OAHU (Kingdom)

TITLE:  Ali'i nui then Mo'i AREA:  1,546 km2
STATE:  Hawai'i DYNASTY:  Mulieleali'i 
  1. Ali'i nui KU'AMANUIA, 13th Ali'i aimoku of Oahu

  2. Ali'i nui KAHIKAPU'AMANUIA, 14th Ali'i aimoku of Oahu

  3. Ali'i nui KAKUHIHEWA, 15th Ali'i aimoku of Oahu, married Ali'i nui Kahaiaonuiakauailana of Waianae, and had issue.
    • Ali'i nui Kaihikapu, Ali'i of 'Ewa, he married Ali'i nui Ipuwai, daughter of Ali'i nui Hoalani, Ali'i nui of Ko'olau, and his wife, Ali'i nui Kauakamakaohua of Kohala, and had issue.
      • Ali'i nui Kauakahikua'ana'auakane, she married Ali'i nui Ali'i nui Iwikauikaua of Hawai'i Island, and had issue.

  4. Ali'i nui KANEKAPU, 16th Ali'i aimoku of Oahu

  5. Ali'i nui KAHO'OWAHAOKALANI, 17th Ali'i aimoku of Oahu

  6. Ali'i nui KAUAKAHI, 18th Ali'i aimoku of Oahu

  7. Ali'i nui KUALI'I [Kuali'ilanipipililanio'akaiakunuiakealuanu'uokui'iali'i'ikahalau], 19th Ali'i aimoku of Oahu -/1730, also 20th Ali'i aimoku of Kaua'i, married Ali'i nui Kalanikahimakaiali'i, daughter of Ali'i nui Kaulahea II, Moi of Maui, and his sister wife, Ali'i nui Kalaniomaiheuila, both children of Ali'i nui Lonohonuakini, Moi of Maui, and had issue. He died about 1730. 
    • Ali'i nui KAPIOHO'OKALANI (by Kalanikahimakaiali'i) (qv)
    • Ali'i nui PELEIOHOLANI (by Kalanikahimakaiali'i) (qv)
    • Ali'i nui Kukuiaimakalani (w) (by Kalanikahimakaiali'i), she married her brother, Ali'i nui Peleioholani, and had issue (see below).
    • Ali'i nui Kaionuilalahai, married Ali'i Elani from the House of Maweke-La'akona, Chief of Ewa District, and had issue.
      • Moi KAHAHANA (see below)

  8. Ali'i nui KAPIOHO'OKALANI [Kapi'ioho], 20th Ali'i aimoku of Oahu 1730/1737, married (his own mother), Ali'i nui Kalanikahimakaiali'i, and had issue.
    • Ali'i nui KANAHAOKALANI (by Kalanikahimakaiali'i) (qv)

  9. Ali'i nui KANAHAOKALANI, 21st Ali'i aimoku of Oahu 1737/1738

  10. Ali'i nui PELEIOHOLANI, 22nd Ali'i aimoku of Oahu 1738/1770, also 21st Ali'i aimoku of Kaua'i, Ali'i of Molokai and Ni'ihau; married 1stly, Ali'i nui Halaki'i of Kaua'i, married 2ndly (his sister), Ali'i nui Kukuiaimakalani, married 3rdly, Ali'i nui Lonokahikini (married 2ndly, Ali'i nui Kumahana), and had issue.
    • Ali'i nui KUMAHANA (by Halaki'i) (qv)
    • Ali'i nui Ka'apuwai (by Halaki'i), she married and had issue.
      • Ali'i nui Kamakahelei, married Moi Kane'one'o, 25th Moi of Oahu (see below).
    • Ali'i nui Ke'elani'ihonuaiakama (w) (by Halaki'i)
    • Ali'i nui Kapueo (w)
    • Ali'i nui Ke'eaumoku (k)
    • Ali'i nui Kalanipo'o (by Kukuiaimakalani), she married Ali'i Kaiakea, Chief of Molokai, and had issue.
      • Ali'i Ka'akaupalalaka (w)
      • Ali'i Kuluehu (k)
      • Ali'i Kolikoli (k)

