TITLE: HIM Emperor AREA: RELIGION: Muslim 33.9%, Christian 62.8%
STATE: Ethiopia POPULATION: 67,851,281 (2004) DYNASTY: Solomonic

HIH Crown Prince Zara YaqobPRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: H.I.H. Crown Prince ZARA YAQOB, Head of the Imperial House of Ethiopia since 17th January 1997.
born 15th August 1953 in Addis Ababa, Crown Prince [cr.1974], educated at Eton College, Oxford University and graduated from Cambridge University, he was named "Acting Crown Prince" and Heir Presumptive to the Imperial throne of Ethiopia in 1974 by his grandfather, following his father's severe stroke a year earlier. He was named Heir Apparent by his father when the Crown Prince assumed the title of Emperor Amha Selassie in exile in April 1989, he worked briefly as a banker in the United States, married 1stly, (sep'd.), and has issue, one daughter.
  • HIH Princess Lideta Zara Yaqob
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The Imperial family belong to to the Solomonic dynasty, reportedly founded by Menelik, a son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba soon after 1000BC. The dynasty has ruled Ethiopia since that time till its overthrow in 1974, with a brief period when the Zagwe dynasty were dominant. The Emperors are numbered since that restoration. Rulers were...

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  • H.I.M. Emperor TEWODROS II, 58th Emperor of Ethiopia [11.2.1855] - [13.4.1868], born about 1818 in Qwara as Kassa Haile Giorgis, but was more regularly referred to as Dejazmatch Kassa Hailu of Qwara, baptized as Sahle Dengel, son of Dejazmatch Haylu Giyorgis Walda Giyorgis, Governor of Qwara, and his second wife, Woizero Attitegeb Wondbewossen; educated by the monks at the monastery of Mahbere-Selassie and privately by Dejazmatch Goshu of Gojjam where he learnt royal etiquette, military combat, and the work ethic; he proved his bravery and heroism at the battle of Sennar with the Egyptians and was granted the title of <i>Lij</i>, afterwards in 1847, he was married to the daughter of Empress Menen, who intended to make Kassa loyal to her and the Enderase, however he rebelled against her, and Ras Ali II became furious and sent an army against Kassa, who defeated his opponent in battle at Mecho, afterwards the Empress herself then led an army of 20,000 against Kassa, but she was captured and her army defeated, her son negotiated her release by giving him Dembiya and Quara to govern; but Ras Ali went back on his truce with Kassa and with Dejazmatch Goshu of Gojjam, they came to Dembiya for a show of force, Kassa then concentrated his forces at Qwara, until Goshu felt secure on his own, at which point, Kassa confronted Goshu at Gur Amba who was hit by a bullet and died instantly, Ras Ali then raised 100,000 troops and met Kassa's forces at Gorgora, near Lake Tana in June 1852, Ras Ali was defeated and Kassa then turned his attention to his last remaining rival, Dejazmatch Wube, they confronted each other at the battle of Deresghe, where Wube surrendered; Kassa was then crowned at the Church of Deresghe Mariam by Abuna Selama on on 11th February 1855, taking the regnal name of Tewodros II; in October 1856 he added Shoa to his conquests, and Lij Sahle Mariam (later Emperor Menelik II) became his prisoner; he returned to Gondar as Emperor of an unified Ethiopia and attempted to implement a number of reforms including land reform, the introduction of a standing army, the collection of books in the form of a library, tax codes, church rules, and above all a centralized political system with respective administrative districts; however he was prevented from continuing with his reforms in order to put down various rebel leaders that had sprung up, the Ethiopian Church turned against him despite his popularity and his diplomacy with foreign powers was suspect, particularly with the English, who he felt had snubbed him by not replying to his letter to HM Queen Victoria; he reacted by putting the English envoys in jail which resulted in England sending General Napier with 12,000 troops to Ethiopia to free the hostages; the battle of Magdala took place in April 1867 and the Imperial troops were in disarray after their chief commander was shot and killed, seeing that all was lost, Tewodros II retreated to his upper deck and shot himself; inspite of his cruel, unpredictable and sometimes irrational behaviour, he is known for being the Emperor that ended the decentralized Zemene Mesafint (Era of the Princes), as well as for the reunification of Ethiopia and having laid the cornerstone of its modernization; married 1stly, H.I.M. Empress Tewabech Ali, daughter of Ras Bitwoded Ali II Alula, last Ras of Begamder, and his wife, Woizero Hiruta Wube, married 2ndly, H.I.M. Empress Tiruwork Wube [Queen Terunesh], died 16th May 1868 on the way to Zula, and was buried at the Monastery of The Holy Trinity at Cheleqot in Tigray, daughter of Dejazmatch Wube Hayle Maryam, Prince of Semien, and his wife, Woizero Lakiyaye, a Tigrayan noblewoman, and had issue. He died by his own hand on 13th April 1868 at Magdala, initially buried in Medhane Alem Church, Magdala, but later re-buried in Mahbere Selassie Convent, Qwara.
