 1856.
  • LOCAL ADMINISTRATOR [4.9.1856] - [19.1.1866]
  • Saopha SAW WAING [Hkun Weng], 14th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1866/1881 (deposed) (first time) and Sawbwa of Yaung Hwe
  • ADMINISTRATOR, Myook Sai Pwin 1881/1886
  • Saopha SAW WAING, Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1886/1887 (second time), born 1846, son of Hkun Shwe Paik, he was granted the title of "Kambawsa Yamta Maha Thiriwuntha Thudhamma Yaza" by HM King Thibaw of Burma; he fled to China in April 1887 ahead of the British annexation of his state and died there. He died 1896 in Mong Se, China.
  • ADMINISTRATOR Bo Saing 1887/1887 (January to 6th October)
  • Saopha HKUN NU Kambawsa Yamta Maha Thiriwuntha Thudhamma Yaza, 15th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1887/1900, married and had issue. He died 1900.
    • Saopha Sao Hkun Hsok Kambawsa Yamta Maha Thiriwuntha Thudhamma (qv)
  • Saopha SAO HKUN HSOK Kambawsa Yamta Maha Thiriwuntha Thudhamma Yaza, 16th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1900/1943 (1946), born 1864, married and had issue. He died  1943 or 1946.
    • Saopha Sao Hkun Hsa Kambawsa Yamta Maha Thiriwuntha Thudhamma Yaza [?aka Sao Tun Aye or Sao Hkun So] (qv)
  • Saopha SAO HKUN HSA Kambawsa Yamta Maha Thiriwuntha Thudhamma Yaza, 17th Sawbwa of Lawksawk 1943/1952, born about 1895, married 1stly, 1921, Sao Nang Vaenkaeu [Van Kyiao], Mahadevi of Lawksawk, daughter of Saopha Sao Kawng Kiaw Intaleng Khemadhipati Rajadhiraja, Sawbwa of Kengtung, and his third wife, Nang Bodiphlong, married 2ndly, ca 1959, Sao Kin Lay, mother of twin sons, and had issue, four sons and four daughters. He died about 1962.
    • Sao Noot aka Sao Nyunt Kyi aka Agnes Hsa, married and had issue, eight daughters. She died in November 1962.
      • Princess Fern (?same as Fern of Hsipaw?)
      • Princess Ellaline
      • Princess Charlotte
      • Princess Gladys
    • Sao Hoam Noan aka Audrey Hsa, born 1927, married Sao Hseng Ong (the son of Sao Pha Sao Shwe Theik, Prince of Yaunghwe and first president of the Union of Burma) [and/or married Saopha Sao Hsö Hom, Sawbwa of South Hsenwi, and had issue, six daughters. She died 29th October 1998.]
    • Sao Noan Oo aka Nellie Hsa [Mrs. Nellie Adams], born 1931, she is an active campaigner for the Shan State and represents the voice of the Shan people; author of an autobiography, My Vanished World, 2000; married Brian Adams. (U.K.)
    • Sao Sam Chio aka Sao Leng aka Jeanne Hsa, born 1933.
    • Saopha Sao Aung Hkam aka Sao Sai Long aka Desmond Hsa (qv)
    • Sao Sai Lek aka Sao Kham Hsa aka Kendrick Hsa, born 1937, died 1987.
  • Saopha SAO AUNG HKAM Kambawsa Yamta Maha Thiriwuntha Thudhamma Yaza, 18th Sawbwa of Lawksawk ca 1962/1994, born 1935, married and had issue. He died 8th August 1994.
    • Saopha Hso Hkam Kambawsa Yamta Maha Thiriwuntha Thudhamma Yaza aka Sao Hso Long aka Sonny Hsa (qv)
  • Saopha HSO HKAM Kambawsa Yamta Maha Thiriwuntha Thudhamma Yaza, 19th Sawbwa of Lawksawk (see above )