ROKO TUI BAU (Chiefly Title)

TITLE:  Roko Tui Bau Vuaniivi
STATE:  Fiji (Kubuna) DYNASTY: 
PRESENT TITLE HOLDER:  Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Roko Tui Bau since 1995
born 1957, Vice President of Fiji 2004/2006, installed as Roko Tui Bau on 11th November 1995, educated at Adelaide University, Australia (Law) and McGill University, Canada (Master's Degree), former Justice of the High Court 1997/2000, Director of Fiji Times Ltd., he is also a human rights commissioner and former chairman of the Citizens Constitutional Forum, married 5th December 1998 in Bau, Adi Lusiana Paluvavau Qolikoro [Tuivanuavou], daughter of Ratu Edward Kikau Tuivanuavou, and his wife, Adi Sainimili Rokolewasau Uluilakeba. 
  • Ratu Vuetiverata, 1st Roko Tui Bau Vuaniivi,
  • Ratu Raiwalui, married and had issue. He was killed in 1808 by the Vunivalu of Bau at sea not far from Mago Island.
    • Ratu Ravulo Vakayaliyalo (qv)
    • Ratu Waqatabu Matawaqa, married and had issue.
      • Ratu Wakuila Vakavou, Tui Dakau, married Adi Josivini Vana Tukana, and had issue.
        • Ratu Jese Waqalekaleka , born 1847, married and had issue. He died 1943.
          • Ratu Keni Naulumatua, born 1895, married 1stly, Adi Mere Tuisalalo, married 2ndly, Adi Sera Qolisaya, and had issue. He died 1972.
            • Ratu Viliame Fonolahi Naulumatua (by Adi Mere), born 1930, married Alisi Miller, and had issue. He died 2000, buried in Sydney, N.S.W..
              • Ratu Clifton Keni Fonolahi Naulumatua
              • Ratu Edger Keni Fonolahi Naulumatua
              • Ratu Ivan Keni Fonolahi Naulumatua
            • Adi Josivini Vana Tukana Naulumatua (by Adi Mere), she died 2005 in Brisbane, Australia.
            • Adi Tupou Moheofo Naulumatua (twin, by Adi Mere), married and has issue. She died 2011 in Brisbane, Australia.
              • Maria Lailani Lee
              • Brigid Lomaloma Whitton, married to Tony Whitton (Nadi, Fiji Islands)
              • Elizabeth Viti Broadbridge
              • Victoria Karesi Benefield
              • Michael Peter John Naulumatua Benefield
            • Adi Mereani Louakau Naulumatua (twin, by Adi Mere), she died 2013 in Brisbane, Australia.
            • Ratu Jese Waqalekaleka Naulumatua (by Adi Mere), he died 1987 in Suva, Fiji. 
            • Adi Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni (née Naulumatua) (by Adi Mere)
            • Ratu Viliame Tuiqilaqila Naulumatua (by Adi Sera), he died in Nadi, Fiji
            • Ratu Keni Ugadregadrega Naulumatua (by Adi Sera), born 1952, married Adi Vasemaca.
            • Ratu Tanoa Senibua Naulumatua (by Adi Sera), he died 2011 in Lomaloma, Vanuabalalavu.
          • Ratu Nelesoni Delailomaloma, born 1902, married Adi Yalani. He died 1995.
  • Ratu Ravulo Vakayaliyalo, Roko Tui Bau 1808/1837; married Adi Yasikula, and had issue. He was killed by Bauan forces in 1837.
    • Ratu Niumataiwalu Kinita (qv)
  • Ratu ...... , Roko Tui Bau, married and had issue.
    • Adi Litia Samanunu, married about 1839, Ratu Epenisa Seru Cakobau, Vunivalu of Bau and Tui Viti, and had issue.
    • Adi Salote Qolirea Kaunilotuna, married Ratu Epenisa Seru Cakobau, Vunivalu of Bau and Tui Viti, and had issue.
  • Ratu Niumataiwalu Kinita 1837/-; married and had issue.
    • Ratu Tanoa (qv)
    • Ratu Ilaitia Vakawaletabua (qv)
    • Ratu Poasa Vakadewavanua (qv)
    • Ratu Sailosi (qv)
    • Ratu Semesa Qilotabu(qv)
  • Ratu Tanoa
  • Ratu Ilaitia Vakawaletabua, married and had issue.