    • HRH Prince Alemayahu Simyen Tewodros (by H.I.M. Empress Turunash), born 23rd April 1861 in Mgadala, educated at Cheltenham College, at Rugby College 1875/1878 and briefly at Royal Military College, Sandhurst in 1878, died of pleurisy on 14th November 1879 in Headingley, Leeds, and was buried 21st November 1879 in a vault outside St George's Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire.
    • Woizero Altash Tewodoros, married 1stly, January 1864 in Magdala (div. 1865), H.I.M. Emperor Menelik II, 61st Emperor of Ethiopia (see below), married 2ndly, Dejazmatch Bariaw Paulos of Adwa, Governor of Tigray.
    • Ras Mashasha Tewodros, Governor of Qwara and Dembiya, he was on good terms with Emperor Menelik II who granted him the title of Ras, and Dembiya as his personal fief, married and had issue.
      • Dejazmatch Kassa Mashasha, Governor of Gondar
    • Lij Haylu Tewodros
    • Lij Yiman Tewodros
    • Lij Tessemma Dengat Tewodros
  • H.I.M. Emperor TAKLE GIYORGIS II, 59th Emperor of Ethiopia [13.4.1868] - [11.7.1871]; born about 1836 as Wagshum Gobeze, son of Wagshum Gebre Medhin, died 1858, Heir to the Zagwe Dynasty, and his wife, a member of the Solomonic Dynasty; he started a rebellion in Lasta in 1864, and towards the end of 1867 he began his march on Tewodros' fortress at Maqdala, enroute he battled Tiso Gobeze who also had rebelled and had taken control of Begamder, being successful in both he proclaimed himself Emperor Takle Giyorgis II in August 1868 at Soqota, but did not have the support of his rivals for the throne, particularly Dejazmach Kassai who enlisted the services of John Kirkham to train his army in the weapons the British had left him; in June 1871 he crossed the Takazze River in Tigray, and on the 21st of June he met Dejazmatch Kassai in batle at Zulawu, he retreated to the Mareb River the next day, but Kassai took another route, outflanked his opponent, and forced him into a cul-de-sac at Adwa, where they fought the final battle on 11 July, he was wounded leading a cavalrey charge and was taken prisoner, after his defeat he was was blinded, and imprisoned with his brother and mother and kept in captivity, accompanied by his wife, at the monastery of Abuna Garima overlooking the town of Adwa; married HIM Empress Dinqinesh Mercha (married 2ndly, Ras Wolde Kiros), born 1815, died August 1907 in Axum, daughter of Shum Mercha/Mirtcha of Tembien, and his wife, Woizero Silass of Enderta, and had issue by an unknown earlier wife. He died or was executed in 1872 or 1873.
    • Ras Abera Takla Giyorgis, born 185x, maried and had issue, one son. He died after 1900.
