TITLE: HM King DYNASTY: Shō En-o-to/Shang Yuan Wangtong
STATE: ANNEXATION: 11th March 1879
PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: Marquis SHŌ MAMORU [Mamoru Shō], Head of the Okinawan Royal Family since 30th August 1996.
PREDECESSORS AND SHŌRT HISTORY: Kingdom of Chuzan established 1429. Annexed by Japan on 11th March 1879. Rulers were...
  • King SHŌ HASHI, 1st King of the Ryukyu Islands 1429/-
  • King SHŌ EN, 2nd King of the Ryukyu Islands, married Ukiyaka, and had issue.
    • King Shō Shin (qv)
  • King SHŌ SHIN, 3rd King of the Ryukyu Islands 1477/1526, born 1465, married Lady Umitukami China, and had issue.
    • King Shō Sei (qv)
  • King SHŌ SEI, born 1497, married Lady Umimajinikani Kaneshiro, and had issue.
    • King Shō Gen (qv)
  • King SHŌ GEN, born 5th March 1528, married and had issue.
    • King Shō Ei (qv)
    • King Shō Kokin (qv)
  • King SHŌ EI, born 1559
  • King SHŌ KOKIN, born 18th October 1560, married and had issue.
    • King SHŌ HOU (qv)
    • Prince Shō Kyo, had issue.
      • King SHŌ SHITSU (qv)
  • King SHŌ HOU, born 13th November 1590, married and had issue.
    • King Shō Ken (qv)
  • King SHŌ KEN, born 15th September 1625
  • King SHŌ SHITSU, born 15th August 1629, married and had issue.
    • King Shō Tei (qv)
  • King SHŌ TEI 1669/1709, born 16th December 1645, married and had issue.
    • King Shō Jun (qv)
  • King SHŌ JUN 1709/1710, born 5th January 1660, married Lady Umitukani Zami, and had issue.
    • King Shō Eki (qv)
  • King SHŌ EKI 1710/1712, born 1678, married Lady Machirukani Gushikawa, and had issue.
    • King Shō Kei (qv)
  • King SHŌ KEI [Choke Nakagusuku] (son) 1713/1751, born 19th June 1700, married Lady Umikamitarukani Nakasato, and had issue.
    • King Shō Ko (qv)

    SAI ON 1751/1752 (Regent), born 1682, died 1761.
  • King SHŌ BOKU [Shang Mu] 1752/1795
  • [King  SHŌ KO, son of Shō Kei, born 26th March 1739, married (a), Lady Majirugani Takamine, married (b), Lady Maushigani Matsukawa], and had issue.
    • King Shō Tetsu (son by Majirugani Takamine) (qv)
  • [King SHŌ TETSU, born 1759, married Manabitarukani Takamine and had issue.
    • King Shō Koku (qv)
    • Prince Shō Ko, born 5th February 1785.
    • Prince Shō Hou, born 1st March 1787.
    • Prince Shō So Gushikami, born 29th May 1787, married Lady Mamachikani Onaga.
    • Princess Shō Majirukani, born 28th September 1782.
    • Princess Shō Umikamitaru, born 22nd February 1786.]
  • [King Shō On/Shang Wen 1795/1803, 1784-1802]
  • King SHŌ KOKU, born 1st February 1784, married Lady Umimaushikani Kunigami, and had issue.
