JORDAN (Hashemite Kingdom)

AREA: DYNASTY: Hashemite
                Queen RaniaPRESENT RULER: HM King ABDULLAH II, King of Jordan since 7th February 1999.
born 30th January 1962 in Amman, Jordan, Crown Prince of Jordan 1962/1965 and 1999/1999, married 10th June 1993 (#1) in Amman, HM Queen Rania Al-Abdullah [née Rania Al-Yassin], born 31st August 1970 in Kuwait, and has issue. 
  • HRH Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, born 28th June 1994.
  • HRH Princess Iman bint Abdullah, born 27th September 1996.
  • HRH Princess Salma bint Abdullah, born 26th September 2000.
  • HRH Prince Hashem bin Abdullah, born 30th January 2005.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The Emirate of Transjordan formed in March 1921, it becomes the Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan on the 25th May 1946, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the 3rd April 1949. Rulers were...
                    (1881-1951)HM King ABDULLAH I, King of Jordan 1949/1951, born November 1881 in Mecca, Emir of Transjordan 1921/1946, Kingdom of Transjordan 1946/1949; married 1stly, 1904/1905 in Constantinople, Sharifa Mousbah bint Nasr, born 1884/1885 in Mecca, (daughter of Nasser bin Ali Pasha), died 15th March 1961 in Irbid, Jordan, married 2ndly, HH Princess Souzdil, died 16th August 1968 in Amman, and had issue. He died 21st July 1951 in Jerusalem, buried Amman.
    • HRH Princess Hayya bint Abdullah (by Mousbah), born 1907 in Constantinople. 
    • HM King Talal (qv)
    • HRH Prince Nayef bin Abdullah (by Souzdil), born 1914 in Taif, Saudi Arabia, Regent of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from the 20th July 1951 to 5th September 1951, married 7th October 1940 in Cairo, HIH Princess Mihrimâh Selcuk Sultana, born 11th November 1922, (daughter of HIH Prince Mehmed Ziyaeddin Efendi and Neshemend Hanim Efendi), died March 2000 in Amman, buried 2nd April 2000 in Istanbul, and had issue.
      • HRH Prince Ali bin Nayef Sultanzade, born 10th August 1941, married 11th April 1966, HRH Princess Wijan Ali [née Wijan Fawaz Muhana], born 29th August 1939 in Baghdad, daughter of Fawaz Muhana, and his wife, Sharifa Nafia bint Jamal Ali, and has issue. 
        • HRH Princess Nafaa bint Ali Hanim, born 27th December 1966. 
        • HRH Princess Rajwa bint Ali Hanim, born 29th June 1968. 
        • HRH Princess Basma Fatima bint Ali Hanim, born 24th March 1970. 
        • HRH Prince Mohammad Abbas bin Ali Bey, 17th February 1973.
      • HRH Prince Asem Abu Baker bin Nayef Sultanzade, born 1948, married 1stly (div. 1985), Princess Firouzeh Vokhshouri, born 7th August 1948, married 2ndly, HRH Princess Sana Asem bin Nayef, born 16th November 1960, and has issue.
        • HRH Princess Yasmine bint Asem (by 1st wife), born 30th June 1975, married 31st August 2005, Mr. Basel Yaghnam, a Jordanian national, at the home of the brides father in Amman. The official wedding was held on 2nd September 2005 in Aqaba, Amman, and was attended by H.M. Queen Noor, along with H.R.H Prince Asem and his wife, H.R.H Pricess Sana Asem, H.R.H. Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein and his wife, H.R.H Princess Noor Hamzah.
        • HRH Princess Sarah bint Asem (by 1st wife), born 12th August 1978.
        • HRH Princess Noor bint Asem (by 1st wife), born 6th October 1980 in Amman, married 29th August 2003 in El Baraka Palace (div. September 2009), HRH Crown Prince Hamzah bin Husain (see below).
        • HRH Princess Salha bint Asem (by 2nd wife), born 14th June 1987.
        • HRH Princess Nejla bint Asem (by 2nd wife), born 9th May 1988.
        • HRH Prince Nayef bin Asem (by 2nd wife), born 22nd January 1998.
    • HRH Princess Munira bint Abdullah (by Souzdil), born 1915 in Mecca, died 1987.
    • HRH Princess Makboula bint Abdullah (by Souzdil), born 1917, married 1943, HE Emir Sharif Husain bin Nasser, born 30th November 1902, son of Sharif Nasser bin Ali Pasha, Prime Minister of Jordan 1963/1964 and in 1967, died 1st May 1982, and had issue.
  • HM King TALAL (1909-1972) HM King TALAL, King of Jordan 1951/1952 (abdicated), born 26th February 1909 in Mecca, married 27th November 1934 in Amman, Sharifa Zein al-Sharaf bint Jamal Ali, born 2nd August 1916, died 26th April 1994, daughter of Sharif Jamal Ali bin Nasr, and had issue. He died 8th July 1972 in Istanbul.
    • HM King Hussein (qv) 
    • HRH Princess Asma bint Talal, born 1937, died 1937. 
    • HRH Prince Muhammed bin Talal, born 2nd October 1940 in Amman, Crown Prince of Jordan 1952/1962, married 1stly, 9th January 1964 in Amman, (div. 1976), Jeredel Firyal Resheid, born 1945, married 2ndly, 22nd April 1981, Taghris al-Majali, and has issue. 
      • HRH Prince Talal bin Muhammed (by Jeredel), born 26th July 1965, married July 1991, HRH Princess Ghaida Salaam, born 11th July 1963, and has issue.
        • HH Prince Hussein bin Talal, born 15th October 1999.
      • HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammed (by Jeredel), born 15th October 1966, married HRH Princess Areej Zawawi, and has issue. 
        • HH Princess Tasnim bint Ghazi, born 27th August 1999.
        • HH Prince Abdullah bin Ghazi, born November 2001.
        • HH Princess Jannah bint Ghazi, 20th September 2003.
    • HRH Prince Muhsin bin Talal, died young. 
    • HRH Prince Hassan bin
                      TalalHRH Prince Hassan bin Talal, born 20th March 1947, Regent of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from the 14th July 1998 to 19th January 1999, educated at Christ Church College, Oxford (B.A.(Hons) in Oriental Studies in 1967), subsequently recieved his M.A., Crown Prince 1965/1999, founded the Royal Scientific Society in 1972, married 28th August 1968 in Karachi, Pakistan, HRH Princess Sarvath Ikramullah, born 24th July 1947 in Calcutta, India, Patron of the Young Woman's Muslim Association in 1972, established the Jordan Dyslexia Society in 1993, Honourary Vice-President of the Jordan Red Crescent Society, Member of the Council of UNESCO's International Boards of the United World Colleges and of the Voluntary Services Overseas, and has issue. 
      • HRH Princess Rahmya bint El Hassan, born 13 August 1969. 
      • HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, born 14th May 1971 in Amman. 
      • HRH Princess Badiya bint El Hassan, born 28th March 1974. 
      • HRH Prince Rashid bin El Hassan, born 20th May 1979.
    • HRH Princess Basma bint Talal, born 11th May 1951 Amman.