  • H.I.M. Emperor YOHANNES IV, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Zion, King of Kings of Ethiopia, Elect of God, 60th Emperor of Ethiopia [11.7.1871] - [9.3.1889], born 11th July 1837 at Mai Beha in Tigray as Lij Kassa Mirtcha, he was granted the title of Balambaras when he entered ther service of Emperor Tewodros II; but he was dissatisfied with his position and retreated to the remote areas of Irob and Afar in the Agame district, where he "wedded" an Afar lady who was made to adopt the Christian name of Tibebe Selassie, in only five years, he became a formidable force in Tigray, and had risen to the position of Dejazmatch; he was granted the title of Re-ese Mekwanint by Emperor Takla Giryorgis II in order to win his allegiance; the attempt failed and the Emperor crossed into Tigray and they met in battle near Adwa where the Emperor was defeated, captured, deposed on 11th July 1871 and imprisoned; he was crowned as Emperor on 12th or 21st January 1872 at Axum; throughout his reign, he was embroiled in military struggles on his northern frontiers, firstly with Egypt who were soundly defeated at Gundat in 1875, and again the following year at Gura, then secondly with the Mahdist forces from Sudan, who were defeated at Kufit in 1885, then he put down a rebellion in Gojjam before again meeting the Sudanese forces at Metemma, where he was mortally wounded by a rifle shot dying a few hours later; married HIM Empress Tebada Selassie, died 1869/1870, and had issue, as well as natural issue by Woizeo Walatta Takla Haimanot. He died 10th March 1889 in the Battle of Metemma.
    • Ras Araya Selassie Yohannes (by Tebada) (see Tigray)
    • Ras Mangasha Yohannes (by Woizero Walatta) (see Tigray)
  • H.I.M. Emperor Menelik
                      IIH.I.M. Emperor MENELIK II G.C.B., G.C.M.G., Elect of God, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah and King of Kings of Ethiopia, 61st Emperor of Ethiopia [10.3.1889] - [12.12.1913] and 3rd Negus of Shoa [xx.8.1865] - [10.3.1889], born 17th August 1844 in Angolela, Shoa, baptized as Abeto Sahle Maryam, he was named as heir to his father but was imprisoned in Magdala by the Emperor, but escaped from there on the night of 1st July 1865, and returned to Shoa, he entered Ankober with minimal resistance and proclaimed himself Negus of Shoa with the name of Menelik; he also made a claim on the Imperial throne, but made no overt attempt to assert this claim during this time (1865 onwards), due to a revolt amongst the Wollo to the north, the intrigues of his next wife Bafana to replace him with her choice of ruler, and military failures against the Arsi Oromo to the south east; Negus Menelik acquiesced to the superior position of Emperor Yohannes IV, and submitted to him on 20th March 1878, the Emperor recognized Menelik as Negus of Shewa and gave him numerous presents which included four cannons, several hundred modern Remington rifles, and ammunition for both; he was crowned as Negus on 26th March 1878; Emperor Yohannes was killed in a war against Sudan in the Battle of Matemma on 10th March 1889, Menelik received the news on 25th March and immediately proclaimed himself as Emperor Menelik II, he was able to obtain the allegiance of a large majority of the Ethiopian nobility, and on 3rd November 1889, he was consecrated and crowned Emperor by Abuna Mattewos, Bishop of Shewa; prior to that, one of his first acts as Emperor was to sign the Treaty of Wuchale with the Italians on 2nd May 1889, which recognized the new colony of Eritrea; but a dispute arose and he renounced the treaty leading Italy to declare war, and invade Eritrea where they suffered two defeats and an even greater defeat at Adwa on 1st March 1896, forcing them to capitulate; in 1889 and subsequent years, he sent forces to co-operate with the British troops engaged against a