TUI CAKAU (Chiefly Title)

LOCATION: Fiji (Taveuni) AREA: xx acres CREATION: around 1770
TITLE: Tui Cakau DYNASTY: Ai Sokula SEAT: xx

Present Title Holder: Ratu Naiqama Tawake Lalabalavu, succeeded in 1999, installed as 16th Tui Cakau on the 8th May 2001.
Minister of Lands and Mineral Resources (resigned 7th April 2005); Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation (resigned 7th April 2005); Minister for Fijian Affairs 2006/-; Minister for Lands and Provincial Development 2006/-; he is the Paramount Chief of the Tovata Confederacy and the Paramount Chief of Cakaudrove Province (Tui Cakau).

Predecessors and Short History: The chiefly title of Tui Cakau is an abbreviation of the title Tui Cakaudrove. The title is the most senior in the Tovata Confederacy, one of the three tribal confederacies in Fiji. The Tovata Confederacy includes Vanua Levu and the Lau islands. The Tui Cakau title arose from the merging of two groups of people who lived on the windward coast of the island of Vanua Levu, opposite the island of Taveuni. The kai Cakaudrove were joined by a latter migrant group, the Ai Sokula. From within the ranks of the Ai Sokula group a chief was appointed to lead both groups. That leader was given the title Tui Cakaudrove, or Tui Cakau as it is currently referred to. Title Holders were...