  11. Ali'i nui KUMAHANA, 23rd Ali'i aimoku of Oahu 1770/1773 (deposed), Ali'i of Molokai and Ni'ihau; he was indolent, penurious and alienated his people to the extant that he was deposed after only three years of rule; he was allowed to depart for Kaua'i with his family and settled there in Waimea; married Ali'i nui Lonokahikini, and had issue.
    • Moi KANEONEO (qv)

  12. Moi KAHAHANA, (22nd?) 24th Ali'i aimoku of Oahu 1773/1783 and Ali'i Aimoku of Molokai 1773/1783, born about 1757, son of Ali'i Elani from the House of Maweke-La'akona, Chief of Ewa District, and his wife, Ali'i Kaionuilalahai; he was imprudent and rash, and ordered the death of his high priest which had the effect of greatly alienating the feelings of both chiefs and commoners from him, and thereby weakened his influence and resources to withstand the machinations of Kahekili who had designs on Oahu; in early 1783, Kahekili invaded Oahu, and defeated Kahahana near the small stream of Kaheiki, and was forced to flee, but shortly afterwards he was murdered by treachery and all resistance ended; married Ali'i nui Kekuapoi'ula, and had issue. He died about January 1783 in Honolulu.
    • Ali'i nui Pililua, married (his sister), Ali'i nui Kaheleaka'ulani, and had issue.
      •  Ali'i nui Akaka Kukalani, she married Ali'i Ka'aikumoku, and had issue.
        • Ali'i Pi'ikeakalua'onalani, married Ali'i Noah Peleioholani, and had issue.
      • Ali'i nui Kananoano, he married Ali'i Kapueohoanoano, and had issue.
        • Ali'i Kaiolani (w)
    • Ali'i nui Kaheleaka'ulani, married (her brother), Ali'i nui Pililua, and had issue (see above).
    • Ali'i nui Kaipukai Lau'ia, she married James Fay, born about 1778, died 11th July 1858 in Waimea, and had issue.
      • Mary Ka'ala Fay, married George Kynaston Lindsey, born 17th December 1832, died 31st September 1872, and had issue. She died 31st January 1886 in Kawaihae.

  13. Moi KANE'ONE'O, 25th Ali'i aimoku of Oahu 1783/1785, married (a), Ali'i nui Kamakahelei, 22nd Hereditary Queen of Kaua'i, died after 1795, married (b), Ali'i nui Kalanikauiokikilo [Kalanikauiokikilo Kalaniwaiakua Kekumanomanookekapu], daughter of Ali'i nui Kamehamehanui Ailuau, and his wife, Ali'i nui Kalola Pupuka-o-Honokawailani, and had issue. He died 1785.
    • Ali'i nui Ka'apuwai Kapua'amoku, she married Mo'i Ka'umuali'i, 23rd King of Kaua'i, and had issue.


