Title: Moti Religion:
State: Ethiopia (Eastern Wollega) ANNEXATION: 1882
Present Head of House: Lij SAMSON FIKRE SELASSIE, 6th and present Head of the Princely House of Leqa Naqamte since 1996
born 1956, married Woizero Adanech Bekele, and has issue, two daughters.
  • Woizerit Sebene Samson
  • Woizerit Lola Samson
Predecessors and Short History: The state was incorporated into Shoa in 1882. Rulers were...
  • Moti BEKERE GODANA, 1st Moti of Leqa Naqamte -/1871, born 1801, married and had issue. He died about 1871.
    • Moti Moroda Bekere (qv)
    • Chibsa Bekere
    • Amante Bekere
    • Libidi Bekere
    • Dibada Bekere

  • Moti MORODA BEKERE, 2nd Moti of Leqa Naqamte 1871/1889, born 1844, married and had issue. He died 1888/1889.
    • Moti Kumsa Moroda [Gabre Iqziabher] (qv)

  • Moti KUMSA MORODA, '3rd' Moti of Leqa Naqamte 1889/1924, born 1870/1871, married Woizero Ajusha, and had issue. He died 1923/1924.
    • Dejazmatch Habte Mariam Gabre Iqziabher (qv)

  • Dejazmatch HABTE MARIAM GABRE IQZIABHER, '4th' Moti of Leqa Naqamte 1924/-; Governor of Wollega, married 1stly, Woizero Shashitu, married 2ndly, Woizero Yeshimebet Guma, granddaughter of Moti Jote Tollu of Leqa Quellem, and had issue.
    • Dejazmatch Fikre Selassie Habte Mariam (by Woizero Shashitu) (qv)
    • Woizero Atsede Habte Mariam (by Woizero Shashitu), married Major-General Mulugeta Buli, and has issue.
      • Woizero Makeda Mulugeta, born 1952.
      • Woizerit Tsedal Mulugeta, born 1953.
      • Ato Tadele Mulugeta, born 1955.
      • Ato Dawit Mulugeta, born 1958.
    • H.I.H. Princess (Leult) Mahezent Habte Mariam (by Woizero Yeshimebet), born 9th February 1937, married 14th June 1959 in Addis Ababa, H.I.H. Prince Sahle Selassie, born 27th February 1931 in Addis Ababa, died 23rd April 1962 in Addis Ababa, and has issue (see Ethiopia).

  • Dejazmatch FIKRE SELASSIE HABTE MARIAM, '5th' Moti of Leqa Naqamte -/1996, born 1927/1928, married H.I.H. Princess Ejigayehu Asfa Wossen, born 4th September 1934 in Dessiť, died 22nd February 1977 in Addis Ababa, daughter of HIH Meredazmatch Asfa Wossen Haile Selassie (see Ethiopia), and his first wife, Leult Walatta Israel Seyum, and has issue. He died 1996.
    • Lij Samson Fikre Selassie (qv)
    • Woizerit Rachel Fikre Selassie, born 1958.
    • Woizerit Meherit Fikre Selassie, born 1959.
    • Woizero Esther Fikre Selassie, born 1960, married Anatoly Antohin, and has issue.
    • Lij Bekere Fikre Selassie, born 1962, married Woizero Gelila Million.
    • Lij Isaac Fikre Selassie, born 1964, married Woizero Asqual Teferi, and has issue, two daughters.
      • Woizerit Edjigayehu Isaac
      • Woizerit Lissan Isaac

  • Lij SAMSON FIKRE SELASSIE, 6th and present Head of the Princely House of Leqa Naqamte (see above)