    • Ratu Etika Nakavulevu (qv)
  • Ratu Poasa Vakadewavanua
  • Ratu Sailosi
  • Ratu Semesa Qilotabu
  • Ratu Etika Nakavulevu
  • Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, born about April 1855 in Suva, 1st Roko Tui Ra [cr.1896], Roko Tui Tailevu 1912/ca1915, after joining the Audit Office as a clerk at an early age, he worked his way up through the civil service. He held the posts of Roko Tui Ra and Roko Tui Tailevu in the Colonial Native Administration, married 1886, Adi Litiana Maopa, born 1864, dau of Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba, Tui Nayau, she died May 1933, and had issue. He died December 1920.
    • Ratu Sir Josefa Lalabalavu Vana'ali'ali Sukuna, born 22nd April 1888 in Bau, 2nd Tui Lau 1938/1958, K.B.E. [cr.1946], C.B.E. [cr.1939], in his time, he was regarded as a credible contender for the title of Tui Viti; he was educated privately by Rev. Charles Andrew, and at Wanganui Collegiate School in New Zealand, he joined the civil service as a fifth class clerk in 1907, became assistant master of the Lakeba school and also became visiting examiner at Queen Victoria School and Levuka Public School in 1909; he entered Wadham College, Oxford in 1913 to study history, graduating in 1918; during World War I, he joined the French Foreign Legion being awarded the Croix de Guerre, after which he proceeded to the Middle Temple in London, and by 1921 had graduated with both a B.A. and an LL.B. degree (becoming the first-ever Fijian to receive a university degree), he was instrumental in establishing the Native Land Trust Board, and was appointed the first Speaker of the Legislative Council in 1954; married 1stly, 1928, Adi Maraia Vosawale, born 17th March 1903 in Bau, M.B.E., died 1st August 1956, married 2ndly, 1950, Maca Likutabua, born 1934, died 2000, daughter of Roko Lenaitasi Gucake, and had natural issue by Roko Melaia Lutu (see Tui Nayau). He died spl 30th May 1958.
    • Adi Asenaca Teimumu Vuikaba, born 1890, Ratu Tomasi Suguvanua Latianara, Tui Nokoro, and had issue.
    • Ratu Tiali Wimbledon Thomas Vuiyasawa, born 1895 in Nakelo, Tailevu; Roko Tui Lomaiviti, married Bulou Merewalesi Naduva, and had issue.
      • Adi (name unknown), married and had issue.
        • Ratu Isoa Gavidi
      • Ratu Jone Vuiyasawu, died in Sydney, Australia.
      • Ratu Penaia Kadavulevu Vuiyasawu, born 8th December 1943, married and had issue. He died 22nd June 1987 in Tonga, buried in Fiji.
        • Ratu Sukuna Vuiyasawu
      • Adi Litia Tavanavanua Vuiyasawu, born 10th August 1945, died 7th April 1993.
      • Ratu Epeli Vuiyasawu
      • Ratu Ilaitia Kitu Matanimeke Vuiyasawu, born 19th October 1949, married Adi Lagamu Lewaturaga Baledrokadroka, daughter of Ratu Alipate Baledrokadroka, Turaga Taukei ni Waluvu, and had issue, five children. He died 4th March 1991.
    • Adi Kacaraini Loaloakubou, married Ratu Kitione Lalakomacoi, and had issue.
      • Adi Lady Asilina Davila, married (as his second wife), 1975, Ratu Penaia Kanatabatu Ganilau, Tui Cakau.
    • Ratu Dr. Joni Antonio Rabici Doviverata (qv)
    • Ratu Timoci Tavanavanua, born 1908 in Nakelo, Tailevu.
    • Adi Sovanatabua Dimuri (by Roko Melaia Lutu)
  • Ratu Dr. Joni Antonio Rabici Doviverata, born 1906 in Nakelo, Tailevu; married Adi Losalini Raravuya Uluiviti of Nairai, the first women to become a member of Fiji's Legislative Council and subsequently a Member of Parliament; and had issue.
    • Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi (qv)
    • Ratu Timoci Tavanaua
    • Adi Viviana Sophia Veisaca
    • Adi Litiana Maopa
  • Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi (see above)