  • Hon. ISAAC DAVIS, Governor of Oahu [1xxx] - [xx.4.1810], born 1758, married 1stly, 1796, Nakai Nalima'alualu, married 2ndly, 1799, Kalukuna, and had issue. He was poisoned to death on the orders of HM King Kamehameha I in April 1810.
    • Sarah Kaniaulono Davis (by Nakai), born 15th January 1797 in Waimea, Kauai, married 1stly, about 1816, Alexander Adams, born 27th December 1780 in Arbroath, Scotland, died 27th October 1871, married 2ndly, His Excellency James Kanehoa Young, Governor of Maui, married 3rdly, Kanekuapu'u, and had issue. 
      • Alexander Napuhako Adams, born 1816, died 5th April 1865
      • Isaac Keeaumoku Adams, born 1817, married Keli'iopunui Kalanikaukeha, and had issue. He died 10th September 1900.
      • Amelia Nakai Kanekuapu'u, married (her cousin), George Davis, and had issue. She died 1895.
    • George Hueu Davis, born 10th January 1800, married 1820, 1stly, Kaha'anapilo Papa, born 1800, died 29th June 1858, daughter of Papa, and his wife, Kamoalu, married 2ndly, Amelia Nakai Kanepuapu'u, died 1895, daughter of Kanekuapu'u, and his wife, Sally Kaniaulono, married 3rdly, Kalapuna, died 1914, and had issue. He died 31st December 1873.
      • Elizabeth Kamakaila Davis (by Kaha'anapilo)
      • Papa Davis (by Kaha'anapilo)
      • William Kulua Davis (by Kaha'anapilo), born 1824, married 1stly, Ka'ahanui, married 2ndly, Hoapiliwahine, married 3rdly, Mary Nolan, and had issue. He died 26th February 1871.
        • Elizabeth Kamakaila Davis (by Ka'ahanui)
        • Isaac Kahaulelio Davis (by Hoapiliwahine)
        • James Kanehoa Davis (by Mary), died 18th April 1901.
      • George Hueu Davis (by Kaha'anapilo), born 1825, married (his cousin), Amelia Nakai Kanekuapu'u, died 1895 (see above), and had issue. He died 23rd May 1896.
        • William Kahiukahi Davis, born about 1860.
      • Isaac Young Davis (by Kaha'anapilo), born 1826, married HH Princess Ruth Keelikolani, born 17th June 1826, died 24th May 1883, daughter of H.E. Ali'i Matai'o Kekuanaoa, and his wife, High Chiefess Kalanipauahi. He died sp 16th June 1882.
      • John Young Olohana Davis (by Kaha'anapilo), born 1830, married 1stly, Hana Kalihiwa, married 2ndly, Emma Kapeka Noa, and had issue.
        • Elizabeth Ka'anapilo Davis (by Hana), born 13th August 1859 in Honolulu, died 26th February 1931.
        • Kaluaiku Davis (by Hana)
        • Kekaiku'ihala Davis (by Kamalolo)
      • Paneku Davis (by Kaha'anapilo)
      • Grace Kama'iku'i Davis (by Kaha'anapilo)
      • Sara Kahoiwai Davis (by Kaha'anapilo)
      • Malia Mary Davis (by Kaha'anapilo)
      • Jane Lahilahi Davis (by Kaha'anapilo)
      • Kamaika'apa Davis (by Kaha'anapilo)
      • Kahanukaumaha Davis (by Kaha'anapilo)
      • Malia Kaomaeha Davis (by Amelia), died 18th October 1878.
      • William Kahiukahi Davis (by Amelia), born 1860.
      • Peter Peabody Davis (by Kalapuna), died 1905.
      • John Young Hueu Davis (by Kalapuna)
      • William Kulua Davis (by Kalapuna), married 1887, Sarah Punohu'ula'okekai Poai, born 10th May 1869, died 30th December 1929, daughter of Nakaolele Poai, and his wife, Kanohoho'okahi Paka, and had issue. He died 1929.
        • George Hueu Davis, died 22nd November 1957.
        • Isaac Davis, born 21st December 1895 in Kawaihae, Kohala, Hawai'i.
    • Elizabeth 'Betty' Peke Davis, born 12th February 1803, married Prince George Humehume of Kaua'i, and had issue.
      • Wahinekipi Kaumuali'i 
  • Hon. OLIVER HOLMES, Governor of Oahu 1810/-, married Mahi, daughter of Ali'i nui Kalaniho'oulumokuikekai of Ko’olau, and had issue.
    • Hannah Holmes, born about 1801, married William Heath Davis Sr., born 20th March 1793, died in November 1822, he is credited along with Jonathan and Nathan Winship, with setting up the market for sandalwood in 1812, and had issue.
