Vunivalu of Bau (Chiefly Title)

LOCATION: Fiji (Bau-Tailevu) AREA: xx acres CREATION: around 1725
TITLE: Vunivalu of Bau DYNASTY: Cakobau SEAT: xx

PRESENT TITLE HOLDER: Vacant from 1989 (Bau Island, Tailevu, Fiji)
There are Three eligible candidates for the title, namely..... PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The Turaga na Vunivalu ni Bau is the Paramount Chief of the Kubuna Confederacy, which belongs to the Tui Kaba clan based on Bau Island, and is generally considered to be the highest chiefly title in Fiji. The succession to the title does not follow primogeniture, but the candidate must be a high ranking member of the Tui Kaba clan. The Vunivalu when installed, also takes the title of Tui Levuka, as he is the traditional leader of the Levuka people of Lakeba, Lau. The wife of the Vunivalu is titled Radini Levuka. Title holders were...
1. The help of Mrs. Seruwaia Sanday is gratefully acknowledged, March 2008.
2. The help of Ratu Kinijioji Cama is gratefully acknowledged, April 2008.
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