YAWNGHWE (Nyaungwe) (Shan State)

(9 Gun Salute)

TITLE: Saopha (King), Mahadevi (Queen)
Revenue: xx  Accession:
State: Burma Dynasty: xx
Religion: Buddhist
Area: 3,605 km2 POPULATION: 126,513

Present HEAD OF HOUSE: HRH Saopha Sao HSÖ KHAN PHA Kambawsarahta Thiri Pawaramahawuntha Thudamaraza, F.I.A.S.R. , Sawbwa of Yawnghwe since 1998. (Canada)
born 15th April 1938 in Yaunghwe State, British Burma; he is a Consulting Geologist, educated at a local school in Yaunghwe, at convents in Kalaw and Hsenwi, and later at The Doon School, Dehra Dun, India, 1949/1954; he studied for two years at Rangoon University; attended the Bell School of Languages at Cambridge, England, and the Cambridgeshire Technical College; he graduated in 1964 from the University of Keele, England with a B.A. (Hons.) in Geology and Political Institutions; after graduation he was hired as a geologist in England, and went prospecting for diamonds in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, for the Diamond Corporation Limited; he transferred to Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company Limited in 1966; he joined Mattagami Lake Mines as a Senior Exploration Geologist in 1970; became Senior Project Geologist in charge of all explorations in western Canada in 1972; he opened the Western Exploration Office for Mattagami Lake Mines in Edmonton in 1975; became an independent geological consultant in 1976; he sought the Liberal nomination in the federal riding of Elk Island in April 1993; he is a founding member and past President of Burma Watch International; member of a number of professional societies, including A.P.E.G.G.A.;  Association of Exploration Geochemists; Fellow of the I.A.P.S.R.; Fellow of the Geological Association of Canada, and former member, Association of Alberta Petroleum Geologists; married 1976, Rosemary Catherine Otte, and has issue, four children.
  • Rebecca Sanda Devi
  • Haŏ Shwe Thaike [Simon Yawnghwe], born 12th June 1977.
  • Jessica Ying Sita Ratan Hseng Hkam [Jessica Yawnghwe], born 10th July 1979.
  • Hsŏ Kham Serk, born 5th November 1981.
Predecessors and Short History: The Yaunghwe royal family claims descent from King Beingyayett 661/600 BC, who ruled in what is now northern Burma and southwestern China. In 1359, Saopha Si Hseng Hpa, established his capital at Yawnghwe (ritual name was Kambosarattha). In 1850, Sao Suu Deva, Crown Prince of Yawnghwe, was assassinated by a rival claimant. King Mindon of Burma helped Prince Deva's son, Sao Maung, to regain the throne of Yawnghwe. The 1st Class state ranks fourth in order of precedence, at the time of the British annexation of the Shan States. Burma became independent on 4th January 1948. Rulers were...
  • Saopha SI HSENG HPA, 1st Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1359/1434
  • Saopha HSO HSENG HPA, 2nd Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1434/14x7
  • Saopha HSO HUNG HPA, 3rd Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 14x7/1518
  • Saopha HSO YAWK HPA, 4th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1518/1557
  • Saopha SAO MAW HKAM, 5th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1557/1574
  • Saopha KANH HAM HPA, 6th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1574/1608
  • ADMINISTRATOR, Mahadevi Nang Nawn Pe 1608/1615 (first time)
  • Saopha SAO HTOI, 7th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1608/1615
  • ADMINISTRATOR, Mahadevi Nang Nawn Pe 1615/1646 (second time), she died 1646.
  • VACANT 1646/1658
  • Saopha SAO KANG HOM HPA, 8th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1658/1663
  • Saopha HSU WA, 9th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1663/1687
  • Saopha KYUNDAUNG SA, 10th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1687/1695
  • Saopha HKAM LENG, 11th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1695/1733
  • Saopha HTAWK SHA SA, 12th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1733/1737
  • Saopha HSI TON SA, 13th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1737/1746
  • Saopha HKE HSA WA, 14th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1746/1758
  • Saopha NAW MONG, 15th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe in 1758
  • Saopha YAWT HKAM, 16th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1758/1761
  • Saopha HPONG HPA KA SA, 17th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1761/1762
  • Saopha SAO YUN, 18th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1762/1815
  • Saopha SAO SE U I, 19th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1815/1818 or 1815/1852 as Sao U
  • Saopha NAW MONG II 1818/1821
  • Saopha SAO SE U II 1821/1852
  • Saopha SAO SO HOM, 20th Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1852/1858, married and had issue. He was assasinated in 1858.
    • Saopha Sao Ohn (qv)
    • Saopha Sir Sao Maung (qv)
  • REGENT, Sao Sa Hpa 1858/1864, he was deposed and fled 
  • Saopha Sir SAO MAUNG Kambawsarahta Thiri Pawaramahawuntha Thudamaraza K.C.I.E., 21st Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1864/1885 (first time), appointed by the King of Burma and installed 23rd October 1864.
  • Saopha SAO CHIT SU, 22nd Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1885/1889 (usurper)
  • Saopha SAO OHN Kambawsarahta Thiri Pawaramahawuntha Thudamaraza, ?23rd Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1886/1897