      • William Heath Davis Jr., born 1822 in Honolulu, a prominent merchant and ship-owner, a founding father of the city of San Diego; married 1847, Maria de Jesus Telesfora de los Santos Reyes Estudillo, christened 7th January 1829, daughter of Don Joaquin Antonio José Ignacio Fernando Ramón Pio Quinto Estudillo, a wealthy ranchero, and his wife, Juana Maria del Carmen Martinez, and had issue. He died 19th April 1909 in Hayward, California.
      • Robert Grimes 'Lopaka' Davis, Member of the Hawai'i Legislature and Justice of the Supreme Court, married 13th September 1862?, Maria L. Kauapi'iokamaka'ala Sumner, and had issue. He died 5th March 1872.
        • Robert Wylie Davis, born 14th November 1859 in Honolulu, married (a), Annie Kunikau Huli, married (b), Mary Kealoha Nui, and had issue. He died 27th November 1933.
          • Robert Wylie Davis, born 1st December 1901 in Honolulu, married Amoy Elsie Kapepa, born 25th March 1905, died June 2002, daughter of Solomon Kapepa, and his wife, Kalehua Kauihou, and had issue. He died 31st March 1977.
            • Mary Kealohanui Davis, born 28th May 1930 in Honolulu, died 26th February 1999.
          • Emil Huli Davis Sr., born 6th August 1907 in Honolulu, died 22nd August 1981.
        • Maria Davis
        • Charlotte Holmes Davis, married 1885, Captain James Anderson King, pioneer in inter-island shipping, Interim Minister of Finance [3.6.1896] - [1.7.1896], Minister of the Interior [17.1.1893] - [4.3.1898] and [2.5.1898] - [5.5.1898] and [1.7.1898] - [1900]; and had issue.
          • Samuel Wilder King, born 17th December 1886 in Honolulu, educated at St. Louis College and Honolulu High School (now McKinley), and graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1910; served in the U.S. Navy until 1924; President of the Honolulu Realty Board; he entered politics in 1932 and was appointed to fthe Board of Supervisors of Honolulu till 1935; he served as the Republican delegate to Congress 1935/1942, returned to the U.S. Navy in the World War II and retired in 1946 with the rank of Captain; President of the Constitional Convention of 1950; Charter member of the Hawai'i Statehood Commission 1947/1953 and Chairman 1949/1953,  11th Territorial Governor 1953/1957; appointed a trustee of the Bernice P. Bishop estate; elected as a representative to the state legislature in 1958; married 1912, Pauline Nawahine'okala'i Evans, born 3rd October 1888, died February 1977, daughter of Thomas Edward Evans, and his wife, Hannah Nawahinekala Kaniau, and had issue, five children. He died 24th March 1959.
            • Charlotte Lelepoki King
            • Samuel Pailthorpe King, born 1916 in Hankow, China, educated at Yale University (B.S., 1937) and at Yale Law School (LL.B., 1940), he served with the U.S. Navy 1942/1946; District magistrate, City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii, 1956/1961; Judge, First Circuit of Hawaii, 1961/1970; Judge, Family Court of Hawaii, 1966/1970; Chief Judge, 1974/1984; Senior Federal Judge since 30th November 1984; married 1942, Anna (King), and has issue, three children.
            • Evans Paleku'ukana'iaupuni King
            • Davis Mauleolake'awe'ahe'ulu King
            • Pauline Nawahine'okala'i King Joerger, born 25th June 1921, author and teacher. She died 28th December 1995.
  • Hon. Ali'i Lydia Namahana Pi'ia, Governor of Oahu 1824/1829?, daughter of Hon. Ali'i nui Ke'eaumoku Papaiahiahi, Governor of Maui, and his wife, Namahana'i'Kaleleokalani, married Ali'i Gideon Peleioholani La'anui, born 1797, died 12th September 1849. She died sp 1829.
  • Hon. Ali'i BOKI KAMAULEULE , Governor of Oahu  [182x] - [xx.12.1829], son of Ali'i Kekuamanoha, and his wife, Ali'i Kamakahukilani, married before 1824, Hon. Ali'i nui Kuini Liliha (see below), and had issue. He was lost at sea in December 1829.
    • Abigail Maheha
    • Jane Louea