Somali leader, Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan; and in 1898 he crushed a rebellion by Ras Mengesha Yohannes, but showed clemency to the Prince who repaid the generosity by further rebellions until his death in 1906, after this he focused much of his energy on development and modernization of his country, leading him to be called the father of modern Ethiopia; he founded the first modern bank in Ethiopia, introduced the first modern postal system, signed the agreement and initiated work that established the Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway with the French, introduced electricity to Addis Ababa, as well as the telephone, telegraph, the motor car and modern plumbing; towards the end of his reign, he established the first Cabinet of Ministers to help in the administration of the Empire, appointing trusted and widely respected nobles and retainers to the first Ministries, these ministers would remain in place long after his death, serving in their posts through the brief reign of Lij Iyasu and into the reign of Empress Zauditu, they played a key role in deposing Lij Iyasu; on 27th October 1909, he suffered a massive stroke and was unable to rule, so that his wife, Empress Taytu. became the de facto ruler, until Ras Bitwoded Tesemma was publicly appointed regent; he was awarded the G.C.M.G. in 1897 and the G.C.B. in 1902; married 1stly, in January 1864 in Magdala (div. 1865), Woizero Altash Tewodoros (she married 2ndly, Dejazmatch Bariaw Paulos of Adwa), daughter of HIM Emperor Tewodoros II (see above), married 2ndly, 1865 (div. 1882), Woizero Befana Gatchew, born 1834, died 1887 in Debra Libanos, sister of Dejazmatch Tewende Belay Wolde Michael and daughter of Dejazmatch Gatchew, married 3rdly, 29th April 1883 in Ankober, HIM Empress Taitou Betul, born 1853 in Gondar, died 11th February 1918 at Entotto, daughter of Dejazmatch Betul Haile Maryam, and his wife, Woizero Yubdar, also married secondary wives, including, married (a), Woizero Desseta, a Galla from Wollo, married (b), Woizero Getie, a Galla from Gurage, married (c), Woizero Walatta Selassie, of Gurage, married (d), Woizero Abetchiw Bayan, of Wollo, and had issue, as well as further issue. He died 12th December 1913 in Addis Ababa, and was buried quickly without announcement or ceremony at the Se'el Bet Kidane Meheret Church, on the grounds of the Imperial Palace and in 1916, he was reburied in the specially built church at Ba'eta Le Mariam Monastery of Addis Ababa.
    • HIM Empress Zauditu (by Woizero Abetchiw of Wollo) (qv)
    • Abeto Asfaw Wossen Menelik (by Woizero Getie of the Galla), born 1873, died 18th August 1888.
    • Woizero Shoareged Menelik (by Woizero Desseta of the Wollo Galla), born 1867, married 1stly, Dejazmatch Wadaje Gobena, Prince of the Abitchu Galla, died 26th May 1905, married 2ndly, in January 1892, Ras (later Negus) Mikael Ali [Imam Muhammad Ali ibn Ali Baba] of Wollo, born 1850, died 8th September 1918, and had issue. She died in August 1897.
      • Dejazmach Wossen Sagad Wadaje (by Dejazmach Wadaje), born February 1885, he was considered ineligible to be considered for the Imperial succession because of his dwarfism, died 29th March 1908.
      • HIM Emperor Iyasu V [Iyasu Mikael] [Abba Tena] (by Ras Mikael) (qv)
      • Woizero Zenebework Mikael (by Ras Mikael), born December 1892, married December 1901, Ras Bezabeh Takla Haymanot of Gojjam, died 19th August 1905. She died in childbirth April 1904.
    • Ras Birru Wolde Gabriel (illegitimate, not acknowledged), married (as his 1st wife), Woizero Mulumebet Abebe, daughter of Maj.-Gen. Dejazmatch Abebe Damtew, and his wife, Woizero Wossenyelesh Mangasha, and had issue.
    • Dejazmach Kebede Tessema (illegitimate, not acknowledged), married Woizero Yitateku Kidane (half-sister of Afanegus Eshete Geda), and had issue.

