FUSHIMI 伏見宮 (Imperial Family of Japan)

TITLE: Prince Fushimi-no-miya DYNASTY: Fushmi ABOLISHMENT: 14th October 1947

PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: HIH Prince Fushimi Hiroaki (to 1947), 24th Prince Fushimi-no-miya [16.8.1946] - [14.10.1947], Head of the Imperial House of Fushimi [14.10.1947]-
born 26th January 1932 in Tokyo, educated at the Gakushuin and at Centre College in Kentucky, USA; executive with the Mobil Oil company in Japan;  married Ms. Yoshikawa Tokiko, died 10th April 1997, and has issue.

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The Fushimi-no-miya is the oldest of the four shinnōke, branches of the Imperial Family of Japan which were eligible to succeed to the Chrysanthemum Throne in the event that the main line should die out. It was founded by Prince Yoshihito, son of the 3rd Northern Emperor Sukō. The sesshu shinnōke and ōke households, along with the kazoku (Japanese peerage), were reduced to commoner status during the American occupation of Japan, on 14th October 1947.