                    (1935-1999)HM King HUSSEIN, King of Jordan 1952/1999, born 14th November 1935 in Amman, married 1stly, 19th April 1955 in Amman, (div. 1957), Queen Dina al-Husain [née Dina bint Abd al-Hamid], born 1929 in Cairo, daughter of Abd al-Hamid bin Muhammed, and his wife, Fahriah Brav, married 2ndly, 25th May 1961 in Amman, (div. 1972), Princess Munia al-Husain [née Antoinette Avril Gardiner], born 25th April 1941 in Chelmondiston, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK, married 3rdly, 24th December 1972 in Amman, Queen Alia al-Husain [née Alia Bahaeddin Toukan], born 25th December 1948 in Cairo, died 9th February 1977 near Amman, married 4thly, 15th June 1978 in Amman, HM Queen Noor al-Husain [née Lisa Najeeb Halaby], born 23rd August 1951 (#2) in Washington, DC, USA, daughter of Najeeb Elias Halaby, and his wife, Doris Carlquist, Recieved a B.A. in Architecture and Urban Planning in 1974 from Princeton University, Patron of several national institutions including, The Cerebral Palsy Foundation, The Petra National Trust and others, and had issue. He died 7th February 1999 in Amman. 
    • HRH Princess Alia bint Al Husain (by Queen Dina), born 13th February 1956 in Amman. 
    • HM King Abdullah II bin Al Husain (by Princess Munia) (qv)
    • HRH Prince Faisal bin Al Husain (by Princess Munia), born 11th October 1963 in Amman, married 10th August 1987, Alia al-Tabba, and has issue. 
      • HRH Princess Haya bint Faisal, born 11th February 1990.
      • HRH Prince Omar bin Faisal, born October 1993. 
      • HRH Princess Sara bint Faisal, born 27th March 1997.
      • HRH Princess Aisha bint Faisal, born 27th March 1997.
    • HRH Princess Aisha bint Al Husain (by Princess Munia), born 23rd April 1968 in Amman
    • HRH Princess Zein bint Al Husain by Princess Munia), born 23rd April 1968 in Amman
    • HRH Princess Haya bint Al Husain (by Queen Alia), born 3rd May 1974 in Amman, married 10th April 2004 in Beit Al-Barkat Palace, Amman, Lt.-Gen. Shaikh Muhammed bin Rashid al-Maktum of Dubai, and has issue.
    • HRH Prince Ali bin Al Husain (by Queen Alia), born 23rd December 1975 in Amman, married 23rd April 2004 in Paris, Princess Reem Brahimi, and has issue.
      • HRH Princess Jalilah bint Ali, born 16th September 2005.
      • HRH Prince Abdullah bin Ali, born 19th March 2007 in Amman.
    • HRH Crown Prince Hamzah bin Al Husain (by Queen Noor), born 29th March 1980, Crown Prince of Jordan 1999/2004, married 1stly, 29th August 2003 at El Beraka Palace (div. in September 2009), HRH Princess Noor bint Asem (see above), married 2ndly, 12th January 2012 in Amman, HRH Princess Basma Bani Ahmad Al-Atoum, chief pilot at the Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan, and has issue.
      • HRH Princess Hayah bint Hamzah
    • HRH Prince Hashem bin Al Husain (by Queen Noor), born 10th June 1981, engaged 8th January 2006 in Riyadh, to HRH Princess Fahdah, daughter of Mohammad Bin Ibrahim Bin Salman Abu Niyan.
    • HRH Princess Iman bint Al Husain (by Queen Noor), born 24th April 1983. 
    • HRH Princess Raiyah bint Al Husain (by Queen Noor), born 9th February 1986.
  • HM King ABDULLAH II, King of Jordan (see above) 

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