  • H.I.M. Emperor Iyasu
                      VH.I.M. Emperor IYASU V, 62nd Emperor of Ethiopia [12.12.1913] - [27.9.1916] (deposed), born 3rd February 1896 in Tanta, he was educated privately at the Imperial Palace in Addis Ababa, and at Ankober in Shoa; he was declared Heir Apparent in 1909, though never officially crowned, he carried out a number of reforms, including, ending the practice of creditors and debtors, plaintiffs and defendants being chained together when appearing before a judge, he ended the practice of drugging young boys with substances that supposidly gave them the supernatural power to detect thieves and also ended the practice of the state seizing all the property of a convict, he establishd the metropolitan police force for Addis Ababa for the first time and waged a far ranging corruption probe in the government; by his actions in favouring the Axis powers during WWII and his domestic marital problems, he alienated nearly all sections of his court around him and was removed from power in 1916, being officially deposed on 27th September 1916; married 1stly, 16th May 1909 (or 30th October 1909) (div. 1910), Woizero Romana Worq Mangasha (see above), married 2ndly, in April 1910 (div.), Woizero Sable Wangal Hailu, died 1970, daughter of Lij Seyum Takla Haymanot [Ras Hailu II] of Gojjam, and his wife, Woizero Askala Maryam Mangasha, he also married 'morgantically' a number of wives, including (a), after 1916, a daughter of Moti Abba Jiffar II of Jimma, married (b), a daughter of Jajj Abdallah, former Emir of Harar, married (c), a daughter of Sultan Muhammed Abubakar of Awsa the Adal Sultanate, married (d), Woizero Mumina [Askela Maryam], daughter of Dejazmatch Abba Iggir Djote, Governor of Leqa Quellem, Sayo and Anfilo, married (e), Woizero Tiruwork Aligaz, Wollo noblewoman, and had issue, as well as a vast number of illigitimate children with a host of other women of varying backgrounds. He died 25th November 1935 in Garamulata near Harar.
    • HIH Princess Imabet Hoy Alem Tsahai Worq Iyasu (by Woizero Sable), born 1928, married Fitawrari Abebe Asfaw, and had issue.
    • Lij Girma Iyasu
    • Lij Menelik Iyasu (by the Afar wife), born 1915, he lived most of his early life in exile in the French territory of Afars and Issas (now the Republic of Djibouti), he was approached by the Italians wanting to know if he would accept the throne after the anticipated defeat of Emperor Haile Selassie, he refused, thus earning the Emperor's gratitude who appointed him as his emmisary to the Afars, he lived quietly and died after 1959.
    • Lij Mesfin Iyasu, he was unknown before the 1974 revolution, claiming that he had been confined to a monastery by Emperor Haile Selassie, and had only been able to leave because of the revolution, his authenticity as the son of Emperor Iyasu V is uncertain. He died in 1999 and was buried at the Bale Wold Church, a part of the complex of the Holy Trinity Cathedral.
    • Lij Yohannes Iyasu (by Jimma wife), in 1936, he led a guerilla band of soldiers against the Italians, and corresponded regularly with the exiled Emperor; after the Emperor's return in 1941, he was granted the title of Dejazmatch, but he fell back out of favour, being suspected in being involved in a host of anti-government plots, and he ended his days in Jimma banished from the Imperial court,  living there quietly until his death, married and had issue. He died after 1965 in Jimma.
      • Lij Girma Yohannes Eyasu Menelik, pretender to the imperial throne of Ethiopia, with the assumed title of Crown Prince of Ethiopia; he was confined to Asebot Monastery during the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie, married Woizero Claudia Gebre ['Crown Princess' Claudia Iyasu Menelik] [née Claudia Bertram], and has issue. 
    • Lij Tewodoros Iyasu, died after 1941.
    • Lij Meleke Tsehai Eyasu, born 1920, in 1936, Balambaras Abebe Aregai, and other notable guerilla leaders assembled on Amba Aradam and crowned him "Emperor of Ethiopia" as a symbol to rally the people against the Italians, who mobilized a huge force to hunt him down, but malaria was the eventual cause of death, later that same year. He died of malaria in 1936.