  • Hon. Ali'i nui Kuini Liliha, Acting Governor of Oahu [xx.12.1829] - [1.4.1831], born about 1802, married 1stly (sep'd.), Ali'i nui Kahalai'a, High Chief of Kaua'i, died 27th April 1826, married 2ndly, before 1824, Hon. Ali'i Boki Kamauleule (see above), married 3rdly, Ali'i Namaile, married 4thly, Ali'i Abner Kuho'oheiheipahu Paki, married 5th, Ali'i Kalaniulumoku, and had issue. She died 24th August 1839 in Oahu.
    • John F. Koakanu (by Namaile)

  • Hon. Ali'i nui JOHN ADAMS KI'IPALAOKU KUAKINI, Acting Governor of Oahu [1.4.1831] - [1833], Governor of Hawai'i Island 1820/1844; born about 1789 on Maui, son of Ali'i nui Ke'eaumoku Papaiahiahi, Governor of Maui, and his wife, Ali'i nui Namahana'i'Kaleleokalani; Member of the House of Nobles 1843/1844. He was appointed Acting Governor of Oahu in order to put down a potential rebellion there, which was uncovered on 1st April 1831, he remained at Fort Honolulu serving as the Commander in Chief, for one or two years; married 1stly, Ali'i Keouawahine, daughter of Ali'i Kauhiwawaeono, and his wife, Ali'i Loewahine, married 2ndly, Ali'i nui Lydia Ha'aheo Kaniu, daughter of Ali'i Keawe'aimoku, and his wife, Ali'i Kalailua, married 3rdly, Ali'i Analea Keohokalole, born 1816, died 6th April 1869, daughter of Ali'i Aikanaka, and his wife, Ali'i Kama'eokalani. He died without surviving issue on 9th December 1844 in Kailua.
    • Ali'i Keouakane (k) (by Keouawahine), died young.
    • Ali'i nui Mele Kamanele (by Keouawahine), born 1814, died 1834.

  • Hon. Ali'i nui Elizabeth Kinau Ka'ahumanu II, Governor of Oahu [1833] - [4.4.1839], born 1805/1807, daughter of HM King Kamehameha I of Hawai'i, and his wife, HM Queen Kalakua Kaheiheimalie, married 19th September 1827, H.E. Ali'i MATAIO KEKUANAOA, Governor of Oahu, and had issue (see below). She died 4th April 1839 in Honolulu,
  • H.E. Ali'i MATAIO KEKUANAOA, Governor of Oahu [1839?] - [18.2.1864], born about 1791, appointed Governor of Oahu on 17th November 1846, though he had fulfilled duties as Governor from some time earlier; married 1stly 1825, Ali'i nui Kalanipauahi, died 17th June 1826 in Honolulu, married 2ndly, 19th September 1827, Ali'i nui Elizabeth Kinau Ka'ahumanu II, born 1805/1807, daughter of HM King Kamehameha I of Hawai'i, and his wife, HM Queen Kalakua Kaheiheimalie, Kuhina Nui of Hawai'i 1832/1839, died 4th April 1839 in Honolulu, and had issue. He died 24th November 1868 in Honolulu.
    • HH Princess Ruth Keelikolani (by Kalanipauahi), born 17th June 1826 in Honolulu, married 1stly, 1842, William Pitt Leleiohoku, born 31st March 1821 in Kailua, died 21st October 1848 in Honolulu, married 2ndly, Isaac Young Davis, born about 1826, died 16th June 1882, and had issue. She died 24th May 1883 in Kailua.
      • William Pitt Kinau (by 1st husband), born 21st December 1842, died unmarried 9th September 1859 in Kohala.
    • Moses Kekuaiwa, born 20th July 1829, died unmarried 24th November 1848 in Honolulu.
    • HM King KAMEHAMEHA V of Hawai'i.
    • HM King KAMEHAMEHA IV of Hawai'i.
    • Victoria Kamamalu, born 1st November 1838 in Honolulu, died unmarried 29th May 1866 in Honolulu.

