IRAN (Pahlavi)

TITLE: HIM Shahanshah RELIGION: Muslim
PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: HIH Prince REZA PAHLAVI, Head of the Imperial House of Iran since 1980.
born 31st October 1960 in Tehran, Crown Prince [cr.1967], married 12th June 1986 in Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S.A., HIM Empress Yasmina Etemad Amini, born 26th July 1968 in Tehran, and has issue, three daughters. 
  • HIH Princess Noor Pahlavi, born 3rd April 1992. 
  • HIH Princess Iman Pahlavi, born 12th September 1993.
  • HIH Princess Farah Pahlavi, born 17th January 2004.
  • HIM Shahanshah REZA KHAN, Shah of Iran 1925/1941 (abdicated), born 16th March 1878 in Savad Kuh, Mazandaran, Persia, married 1stly, 1895, Maryam Khanum (a first cousin), died 22nd February 1903, married 2ndly, 1915, HIM Queen Tadj ol-Molouk, born 17th March 1896, died 10th March 1982 in Acapulco, Mexico, buried 13th March 1982, a daughter of General Tadfel Molouk, married 3rdly, 1922, (div. 1924), Qamar ol-Molouk [Touran Amirsoleimani Saltaneh], born 1904, died 1995, married 4thly, 1923, HIM Queen Esmat Dowlatshahi, died 24th July 1995, and had issue. He died 26th July 1944 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    • HIH Princess Hamdam us-Saltaneh Pahlavi (by Maryam Khanum), born 22nd February 1903 in Tehran, married Hadi Atabay, and had issue. She died 1992?
      • Amir Reza Atabay, born 1925, married Roxana Saba, and had issue, one son and two daughters.
        • Ms. Donya Atabay
        • Ms. Massoumeh Atabay
        • Reza Atabay
      • Cyrus Atabay, born 1928.
    • HIH Princess Shams Pahlavi (by Tadj ol-Molouk), born 28th October 1917, married 21st June 1945 in Cairo, His Excellency Mehrdad Pahlbod, born 16th March 1917, and had issue. She died 29th February 1996 in Santa Barbara, USA.
      • HH Prince Shahboz Pahlbod, born December 1946.
      • HH Prince Shahyar Pahlbod, born 21st July 1949, married 1stly, 16th December 1971 in Tehran (div. 1973), Ladislaja von Seyffertitz, born 8th September 1950 in Graz, Austria and has two children by a second marriage.
      • HH Princess Shahrazad Pahlbod, born 12th September 1952.
    • HIM Shahanshah Muhammed Reza (by Tadj ol-Molouk) (qv)
    • HIH Princess Ashraf Pahlavi (by Tadj ol-Molouk), born 26th October 1919, married 1stly, 1937 (div. 1941), Ali Ghavam, son of Ghavam al-Saltaneh, Prime Minister of Persia, married 2ndly, 1944 (div. 1960) Ahmad Shafiq Bey, born 21st September 1911, died 1976, son of Ahmad Shafiq Pasha, and has issue. 
      • HH Prince Shahram Ghavam, born 1939, married 1968, Niloufar, and has issue.
        • HH Prince Cyrus Ghavam, born 1970.
      • HH Prince Shahriar Shafiq, born 15th March 1945, married 1967, Maryam Eghbal (married 2ndly, HIH Prince Mahmud Reza Pahlavi, see below), born 1947, and had issue. He died 7th December 1979 in Paris.
        • HH Prince Nader Shafiq, born 15th March 1968
        • HH Prince Dara Shafiq, born 1970.
      • HH Prince Azadeh Shafiq, born 1951, married and has issue.
        • HH Prince Kamran Shafiq, born 1973.
    • HIH Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi (by Tadj ol-Molouk), born 1st April 1922 in Tehran, married 1946 in Paris, Christiane Cholewski, died about 1995, France, and had issue. He died 1954.
      • HIH Prince Ali Patrick Pahlavi, born 1st September 1947 in Paris, married in Tehran, Sonja Lauman, and has issue. 
        • HIH Prince Davoud Pahlavi, born 7th December 1971. 
        • HIH Prince Houd Pahlavi, born 14th November 1972. 
        • HIH Prince Muhammed Yuness Pahlavi, born 17th May 1977.
    • HIH Prince Gholam Reza Pahlavi (by Touran Amirsoleimani Saltaneh), born 15th May 1923 in Tehran, married 1stly, 4th April 1947 in Tehran (div.) Homa Aalam, died 1974, daughter of Dr. Amir Farajollah Aalam, Senator and physician to HIM Shahanshah Reza Khan, and his wife, Afsaralmolouk Vosough, daughter of Prime Minister Vosough Aldowleh; married 2ndly, 6th March 1962 in Tehran, Manijeh Jahanbani, born 11th May 1941, and has issue. 
      • HIH Prince Bahman Pahlavi (by Homa Aalam), born 30th January 1950.
      • HIH Princess Azardokht Pahlavi (by Manijeh Jahanbani), born 11th December 1964 in Tehran.
      • HIH Princess Maryam Pahlavi (by Manijeh Jahanbani), born 18th March 1966 in Tehran.
      • HIH Prince Bahram Pahlavi (by Manijeh Jahanbani), born 28th November 1970 in Tehran.
    • HIH Prince Abdul Reza Pahlavi (by Esmat Dowlatshahi), born 19th August 1924 in Tehran, married October 1950 in Tehran, Pari Sima Zand, born 1930, and has issue. He died 11th May 2004 in Florida.
      • HIH Prince Kamyar Pahlavi, born 1952. 