  • H.I.M. Empress
                      ZawdituH.I.M. Empress Zawditu, 63rd Empress of Ethiopia [27.9.1916] - [ 2.4.1930], born 29th April 1876, titled Negiste Negest, she was crowned at St. George's Cathedral in Addis Ababa on 11th February 1917 as Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Zawditu, Elect of God, Conquering Lion of Judah, Queen of Kings of Ethiopia; she was a deeply religious woman, and was more interested in personal religious matters then affairs of the state, during her reign, Ethiopia gained entry to the League of Nations, and slavery was abolished, she was responsible for building several churches, including the present building of Yeka Michael Church, and the cornerstone of Holy Trinity Cathedral was laid during her reign as well; she died suddenly on 2nd April, with rumours circulating that she was either poisoned after the defeat of her husband or that she died from shock upon hearing of the death of her still beloved husband, however it has since been documented that the Empress succumbed to a flu-like fever (possibly typhoid) and complications from diabetes; married 1stly, 26th September 1884 in Borumeda, Ras Araya Selassie Yohannes, born 1867, died 10th June 1888, son and heir of H.I.M. Emperor Yohannes IV (see above), married 2ndly, 28th January 1891 in Entotto (div. about June 1891), Wagshum Gwangul Zegeye, married 3rdly, 1894 (div. 1900), Dejazmach Wube Atnaf Sagad, died 1913, son of Dejazmatch Atnaf Sagad, married 4thly, April 1900 (div. 1916), Ras Gugsa Wale, born in April 1877, died 31st March 1930 at the Battle of Anchem, Governor of Begemder and nephew of Empress Taitou, and she had no surviving issue. She died sp on 2nd April 1930 in Addis Ababa, probably due to the complications of diabetes.
    • Woizerit (name unknown) Gwangul, born 1891, died 1895.
  • HIM Emperor Haile
                      Selassie IH.I.M. Emperor HAILE SELASSIE I K.G., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., 64th Emperor of Ethiopia [2.4.1930] - [12.9.1974], Moa Anbessa Ze Imnegede Yehuda, Girmawi Kedamawi, Atse Haile Selassie, Seyume Igziabiher, Niguse Negest ze Ityopia (Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the First, Elect of God, King of Kings of Ethiopia), he is seen as the religious symbol for God incarnate among the Rastafari movement, born 23rd July 1892 in Ejarsagoro, Harar as Lij Tafari Makonnen, son of HH Ras Makonnen Wolde Mikael, enrolled at the Menelik II School for Nobles, appointed Governor of Harage Province in 1904, Dejazmatch [cr. 1.11.1905], Governor of Selale 1906/1908, Governor of Sidamo 1908/-, Governor of Harar 1910/-, Crown Prince and Enderase [27.9.1916] - [2.4.1930], H.H. Ras; Negus [cr. 7.9.1928/27.10.1928], Field Marshal in the British Army, Dr. (Hon. causa) University of Oxford, of Cambridge, of Athens, and of Moscow; Hon. Fellow by Special Election of the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London; he secured Ethiopia's admission to the League of Nations in 1923, abolished slavery in 1924, in exile 1936 to 1941 during Italy's invasion, formally deposed by the Derg junta on 12th November 1974, though he never signed an abdication, nor did he renounce his rights, married 1stly, 1910, Woizero Altayech, married 2ndly, 31st July 1911 in Harar, Woizero Menen Asfaw [HIM Empress Menen], born in March 1889 in Dessi, died 15th February 1962 in Addis Ababa, daughter of Janterer Asfaw Mikael of Ambassel, and his wife, Woizero Sehin Mikael, and had issue. He died 27th August 1975 in Addis Ababa, probably suffocated to death by the Derg, he was interred on 5th November 2000 in the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa.
    • HIH Princess Romana Worq (by Altayech), born 1910, married Dejazmatch Beyenna Merid, Governor of Bale, died in battle against the Italians in 1936, and had issue, four sons, she was captured by the Fascists during the Ethio-Italian War, and was taken in captivity to Asinara Island off the coast of Italy, where she died in 1941. Her body was returned to Ethiopia and was buried at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa.