  • Saopha Sir SAO MAUNG Kambawsarahta Thiri Pawaramahawuntha Thudamaraza K.C.I.E., K.S.M., Sawbwa of Yawnghwe 1897/1926, born 1848, C.I.E. [cr.1908], K.C.I.E. [cr.1916], married and had issue. He died in December 1926 (1927).
    • Saopha Sao Shwe Thaik Kambawsarahta Thiri Pawaramahawuntha Thudamaraza (qv)
  • Agga Maha Thray Sithu Agga Maha Thiri Thudhamma Saopha SAO SHWE THAIK Kambawsarahta Thiri Pawaramahawuntha Thudamaraza, 23rd Sawbwa of Yaunghwe 1926/1962, born in October 1896 in Yawnghwe, educated at the Shan Chiefs School in Taunggyi; installed in September 1927; he served with the British military during WWI, and later served in the Northeast Frontier Service 1920/1923, and later served 1939/1942 during WWII; 1st President of the democratic and newly independent Union of Burma 1948/1952; Member and President of the Constituant Assembly of the Union of Burma, Speaker of the House of Nationalities till 1962, member of the Council of Sawbwas of the Federated Shan States, signer of the 1947 Panglong Agreement; married five wives, including, (a) Daw Mya Win, married (b), Daw Nyunt May, married (c), Mahadevi Sao Nang Hearn Kham of Hsenwi, born May 1916 in Hsenwi Haw, (a northern Shan State), daughter of Saopha Khun Sam Tun Oo of Hsenwi North, First Lady of Burma 1948/1952, Member of Parliament 1956/1960 during the U Nu’s Union government’s period; after her husband was arrested she fled to Thailand in 1963, where she fought for the liberation of the Shan State, she died 17th January 2003 in Canada, and had issue, ten children. He died 21st November 1962 in Rangoon, under suspicious circumstances whilst in detention.
    • Saopha Sao Hseng Hpa Kambawsarahta Thiri Pawaramahawuntha Thudamaraza (qv)
    • Sao Hseng Ong, born in January 1926, married Sao Noan Hom, sister (daughter?) of Saopha Sao Khun So, Sawbwa of Lawksawk, and had issue, one son and two daughters.
      • Nang Mona Yawnghwe
      • Nang Caroline Yawnghwe
      • Hkun Victor Yawnghwe
    • Sao Sanda Yawnghwe [Mrs. Sanda Simms], born June 1928, a former journalist, who used to work as newsreader and commentator with the Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS), author of The Moon Princess: Memories of the Shan States, River Books London, and (with her husband) of The Kingdom of Laos; married Peter Simms, author.
    • HRH Saopha Hsö Khan Pha Kambawsarahta Thiri Pawaramahawuntha Thudamaraza (qv)
    • Dr. Chao Tzang Yawnghwe [Eugene Thaik], B.A., M.A.(Rangoon), Ph.D.(British Columbia), born 26th April 1939, educated at Rangoon University, graduating in 1959; then lecturer at Rangoon University till 1962; he co-founded the Shan State Army in 1971 (a Shan resistance group); he settled in Chang Mai and later in Canada in 1985; he taught at British Columbia University in Canada; at the time of his death he was principal advisor to several dissident movements, including the Shan Democratic Union and the Ethnic National Council; author of The Shan of Burma : memoirs of a Shan exile / Chao Tzang Yawnghwe (alias Eugene Thaike), 1987, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore; married Nu Nu Myint of Kengtung, and had issue. He died 2004 in Vancouver, Canada.
    • Sao Tzang Aun, born 1940, died 1943.
    • Sao Sita Naw Hseng Lao aka Ying Yawnghwe (f), born 1944.
    • Sao Ying Haymar (f), born 1944.
    • Sao Hso Hom Hpa aka Mye Thaik, born 1945, killed by Burmese Government troops on 2nd March 1962, aged 17.
    • Sao Stanley Papu, born 1946.
    • Sao Hso Harn Hpa aka Harn Yawnghwe, born 15th April 1948, initially educated in Burma, then studied in Thailand and later Canada, where he earned a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from McGill University; editor of Burma Alert, a monthly news digest; advisor to Dr. Sein Win, Prime Minister of the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma; and managing director of the Democratic Voice of Burma, Director of the Euro-Burma Office in Brussels, Belgium from February 1997; married and has issue, two children. (Brussels, Belgium)
    • Sao Ratna Hseng Leun (f), born 1950.
  • HRH Saopha SAO HSENG HPA Kambawsarahta Thiri Pawaramahawuntha Thudamaraza, 24th Sawbwa of Yaunghwe 1962/1998, married Sao Shwe Ohn, and had issue. He died 1998.
    • Sao Hseng
  • HRH Saopha HSÖ KHAN PHA Kambawsarahta Thiri Pawaramahawuntha Thudamaraza, 25th Sawbwa of Yaunghwe (see above) 

  • Unknown
    • Princess (name unknown), married HM King Pagan Min, King of Burma.
    • Sao Suu Deva, Kye-Mong (Crown Prince) of Yawnghwe, married and had issue. He was killed by a half-brother.
      • Saopha Sir Sao Maung, he opposed the Limbin Confederacy and employed many of King Thibaw Min's ex-Ministers in the Yawnghwe Administration after Thibaw went into exile.
The help of John Duncan McMeekin, is gratefully acknowledged, July 2014.