KONOE (Clan and Family) (近衛家 Konoe-ke)

LOCATION: Japan REVENUE: xx koku CREATION: around 1160
TITLE: Prince, Duke, Viscount DYNASTY: Yamato - Fujiwara clan SEAT: xx

PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: Konoe Tadateru, 50th Head of the House of Fujiwara and 32nd Head of the Konoe Clan
born 8th May 1939 in Tokyo, educated at Gakushuin University, Tokyo, graduating in 1962 with a B.A. in Political Science, and at the London School of Economics in 1964 where he majored in International Relations; lecturer on Micro study on International Relief Organizations at the Graduate School of Toyo Eiwa University, in Tokyo (1994); he started his career in 1972 as an Officer 1972/1975 and then Director 1981/1985 with the IFRC disaster preparedness bureau; International Director for the Japanese Red Cross Society 1976/1981; International Department Deputy Director General 1985/1988; Director General of the Social Department in 1988; Director General of the International Department 1988/1991; Vice President of the Japanese Red Cross from 1991 to 2005, Chairman for Japanese Red Cross Academy; President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies since 2009; President of the Japanese Red Cross since 2005; married 16th December 1966, HIH Princess Mikasa Yasuko, born 26th April 1944, daughter of HIH Prince Mikasa Takahito (see Imperial Japan), and his wife, HIH Princess Takagi Yuriko, and has issue, one son.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The Konoe Familly of kuge were descended from Fujiwara no Motozane, Head of the Fujiwara clan 1159/1166, and first of the family to use Konoe as their family name.  The Konoe was one of five Fujiwara families from which the Sesshō and Kampaku were chosen. This family were one of the five principal branches (go-sekke) of the Fujiwara Family (#1 p.24).  Clan Heads and Members were.....
1. "Nobiliaire du Japon" by Jacques Edmond Joseph Papinot et al. 1906 (2003 Reprint)