TADINE (High Chiefdom)

TITLE: Grand Chef/High Chief AREA: 1,036 km2 RELIGION: Protestant 80%
STATE: Loyalty Islands (Maré Is.)
POPULATION: 6,896 DYNASTY: Naisseline

PRESENT RULER: Grand Chef DOKUCAS HENRI NAISSELINE IV, 12th High Chief of Tadine (Si Guahma) on Maré Island since 6th June 2007.
born 1974.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The Loyalty Islands consist of Maré (10 tribes), Lifou (6 tribes) and Uvea (3 tribes). The Naisseline family is a branch of the Netché, a tribe of Kanaks. The throne of the grand chef on Maré Island is traditionally held by the chief of Guahma district, an hereditary position. Rulers were...
  • Grand Chef KICINE serei Wotue, 1st Grand Chef of Tadine
  • Grand Chef YEIWENE DOKU, 2nd Grand Chef of Tadine -/1842
  • Grand Chef ANGADOKU MENEDOKU BULA, 3rd Grand Chef of Tadine 1842/1843, died 1843.
  • Grand Chef YEIWENE NAISSELINE, 4th Grand Chef of Tadine 1843/1849, married and had issue. He died 1849.
    • Grand Chef Yeiwene Kicini Bula (qv)
    • Grand Chef Menedoku Bula (qv)
    • Chef Naisseline Alakuten (qv)
    • Grand Chef Naisseline Nidoish Nawosse (qv)
    Chef NAISSELINE NIDOISH, Regent of Tadine 1849/1861 (see further)
  • Grand Chef YEIWENE KICINI BULA ANGADOKU, 5th Grand Chef of Tadine 1849/1854, born about 1835, married and had issue. He died 1854.
    • Grand Chef Naisseline (name unknown) (qv)
    Chef NAISSELINE ALAKUTEN, Regent of Tadine 1854/1855, born 1814, died 1858.
  • Grand Chef NAISSELINE (name unknown), 6th Grand Chef of Tadine 1854/1861, born 1854, died 1861.
  • Grand Chef NAISSELINE NIDOISH NAWOSSE, 7th Grand Chef of Tadine 1861/1880, Regent of Tadine 1849/1861, born 1815, married and had issue. He died 1880.
    • Grand Chef Yeiwene Dokucas Naisseline (qv)
    • (name unknown) Naisseline, she married (as his 1st wife), Luès Saiwene, a cousin of the High Chief of Lifou, and had issue (see Lifou).
  • Grand Chef YEIWENE DOKUCAS NAISSELINE, 8th Grand Chef of Tadine 1880/1916, born 1846, married and had issue. He died 1916.
    • Grand Chef Henri Nawosse Naisseline I (qv)
    • Billy Naisseline, married 1911 in Tahiti, a Tahitian lady and had numerous issue.
  • Grand Chef Henri NAISSELINE I, 9th Grand Chef of Tadine 1916/1918, born 1874, married Bethia Aline Wright, and had issue. He died 1918.
    • Grand Chef Henri Nawossé Naisseline II (qv)
    • Laurentine Naisseline
    REGENCY 1918/1939
  • Grand Chef Henri Nawossé NAISSELINE II, 10th Grand Chef of Tadine 1918/1973, born 1911, married 1934, Germaine Mejo Waehnya, daughter of the Chief of Chepenehe on Lifou Island, and had issue. He died 1973.
    • Deiradane Marie Naisseline, born 1935, married Willy Nemia.
    • Sophie Naisseline, born 1937, married Bernard Waia
    • Laurentine Naisseline, born 1941, married 1958, High Chief Henri Boula of Lössi on Lifou Island, and has issue.
    • Grand Chef Henri Nidoish Naisseline III (qv)
    • Blanche Naisseline, born 1948.
  • Grand Chef Henri Nidoïsh NAISSELINE III, 11th Grand Chef of Tadine 1973/2007 (resigned 6th June 2007), born 27th June 1945 in Guahma Districy on Maré Island, High Chief of Si Guahma on Maré Island in succession to his father; educated at the Lycée Jean-Jacques Rousseau à Montmorency in France and later graduated with a Masters in Sociology in 1972, he was strongly pro Independence and his militamt actions resulted in imprisonment at three different times, he was elected to the territorial assembly for the first time on 11th September 1977, and re-elected on 1st July 1979, serving to 1985; Regional Member for the Council of the Loyalty Islands and of the Territorial Congress 1985/1988; Provincial Member for the Council of the Loyalty Islands and of the Territorial Congress 1989/1999; Provincial President for the Council of the Loyalty Islands 1995/1999; Provincial Member for the Assembly of the Loyalty Islands and of the Congress for New Caledonia 1999/2004; 2nd Vice-President of the Provincial Assembly of the Loyalty Islands since 2004; President of the Administration Council of Air Calédonie since 2004; President of "Destination Îles Loyauté" since 2004; President of Ligue Kanak Socialiste (L.K.S.); President, Commission of the Organisation of Transport and Communication; married 1973, Suzanne Wright, and has issue.
    • Grand Chef Dokucas Henri Naisseline IV (qv)
  • Grand Chef DOKUCAS HENRI NAISSELINE IV, 12th Grand Chef of Tadine (see above)
  • Yeiwene Yeiwene, died 1989 aged 44.
  • Jules Yeiwene, born 10th October 1912, married Germaine Pala Goubairate, and had issue.
    • Madeleine Shongine Yeiwene, born 17th February 1966 in Tadine, Maré.