Title: Raja Religion: Christian
State: Malaysia Dynasty: Brooke
Present Head of House: Lionel Brooke, Head of the House of Brooke since 2011.
born 16th August 1940
Predecessors and Short History: Founded 1841, became a British crown colony on the 1st July 1946, and then part of Malaysia on the 16th September 1963. Rulers were...
  • Robert Brooke, born 5th May 1727, son of Robert Brooke, and his wife, Elizabeth Collett, married 23rd September 1760 in Wanstead, Essex, Ruth Cassan Pattle, born 1741, died 10th March 1829 in Reigate, Surry, daughter of Thomas Pattle, and had issue.
    • Thomas Brooke, born 1760, married 1st February 1793 in Bhagalpur, India, Anna Maria Stuart, and had issue. He died 30th December 1835.
      • Harriet Grace Brooke, born 4th January 1794, christened 4th February 1794 in Berhampur, India.
      • Anna Matilda Brooke, born 11th August 1794 in Birbhum, India, christened 4th January 1796, died 9th July 1816.
      • Eliza Brooke, born 11th April 1797 in India, christened 24th November 1797.
      • Henry Stuart Brooke, born 24th August 1798, christened 4th January 1799, died 3rd April 1820.
      • Emma Frances Brooke, born 1802, married 1822, Reverend Francis Charles Johnson, born 1807?, Vicar of White Lackington, died 1871, and had issue. She died 1870.
        • John Brooke, born 1823, Raja Muda, Captain Connaught Rangers, active in Sarawak 1857-1863, married 1stly, 1856, Annie Grant, born 1834, died 25th November 1858, married 2ndly, 1861, Julia Welstead, died 10th May 1862, and had issue. He died 1st December 1868.
          • Basil Brooke, born 1857, died 28th October 1860.
          • John Charles Evelyn Hope Brooke, born 15th November 1858, married 27th April 1892, Hon. Violet Barrington, born 3rd May 1872, died 10th December 1938, daughter of Hon. Walter Bulkeley Barrington, 3rd Baron Barrington, and his wife, Hon. Mary Isabella Bogue, and had issue. He died 19th June 1934.
            • Basil Brooke, born 6th April 1895.
            • Alaric Brooke, born 1897.
            • John Vyner Slingsby Brooke, born 7th November 1899.
            • Rupert Brooke, born 1900.
            • Bruce Brooke, born 26th July 1906.
            • Anne Brooke, born 1893.
            • Bery Brooke, born 1894.
            • Joan Brooke, born 1902.
            • Mollie Brooke, born 1903.
            • Ruth Brooke, born 1905.
          • Matilda Agnes Brooke
        • Sir Charles Anthony Johnson [later Brooke] (qv)
        • William Frederick Brooke, born 23rd November 1830, married 29th April 1868, Caroline Toller. He died 1916.
        • Henry Stuart Brooke, Tuan Bongsu, married Mary Chilcott. He died 31st March 1894.
        • Mary Anna Brooke, born 1825, died 1901.
        • Harriet Helena Brooke, born 1826, died 1906.
        • Emma Brooke, born 1832.
      • Sir James Brooke (qv)
      • Margaret Brooke
      • Henrietta Brooke, born 1808, christened 31st May 1808, died 2nd July 1816 in Berhampur, India. 
  1. Sir James Brooke, 1st Raja of Sarawak 1841/1868, born 29th April 1803 in Benares, India, christened 7th November 1803, K.C.B., having found the Raja Muda Hassim, uncle of the reigning Sultan of Brunei, engaged in war in the province of Sarawak with several of the Dyak tribes, he offered his aid to the Raja, and with his crew, and some Javanese who had joined them, he took part in a battle with the insurgents, and they were defeated. For his services the title of Raja of Sarawak was conferred on him by Muda Hassim, the former raja being deprived in his favour, title confirmed by the Sultan in September 1841. The island of Labuan, with its dependencies, having been acquired by purchase from the Sultan of Borneo, was erected into a British colony, and Raja Brooke was appointed governor and commander-in-chief. He was also named consul-general in Borneo. These appointments had been made before his arrival in England. The university of Oxford conferred on him the honorary degreeof D.C.L., and in 1848 he was created K.C.B. In 1868 he went to England, and remained there for three years. During this time he was attacked by paralysis, a public subscription was raised, and an estate in Devonshire was bought and presented to him. He made two more visits to Sarawak, and on each occasion had a rebellion to suppress. He spent his last days on his estate at Burrator in Devonshire, and died there, on the 11th of June 1868, being succeeded as raja of Sarawak by his nephew. Sir James Brooke was a man of the highest personal character, and he displayed rare courage both in his conflicts in the East and under the charges advanced against him in England. He died spl on 11th June 1868, having had natural issue.
    • Reuben George Brooke [born as Reuben Walker], born 1834, married and had issue. He died 1874.
      • Reuben (Ruby) James Brooke, born 1865, married and had issue.
        • James Reuben Brooke, born 1896, married and had issue.
          • James Reuben Brooke, born 1919.

  2. Sir Charles Anthony Brooke, 2nd Raja of Sarawak 1868/1917, born 3rd June 1829, married 28th October 1869, Margaret Alice de Windt [HH the Rani of Sarawak], born 9th October 1849, died 1st December 1936, and had issue. He died 17th May 1917.
    • Dayang Ghita Brooke, born 21st September 1870, died 14th October 1873.
    • James Brooke, born 20th February 1872, died 11th October 1873.
    • Charles Brooke, born 20th February 1872, died 17th October 1873.
    • Sir Charles Vyner Brooke (qv)
    • Bertram Willes Brooke (qv)
    • Harry Brooke, Tuan Bongsu, born 10th November 1879, married 7th December 1910, Dorothy Craig, died 1911, and had issue. He died 11th November 1926.
      • James Brooke, born 1911.
    • Henry Keppel Brooke, born 1878, died 1930.

  3. Sir Charles Vyner Brooke, 3rd Raja of Sarawak 1917/1946, born 26th September 1874, G.C.M.G., married 21st February 1911, Hon. Sylvia Leonora Brett [HH the Rani of Sarawak], born 25th February 1885, died 11th November 1971, and had issue. He died 9th May 1963.
    • Dayang Leonora Margaret Brooke, born 18th November 1911.
    • Dayang Elizabeth Brooke, born 2nd September 1913, died March 2002.
    • Dayang Valerie N. Brooke, born 20th December 1915 in London, died 19th August 1993.   

  4. Bertram Willes Brooke, Head of the House of Brooke of Sarawak 1946/1963, born 8th August 1876, Tuan Muda, Royal Horse Artillery, married 28th June 1904, Gladys Palmer, born 18th January 1889, died 12th June 1952, and had issue. He died 15th September 1965.
    • Anthony Walter Dayrell Brooke (qv)
    • Dayang Jean Brooke, died 12th September 1970.
    • Dayang Elizabeth Brooke
    • Dayang Anne Brooke

  5. Anthony Walter Dayrell Brooke, Head of the House of Brooke of Sarawak 1963/2011, born 18th December 1912, Raja Muda, married 1stly, 14th November 1929, Kathleen Hudden, born about 1907, died 24th April 1981, married 2ndly, 1981, Gita Keiller, and had issue. He died 2nd March 2011.
    • Lionel Brooke (qv)
    • Dayang Angela Brooke, born 23rd April 1942, died about 1983.
    • Dayang Celia Brooke, born 3rd November 1944, married Prince Murshid Zade David Inayat Khan, and has issue.
      • Sura-un-Nissa, born 23rd March 1971.

  6. Lionel Brooke, (see above)