LÖSSI (High Chiefdom)

TITLE:  Grand Chef/High Chief AREA: 1,839 km2 RELIGION: Presbyterian
STATE:  Loyalty Island (Lifou Is.)
POPULATION: 10,320 (2004)
PRESENT RULER:  Grand Chef Evanes Boula, High Chief of Lifou since 13th June 1999.
born 1962, he officially succeded his father, on 13th June 1999 assisted by 5,000 people at the transfer of power ceremony in the grand courtyard of the High Chief of Lossi. The ceremony was attended by representatives of all the clans, as well as High Chief Pierre Zeula of Gaica, and High Chief Paul Sihaze from Wetr, the representatives of the State and of the different institutions, President of the province of the Islands, and a strong delegation from Wallis Island, headed by Sako Alosio, representing the King of Wallis Island; married Chiristiane Automalo, of Wallesian origin.
Predecessors and Short History: The Loyalty Islands consist of Maré (10 tribes), Lifou (6 tribes) and Uvea (3 tribes). The Head Chief of Lifou reigns over 13 tribes, representing a population of 8,500 inhabitants. The throne of the grand chef on Lifou Island, which also rules Ouvéa, is traditionally held by the chief of Lössi district, an hereditary position. Rulers were...
  • High Chief Cakine BOULA I, Grand Chef de Lifou fl.1853, married and had issue.
    • Fefewanhyole, married serei Eoci serei Waorawa, Chief of si Waeko, and had issue, two sons.
      • Saiwene Umepel, married and had issue.
        • Lewis Luès Saiwene, educated in London, he worked as an interpreter, and played an active role in political events on Maré; he became mad and tried to strangle the Pastor Delord, he was expelled from Maré, and died at Lifou, married 1stly, a daughter of High Chief Naisseline Nidoish of Tadine, married 2ndly, Wazitra, a lady of Lifou, and had issue. He died about 1915 on Lifou.
          • Louis Ketiwan Luawe Saiwene Umepel Domudu (by 1st wife), married and had issue. He died in the New Hebrides.
            • an unnamed son, he was adopted by Monsieur Cheval, married and had issue, two daughters.
            • Cako Saiwene (m)
            • Coo Saiwene (m), he died of leprosy.
            • Sarah Saiwene
            • Wananic Saiwene [aka Wananidi or Wanadidjo], married and had issue, two daughters. He died 1915 at Hunodh on Lifou.
      • Ketiwan
  • High Chief Cakine BOULA II, Grand Chef de Lifou -/1949
  • High Chief Cakine BOULA III, Grand Chef de Lifou 1949/-, born 1891, died after 1948.
  • High Chief (name unknown) Boula, Grand Chef de Lifou 1949/1963
  • High Chief Henri Boula, Grand Chef de Lifou 1963/1999, abdicated 14th March 1999, born 1934, he was the eldest of five children. He was considered to be a High Chief who upheld the ancient tradition, and he fostered unity amongst his people; having served in the Merchant Navy in his youth, and later in the Indo-China conflict, he used his experience in the service of his people, he took particular interest in the youth of Lössi, he was a Knight of the Star of Anjouan, Knight of the Mérite Agricole, Knight of the Legion of Honour; he married 1961/1962, Laurentine Naisseline, sister of the High Chief of Guahma, and had issue. He died 8th May 2006 aged 72.
    • High Chief Evanes Boula (qv)
    • Marie Hélène Hnamuko
  • High Chief Evanes Boula, Grand Chef de Lifou (see above)

NOTE. The help of Poppy Fogarty in translating documents from French, is gratefully acknowledged, October 2006.