HUAHINE and MAIA'O (Kingdom)

TITLE: Ari'i rahi (for King and Queen)
LOCATION: French Polynesia (Tahiti) ANNEXATION: 15th September 1895
DYNASTY:Tehaumo'orere until 1790, then Tamatoa 1790 to 1852, then Teururai from 1852 till 1895.

PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: Selon les lois en vigueur dans le royaume, tout héritier biologique et descendant direct du roi doit être de la religion officielle de l’État, c'est-à-dire, Protestant. Le fils légitime le plus âgé succède au souverain. La ligne de la succession suit ensuite les descendants de celui-ci jusqu'à la fin de sa lignée, avant de passer, toujours selon la même règle, à ses frères puis à ses sœurs, ainsi qu'à leur descendants, en tenant compte de l'ordre des naissances ; dans une même fratrie, les hommes sont toujours prioritaires sur leurs sœurs. C'est ainsi qu' étant régie par une loi semi-salique, les titres royaux, après renonciation au trône du prince Marama, se sont transmis au sein de ses enfants légitimes survivants; à savoir dans l'ordre la reine Tehaapapa III, le prince Puarai, les princesses Teanuinuiata et Tetuamarama. La reine Tehaapapa III devient chef de la famille royale au décès de son père. A l'exception du prince Ari'imate, chef de la famille royale de Raiatea et membre de la famille royale de Huahine, les descendants masculin des frères de Marama ont la titulature d'altesse. Source: French wikipedia, accessed in April 2012.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: An independent Kingdom, to which Maia'o is attached in or about 1823, and recognized as such by France on 19th June 1847 according to the Convention de Jarnac (abolished in 1887), Huahine became a French Protectorate on 16th March 1888 and was annexed to France on 15th September 1895. The French National Assembly integrated Huahine to its colonial dominions and attached it to its 'Établissements Français d'Océanie' in 1898. Rulers were...
  • Ari'i rahi MAU'A, Ari'i rahi of Huahine -/1760, married and had issue.
    • Ari'i rahi Rohianu'u (qv)
  • Ari'i rahi ROHIANU'U, Ari'i rahi of Huahine 1760/1777, married (amongst others), Ari'i rahi Teha'apapa I (qv), and had issue. He died 1777.
    • Ari'i rahi Teri'itaria I (qv)
  • Ari'i rahi Teha'apapa I, Ari'i rahi of Huahine 1777/1790, born 1735, married Ari'i rahi Rohianu'u, High Chief of Huahine and Maia'o (see above). She died 1790.
  • Ari'i rahi TERI'ITARIA I, Ari'i rahi of Huahine 1790/1793 (deposed), born 1769, died 1793.
  • Ari'i rahi TENANIA TAMATOA I, Ari'i rahi of Huahine 1793/1814, born about 1770, son of Ari'i Mato Teri'itepoara'i (see Ra'iatea), married Ari'i Itia Tetuanui Reiaiterai (she married 1stly, HM King Vaira'atoa-i-Tarahoi Pomare I). He died sp in 1814.
  • Ari'i rahi MAHINE TAMATOA II [Tehei’ura Puru], Ari'i rahi of Huahine and Maia'o 1814/1815 (abdicated on 18th March 1815), born 1761, son of Ari'i Mato Teri'itepoara'i (see Ra'iatea), married 1stly, Ari'i Perera Vaea, married 2ndly, Ari'i Tao'a, and had issue. He died 2nd February 1838.
    • Ari'i Tu'aitara (f) (by Perera)
    • Ari'i Ta'aroa'ari'i (by Tao'a), he married Ari'i Tematafa'ainu a Hauti'a, and had issue.
      • Ari'i Temari'i vahine
      • Ari'i rahi Teurura'i Ari'imate I (qv)
  • Ari'i rahi Teri'itari'a II Ari'ipaea vahine, Ari'i rahi of Huahine and Maia'o (from 1823) [18.3.1815] - [18.3.1852] (deposed), born 1790, Regent of Tahiti, Ari'i of Te Poroniu'u (Arue and Pare), High Chief of Ra'iatea, she was the first ruler of Huahine to carry the title of Queen with the style of Her Majesty; she was deposed on 18th March 1852, married Ari'i rahi Pomare II of Tahiti and had issue. She died 1858 in Pape'ete.
  • Ari'i rahi Ma'ihara, Ari'i rahi of Huahine and Maia'o [18.3.1852] - [26.6.1854] (deposed), born 1822, died 1877.
  • Ari'i rahi TEURURA'I ARI'IMATE, Ari'i rahi of Huahine and Maia'o [26.6.1854] - [26.6.1868] (deposed), Acting Chief, born 1824 in Huahine, son of Ari'i Ta'aroa'ari'i, and his wife, Ari'i Tematafa'ainu, daughter of Ari'i Hauti'a of Huahine, he was brought up and educated by Charles Braff, a British Pastor; at the beginning of 1850, due to the harsh reign of Queen Teri'itari'a, he organized a revolt in order to depose her, he was encouraged by the population and the dignitaries of the Kingdom who offered him the throne in March 1852; under pressure from the French, he was forced to sign a treaty to enforce legislation which caused a civil revolt, resulting in his deposition in 1868 and his senior wife was designated as his successor; he retired from political life remaining a councillor for his wife; married about 1846 or 1840, Ari'i (HH Princess) Maerehia (later Ari'i Teri'iteporoara'i Te ha'apapa II) (qv), daughter of Ari'i Tamatoa IV of Raiatea and Taha'a, and had issue, ten children. He died 14th April 1874 in Huahine.
    • Ari'i rahi (Queen) Temari'i Ma'ihara Teuhe I vahine (qv)
    • Ari'i (HH Princess) Teari'ifaite, born about 1840.
    • Ari'i (HH Princess) Tererera'atua Tapiri'ia, born 1844 or 1850, she was adopted by her aunt, Ari'i Maihara. She died 1888.
    • Ari'i (HH Prince) Teri'ifa'atau Marama [Tefa'atau or Teri'itatau Marama]
      (Royal Styles) HH Prince Tefa'atau [17.12.1851] - [18.3.1852]
      HH Crown Prince Tefa'atau of Huahine [18.3.1852] - [18.3.1884]
      HH Prince Marama, Minister-Regent of Huahine [18.3.1884] - [15.9.1895]
      HH Prince Marama Teururai [15.9.1895] - [7.6.1909]
      He started using the name of Marama in 1877.
      , born 17th December 1851 in Fare, Prime Minister from 1884 to 15th September 1895 and three times Regent of Huahine (see below), High Premier leading up to the annexation of Huahine, afterwards was elected chief at Tefareri'i which he remained till his death; married 1stly, Ari'i Tetuamarama Teramana'ari'i a Teuruari'i, daughter of Ari'i rahi Teuruari'i III, High Chief of Rurutu, and his wife, Ari'i Tavita, married 2ndly, 30th April 1907, Ari'i Tetuanuimarama Atitioroi Ori, widow of HM King Tamatoa Vi (see below), and had issue. He died 7th June 1909 in Tefariri'i, Huahine.
      • Ari'i rahi (HM Queen) Piti Teri'inavahoro'a Teri'itaria Teha'apapa III (qv)
      • Ari'i (HH Princess) Teanuiatea Tefa'atau, born 13th July 1881 in Fare, Huahine, died 6th November 1940 in Maroe, Huahine.
      • Ari'i (HH Prince) Amaiterai, born 1882 in Huahine, died young.
      • Ari'i (HH Prince) Teururai, born 1883 in Huahine, died 1883 in Huahine.
      • Ari'i (HH Prince) Tefa'atau Puarai Marama, born 14th May 1884 in Fare, Huahine, died sp on 14th July 1950 in Fare, Huahine.
      • Ari'i (HH Prince) Teri'iteporouarai, born 19th July 1885 in Fare, Huahine, died 27th October 1902 in Fare, Huahine.
      • Ari'i (HH Princess) Temataura'ari'i, born 27th October 1886 in Fare, Huahine, died in 1902.
      • Ari'i (HH Prince) Teri'ihoatapuai Terai, born 15th May 1888 in Fare, Huahine, died young.
      • Ari'i (HH Princess) Tetuamarama Teramana, born 2nd July 1889 in Avera, Rurutu, married Farani a Pa'a Tiatia, and had issue, five children. She died 17th January 1919 in Tefareri'i, Huahine.
