LOCATION: Ryukyu Islands AREA: xx kmē FOUNDED: 1429
TITLE: HM King (till 1879) DYNASTY: Shō En-o-to / Shang Yuan Wangtong ANNEXATION: 11th March 1879

PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: Marquis SHŌ MAMORU [Mamoru Shō], Head of the Okinawan Royal Family since 30th August 1996.

Seal of the Ryukyu HanPREDECESSORS AND SHŌRT HISTORY: The Kingdom of Chuzan was established in 1406 by the Shō Dynasty and it endured till 1469, when it was replaced by another, unrelated Shō Dynasty. The Kingdom was annexed by Japan on 11th March 1879. Rulers were...

Second Shō Dynasty: