BORA BORA (High Chiefdom)

TITLE: Ari'i rahi or Ari'i 'Otare
ANNEXATION: 19th March 1888
LOCATION: French Polynesia (Les Iles-Sous-Le-Vent) POPULATION:

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Borabora or Porapora, also called Vavau, an independent kingdom, comes into being about 1500 and recognized as such by France on 19th June 1847 according to the Convention de Jarnac (abolished in 1887), Bora Bora was annexed by France on 19th March 1888. Rulers were...
  • Ari'i rahi TAUNIUA, Ari'i rahi of Bora Bora -/1745, born about 1707, married and had issue. He died 1745.
  • Ari'i rahi Teari'imaevarua I, Ari'i rahi of Bora Bora 1745/1778, married Ari'i Ta'oata, and had issue. She died 1778.
    • Ari'i rahi Teari'inohora'i Tapoa I (qv)
    REGENCY 1778/1793
  • Ari'i rahi Teari'inohora'i TAPOA I, Ari'i rahi of Bora Bora 1778/1812, born 1772, married Ari'i Aimata a Pa, and had issue. He died 1812.
    • Ari'i rahi Tapoa II (qv)
    • Ari'i Teri'imaevarua, she died 1809.
    REGENCY 1812/1831
  • Ari'i rahi Teri'inohorai TAPOA II, Ari'i rahi of Bora Bora 1812/1860, born 1808, (styled Pomare abu rahi as husband of Queen Pomare IV of Tahiti), married December 1827 (div. 1829), Queen Pomare IV of Tahiti, and had adoptive issue. He died in July 1860 (#1).
    • (A) Ari'i rahi Teari'imaevarua II (qv)
  • Ari'i rahi Teari'imaevarua II, Ari'i rahi of Bora Bora [xx.7.1860] - [12.2.1873], born 23rd May 1841, daughter of Ari'i Ari'if'a'ite Tenaina a Hiro, and his wife, Queen Pomare IV, married 28th February 1866, Ari'i Temau'iari'i Ha'amanahia'a Mai, born 16th March 1849 at Fa'a, died 22nd September 1911 at Fa'a, Regent of Bora Bora (qv), and had adoptive issue. She died sp on 12th February 1873.
    • (A) Ari'i Teri'imaevarua III (qv)
    Ari'i Tupua Temauiari'i Ha'amananahia'a Mai, Regent of Bora Bora 1873/1876
    REGENCY 1876/1888
  • Ari'i rahi Teari'imaevarua III, Ari'i rahi of Bora Bora [12.2.1873] - [19.3.1888] (deposed) and Head of the Royal Family of Bora Bora [19.3.1888] - [19.11.1932], born 28th May 1871 in Raiatea, daughter of Ari'i rahi Tamatoa V of Raiatea, and his wife, Ari'i Moe a Ma'i, she was deposed by the French colonial rulers on 19th March 1888, married 9th January 1884 in Bora Bora (div. 1887), HRH Prince Teri'ihinoi'atuaiteraimateata of Tahiti, and had issue as well as adoptive issue. She died sp on 19th November 1932 in Papeete.
    • HRH Princess Teri'iatua Pomare, born in November 1884, died in December 1884.
    • (A) Ari'i (Princess) Teumaoterai Rehurehu Tuheiava Pomare, born 1908, daughter of HRH Prince Teri'ihinoi'atuaiteraimateata, and his secondary wife, Tetumarere Tuheiava.
    • (A) Ari'i (Princess) Itia Teraiapuatuaitarahoi Tuheiava Pomare, born 1912, daughter of HRH Prince Teri'ihinoi'atuaiteraimateata, and his secondary wife, Tetumarere Tuheiava, she married Léon Charles Thomas Edwin Fougerouse, born 1917, and had issue.
    • (A) Bimbo Moeterauri, born in Tahiti on 14th September 1916. He was raised within the royal family in Arue. Rocked by the music during his whole youth, he took part in the "Juillet" or "Tiurai" festival (festive period corresponding to the commemoration of the French Bastille's Day, 14th July 1789) in which he stood out with his talent. Enlisted in the first batallion of the French marines in 1940, during World War II, he left Tahiti and had his best musical encounter in France with Django Reinhardt. Back in Tahiti in 1946, he appeared in public at the "Tropiques" then at the "Quinns" for 10 years. In 1956, he left for Honolulu and came back home in 1957 with Yves Roche with whom he made lots of recording. His favorite instruments, the ukulele, the guitar, the double bass and the drums have died out with him on 30th May 1986.
  • Ari'i rahi Louise Liguria vahine-tuanui Rehurehu a Pomare, Head of the Royal Family of Bora Bora 1932/-, born 1904, she was the Heir and step-daughter of her predecessor.

1. "The Aggressions of the French at Tahiti"; by George Pritchard; QTO DU.870.P75; 1983