    • HIH Princess Tenagne Worq (by Menen), born 30th January 1913 in Harar, she was active in various charitable causes in Ethiopia, in particular, anything dealing with womens organizations, and womens development issues; founder of the Sebeta School and Center for the Blind; she had built, out of her own private funds, several schools for the general public; funded special training centers for the physically handicaped at Magdala in Wollo , and Kuyera in Arusi; funded the building of several churches, and the renovations of others; paid for the publication of several religious books, and sponsored the education of several students; turned over her sizeable estate at Ginde Beret to be used as a centre for those affected by leprosy; donated the extensive piece of land on which the now famous Fistula Hospital was built; established the first old age home for neglected and impoverished elderly people; she foolowed her sister as President of the Ethiopian Womens Charitable Works Association, and headed it until it was dissolved by the Derg regime in 1974; she was awarded, the Order of the Collar of Solomon, Ethiopia and the Cordon of the Order of the Queen of Sheba, Ethiopia, by H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, she also received the Grand Cross of the Order of Beneficience from the King of Greece in Apirl 1959, and the Grand Cross of the Order of St Olav from the King of Norway in January 1956; married 1stly, 16th November 1924 in Addis Ababa, Ras Desta Damtaw, born 1896, died 25th February 1937, Governor of Kaffa and Limo, and Sidamo, married 2ndly, 4th October 1944 in Medhane Alem Church, Addis Ababa, Bitwoded (later Ras) Andargatchew Masai, born 25th March 1902, Governor of Harar, Governor-General of Begamder and Semien, Governor of Sidamo, and had issue, as well as further issue by Ato Abebe Retta, he served in ambassadorial and other roles in the post-war Imperial government, and eventually became president of the Imperial Senate. She died peacefully in her sleep on 6th April 2003, and was buried on 13th April 2003 at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in the Imperial family vault.
      • HH Princess Tsige Maryam Abebe Retta, born in April 1940, married Ato Dr. Seyum Haregot, born 27th October 1932, and had issue. She died in 1975.
        • Lij Yonatan Seyum, born 1965.
        • Lij Thomas Seyum, born 1967.
        • Lij Abbai Seyum, born 1968.
    • HIM Emperor Amha Selassie (by Menen) (qv)
    • HIH Princess Zenabe Worq (by Menen), born 25th July 1918 in Addis Ababa, married 14th July 1932 in Addis Ababa, Dejazmatch Haile Selassie Gugsa (see above), went over to the Italian side in 1935, and was rewarded with the title of Ras, which was not recognized following liberation in 1941, died shortly after 1974. She died sp on 25th March 1933 in Makalle, buried in the Imperial family crypt under Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa.
    • HIH Princess Tsahai Worq (by Menen), born 13th October 1920 in Addis Ababa, married 26th April 1942 in Addis Ababa, Abiye Abebe, born 1918, Governor of Wollega, died 23rd November 1974 in Addis Ababa. She died sp on 17th August 1942 in Lekempti.
    • HIH Prince Makonnen (by Menen), born 16th October 1923 in Addis Ababa, Duke of Harar, married 10th February 1946 in Addis Ababa, HIH Princess Sarah Gizaw, born 1928, and had issue. He died 13th May 1957 in Addis Ababa, buried in the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Addis Ababa.
      • HIH Prince Paul Wossen Sagad Makonnen, born 21st August 1947 in Addis Ababa; Heir Apparent of Ethiopia, Duke of Harar.
      • HIH Prince Mikael Amde Iyasu Makonnen, born 1950.
      • HIH Prince Dawit Makonnen, born 26th January 1952 in Addis Ababa, married 16th April 1974, HIH Princess Adey Makonnen [née Woizerit Adey Abeba Imru], born 11th March 1951, and had issue. He died 27th August 1989 in Switzerland.
        • HIH Prince Yokshan Dawit Makonnen, born 8th February 1978.
        • HIH Prince Joel Dawit Makonnen, born 5th May 1982.
      • HIH Prince Philip Tafari Makonnen, born 18th March 1954 in Addis Ababa.
      • HIH Prince Baeda Maryam Makonnen, born March 1957 in Addis Ababa.
    • HIH Prince Sahle Selassie (by Menen), born 27th February 1931 in Addis Ababa, Governor of Wollega Province, married 14th June 1959 in Addis Ababa, HIH Princess Mahazent Habte Maryam, born 9th February 1937, (daughter of Habte Maryam Kumsa and Woizero Shashitu), and had issue. He died 23rd April 1962 in Addis Ababa, buried in the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Addis Ababa.
