ABEMAMA (High Chiefdom)

Title: Uea of the Land of the Moonlight
Religion: xx
State: Kiribati Dynasty: Karotu aREA:

POPULATION: Capital: Kariatebike

Present Ruler: Ten PAUL BAURO, Uea of Abemama in 1968
born about 1940/1943.
Predecessors and Short History: Abemama is traditionally said to have been founded around 1200 by Tem Mangkia I, and whose line ruled to about the early 1700's (#3). Abemama became a British Protectorate from 1892. There was a movement by a small minority during 1944, at Abemama, which sought the renunciation by Ten Tekinaiti of his right to the Ueaship and the acclamation of Ten Taburimai, the great grand-nephew of Ten Binoka, as the High Chief. The reasons given for this were that Ten Tekinaiti had failed to interest himself in the welfare of his subjects and had acted in a manner that did not command respect. It was said that Ten Taburimai possessed more Ba n uea blood than Ten Tekinaiti, which is true if the blood-letting ceremony at the adoption of Ten Bauro by Ten Binoka can be discounted. However, by the rules of primogeniture, Ten Tekinaiti would still appear to be the rightful Uea of the atoll of Abemama and the two satellite islands of Kuria and Aranuka. Rulers were.... (#1)
  • Tem Mwea from Berua, married and had issue. (#4)
    • Ten Teannaki, married and had issue.
      • Ten Tetabo, 1st mataniwi-iaon-te-aba of Abemama (qv)
      • Ten Tekatuatua, he left for Abaiang and Marakei.
      • Ten Tebatibunga, he left for Taungaeaka in Tabiteuea.
  • Ten Tetabo, he was given the title of mataniwi-iaon-te-aba (the master on the land) as no man was able to defeat him in battle, married Nei Beiarung, and had issue. (#1)
    • Ten Namoriki (qv)
  • Ten Namoriki, he succeeded to his father's title and position of mataniwi-iaon-te-aba, married and had issue.
    • Ten Karotu (qv)
    • Ten Teueantataua
  • Ten Karotu, he succeeded to his father's title and position of mataniwi-iaon-te-aba in about 1810, he united Abemama, Kuria and Aranuka in the 1840's and proclaimed his eldest son as the first Uea of Abemama in about 1841 and resigned his position, married 1stly, Nei (name unknown), married 2ndly, Nei Teaa, and had issue, three sons and one daughter. He died after 1841.
    • Ten Tawaia (by 1st wife)(qv)
    • Ten Baiteke (by Nei Teaa)(qv)
    • Ten Binatake, married and had issue. He died after 1885.
      • Ten Tikini, he died after 1885.
  • Ten Tawaia, 1st Uea of Abemama (#2) ca1841/ca1850, married and had issue. He died in about 1850.
    •  Kuria
    • Aranuka
  • Ten Baiteke, 2nd Uea of Abemama ca1850/1878 (resigned), married and had issue, two sons and two daughters.
    • Ten Binoka (qv)
    • Nei (name unknown), she married and had issue, two sons and one daughter.
      • Nei (name unknown), she married and had issue, one son.
        • Ten (name unknown), married and had issue, one son.
          • Ten Taburimai
    • Ten Timon, Regent of Abemama 1891/1892 (about four and a half months), he married Taiea of the rang (landless or labouring) class, and had issue. He died after March 1892.
      • Ten Paul Bauro I (qv)
      • Nei Rita, married Tebetinako of the aomata (freeman) class, and had issue.
        • Ten Tokatake (qv)
  • Ten Binoka, 3rd Uea of Abemama 1878/1891, born 1844, he is noted for giving Abemama its flag in 1884, for having met the poet, Robert Louis Stevenson, and in particular for his sexual perversions, including sleeping on a pillow stuffed with the pubic hair of virgins, married 40 wives and had 20 concubines as permitted by Gilbertese custom, and had adoptive issue. He died sp on 10th November 1891.
    • (A) Ten Paul Bauro (qv)
  • Ten Timon, Regent of Abemama 1891/1892 (about five and a half months)
  • Ten Paul Bauro I, 4th Uea of Abemama 1892/1916, born 1882, he underwent the feet cutting ceremony at the adoption ceremony in order to release the Rang blood, Ten Binoka then announced that the youth was now pure Ba n uea and fit to accede to the throne; married. He died sp in 1916 (#3).
  • Ten Tokatake, 5th Uea of Abemama 1916/-, married Agneti, daughter of a Scottish Trader, and had issue, four sons and one daughter.
    • Ten Tekinaiti (qv)
  • Ten Tekinaiti, 6th Uea of Abemama -/1953, married at the age of sixteen years, to the daughter of a trader, who had purchased considerable land at Abemama, and a Nauruan woman, and had issue, two sons and one daughter.
    • Ten Paul Bauro (qv)
  • Ten Paul Bauro II, 7th Uea of Abemama, married and had issue.

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