BENIN (EDO) (Princely State)

STATE: Nigeria (Edo State) DYNASTY: Edo??
born 22nd June 1923 (#1), educated at Cambridge University (Law), Crowned 23rd March 1979, Ediaken of Uselu, Member of the Uzama (Seven Kingmakers), married Esther Omoye amongst others, and has issue.
  • Crown Prince Eheneden Erediauwa, born 1953, Nigerian Ambassador to Norway, Nigerian Ambassador to Angola. Has a B.A. in economics and sociology from the University of Wales. He is a member of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs. Since 1987 he has been active in leading positions within the Nigerian business community, especially the gas and oil industries. (Translation by Frank H. Johansen 2000)
  • Princess Theresa Erediauwa-Ogiogwa, Princess Royal, State Counsel in the Edo State Ministry of Justice (resigned 1999).
  • Princess Ekiuwa Erediauwa-Inneh, born Benin City, Social Anthropologist.
  • Prince Aghatise Erediauwa
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Igodomigodo founded and ruled by rulers styled Ogiso, ruler of Oyo founds Ile Ibinu (Benin City) (traditional version) about 1170, Edo becomes the name of the state about 1470, Royalty suppressed on 9th September 1897 by Britain, reinstated 24th July 1914 . Rulers were...
  1. Oba EWUARE, 13th Oba of Benin 1440/1473, during his rule the Kingdom of Benin, through conquests from Idah to the North, Owo and Akure to Igboland, West of the Niger, had become an Empire. The Oba gave Benin a strong central government that weakened political factions and intrigues of the chiefs. His constitutional reforms strengthened the Oba against the Uzama and the Palace chiefs. A great and shrewd magician, regarded as a semi-divine monarch, Oba Ewuare gave Benin City the look and status of an imperial metropolis.
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  3. Oba OZOLUA, 15th Oba of Benin 1483/1504

  4. Oba ESIGIE, 16th Oba of Benin 1504/1550, according to some English visitors, the Oba could field twenty thousand warriors in one day, and up to 100,000 men if necessary. Oba Esigie, in an effort to spread Christianity in his realm sent Ohen Okun, the Olokun priest at Ughoton, as an ambassador to the king of Portugal to ask him to send priests to Benin to teach him and his people about the Christian Faith. He also allowed churches to be built in the city at Ogbelaka, Idumwerie and Akpakpava. The Oba and the King of Portugal exchanged valuable gifts and a Portuguese Ambassador was accredited to Benin.

  5. Oba ORHOGBUA, 17th Oba of Benin 1550/-

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  10. Oba AKENGBOI, 22nd Oba of Benin 1669/-

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  13. Oba OREOGHENEN, 25th Oba of Benin 1689/1700

  14. Oba EWUAKPE, 26th Oba of Benin 1700/1712

  15. Oba OZUERE, 27th Oba of Benin 1712/1713

  16. Oba AKENZUA I [Nisonorho], 28th Oba of Benin 1713/1735

  17. Oba ERESONYEN (by Queen Ede), 29th Oba of Benin 1735/1750

  18. Oba AKENGBUDA (by Queen Ohogha II), 30th Oba of Benin 1750/1804

  19. Oba OBANOSA, 31st Oba of Benin 1814/1816, married (amongst others), Queen Omozogie, and had issue.
    • Oba Ogbebor (qv)
    • Oba Erediauwa Osemwede (by Omozogie) (qv)

  20. Oba OGBEBOR, 32nd Oba of Benin in 1816 (for 8 months only)

  21. Oba EREDIAUWA OSEMWEDE, 33rd Oba of Benin 1816/1851, married and had issue. He died 1851.
    • Oba Odinovba Adolor (qv)
    • Prince Ogbewekon
    • Princess Aghayubini, ancestress of the Osula's and Aiwerioghene's of Benin.

  22. Oba ODINOVBA ADOLOR, 34th Oba of Benin 1851/1888, married (amongst others), Queen (later Queen Mother), Iyoba Iheya [Iha II], and had issue. He died 1888.
    • Oba Idugbowa Ovonramwen (by Iheya)(qv)
    • Prince Orokhoro

  23. Oba IDUGBOWA OVONRAMWEN, 35th Oba of Benin 1888/1914 (deposed in 1897 by the British authorities), married (amongst others) Eghahe and Arghobahi, and had issue. He died in exile in 1914 at Calabar.
    • Prince Ehigie, eldest son, Enogie of Uwaan village.
    • Oba Aiguobasinmwin Eweka II (by Eghahe)(qv) 
    • Prince Usuanlele
    • Prince Uyiekpen
    • Princess Orinmwiame
    • ?Custodio Joaquim de Almeida, died 1935.

  24. Oba AIGUOBASIMWIN EWEKA II, 36th Oba of Edo 1914/1933, married (amongst others) Ariowa, and had issue. He died 2nd February 1933.
    • Princess Ighiwiyisi Eweka (eldest child)
    • HH Omo n'Oba n'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Godfrey Akoro Eweka Akenzua II (eldest son)(qv)
    • Prince Uwaifiokun, Enogie of Obagie.
    • Prince Ogiesoba, Enogie of Aideyanoba.
    • Prince Iyiwuarefo Eweka, 4th son, Enogie of Oghada [cr.1935], had issue.
      • HH Prince Joseph Adekunle Iyi-Eweka, first son, later Enogie of Oghada; married and had issue. He died 2nd February 2013.
        • Prince Enweansefe Iyiewaefu Eweka, he succeeded his father as the new Enogie of Oghada
      • Prince Dr. Ademola Iyi Eweka, second son, born 1945.

  25. HH Omo n'Oba n'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo GODFREY AKORO EWEKA AKENZUA II, 37th Oba of Edo 1933/1978, born 1899 in Benin City, married 1stly, 1922, Iye Oba Agbabowa Ovbi N'Errua of Uselu [Chief Queen or Eson], later Queen Mother of Benin, born about 1907 in Ishan (#2), died 1999, and had issue, about 50 children. He died 1st December 1978.
    • HH Omo n'Oba n'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Solomon Igbinoghodua Aisiokuoba Akenzua Erediauwa I (by Agbabowa)(qv)
    • Prince Edun Agharese Akenzua, Enogie of Obazuwa-Iko, Chairman of the Benin Centenary Committee.
    • Prince Uyiekpen Akenzua
    • Prince David Akenzua, Justice (retd)
    • Princess Elizabeth Akenzua-Olowu
    • Princess Adesuwa Akenzua, married 1959, Professor Emmanuel Emovon.
    • Prince Idu Akenzua
    • Prince Felix Akenzua

  26. HH Omo n'Oba n'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo SOLOMON IGBINOGHODUA AISIOKUOBA AKENZUA EREDIAUWA I, 38th Oba of Edo (see above)
  • Prince Clifford Ogiesoba Eweka fl.1998
  • Prince Enawekponmwen Basimi Eweka, born 1928.
  • Prince Olumuyiwa Iyi-Eweka

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