    • Ari'i (Princess) Vaira'atoa, born 1852, mother of an illegitimate daughter.
    • Ari'i rahi (King) Teurura'i Ari'imate Tamatoa VI a Tautu, High Chief of Ra'iatea.
    • Ari'i (HH Princess) Ari'iatitai
    • Ari'i (HH Prince) Teri'iteporouara'i, born 12th June 1857 in Tefariri'i, Huahine, married Ari'i Piho Temauriri'i, and had issue. He died 14th March 1899 in Tefariri'i.
      • Ari'i (HH Prince) Teuira'ari'ivaiahu Teururai, born 12th May 1882.
      • Ari'i (HH Princess) Raihau Teururai
      • Ari'i (HH Princess) Ireni Teururai, born 26th June 1886 in Tefariri'i, died 4th February 1921 in Tefariri'i, Huahine.
      • Ari'i (HH Princess) Materua Teururai, born 4th June 1888.
      • Ari'i (HH Prince) Teri'itaumihau'i'tepaturoa Teururai, born 1st November 1890.
      • Ari'i (HH Princess) Tetuanuipateaura Teururai, born 14th August 1892 in Tefariri'i, died 26th October 1914 in Maeva, Huahine.
      • Ari'i (HH Prince) Autao Teururai, born 28th December 1893 in Tefariri'i, died 15th November 1949 in Tefariri'i.
      • Ari'i (HH Prince) Ahupu Teururai, born 14th December 1895.
    • Ari'i (HH Prince) Fatino Tetuanuimara'e Ta'ata, born 1859, married 1884, Ari'i Tetuaumeretini Mai, died 22nd December 1918, daughter of Ari'i Taeaetua Ari'itiria, and his wife, Ari'i Teri'itauaro'a Pohearu Ari'inounouhia Hiro, and had issue. He died 1904
      • Ari'i (Prince) Utami Ari'imate, born 19th October 1885 in Pueu, died 6th March 1947.
      • Ari'i (Prince) Teuteari'i Ari'imate, born 9th September 1888, died 9th June 1935.
      • Ari'i (Prince) Tumata'aroa Ari'imate, born 23rd February 1890 in Pueu, died 6th February 1919 in Paris.
      • Ari'i (Princess) Tautumo'eroa Ari'imate, born 7th October 1892, died 27th May 1967.
      • Ari'i (Princess) Hapaitaha Ari'imate, born 15th February 1894.
      • Ari'i (Prince) To'a Ari'imate. born 8th October 1895 in Pueu, Tahiti, married 10th January 1920 in Tautira, Rereao Punua'aitua. He died 21st January 1924 in Tautira, Tahiti.
      • Ari'i (Princess) Tetuanui Ari'imate, born in Pueu.
    • Ari'i (HH Princess) Turaiari'i, born 1862, mother of two illegitimate children.
    • Ari'i (HH Princess) Teri'inavahoro'a Teheuira, born 1863, she married a French Notary, and had issue, eleven children. She died 1918.
    • Ari'i (HH Princess) Tefa'aora vahine, born 1868, mother of two daughters. She died 29th January 1928 in Nunue, Huahine.
  • Ari'i rahi (HM Queen) Teri'iteporoara'i Teha'apapa II, Ari'i rahi of Huahine and Maia'o [26.6.1868] - [22.2.1888] (first time), after a civil revolt and the subsequent deposition of her husband she was placed on the throne; she signed the preliminary papers of annexation on 22nd February 1888, which angered her principal chiefs, who rebelled and deposed her, placing her eldest daughter on the throne.
    Ari'i (HH Prince) Teri'ifa'atau Marama, Regent of Huahine and Maia'o [22.2.1888] - [16.3.1888] (first time)
  • Ari'i rahi Temari'i Ma'ihara Teuhe I vahine, Ari'i rahi of Huahine and Maia'o [16.3.1888] - [22.7.1890], born 1838 in Huahine, as she was inexperienced in matters of state, she was deposed and exiled by her own brother, she adopted her nephew (above), married (as his first wife), on 11th November 1857 (div. in August 1861), HH Prince Teri'itaria Teratane Ari'iaue (later HM King Pomare V), and had issue, one son. She died sp on 21st August 1891 in Papeete.
