Tui Nayau (Chiefly Title)

LOCATION: Fiji (Lau) AREA: xx acres CREATION: 18th century
TITLE: Tui Nayau DYNASTY: Navuanirewa SEAT: Tubou

Present Title Holder: Ratu Finau Mara is considered a likely successor; he has been invited by elders from the village of Tubou (the seat of the chiefdom) to assume the office, but to date there has been no word as to whether or not he has accepted the invitation.

Predecessors and Short History: Tui Nayau is the title held by the Paramount Chief of the Lau Islands in Fiji. Prior to being installed as Tui Nayau, the claimant must first be installed as High Chief upon the decision of the noble households making up the Vuanirewa clan. Not every High Chief has been installed as Tui Nayau. Title Holders were...