  • [King Shō Sei/Shang Cheng 1803/1804, born 1783, died 1804]
  • King SHŌ SEI (son of Shō Koku), born 18th October 1800
  • [King Shō Ko/Shang Hao 1804/1828 1787-1839]
  • King SHŌ GEN
  • King SHŌ IKU [Shang Yu], King of the Ryukyu Islands 1828/1848 1813-1847]
  • King SHŌ TAI [Shang Tai], King of the Ryukyu Islands [8.6.1848] - [11.3.1879], 1st Marquis Shō [17.6.1879] - [11.8.1901], born 8th July 1843, son of Shō Gen; last King of the Ryukyu Islands, his reign saw greatly increased interaction with travellers from abroad, particularly from Europe and the United States, as well as the eventual end of the kingdom and its annexation by Japan as Okinawa Prefecture; formally abdicated on 11th March 1879 on the orders of the Meiji Government, created a Marquis in the Japanese Peerage in 17th June 1879; he became a businessman and succeeded in establishing an Osaka-based company called "Maruichi Shōten," which dealt in native Okinawan products, selling them in Osaka and distributing them across the country; married (a), Lady Sakuma, married (b), Lady Machirukani Misato, married (c), Lady Machirukani Takamiyagusuku, married (d), Lady Teu Yamamoto, married (e), Lady Hana Tanaka, married (f), Lady Tei Katayama, married (g), Lady Kou Matsumoto, married (h), Lady Natru Kanda, and had issue. He died 11th August 1901, and was entombed in the royal mausoleum at Shuri, Tamaudun.
    • Marquis Shō Ten [Shō Ko] (by Sakuma)(qv)
    • Prince Shō In (by Sakuma), born 16th November 1866.
    • Prince Shō Ko (by Machirukani Misato), born 14th October 1871.
    • Prince Shō Jun (by Machirukani Misato), born 5th April 1873, died 1945.
    • Princess Shō Manabedarugane (by Machirukani Misato), born 6th May 1874.
    • Prince Shō (name unknown) (by Machirukani Misato), born 19th May 1876.
    • Princess Shō Maushigani (by Machirukani Misato), born 17th March 1878.
    • Princess Shō Shitogane (by Machirukani Misato), born 27th March 1879.
    • Princess Shō Chine (by Teu Yamamoto), born 24th July 1891.
    • Princess Shō Otone (by Tei Katayama), born 31st May 1890.
    • Princess Shō Chiyoko (by Natru Kanda), born 12th June 1894.
  • Marquis SHŌ TEN, Head of the Okinawan Royal Family, 2nd Marquis Shō 1901/1920, born 2nd August 1864 in Shuri on Okinawa, he was the last Crown Prince of the Ryukyu Kingdom from his birth to his fathers deposition in 1879; as a Japanese Peer, he held a hereditary seat in the House of Peers in the National Diet; married 1878, and had issue. He died 20th September 1920 in Shuri on Okinawa and entombed 26th September 1920 in the Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum near Shuri Castle, in accordance with traditional Ryūkyūan royal funerary rites (the last member of the Shō family to be honored in such a manner).
    • Marquis Shō Shō (qv)
  • Marquis SHŌ SHŌ, Head of the Okinawan Royal Family, 3rd Marquis Shō 1920/1923, born 1888, married and had issue. He died 1923.
    • Marquis Shō Hiroshi (qv)
  • Marquis SHŌ HIROSHI, Head of the Okinawan Royal Family 1923/1996, 4th and last Marquis Shō 1923/1947, born 18th January 1918, educated at Tokyo Imperial University, earning a degree in East Asian history from the Department of Literature, he served for a time as a captain in the Japanese Imperial Navy; he was also active in the business world, working with various institutions, including Shō Enterprises, where he was representative director; lost his title of Maruis when the peerage system was abolished in 1947; towards the end of his life he donated many Shō family possessions, including artworks, ritual objects, historical documents, and the royal mausoleum of Tamaudun Shikinaen to the City of Naha, and also donated various artworks, documents, and other family possessions to the city of Urasoe and village of Izena; married and had issue, one son and four daughters. He died 30th August 1996 in Tokyo, and was entombed in Izena Tamaudun on the Okinawan island of Izena.
    • Mamoru Shō (qv)
  • Marquis SHŌ MAMORU, Head of the Okinawan Royal Family (see above)
  • Prince Shō Tsuguru
  • Prince Shō Atsushi, born about 1928.
  • Princess Shō Hiroko