  • H.E. JOHN OWEN DOMINIS, Governor of Oahu [18.2.1864] - [4.10.1886] (first time), born 10th March 1832 in Shenectady, New York, married 16th September 1862 in Honolulu, HM Queen Lydia Kamaka'eha Lili'uokalani, Queen of Hawai'i, he had issue by Mary Purdy, died 1921, wife of Alexander Kolomaka Pahau and daughter of Jack Hale "Harry" Purdy, and his wife, Fannie Kaleleoili Davis. He died spl 27th August 1891 in Honolulu.
    • Hon. John Owen 'Aimoku Dominis, born 9th January 1883 in Honolulu, married 27th June 1911 in Honolulu, Sybil McInerny, born 8th February 1891 in Honolulu, daughter of Edward Aylett McInerny, and his wife, Rose Kapuakomela Stillman Wond, and had issue. He died 7th July 1917 in Honolulu, buried 9th July in Oahu Cemetary.
      • Sybil Dominis
      • Virginia Dominis, born 27th October 1916.
  • H.E. Col. Curtis Pi'ehu 'Iaukea
                    (1855-1940)H.E. Col. CURTIS PI'EHU 'IAUKEA, Governor of Oahu [4.10.1886] - [5.8.1887], born 13th December 1855 in Waimea, son of J. W. 'Iaukea, and his wife, Lahapa Nalanipo; he served as Secretary of Foreign Affairs, as well as the administration's envoy to the coronation of Tsar Alexander III of Russia and he accompanied Queen Esther Kapi'olani to Washington, D.C. to meet with President of the United States, Grover Cleveland. He accompanied her again to the United Kingdom to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee as well as Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, this time representing the newly created Republic of Hawai'i. After annexation he became involved in local politics serving as Secretary of the Territory (and often acting governor), until 1921, and held a number of offices including that of County Sheriff of Oahu 1906/1908 and Chairman of the Hawaiian Homes Commission 1933/1935; married 1877, Charlotte K. Hanks, and had issue, one son and one daughter. He died 1940.
  • H.E. ANTONE ROSA, Acting Governor of Oahu [12.4.1887] - [7.7.1887], Attorney General [15.11.1886] - [1.7.1887]; married 12th December 1891 in Honolulu, Helen Ladd, buried 21st March 1931 in Oahu, and had issue. He died 9th September 1898 in Honolulu.
    • Antone Rosa, died 22nd January 1929.
    • Helen Antonette Niaulani Rosa, born 18th March 1898 in Honolulu, married 8th July 1926 in Honolulu, William Francis Thompson II, born 7th December 1897 in Honolulu, died 8th October 1989 in Honolulu, and had issue. She died 10th September 1985 in Honolulu.

  • H.E. ARCHIBALD SCOTT CLEGHORN, Acting Governor of Oahu [7.7.1887] - [26.7.1887], born 15th November 1835 in Edinburgh, Scotland, married 1stly, Elizabeth Lapeka Pauahi, married 2ndly, 22nd September 1870 in Honolulu, Ali'i Miriam Kapile Likelike Kekauluohi, born 13th January 1851, died 2nd February 1887, daughter of Ali'i nui Caesar Kaluaiku Kapa'akea, and his wife, Ali'i nui Analea Keohokalole, and had issue, as well as further natural issue by Elizabeth Pauahi Lopaka Grimes, and Ann Makanui, and Anna Kaula'ahi. He died 1st November 1910 in Ainahau, Waikiki.
    • HRH Crown Princess Ka'iulani [née Victoria Kawekiu Ka'iulani Cleghorn] (by Miriam), born 16th October 1875, declared Heir Apparent 9th March 1891, died unmarried 6th March 1899 in Ainahau, Waikiki.
    • Rose Kaipuala Cleghorn (by Elizabeth), married 20th July 1876, James W. Robertson, son of George Morison Robertson, and his wife, Sarah S. Humphreys.
    • Helen Mani'iailehua Cleghorn (by Elizabeth), born 1863, died 9th August 1927 in Redwood, California, buried 12th August in Honolulu.
    • Anne Pauahi Cleghorn (by Elizabeth), born 1867, died 9th May 1897.
    • Jobe Keli'imailani Cleghorn (by Ann)
    • Thomas Alexander Kaula'aki Cleghorn (by Anna), born 11th March 1899, married Nellie Kanani. He died October 1984.
  • H.E. JOHN OWEN DOMINIS, Governor of Oahu [5.8.1887] - [23.8.1888] (second time)
  • H.E. JOHN OWEN DOMINIS, Governor of Oahu [2.3.1891] - [11.11.1891] (third time)
  • H.E. ARCHIBALD SCOTT CLEGHORN, Governor of Oahu [11.11.1891] - [28.2.1893]