      • HIH Prince Sarvnaz Pahlavi, born 1955.
    • HIH Prince Ahmad Reza Pahlavi (by Esmat Dowlatshahi), born 27th September 1925 in Tehran, married 1stly, 1947 (div.) Simin, married 2ndly, 30th June 1957, Rosa Bozorgnia, born 1935, and has issue.
      • HIH Prince Shahrukh Pahlavi (by Simin), born 1947. 
      • HIH Princess Shahlah Pahlavi (by Simin), born 10th March 1949, married 1977, Stephen R. Correia.
      • HIH Prince Shahin Pahlavi (by Rosa Bozorgnia), born 7th November 1959, married and has issue.
        • HIH Prince Alexander Pahlavi, born 15th March 1993. 
        • HIH Prince Zachary Pahlavi, born 29th December 1995. 
        • HIH Prince Gregory Pahlavi, born 30th June 1997. 
        • HIH Princess Zara Pahlavi, born 11th October 2000.
      • HIH Princess Shahrnaz Pahlavi (by Rosa Bozorgnia), born 30th August 1964 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 
      • HIH Princessv Parinaz Pahlavi (by Rosa Bozorgnia), born 1st July 1970.
    • HIH Prince Mahmud Reza Pahlavi (by Esmat Dowlatshahi), born 3rd November 1926 in Tehran, married 1stly, 1954 (div. 1957), Mehrdokht Azam-Zanganeh, born 12th April 1929, married 2ndly, (div.), Maryam Eghbal (married 1stly, HH Prince Shahriar Shafiq, see above), born 1947. He died sp in March 2001.
    • HIH Princess Fatimeh Pahlavi (by Esmat Dowlatshahi), born 30th October 1928 in Tehran.
    • HIH Prince Hamid Reza Pahlavi (by Esmat Dowlatshahi), born 4th July 1932 in Tehran, married 1stly, March 1951 in Tehran (div.) Minou Dowlatshahi, born 1933, married 2ndly, (div.1959), Homa Khamnei, married 3rdly, 1974, Doris Thomas, and has issue. 
      • HIH Princess Niloufar Pahlavi (by Minou Dowlatshahi), born 14th July 1953. 
      • HIH Prince Behzad Pahlavi (by Homa Khamnei), born 1957, died 1981.
      • HIH Princess Nazak Pahlavi (by Homa Khamnei), born 12th February 1958 in Tehran, died 27th December 1987 in Paris.
      • HIH Prince Ja'afar Pahlavi (by Doris Thomas), born 1975 in San Diego, California, USA.
  • HIM Shahanshah MUHAMMED REZA, Shah of Iran 1941/1979 [1980], born 26th October 1919 in Tehran, married 1stly, 16th March 1939 in Cairo, (div. 1948), HRH Princess Fawzia bint Fuad, born 5th November 1921 in Alexandria, died 2nd July 2013 in Alexandria, daughter of HM King Fuad I of Egypt, married 2ndly, 12th February 1951 in Tehran, (div. 6th April 1958), HIH Princess Soraya Esfandiari Bakhtiari, born 22nd June 1932 in Isfahan, died 26th October 2001 in Paris, buried in Munich, she published an autobiography in 1991, "Le Palais des Solitudes'', daughter of Khalil Esfandiary Bakhtiari, a notable of the Bakhtiari tribe and Ambassador of Iran to the Federal Republic of Germany, and his Russian-born German wife, Eva Klein, married 3rdly, 21st December 1959 in Tehran, Farah Diba [HIM Empress Farah], born 14th October 1938 in Tehran, and had issue. He died 27th July 1980 in Cairo. 
    • HIH Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi (by Princess Fawzia), born 27th October 1940, in Tehran, married 11th October 1957 in Tehran, (div. 1964), His Excellency Ardeshir Zahedi, born 16th October 1928 in Tehran, son of General Fazlullah Zahedi (1897-1963), Prime Minister of Iran 1953/1955, and his wife, Khadijeh Pirnia (#1), educated at American College, Beirut and Utah State University (BS), Ambassador of Iran to the USA 1959/1961 and 1973/1979, Ambassador of Iran to Mexico 1973/1976, Foreign Minister of Iran 1967/1971, Awarded the Iranian Taj with Grand Cordon First Class 1975, married 2ndly, Khosrow Jahanbani, born 1943, and has issue.
      • Zahra Mahnaz Zahedi, born 1958.
      • Fawziah Jahanbani, born 1973.
      • Keykhosrow Jahanbani, born 1975.
    • HIH Prince Reza Pahlavi (by Empress Farah) (qv)
    • HIH Princess Yasmina Farahnaz Pahlavi (by Empress Farah), born 12th March 1963 in Tehran.
    • HIH Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi (by Empress Farah), born 28th April 1966 in Tehran, engaged to Ms. Raha Didevar, and had issue, one daughter. He died unmarried 4th January 2011 in Boston.
      • Princess Iryana Leila Pahlavi, born 26th July 2011.
    • HIH Princess Leila Pahlavi (by Empress Farah), born 27th March 1970 in Tehran, died 10th June 2001 in London, UK.
  • HIH Prince REZA PAHLAVI (see above) 

1. Her father was Mirza Hossein Khan Pirnia later titled Motamen-ol-Molk [Trusted  of the Kingdom], a title granted by the Shah in the late 19th century. The surname of Pirnia, was assumed in 1924/1925 when surnames were made compulsory. Her mother was HIH Princess Eshrat-ol-Saltaneh, a daughter of  HIM Shahshah Mozaffar Eddin Shah (see Qajar Dynasty).