      • HIH Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie, born 14th June 1960 in Addis Ababa, President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia, he is also patron of the Haile Selassie Fund for Children in Need and the St. George of Lalibela Foundation, he was named recipient of the ISSA Silver Star Award for Outstanding Contributions to Strategic Progress Through Humanitarian Achievement by the International Strategic Studies Association in 1997; married (div.), Woizero Gelila Fesseha, and has issue.
        • HIH Prince Christian Sahle Selassie Ermias, born 20th February 1992 (twin).
        • HIH Prince Rufael Fesseha Tsion Ermias, born 20th February 1992 (twin).
  • H.I.M. Emperor AMHA SELASSIE, Elect of God, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah and King of Kings of Ethiopia, 65th Emperor of Ethiopia [12.9.1974] - [21.3.1975] and Head of the Imperial House of Ethiopia [21.3.1975] - [17.1.1997], born 27th July 1916 in Harar as Lij Asfa Wossen Tafari, Meredazmatch [cr.1931], Crown Prince of Ethiopia [cr.1930], Governor of Wollo, Governor of Begamder, Governor of Tigre, G.C.M.G. (Hon) [cr.1965], G.C.V.O. (Hon) [cr.1930], G.B.E. (Hon) [cr.1932], educated privately then at Liverpool University, Member of the Crown Council, Chairman of the Ethiopian Red Cross, formed a Government-in-Exile in London, proclaimed Negusa Negest ze Ethiopia as Amha Selassie on the deposition of his father in March 1974, but ruled in name only, he continued to use the title of Crown Prince during his exile until April 1989 when he finally assumed the title of Emperor with the reign name of Amha Selassie I, married 1stly, 9th May 1932 in Addis Ababa, (div. 1944), Liult Walatta Israel Seyum, born 1906, (daughter of Leul Ras Seyum Mangasha and Woizero Debretu of Gondar), married 2ndly, 8th April 1945 in Addis Ababa, HIM Empress Medferiash Worq Abebe, born 1925, died 13th March 2009, buried 17th March 2009 at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Addis Ababa, daughter of Maj.-Gen. Dejazmatch Abebe Damtaw, and his wife, Woizero Wossenyelesh Mangasha, and had issue. He died 17th January 1997 in Virginia, USA, buried 2nd February 1997 in the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Addis Ababa.
    • HIH Princess Ejigayehu Asfa Wossen (by Walatta), born 4th September 1934 in Dessié, she accompanied her grandfather, Emperor Haile Selassie, on his state visit to Italy and also on his state visit to Malaysia, she was imprisoned with the rest of the Imperial family on 11th September 1974, the day before Emperor Haile Selassie was formerly deposed by the Derg; married Dejazmatch Fikre Selassie Habte Maryam, born 1928, died in August 1996, son of Dejazmatch Habte Maryam Kumsa of Leqa Naqamte, and his wife, Woizero Shashitu, and had issue. She died of medical neglect whilst a prisoner of the Derg on 2nd February 1977 in Addis Ababa.
    • HIH Princess Maryam Sena Asfa Wossen (by Empress Medferiash), born 29th December 1950, married 1973, Lij Seyfu Zewde, born 21st December 1941 and has issue, two sons.
      • Lij Sura Seyfu
      • Lij Iyoha Seyfu
    • HIH Princess Sehin Azeb Asfa Wossen (by Empress Medferiash), born 10th December 1951 in Addis Ababa.
    • HIH Crown Prince Zara Yaqob (by Empress Medferiash) (qv)
    • HIH Princess Sifrash Bezir Asfa Wossen (by Empress Medferiash), born 6th May 1959 in Addis Ababa.
  • H.I.H. Crown Prince ZARA YAQOB, 66th Head of the Imperial House of Ethiopia (see above)

1. There is some question about Gigar's precise ancestry. While during his lifetime he was uncontestedly regarded as a descendant in male line of the dynasty, at least two contradictory genealogies for him exist in the sources. One is that he was a son of Iyasu II and thus the brother of Iyoas I; the other is that he was a son of Giyorgis Manfeasked, the son of Gabre, the son of Mammo, and a descendant of Emperor Fasilides.
2.allegedly a descendant of a younger son of Emperor Fasilides