FLAG of BUKHARA in 1917

BOKHARA (Emirate)

STATE: Central Asia (Uzbekistan) DYNASTY: Manghit (1785/1920) ANNEXATION: 30th August 1920

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Founded in 1785, the Emirate was annexed in September 1920 and incorporated into Uzbekistan in 1925. The Emirs of Bokhara claim descent from the great Mongol khans of the Nogai Horde. Manghit power in the Khanate of Bukhara began to grow in the early 18th century, due to the emirs position as ataliq to the khan. The family effectively came to power after Nader Shah's death in 1747, and the assassination of the ruling Abulfayz Khan and his young son, Abdalmumin, by the ataliq Muhammad Rahim Bi. From the 1750's to the 1780's, the Manghits ruled behind the scenes, until the emir Shah Murad openly declared himself the ruler, establishing the Emirate of Bukhara. Rulers were...
  1. Emir Seyyid SHAH MURAD KHAN, 1st Emir of Bokhara [1785] - [13.12.1799], son of Danial Khan (died 1770), married and had issue. He died 13th December 1799.
    • Emir Seyyid Haidar Tura Khan (qv)

  2. Emir Seyyid HAIDAR TURA KHAN, 2nd Emir of Bokhara [13.12.1799] - [xx.1.1826], married and had issue. He died January 1826.
    • Emir Seyyid Hussein Khan (qv)
    • Emir Seyyid Umar Khan (qv)
    • Emir Seyyid Nasrullah Bahadur Khan (qv)

  3. Emir Seyyid HUSSEIN KHAN, 3rd Emir of Bokhara [xx.1.1826] - [xx.3.1826], died March 1826.

  4. Emir Seyyid UMAR KHAN, 4th Emir of Bokhara [xx.3.1826] - [22.3.1826], died 22nd March 1826.

  5. Emir Seyyid NASRULLAH BAHADUR KHAN, 5th Emir of Bokhara [22.3.1826] - [21.9.1860], married and had issue. He died 21st September 1860.
    • HH Emir Seyyid Muzaffaruddin Bahadur Khan (qv)

  6. HH Emir Seyyid MUZAFFARUDDIN BAHADUR KHAN, 6th Emir of Bokhara [23.9.1860] - [12.11.1885], born 4th September 1826, married and had issue. He died 12th November 1885. 
    • Seyyid Abdul-Malik Mirza (eldest son), born 1849, Heir Apparent, he seized Karshi and ruled there independently till 1868 when he fled to Afghanistan, and later was exiled to Abbottabad in India (now Pakistan), married (amongst others), a daughter of Amir Muhammed Afzal Khan, 10th Amir of Kabul, and had issue, two daughters (#4).
      • Seyyida Roshan Jan, married Dur Muhammad Khan Leghari, of Dera Ismail Khan, and had issue, one daughter.
      • Seyyida (name unknown), married 1908 (as his second wife), Sayyid Muhammad ĎAbduíl-Jabbar Shah, Amir-i-Shariyat of Swat.
    • Seyyid Abdul Fateh Mirza, born 1856.
    • HH Emir Seyyid 'Abd Al-Ahad Khan (qv)
    • Seyyid Akram Khan, Beg of Houzar, married and had issue.
      • Seyyida (name unknown), married HH Emir Seyyid Mir Muhammed Alim Khan (qv)

  7. HH Emir Seyyid 'ABD AL-AHAD KHAN, 7th Emir of Bokhara [12.11.1885] - [3.1.1911], born 26th March 1859, A.D.C., General in the Cavalry Regiment of the Terek Kazakhs, Knight of the Order of Saint Andrew, married and had issue. He died 3rd January 1911. (#1)
    • HH Emir Seyyid Mir Muhammed Alim Khan (qv) 

  8. HHHH Seyyid Mir MUHAMMED
                    ALIM KHAN Emir Seyyid Mir MUHAMMED ALIM KHAN, 8th and last Emir of Bokhara [3.1.1911] - [30.8.1920], born 3rd January 1880, educated at St. Petersburg to study government and modern military techniques 1893/1896; received formal confirmation as Crown Prince of Bukhara by the Russian government in 1896; he was appointed Governor of Nasef region 1898/1910, and later Governor of Karmina Province 1910/1911; he was the first and only Manghit ruler to add the title of Caliph to his name; he initially favored modernization but in essence he remained a traditional ruler; when the Bolsheviks annexed Bokhara in 1920 and proclaimed the Bukharan People's Republic, the emir fled to his base at Dushanbe (in present-day Tajikistan), and finally to Kabul, Afghanistan, where he died; married April 1902, (his cousin) the daughter of Seyyid Akram Khan (see above), and had issue. He died 28th April 1944 in Kabul, Afghanistan (1943 (#2) 1944 #3) and was buried at the Shuadoi Solehin cemetery.
    • Seyyid Mir Ibrahim Khan, born 27th December 1903, married and had issue.
    • Seyyid Mir Sultan Khan
    • Seyyida Shukria Raad Alimi, she worked as a broadcaster for Radio Afghanistan, but left Afghanistan with her family three months after Soviet troops invaded the country in December 1979, with her husband, and two children she fled to Pakistan, and then through Germany to the United States, where in 1982, she joined the Voice of America, working for many years as a broadcaster for VOA's Dari Service, as editor, program host and producer.

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