    Ari'i (HH Prince) Teri'ifa'atau Marama, Regent of Huahine and Maia'o [22.7.1890] - [28.5.1893] (second time)
  • Ari'i rahi (HM Queen) Teri'iteporoara'i Teha'apapa II, Ari'i rahi of Huahine and Maia'o [22.7.1890] - [28.5.1893] (second time), born 1824 in Opoa, Raiatea as HH Princess Maerehia, daughter of HM King Tamatoa V, King of Raiatea, and his wife, Ari'i Mahuti, she was reinstated after the deposition of her daughter, married 1846 Ari'i rahi Teurura'i Ari'imate, High Chief of Huahine and Maia'o, and had issue (see above). She died 28th May 1893 at Fare on Huahine.
  • Ari'i (HH Prince) Teri'ifa'atau Marama, Regent of Huahine and Maia'o [28.5.1893] - [15.9.1895] (third time)
  • Ari'i rahi Teri'inavahoro'a Teha'apapa III, Ari'i rahi of Huahine and Maia'o [28.5.1893] - [15.9.1895] and Head of the Royal House of Huahine and Maia'o [15.9.1895] - [27.4.1917], born 8th August 1879 in Fare, Huahine, she succeeded to the throne under the regency of her father, Prince Marama, and was crowned on 11th June 1893; the Queen and her principal chiefs decided unanimously to transfer her ruling powers to the French republic in September 1895, and she abdicated on the 15th of the same month; she was granted a pension by the French and devoted the remainder of her life to her family; married 1stly, 15th May 1895 (div.1897) in Fare, Ari'i Teri'itevaeara'i of the Princely Mai family of Bora Bora, married 2ndly, Ari'i Tini a Tuari'ihi'onoa, born 16th June 1877, and had issue, one son by first husband and eleven children by the second husband. She died in childbirth on 27th April 1917 in Tefareri'i, Huahine.
    • Ari'i Tetupuaioteri dit. Pupuna a Mai, Heir Apparent (qv)
    • Teufe dit Fa'atupua Tuari'ihi'onoa, born 18th June 1900 in Fare, he died 2nd May 1971 in Pape'ete.
    • Teri'i'ohua'e'te'anuanua Tuari'ihi'onoa, born 22nd November 1901 in Fare, he died 19xx
    • Tetuanuimarama dite Hei Tuari'ihi'onoa, born 27th November 1903 in Fare, she died 25th March 1951 in Pape'ete.
    • Tetuaimarama Tuari'ihi'onoa, born 19th December 1904 in Fare, she died 27th August 1956 in Fare.
    • Teri'ivana'aitera'i Tuari'ihi'onoa, born 17th June 1906 in Tefareri'i, Huahine, she died 24th March 1953 in Fare.
    • Tematafa'inu'u Tuari'ihi'onoa, born 15th July 1907 in Fare, she died 9th February in Fiti'i, Huahine.
    • Teae Teha'apapa, born 11th September 1908 in Fare, he died 18th September 1908 in Fare.
    • Ari'ioehau Tini Teururai, born 3rd January 1910 in Fare, he died 9th February 1910 in Fare.
    • Hapaira'i Tuari'ihi'onoa, born 27th April 1911 in Fare, he died 20th January 1966 in Fare.
    • Tu Teha'apapa Tuari'ihi'onoa, born 14th October 1912 in Fare, she died 13th December in Fare.
    • Marama Julien dit Mai Tuari'ihi'onoa, born 15th November 1913 in Fare, died 30th December 1964 in Pape'ete.
    • Te'ura Tuari'ihi'onoa, born 1st December 1915 in Fare, he died 19xx.
    • Epa Tuari'ihi'onoa
  • Ari'i PUPUNA a Mai, Head of the Royal House of Huahine and Maia'o [27.4.1917] - [6.6.1959], born 5th September 1897 in Fare, died 6th June 1959 in Pape'ete.

1. Lois du royaume de Teururai à Huahine; et du royaume de Nanua-i-te-rai, à Maiao-iti. Huahine: Mission de la Presse Missionnaire. 1853.
2. Lois de Huahine sous le règne de Teriitaria, Reine  en mai 1822.