KANO (Emirate)

TITLE: Emir or Sarkin Kano RELIGION: Muslim
STATE: Nigeria DYNASTY: Sulibawa (1819/-)
PRESENT RULER: HH Emir (unknown), 14th Emir of Kano since 9th June 2014
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The predecessor Hausa state founded in 998AD, replaced by the Muslim state in 1807. Rulers were...  
  • Muhamman Dadi dan Bawa 1670/1702
  • Muhamman Sharefa dan Muhamman Dadi 1702/1730
  • Muhamman Kumbari dan Muhamman Sharefa 1730/1743
  • Kabe dan Muhamman Kumbari 1743/1753
  • Muhamman Yaji II dan Muhamman Dadi 1753/1768
  • Babba Zaki dan Muhamman Yaji 1768/1776
  • Da'uda Abasama II dan Muhamman Yaji (by Bawiya) 1776/1780
  • Muhamman Alwali dan Muhamman Yaji (by Bawiya) 1781/1807
  1. Emir SULEIMANU dan Abahama (by Dada) , 1st Emir of Kano 1807/1819, of the Modibawa Dynasty, married the daughter of Sultan Muhammad Bello of Sokoto, and had issue?. He died 22nd August 1819? 

  2. Emir IBRAHIM DABO dan Muhamman (by Halima), 2nd Emir of Kano 1819/1846, married (amongst others), Maryam bint Uthman dan Fodio of Sokoto, (she also married Muhammad Ade, Waziri of Sokoto), and had issue. He died 9th February 1846.
    • Emir Usman dan Ibrahim Dabo (qv)
    • Dan Lawal dan Ibrahim Dabo 
    • Emir Abdullahi dan Ibrahim Dabo  (qv)
    • Emir Muhamman Bello dan Ibrahim Dabo  (qv)

  3. Emir USMAN I dan Ibrahim Dabo (by Shekara), 3rd Emir of Kano 1846/1855, died 26th August 1855.

  4. Emir ABDULLAHI dan Ibrahim Dabo, 4th Emir of Kano 1855/1882, married (amongst others) the daughter of Sultan Aliyu Babba of Sokoto and had issue. He died 8th September 1882.
    • Yusuf Galadima dan Abdullahi, died 1894.
    • Emir Aliyu Babba dan Abdullahi (qv)
    • Emir Muhammad Abbas dan Abdullahi (qv)
    • Emir Usman dan Abdullahi (qv)
    • Zainab binti Abdullahi, married Sultan Abubakar II ibn Muhammad Bello, 7th Sultan of Sokoto 1873/1877 and 1st District Head of Rabah.

  5. Emir MUHAMMAN BELLO dan Ibrahim Dabo, 5th Emir of Kano 1882/1893, had issue. He died 25th November 1893.
    • Emir Muhammad Tukur dan Muhamman Bello (qv)
    • Ibrahim dan Muhamman Bello
    • Zakari dan Muhamman Bello
    • Abubakar dan Muhamman Bello

  6. Emir MUHAMMAD TUKUR dan Muhamman Bello, 6th Emir of Kano 1893/1895, died 16th March 1895.

  7. Emir ALIYU BABA dan Abdullahi, 7th Emir of Kano 1895/1903, died 1926.

  8. HH Emir MUHAMMAD ABBAS dan Abdullahi, 8th Emir of Kano 1903/1919, had issue. He died 1st May 1919.
    • HH Emir Abdullahi Bayero dan Muhammad Abbas (qv)
    • HH Emir Muhammad Inuwa Abbas dan Muhammad Abbas (qv)

  9. HH Emir USMAN II dan Abdullahi, 9th Emir of Kano 1919/1926

  10. HH Emir ABDULLAHI BAYERO dan Muhammad Abbas, 10th Emir of Kano 1926/1953, born 1881/1883, had issue. He died 25th December 1953.
    • HH Alhaji Emir Sir Muhammad Sanusi dan Abdullahi Bayero (qv)
    • HH Alhaji Emir Dr. Ado Bayero dan Abdullahi Bayero

  11. HH Alhaji Emir Sir MUHAMMAD SANUSI dan Abdullahi Bayero, 11th Emir of Kano 1953/1963 (deposed), born 1905, Ciroman Kano, married and had issue. He died after 1984.
    • Aminu Sanusi, Ciroman Kano, married and had issue.
      • Sanusi Aminu Sanusi aka HH Emir Sanusi Aminu Sanusi, 14th Emir of Kano 
    • Lamido Sanusi, married and had issue.
      • Sanusi Lamido Sanusi aka HH Emir Muhammadu Sunusi II, 14th Emir of Kano

  12. HH Emir MUHAMMAD INUWA ABBAS dan Muhammad Abbas, 12th Emir of Kano in 1963, born 1901, Turaki of Kano 1927/1939, District Head of Dawakin Kudu. He died 8th October 1963.

  13. HH Alhaji Emir Dr. ADO BAYERO dan Abdullahi Bayero, 13th Emir of Kano 1963/2014, born 25th July 1930 in Kano, Sarkin Dawaki of Kano (#1), married at least four wives, and had issue, 62 children. He died 6th June 2014.
    • Alhaji Sanusi Ado Bayero, born 1st April 1956 in Filin Chiranchi area, Chiroman Kano.

  14. HH Emir (unknown), 14th Emir of Kano (see above)
  • Alhaji Abbas Sanusi, Wamban Kano.

1. Or born 5th September 1930 according to Ahmadu Bello: Sardauna of Sokoto p.195